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Bad Girl Bumpers

Scrapbook page: wedding

Just have to say thank you to Wendy from Bad Girls Kits for inviting me to be their guest designer for March. The kit was entirely stuff I never would have bought for myself, but it was lovely fun once I got started. Can I tell you a little secret? This was the first time I had ever used a real, live Prima flower. Ever. I know that is so shocking that I may get thrown out of the world’s scrapbooking club, but seriously, I’d used just about every kind of flower out there except for the Primas. It’s crazy, I know. I’m still not quite sure how it happened.

(And to those of you who aren’t members of the world’s scrapbooking club, let me just explain the level of this seriousness in two ways. One, in scrapbooking, the word ‘prima’ actually means ‘flower’. As in, ‘Hold on, I need to stick a prima over there and then maybe I can call it done.’ Really. But even more impressive is the visual factor. Sure, you can look at this tour of a scrapbook room, but zoom in on her collection of Primas. See all those jars and bottles? Primas. That is some mad devotion.)

Suffice to say, I tried to use a ton of flowers and I still have half of them left. Which is okay, because although there are a bunch of projects I made posted on their website throughout March, the kit club subscribers will also get a special little class with a project from me to download next week.

Free write it down journalling prompt
Click for print-sized card.

So there’s still time for me to find a few more blank spots to fit a few Primas, I’m sure. They should make bumper stickers for crop bags. And one should read ‘If there’s room for a brad, there’s room for a Prima!’


26 February 2008

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4 Comments for Bad Girl Bumpers

  1. grungedandy Says:

    Just because every photo & post should have a comment & feel loved
    And your stuff just rocks & shouldn’t feel lonely LoL Seeya hugya

  2. sherry Says:

    what a cute card.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Hi there, hope that you had a good weekend. I had a go at this days write it down. You can see “it here

  4. ania Says:

    Wow that’s funny re primas :) My personal love for them has gone from up to down to biig up atm…cycles I guess.. Love your stuff on Bad Girls, looking forward to see whats more in store from you :) Love your cues and lessons too – thanks for sticking to it :)

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