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Scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: A Scrapbooking Tutorial by May Flaum

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum

There are those who say patterned paper is a great way to start any layout. I’m not one of them.
Hey guys – May Flaum here and while I don’t in fact dispute the awesomeness of patterned paper, I would like to argue that in fact skipping patterned paper altogether can be a fun, satisfying, and downright fantastic way to scrapbook as well. Today I will share with you my how-to for scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper.

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum @

The first step is to identify the story you want to tell. When I look through photos searching for the next subject to scrapbook, I always lay them on a sheet of kraft cardstock. Sometimes I find another color, sometimes I stay with kraft. In this instance I like how the wood, stone, and dark blues in the photos look with kraft so I will keep it. Other light or neutral cardstock colors would also be good choices for this style of layout.

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum @

The next step is to gather embellishments that compliment my photos and that may prove useful to my layout. I am looking for things like washi tape, ribbon, buttons, and stickers. If I had a background stamp or ink I wished to use – this would be a good time to gather it near. The important thing to remember is that you are not yet committing to using these things, you’re just gathering some options.

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum @

I like to start with some bigger items – this would be a good time for background stamping, misting, and otherwise adding color or pattern to your layout base. Because my photos are quite busy I decided to use a few strategic strips of washi tape. Once I adhered the tape and my photos, I went on the hunt to select accents that would add color and texture to my page.

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum @

This included in my case wood stars, sequins, and glittery hearts. I can’t seem to help myself – I do so love sparkly things!

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum @

The final step was to add more contrast. For my page, there was a lot of gold and kraft and not a lot of color. I decided black thread for stitching would add a good pop of darkness, and still let my blue sequins shine brightly on my finished page.

scrapbooking without a hint of patterned paper:: a scrapbooking tutorial by may flaum @

Here is my finished page – and I must tell you I just love how it came out! Thanks to all the little details, the bold photos, and my washi tape I don’t even notice that patterned paper is missing. I really had fun creating this layout and making something that will fit into my Disneyland album without even a single themed embellishment.

While I relied on wood veneer accents, washi tape, stitching, and sequins for my layout you have lots of options! Here are a few of my favorites that I like to use on my (many) patterned paper free layouts:
Stamps, mist, ink, stickers, doilies, tags, brads, buttons and die cuts.

With so many fun items to choose from, I love the challenge of going without something that is usually a staple. I hope you’ve enjoyed my tutorial today – I wish you very happy crafting!

When it comes to crafting May Flaum has one rule: it’s gotta make her happy. She’s not afraid to get super grungy or work with bright colors, dabble in lace and doilies then make something more splattered and wild. If she’s not in her studio (aka ‘the bat cave’) then she’s probably out running around having fun with her family or cooking up a storm. May has been working in the Scrapbooking industry for a decade and currently blogs her crafty adventures, teaches online classes, and works with amazing companies sharing her projects and ideas. She just launched her own on-line craft class website where she’s hard at work on her next fun idea. If she has one piece of advice to share, it’s always to be true to your creative heart.

Weekly Scrapbooking Challenge:: Journal about Places

weekly challenge:: journal about places by relly annett-baker @
Whilst I’m taking some time away from ye olde internets on maternity leave, I’ve arranged for some friends to help keep the scrappiness going. That includes a weekly challenge, and I hope you’ll join in! Every Monday for the next several weeks, Relly will take you through an idea for making your own scrapbook page, and you can share it with us. There are some small prizes to share too, but of course we mostly hope you’ll enjoy the challenges as a way to think of new and meaningful layouts for your albums! I think that covers everything – so take it away, Relly!

I’ve started this challenge adventure by looking through the archives and choosing some new twists on old challenges. It’s always fun to look through another scrapbooker’s album and I often feel super inspired to try stuff out that’s different from my own style, but also somewhat different from the layout I was inspired by too. I hope you’ll play along. I started with this layout from Shimelle’s backpacking album:

scrapbooking about places by shimelle laine @ Page inspired by this sketch from the Sassafras blog.

This week I wanted to revisit this post by Shimelle about journaling about places. I’m a big list writer, especially when I travel, but I wanted to create a layout to highlight a particular detail I remember from previous trips to Cape Town – the delphine blue sky and aqua seas.

weekly challenge:: journal about places by relly annett-baker @

I pulled out a couple of photos that captured this colour combination. I then went to my stash to find some card stock and lettering that echoed that deeper blue and patterned paper to echo and contrast the blue and aqua. Next, I cut a big piece of ledger paper and wrote my journalling to make sure I had enough space for what I wanted to say. I inked and layered the papers, finishing with some ink and embellishment and just a little touch of gold.

weekly challenge:: journal about places by relly annett-baker @

Your challenge for this week is to journal about a detail – of somewhere you have been, or a person, or an event, anything really! Be extravagant and dedicate a whole layout to a little something you love. In terms of design, you might take inspiration from these two pages with lots of layers and including ledger paper, or you might have another idea entirely!

Add the link to your layout below, and one lucky scrapbooker will win a little something we love to say thanks!

Best of Both Worlds: My Scrapbooking Product Picks for April 2014

Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit - April 2014 @ Exclusive Best of Both Worlds flair for this month! Click to see the full kit and go shopping!

Have to admit I am exhausted trying to finish up all my work and then go officially on maternity leave! Any day now we could have an actual extra person under our roof and that’s all a little much for my foggy brain to contemplate!

But things are, one by one, wrapping up to a point where I can hit the pause button for a little while and have nothing else on my plate so I can just focus on the important stuff. And take a million photographs and write a lot in my journal, of course. That counts as important stuff in this process.

However, it is the first of April and no fools from me – I wanted to share my product picks for this month, by way of the April 2014 Best of Both Worlds Kit. I will be really honest: although I am using up my January to March kits currently (file that under things I am trying to wrap up – we’re preparing things like that to keep some scrappiness going here even while I’m on a break), I don’t know if I will get to use the April kit. I want to! But I may need to skip one. I will have a special guest joining me to share what she does with the kit, just like the other months of 2014. And if I get the chance to use the April kit, I will certainly share what I make! I just wanted to be quite honest about that. I’m going to take it as it comes.

For the April kit, there are some brand new things and some sale favourites. There is a set of Project Life cards that I have no intention of using for the theme in the name (they are ‘mom’ themed and I am most definitely someone who says ‘mum’ in all instances) but after last week’s Glitter Girl Adventure, I wanted to try a set like this that would be perfect for cutting to pieces and making embellishments. Since they are on sale and have good shapes to cut apart, that seemed like the perfect combination. I hope it’s less scary to try at the bargain price!

In other things I’ve wrapped up today, I’ve recorded my last episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable until I’m ready to go back to work. It will be live later today at Paperclipping. I hope you enjoy!

Certainly, certainly hoping to finish more of all these big things so I can talk to you like a normal person who isn’t trying to just cling to any notion of sanity. Let’s see when that will be!

Watercolour Effect with Stabilo Pens:: A Scrapbooking Tutorial by Lilith Eeckels

watercolour effect with stabilo pens @

One of my favourite techniques is using watercolours. I know they can be pretty scary for some so today I am going to show you how to create a watercolour effect without using watercolour but Stabilo 68 pens. I have loads of these at home as the kids use them for colouring projects. They can also be used as watercolours. Let me show you.

watercolour effect with stabilo pens @

Pick a patterned paper, gesso and two or three colours of your choice that match your supplies.

watercolour effect with stabilo pens @

Apply gesso to the background paper using an old card and leave it to dry. If you are impatient like me, you can use your heat gun. Be careful not to hold it too close to the gesso as it might start to form bubbles.

watercolour effect with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Once the gesso is dry, draw a couple of scribbles with the Stabilo pens.

watercolour effect with stabilo pens::  a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Grab a waterbrush or a simple paint brush and dilute the colour. The colours will start to flow and create a watercolour paint effect.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Let the colour dry and add a second if you wish.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Add some detail with a stamp.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Put together the basic design of the layout. Take out an acrylic block (often used for stamping) and the colours used earlier on.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Draw a couple of lines onto the acrylic block.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

Dilute the colour with some water.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eekels @

Add the colour to some cut out paper embellishments or die cuts.

watercolour effects with stabilo pens:: a scrapbooking tutorial by lilith eeckels @

The finishing touch is adding any additional embellishments, a title and some journalling. I love how easy these pens are to use and if you want to venture into the world of watercolours this is a great way to start. Have fun colouring and happy scrapping.


Lilith Eeckels lives with her family in the south of Belgium. She is South African by heart and hopes to return to this amazing country where she grew up as child. By day she is an English and Dutch foreign language teacher in a high school as well as mother to 4 mischievous boys who keep her very busy. By night you’ll find her in her scrapbook nook playing with pretty papers and embellishments. Currently she a Design Team member of American Crafts, Esprit Scrapbooking, and Glitz Design. She shares her passion for scrapbooking on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Five Ideas with the March Best of Both Worlds scrapbooking kit by Paige Evans

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @
Today I’m delighted to welcome our March guest artist who has been busily crafting away with the Best of Both Worlds scrapbooking kit: Paige Evans. She has five gorgeous layouts to share with you! And if you fancy a little shopping, much of the March 2014 kit is still in stock, but at a bargain price, as there is a huge storewide sale at Two Peas just through this weekend – 20% off all physical supplies (digital and workshops are not included) plus further discounts like 25% off all stamps and albums and extra discounts on items that were already on sale (so the stamps and tape in the kit are currently 50% off). No codes are needed for the storewide sale, and the shipping discount code is currently TQTBEX if you really feel like treating yourself! Anyway, enough blathering about that: behold! Paige has made pretty things! Enjoy.

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @
The Girls
When I first looked through the March Best of Both Worlds kit I immediately fell in love with the soft colors, gold accents, and the pack of Styleboard by Maggie Holmes/Crate Paper die cuts! I wanted to create a ring of die cuts around a central photo to draw attention to it so I placed the pieces in a circle on the woodgrain paper background and stitched them in place. I topped the ring with a few of the wonderful embellishments like gold chipboard hearts, a couple badges, and gold typewriter sentiments. I love when pages come together quickly!

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @
Mom & Me
I fell in love with the My Mind’s Eye stamp set and the frame stamp jumped out at me just begging to be used with all of the lovely patterned papers in the kit! I stamped a frame on the front and back of each paper, fussy cut them out, then stitched them on a robin’s egg blue cardstock layout. I filled each frame with a photo, embellishment, journaling, stamped image, letter stickers, etc. To finish it up I placed washi tape along the top and bottom edges.

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @
Mr Fox
I started by die cutting a star background from white cardstock using my Silhouette. I wanted more bold colors of patterned paper for this boyish layout, so I made my own! Using the chevron stamp in the My Mind’s Eye set I used a tone-on-tone effect to create chevron patterned paper on a rainbow of colored cardstock. I backed the stars with my custom patterned paper as well as the papers included in the kit and a single photo. I adhered the star background on light grey cardstock then filled in a few of the stars with more elements like a title, “3” die cut (because that’s how old Fox is in the photo), a badge, three gold chipboard hearts that I turned over to the plain chipboard side to match the grey stars paper, journaling, sentiments cut out from Elle’s Studio die cuts, and more. I tied the layout together with some drops of dark grey spray mist.

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @
First Top Knot
I wanted to use all-things pink on this layout! First I die cut an intricate rose background from vellum, painted a white circle on a pink cardstock layout, then adhered the rose background on top. I placed a bunch of pink die cuts over the painted circle then added my photos on top. On the bottom right corner I stamped the chevrons from the My Mind’s Eye set using pink ink then placed letter stickers and a gold typewriter sentiment on top. I stitched a couple gold hearts to accent and stitched over the title to make sure it stays in place permanently. I dropped pink spray mist across the layout to finish.

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @

scrapbook page featuring March 2014 Best of Both Worlds kit by Paige Evans @
Two Best Friends
For my last layout I still had tons of supplies leftover! I love the torn paper look so I ripped a piece from the front and back side of each patterned paper in the kit and layered them down the top of a cream cardstock layout. I tucked two photos under the papers and added die cuts under the photos for a fun mat. I placed Thickers and mini alphabet stickers next to the photos for a title, stitched over them, then stamped a “#” before it. I journaled along the last paper following the curves. Between the photos I added a label die cut topped with a badge. I stapled a camera die cut on the top right corner then dropped India ink around the layout as a finishing touch.

As you can see this kit is very versatile! I was able to create both girl and boy-themed layouts based on colors and embellishments. And I still have lots of product leftover so you can create a whole bunch of layouts from this kit.

Paige Evans has been scrapbooking since she was 16 years old and worked at her first job at a local scrapbook store. The first time she put pictures and papers together it was a match made in heaven! She currently works from home for Northridge Publishing – the makers of Scrapbook Trends, CARDS, the Create series, Cricut Magazine, Cricut Idea Book, and Signature Series magazines. She is also the design team manager/blog hostess for American Crafts and is a Garden Girl at While not scrapbooking she makes pacifier clips for her etsy shop. Paige is the mother of two adorable children – Fox age 3 and Jane age 1.5. She and her husband Chris have been married for 7.5 years and currently live in Grafenwoehr Germany where Chris is a dentist for the Army. You can check out more of her and her work on her blog, Instagram, Etsy shop, Pinterest, Twitter and 2Peas Gallery

Crafting a Love Letter from Project Life Supplies:: A Scrapbooking Tutorial by Maria Lacuesta

crafting a love letter from project life supplies:: a scrapbooking tutorial by maria lacuesta @

In today’s tutorial, I’m excited to share a present I made for my boyfriend – this scrappy little love letter. I used my Project Life supplies to create a 3×4 base and add a bit of embellishment to my typography and illustrations. It’s a fun little project that could easily be made into a mini album with photographs as well!

crafting a love letter from project life supplies:: a scrapbooking tutorial by maria lacuesta @

The first step is to draft the love letter. Decide on a prompt, such as, “I love you more than . . .” Next, use the recipient’s name as an acronym for different sentiments that complete the sentence.

Next, add your prompt and each letter of the acronym to blank journal cards (or 3×4 card stock). I printed mine right on the journal card using an inkjet printer, but this is also a great opportunity to use up some of those alphabets you already have in your stash. I also thought about using my Silhouette machine to make die cuts for each letter. Layered typefaces, like the one I use in this project, are so much fun to play around with and you can learn more about how to use them in die cutting projects on my blog here.

On the flip side of each card, print or hand write the corresponding sentiment for that letter. Here you can see, I also illustrated my cards with doodles, but again photos would be perfect too! Then I used small scale embellishments (epoxy stickers, cork die cuts, enamel dots, sequins, washi tape) to accent each card.

crafting a love letter from project life supplies:: a scrapbooking tutorial by maria lacuesta @

Above is a photo of the journal card with my my prompt and on the flip side of that card is a doodle of my boyfriend, Ray. I also added a “cover” that you can see peeking out from underneath my packaging. It’s nothing more than a gold foil journal card I received in my SC Project Life kit and just included as is. Finally, the whole thing is wrapped up in kraft paper, washi tape, some bakers twine, and then topped with a die cut monogrammed tag I crafted with my Silhouette machine.

This project is a lot of fun and super easy to do on the fly because you don’t need any special skills or materials—just use whatever you already have on hand to create this meaningful little present your loved one will be sure to appreciate. You see the finished product in action below as I flip through all the cards.

For those of you who are hybrid scrapbookers, I wanted to finish off this post with a couple tips. This first is Paper 53 an amazing iPad app that you can download for free. I use it to draw my doodles and I absolutely love it. In the past I’ve also scanned pencil illustrations and converted them into a Photoshop brush to use in my scrapbook layouts. For more details and to download the brushes for you own projects, you can check out my blog post . Lastly, here is a printing template for 3×4 cards -it’s a Photoshop document I use to lay out all of my artwork and I hope it helps to streamline your workflow too!

Thanks so much for taking a look at my project – I had so much fun making it and I hope it inspires you to create something personalized for that special someone in your life as well!!

crafting a love letter from project life supplies:: a scrapbooking tutorial by maria lacuesta @

Maria Lacuesta has loved paper for as long as she can remember. For her, cultivating a happy life means creating something everyday, often with the aid of Photoshop and some pretty paper. She started scrapbooking as a way to document the joys of everyday life and loves to incorporate graphic design and technology in different ways to create a more meaningful story. When she’s not happily crafting away in her tiny studio, or obsessively collecting design inspiration on Pinterest you can find Maria enjoying the city of Boston where she lives with her boyfriend Ray. For more information on her personal projects, and to view Maria’s layouts for various design teams, you can also visit her blog, Analog Paper.

Scrapbook Page Designs for Larger Photos

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @
While the vast majority of my scrapbook pages feature photos printed at 4×6 or perhaps 4×4, there is a special place in my heart for big photos. I’d love to print a photo as wall paper for our home, but I can never decide which photo. Instead, I order big prints and frame them all over the flat. But I also love the look of a big photo on a scrapbook page. Today I’d love to share a few page design tips for scrapbooking with larger pictures, both from my albums and some guest pages made just for today.

scrapbook supplies - January 2014 Best of Both Worlds Kit @
And a little side note: for those of you who follow the Best of Both Worlds kits, this first example is made with the January 2014 kit.

Tuck things behind the photo
When I looked at all my pages with larger photos, I noticed I have more portrait photos framed, but there are more landscape images in my albums! Go figure. But I think that may be down to one of my favourite page designs: creating a page with a landscape image placed in the lower two-thirds of the page, then tucking elements behind the top of the photo. It’s a great place to add journaling cards, your title, or just something pretty if that’s a better match for the tone of your page.

(I know it’s shocking, but sometimes – just rarely – I scrapbook right side up. Don’t let it throw you too much.)

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @
Tucking the journaling card behind the photo makes it easier to customise the size of the writing space, and this is the perfect spot for something like that circle at the top right, which was never actually a full circle! It was printed on the edge of the card, and when cut out and placed on a page rather than in a pocket, it looks best if that straight edge can be either hidden like this or aligned with the side of the layout.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by Diane Payne @

Guest artist Diane Payne has a similar treatment at the top of the photo, but also uses the space below her picture to add more coordinating embellishments.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by Diane Payne @

Diane says: I love using oversized photos on my page for a big impact. It is perfect for documenting unique experiences or exceptional photos. An oversized photo was perfect for highlighting the unique experience of working with my peers to pull a plane faster than our counterparts and hanging out on the tarmac eating grilled burgers. It is definitely not your everyday experience and a fun, memorable afternoon. It was especially fun doing this with my good friend whom I don’t see that often anymore.

Adjusting the size of her print gave Diane room to tuck embellishments in at the top of the photo while still having ample space for her title, writing, some additional small photos, and those finishing embellishments in the bottom third of the page. This is a design to bookmark for those photos that have lots of sky or ground space when the day isn’t amazingly vibrant and the grass not completely beautiful: zoom in on that more central subject to emphasise what’s there and give yourself more space on the page to tell the story.

scrapbook page designs for larger phoos by susan weinroth @
Add words to the empty space

Sometimes a photo looks beautiful big, but this creates some empty space in the picture: the sort of thing that isn’t the actual subject of the photo and doesn’t add a huge amount of meaning. It’s the background stuff of life. While most photo subjects benefit from enough breathing room around the important elements, in a scrapbook sense you can layer elements right on top of the photo in that empty space. When it comes to words, this can even help connect your story to the image, like this example by Susan Weinroth.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by susan wenroith @

Susan says: I love that the focus of my page is the photo and journaling – something that’s easily accomplished by using a 12×12 photo as my page base instead of paper. I want to remember these cute little details about my kids at each age, and love being able to record it all on one “update” style page like this.

See that gorgeous ray of sunlight coming into the frame at the top right? While that’s not the primary subject of the photo, of course, it’s a beautiful detail. Instead of running the title above the journaling and covering that bit of loveliness, the title works well on the vertical. Simple enough to do but something it’s easy to forget is an option, so make a mental note so you’ll remember the next time you’re worried that there isn’t enough space for your title.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Of course you don’t have to print at a full 12×12 size to find you have empty space in a photo. I love 12×12 prints, but I have to order them from a lab since I don’t have a wide format printer at home. I can print an image up to A4 on a whim, however, which is what I did with this photo.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

In this case, there is plenty of room at the bottom of the page for journaling, but the blurred foreground at the bottom of the photo was pretty substantial. Bringing the title and the journaling onto the photo itself frames the subject of the photo rather than feeling as distant at it would in that bottom border of the page. If you want to make sure the atmosphere of the photo is still apparent, choose title options that let you see between the letters, like stickers or writing on vellum.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by Stephanie Bryan @
Embellish in the empty space

Of course, if you can journal or title your page in the empty space of the photo, you can also opt to use that space for embellishment, like this delicately beautiful page from Stephanie Bryan.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by stephanie bryan @

Stephanie says: I love adding enlarged photos to any projects, but especially layouts. The large photos tell the story and become the main focus of a layout. For this project, I chose a recent photo of my daughter. I knew I wanted to add a few embellishments, stamps and journaling down one side of my photo, so I cropped my image to the far right. This left me plenty of space to add some fun pops of color, stamps and ink splatters on my page.

I love how Stephanie proves a page doesn’t need a bold title – or perhaps a title at all – to capture your attention. It’s also colour that makes this layout work so well – rather than heaps of contrast, there is a similarity of all the shades here, with just a tiny pop of that saturated pink. That mix of colours makes everything far more delicate than if the background paper here was a hot pink, for example.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Sometimes I do scrapbook the portrait photos, I promise! And sometimes there is room for both title and embellishment right on top of the photo.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Here a centrally-aligned page design keeps all the page elements (except the background paper) right on top of the photo itself. The trick with a central page design is often to keep the wider element at the bottom of the page and something smaller and more narrow at the top, a bit like imagining things in a stack or on a shelf, even though there there is quite a lot of space between the top and bottom elements. (The smaller, narrower embellishments at the bottom can be viewed as pretty little things hanging below the shelf, if that helps your thinking process!) If you feel the pages in an album are starting to get a little too busy, a page design like this can do wonders for giving the eye somewhere to rest as you turn from page to page.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Put border embellishments to work

Hands up if you have plenty of border stickers, paper strips, and scalloped chipboard pieces waiting for you in your stash. How about a border punch? Don’t worry: my hands are up too, I promise. Pairing border embellishments with these larger photos is a great way to add flourish without needing to put things on top of your actual photograph. That may help some of you breathe a little easier! I promise you could do this page design without needing the label on top of the photo – just move the journaling to right side of the page perhaps.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @
If your border stash is somewhat shorter – literally – put those pieces together to create a frame for your photo. The photo print itself is certainly the most expensive thing on the page, since everything else is pieced together from tiny scraps of paper and offcuts of ribbon, and even a letter sticker from a sheet that had no vowels left to spell anything useful!

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Frame with your favourites

Speaking of frames, you may find that big photos give you plenty of room to embrace your favourite larger embellishments. I love stacks like this but this size of stack could overwhelm a 4×6 print. With a big picture, I can use multiple stacks in that large size!

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

I do find it works well to frame the photo with those elements, so there’s a camera print on the left and also on the right, for example. It also helps that all the colours appear on both sides of the photo, to help guide your eye across the page.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

If your photo is really quite busy, you can use the same technique but with smaller, simpler embellishments. It’s a great place for tiny details like stitching or stamping.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Quite a bit of this page relies on framing, actually – the patterned paper cut away to give a corner frame, the three repeat embellishments form a sort of frame around the outside of the picture, and the trios of gems around each area of embellishment.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

Pair your larger photo with some small images

Even though it’s a giant photo, it doesn’t have to be a single photo page! Sometimes having one or two smaller photos can be a perfect balance to tell more of the story while still showcasing one image centre stage.

This particular page is made with a sketch and one of last year’s Best of Both Worlds kits.

scrapbook page designs for larger photos by shimelle laine @

This layout works with quite a boxed out, linear page design, while Diane’s earlier example adds a bit more angle and overlapping for a freer design. Either can work! And you can always add curved embellishments like hearts or twine or even just circles to a linear design to give it a bit more energy, if you’re nearly done and it feels too static to your eye. Just remember that with angles, a little goes a long way, so start small and work up to what feels best for your particular page.

Now… what photo are you going to supersize on a page?

Today’s contributors
Diane Payne lives in Texas with her husband, two teenage kids and two dogs. She balances her career training flight attendants for a major airline with extra-curricular activities with her teens and spending time in her craft room. She loves to work with vintage photos and plenty of colour. Diane designs for A Flair for Buttons, Come On Get Crafty, Lily Bee and write. click. scrapbook, and blogs at Color Me Happy.

Stephanie Bryan lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children. She started out with memory keeping through Project Life in 2011 and has not looked back yet. Stephanie currently serves on design teams for Two Peas in a Bucket, Crate Paper, Glitz Design, Gossamer Blue, Jot Magazine, My Mind’s Eye and She shares her adventures in scrapbooking on her blog at Stephanie makes and on Instagram.

Susan Weinroth lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with her husband of 12+ years and their two little boys. She works as a photographer in addition to her crafty endeavours, including a newfound love of Project Life. You can follow Susan on her blog and Instagram.

Best of Both Worlds: My Scrapbooking Product Picks for March 2014

March 2014 Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit @

For March, I wanted to embrace the rainbow, I suppose! I was looking at all the different scrapbooking products hitting the store while sitting through day after day of grey rain, and then one sunny day reminded me that all that rain can come with its fair share of rainbows, and that’s how this month’s Best of Both Worlds scrapbooking kit came together: a little grey, a little gold, and a lot of the rainbow!

Click here to shop for the March 2014 Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit.

This kit mixes some brand new releases with a few great bargains in the sale. The stamps, tape set, and a couple papers are 25% off, making it possible to also include some fancy new things like kraft card stock with gold finish, a big pack of ephemera, and both flat letter stickers and Thickers. If you’re digging the rainbow feel and want to carry that through in the lettering too, you might try the Bon Ami letter sticker sheet for something brand new or this rainbow alphabet for something that’s on sale.

And let’s talk gold embellishments for a moment. I will warn you: the gold label stickers have been really popular in the shop this week so there are not all that many left. If you’re coming to this list by the time they are sold out, please don’t panic! There are actually lots of really lovely gold embellishments in the store, and you can choose one that is just your style, assuming you like gold! Have a look here if you want to replace it with something else. (There is also the option to swap the chipboard hearts for chipboard stars that show up near the top of that list, in case hearts are just not your thing!)

Flair… well, today is the first of March and as of the time I’m writing this, the March flair hasn’t appeared in the store just yet. As it’s the weekend, I’m guessing these will appear in the store on Monday, but I didn’t want to leave this any longer to post since I do try to make sure it’s always here for you on the first! If you’re a big fan of flair, then you may want to wait until Monday if you’d like some badges to coordinate, but you can always wait and add them to your next order too if that’s better for your needs.

If you’re new to the Best of Both Worlds concept, every month I post a list of products I really love together on the first. There is no subscription and there’s no requirement to buy everything on the shopping list. If you want to use it as a starting point for your shopping, then make changes, you can! You’re not locked in to paying for something you already have or wouldn’t use. Likewise, if there’s one item you know you would use multiple times, you can add more than one. You decide your budget and you can add more to the kit or bring it down a bit to fit how much you want to spend, how much scrapping you plan to do, and how much ‘stuff’ suits your personal scrapping style.

Each month in 2014, a guest artist gets the kit for the month and shares five projects she makes with it. You can see the January guest post and the February guest post currently, and this kit is on its way to the March guest artist right now! I also have new videos coming your way Sunday and Monday sharing projects I have made with recent kits. (Some, though not all, items from the January and February kits are still available.)

If you opt to spend a bit more shopping while you’re there, the March shipping discount code is TQTBEX, which is good for $10 off US shipping and $5 off international shipping on orders that include at least $50 of physical, non-clearance product.

I think that’s everything! After a several very exhausted days in a row, I’m enjoying getting new videos and articles lined up, so I hope you’ll stop by for a good week ahead. You know… the kind of week where we embrace rainbows and naps and you can celebrate fancy things in your life like sleeping more than an hour without waking up for the loo. Maybe. I promise not to get jealous. Well, not very much, anyway.

Thanks so much for your continued support, and don’t forget you can always come back to this post later and add a link to the comments to share what you have made with the March 2014 Best of Both Worlds scrapbooking kit!

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