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On dodgy haircuts

scrapbook page: merit badge

I am convinced that people who write tests for a living are a special kind of people. Basically because I don’t know anyone who admits to liking tests. And having written a few for my classes, I found it to be torture. Even classes that kept me up at night with their…level of challenge, shall we say…didn’t make me relish writing a test. Not in any small way.

But I am convinced there are a few nice test writers out there. Like the person who decided that the written test for your Kansas driving license should be ten multiple choice questions as well as open book. (Actually I worry that person may be a bit too nice for the job.) And the person who decided to put those practice questions at the beginning of standardised tests. I always felt a little better after having one answer confirmed before I started. Not a lot better, but a little better. After all, it was still a test.

Now February is definitely not a test. Nope. Totally for fun. Maybe a bit of a learning experience. But definitely no tests at any time. But…there’s still room for a practice question, right?

So for those who didn’t see the lead in to the February journaling project, here it is:

  • * * * * * * * reprinted from ScrapBook Inspirations – February 2008

    Looking back at old photos can be fascinating – be they ‘old’ photos that reveal scary 1980s haircuts or old photos in a Victorian sense. Of course there’s one big difference: there’s a fair chance the person with the scary hair in 1982 can still tell you a little something about that hair, the outfit and the other people in the picture. The Victorian photo? No chance. That is why I think journaling is at the heart of scrapbooking…if only because you want to defend your scariest haircuts a few generations down the line!

    I’ve seen many a scrapbooker shy away from journaling over the years, and I have to admit things are getting better! It makes me excited to see layouts that do more than label names, places and dates. Fewer and fewer scrapbookers are leaving their journaling at ‘We had so much fun at the park!’ and adding a bit more detail to complement the photos with an actual story. But now what we hear at ScrapBook Inspirations is ‘I want to journal…I’m just not sure where to start!’

    My best suggestion is to start with a notebook. Get something small in a style you like and a nice pen. This is the easy part – scrapbookers usually enjoy buying new stationery! With a small set, you can keep it in your handbag and be ready for ideas to hit. Don’t worry about the pressure of filling the notebook – I have some great ideas to get you going. Here’s a favourite:

    Start a new page and number 1 to 9. In each of those spaces, write down something you love. They can range from your spouse to your favourite soup! Once you’ve made the list, go back and add some description to each one. A bonus if you can play with alliteration—adding words that start with the same sound. So you might have ‘sunsets’ on your list, and transform it to ‘shimmering summer sunsets’. Once you’ve added a little something to each word, you’re ready to turn your list into some fabulous sentences. Just fill in these blanks with the phrases on your list:
    I love _____, _____ and _____.
    I love _____, _____ and _____.
    I love _____, _____ and _____,
    but I can’t stand ______________.
    Add something you don’t like to the last blank for a punchy element of contrast.

    Once you’ve finished the exercise, you’re ready to start a scrapbook page. Find photos that fit what you’ve journaled and enjoy your crafty process with paper and embellishments. When it’s time to add your journaling, it’s ready in your notebook to be copied out or printed on your chosen paper. Hey presto – a well-journaled layout to give someone else a better idea of what’s going on in your photos…or a balanced explanation of the strange hairstyles of the late twentieth century!

  • * * * * * * *

And oh my goodness, I actually write things like ‘hey presto’. I’m not sure which is funnier: the pigtails or the presto.

Something to get you started, and give you an idea of what’s to come. 29 days, 29 ways to write it down.

And a few embarrassing haircuts along the way. Maybe you’ll share yours.

To make me feel better.


free scrapbook journalling exercise

ETA: Now that February has finished, here’s an index of the whole month of Write it Down prompts so you can find them any time.
01.02.08: Let me tell you about
02.02.08: Setting the record straight
03.02.08: Parts of speech
04.02.08: The word is (and also a blank card)
05.02.08: Not because
06.02.08: Dear Sally
07.02.08: Checking it thrice
08.02.08: Overhead
09.02.08: Retrocake
10.02.08: Grey can be beautiful too
11.02.08: Pressed pages
12.02.08: Round and round
13.02.08: Also on index cards
14.02.08: In which I talk way too much about teaching English
15.02.08: Pinecones and kitty cats
16.02.08: In response
17.02.08: Chalk, paint & shoes
18.02.08: Control
19.02.08: Mapped disagreement
20.02.08: For the love of thin mints
21.02.08: Now with space for brainstorming
22.02.08: Girl Power
23.02.08: She made me do it
24.02.08: Who’s there?
25.02.08: Planning for travel
26.02.08: Predicting things
27.02.08: Bad girl bumpers
28.02.08: Really I know how to spell ‘you’
29.02.08: Progress review


31 January 2008

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13 Comments for On dodgy haircuts

  1. valerie Says:

    this looks really interesting looking forward to tomorrows entry


  2. Julie Says:

    Boy could I show you some dodgy hair cuts. I blame my mother. Now there’s a title for a page. Looking forward to this. Thanks Shimelle.

  3. Merrick Says:

    Hey – there are twenty NINE days in Feb this year!

  4. Annette Says:

    Couldn’t stop at 9 loves. I did as you requested then made a list of more loves. That was great.

  5. Marie Says:

    Yey. Something to get me thinking. Anyone else who can’t believe that it’s February already?? Where is the year going?

    Love the pigtails Shimelle – I have a few excruciating pigtail photos lurking around myself…. and yet I still feel the need to put pigtails on my daughter. Hmmmm. The endless cycle of embarrassment I suppose! LOL

    love M

  6. Mariangeles Says:

    OMG!!! I have a few ID sized pics waiting to be scrapped with the most horrible hair styles you’ve ever seen!!!
    I love to change my hairstyle from time to time, hair grows!! That’s my theory whatever happens…:S

    Great exercise!

  7. Laura Says:

    I am loving the pigtails! I have very bad hair photos, that need not be scrapped, including the endearing 80s look, of ponytail out to the side of my head!

  8. Becca Says:

    oh god… hair AND glasses in my case :-S but… this might get me scrapping all those photos I have been hiding lol!!

  9. Sarah Says:

    Oh this worked brilliantly!!!! I now have a fab paragraph waiting to be scrapped!!! (odd thing, though – I really did used to like tests – the challenge was always fun!).

  10. JenHoover Says:

    CooL! I’m “toadally” going to try this :D
    thanks for your efforts!

  11. Dana Says:

    Hair pulled back in a ponytail, with misc. hairs sticking up….LOL

  12. casinos live Says:

    It’s ultra healthy. Thanks, I will follow.

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