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Scrapbooking with a Title Cut File by Andrea Lake

Scrapbooking with a Title Cut File by Andrea Lake @

A fresh new year and a few new projects to go along with it. One of my biggest goals for 2022 is to share as much love as I can across the scrapbooking community. Yes, that sounds corny. Hi, have we met? Corniness aside, I mean things like sharing the work of talented crafters who you may or may not already know. I’m still scrapbooking, but I’ve also been scrapbooking a very long time, and if I can use this space to highlight fabulous ideas from other crafters too, then I’m game. The plan is to share projects from two guest artists a week, and it starts today! Please note these posts contain affiliate links for the supplies where possible. Shopping through these links doesn’t change the price for you but the retailer sends me a commission. Those commissions are making this series of guest posts possible, as I am a big believer in paying artists for their hard work in actual money, so every guest artist you see in this series for 2022 gets paid. Yay. Also the end of each post includes where you can find more work from each artist so you can follow them on Instagram, YouTube, or wherever else. I hope you will follow some new favourites and share that crafty love!

I think that’s enough introduction so I hand you over to our first guest, Andrea, who walks you through her process for scrapbooking with a title cut file to kick off this festival of scrappy inspiration! I hope you enjoy! -Shimelle

Hi Friends! My name is Andrea Lake and I am sharing one of my favorite layouts I’ve ever made with you today. Yes, this is definitely one of my favorite pages because it combines many of my favorite things and techniques altogether. First, I would like to confess that I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I sit down to create a layout. I think it is the fear of not exactly knowing how is it going to turn out in the end, especially since we are talking about projects that normally take a few hours to put together. That is one of the reasons why I try to plan my pages in advance and I think of different techniques I feel comfortable applying as well as working with products I LOVE. That sometimes means I am working with a single collection and sometimes I am mixing and matching my favorite ones. I also love vibrant colors, so, as long as I include these in my projects, I am confident it is going to turn out well.

Scrapbook page by Andrea Lake @

One of my favorite techniques when working on any paper crafting project is layering. I love the texture I get and I love dimension. Layering is a great resource to achieve both of those things. I love seeing a layout and finding new and hidden elements every time. I like to create pages that make you want to touch them and feel them. So let’s talk about all the layers on this page. Also, this is one of those projects in which I mixed collections and manufacturers to achieve the results I wanted.

I started by choosing one of my favorite patterned papers from the Bungalow Lane Collection by Paige Evans with American Crafts for my background. I knew from the beginning I wanted to use a title cut file by Paige Evans as the focal point of my page. Our photo or the story behind it don’t always have to be the focal point of our layouts. I wanted the title to give you a hint of what the page is about, then you’ll be directed to the photo, and after that, you’ll read the story. I backed my cut file with colorful Simple Stories cardstock sheets in rainbow order. I then off set it and printed a solid piece on a much darker paper to create some contrast between the actual cut file and the patterned paper from the background.

Scrapbooking with a Title Cut File by Andrea Lake @

It is now time to start peeling the layers of this onion one by one. I first added some white splatters directly onto the background with white acrylic paint watered down and a brush. While my splatters were drying, I cut a second cut file. This one is a floral bunch cut file also by Paige Evans. I did not back this cut file, I just want it to peek through the title and photo. I machined stitched the centre of the flower cut file to the background and did not add any adhesive to the rest. I then adhered the title cut file to the page using some foam adhesive. At this point, with only those few elements, we have created a lot of dimension already. I placed my photo on one side of the cut file and the journaling piece on the opposite side to keep my layout balanced. I fussy cut a few floral clusters from a Carta Bella patterned paper and a few leaves from a patterned paper from the Jen Hadfield Peaceful Heart collection and spread them out throughout the page adhering them down with regular glue and adhesive foam squares to create depth and different effects.

I finish my layout by adding a few Cocoa Vanilla Studio detail cut butterflies on different spots. I placed them also in rainbow order and had them match the colors of the letters from my title. I love how the page turned out. Using elements such as cut files, die cuts, and detail cut shapes, you can create a vibrant and dimensional page that ends up telling more than just the story of the photo. This page is about remembering the day I finished decorating my current craft room. It is a tiny space but it looks exactly the way I want and it allows me to be happy and creative. The title is also a reminder for myself that I am here to chase my dreams and work hard to make them come true.

Scrapbooking with Andrea Lake @

I hope this inspires you to work on your own pages and use some of the techniques and tips I shared today. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to provide clarification and share more details if you need/want them.

My name is Andrea Lake, I am a Venezuelan-Argentine crafting lover currently living in Denver, Colorado, with my family. I have always enjoyed coloring and all kinds of papercrafts. I have been recording memories in different ways for many years now. I am a big fan of creating mini albums, DIY projects, and more recently, scrapbook layouts. I am a full-time Sales and Catering Manager at a full-service hotel during the day and a passionate crafter at night. You can also add wife, stepmom, and dog mom as my titles. You will always find me dreaming of my next projects, setting goals to achieve them, and recording the process. Here are a few things you may or may not know about me: I have to write everything down in my planner. If it’s not there, we didn’t even talk about it. I LOVE to wear socks. I wear them every day, all day. And, you might hear me say “I need a Happy Hour” at least three times a day. What that really means is that I need to get in my craft room and be happy for at least one hour each day. You can see more of my work on my Instagram, Facebook, and my Youtube Channel.

2021 Christmas Stamps - Ready to Ship

2021 Journal your Christmas Stamps by Shimelle

Hello hello! Preorders for Christmas stamps have now all been sent to their new homes and I have a very small number of stamp sets remaining which can be ordered today, all ready to ship straight out to you!

You get three 4×6 sets of stamps, as seen above, for $28 USD, including worldwide postage. (I send all orders through Royal Mail and they are not tracked. International tracked orders are available but the cost is usually prohibitive, so email me if it’s something you want to discuss for your order.)

UPDATE: all sold out now! Thank you so much!

Please make sure your posting address is correct when you check out, as orders will be processed immediately!

Thank you so much!

2021 Christmas Stamps now available for preorder!

Christmas stamps by Shimelle

Hey hey there Christmas fans! This year’s edition of the Journal your Christmas stamps are now available for preorder, which will remain open until Friday the 15th of October. I only get a very small number of extras, so if you would like a set please place a preorder.

It’s a set of two sheets of high-quality photopolymer clear stamps, designed by me and made here in the UK. I pack them up and post them to you myself, and if you’re participating in Journal your Christmas, you’ll see me use them throughout the course on the pages in my own journal.

This year’s edition includes lots of things to layer and places to add colour, either by colouring in shapes or by layering solid and outline stamps. I’ve also added more texture patterns this year, like stripes, scribbles, and confetti, as I feel like we’ve gone big on words and motifs over the last few years but I would really like more of those versatile pieces to add to my pages.

Christmas stamps by Shimelle

There are three sets of numbers this year – one wobbly and hand-drawn to fill in with colours or patterns of your choice, and two sizes of a more graphic style. The numbers are designed to fit into the round frame or be combined with the large holly leaf to make a corner accent. (I’ll share both of those techniques in my JYC videos this year.)

(I’ve adjusted the design placement so it’s nice and visible on your web browser. The actual stamps are arranged vertically to match other years, just in case that was bothering you! All the same stamps and sizes, just rearranged so you can see them without scrolling.)

The double stamp set is $28 and that includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Your currency will be adjusted automatically when you purchase and if you want to see what US dollars equate to where you are in the world, you can check that on

UPDATE Stamp pre-orders for 2021 have now closed. A very limited number of ready to ship stamps will be available closer to Christmas, and those will be posted here once all pre-orders have shipped. Thanks!

Any questions, please email me. I’ve had to turn off comments on the blog because I get some rather not-family-friendly spam! Egad. So email me. Please. Happy to chat!

Thank you so much!

Supplies I'll be using for Journal your Christmas 2021

Journal your Christmas is a class that welcomes your creativity, so you do not need a certain set of supplies! Please use what you love, use what you have, use whatever you would like! I publish this list of what I will be using and some tips for assembling your kit, but they are just for support and are definitely not required purchases. The list is affiliate linked and I thank you for your support! This shopping list is not suggested as a buy-one-of-everything cart! Not by any means! It’s compiled by category with things to choose from each section, so the best strategy is probably to open the list here in a new tab, and then read through this post with the notes on how much you need to pick from each category of supply. This gives you choice while also not so much choice that you’re choosing from 8,000 supplies under the heading of ‘Christmas’. Yay.

After working in several different sizes each Christmas, I eventually fell in love with the size and format of a 6×8 album with a mix of different page protectors inside, so I start my kit with 6×8 paper pads. If you’re using all new stash and plan to create about a page per day, I suggest picking two of the 6×8 paper pads. You can also pick just one and then mix it with your existing stash if you prefer!

Please keep in mind if you have a snowy winter and like a cool toned colour scheme, there is a Simple Stories winter collection coming very soon with a pink and turquoise palette. It’s just not in the store just yet so I can’t link it here today, but it will arrive in October so that would still be in plenty of time. It’s a winter themed collection rather than specifically Christmas. Or if you prefer vintage-themed collections, you might like the Simple Stories Vintage Christmas collection or Bo Bunny Joyful Christmas. Both lovely if that’s your style – it’s just not mine, so it’s not on my list!

Once you’ve chosen your paper pads, I would add letter stickers, icon stickers, die cuts, and enamel dots. Again, pick and choose to make the set you love. Let’s start with lettering. If you love mixing letter styles for your titles, add more letter stickers. If you have a massive stash of letter stickers you need to use, then maybe you don’t need to order more. I’ve added six letter sticker options to the list: two are sticker books (one with a range of solid colours including a deep red and green, one in various woodgrains), two are Thickers that are narrow and small so they fit well even in small pockets, and two are nice bright red letters if you are choosing things in the brighter shades rather than a brick red.

Next we’ll pick some motif stickers! A variety of embellishment size helps, so one 6×12 sheet of stickers or a sticker book plus a set of smaller puffy stickers can be a great balance. I’ve included the sheet of Gingerbread Christmas stickers specifically for those of you who know you’ll have lots of kitchen memories to document, like baking or decorating gingerbread houses or maybe even a Christmas market. The list has three sticker books and six individual sheets of stickers to choose from.

Let’s move on to die-cuts or ephemera next. One or two packs of die cuts will make your pages come together easily, and I like to include some die cuts that have journaling space as well as Christmas motifs. I’ve included packs of ephemera as well as cut-apart papers on the list – you can choose either or mix them up. You can start to see how my album will really feature four collections: Warm Wishes, Busy Sidewalks, Make it Merry, and Holly Days. Plus a sneaky bit of Holiday Magic, as it just made it to the shop in time! (I think I’ll use more of that in 12×12 format for December Best of Both Worlds things.) You could stick to just one of those collections throughout and have a very cohesive album where you really can’t go wrong! I really enjoy mixing collections, so that’s the option I pick.

I like to have enough enamel dots to add their confetti to all my pages, so that’s two or three small packs or one really big pack to make a whole book. I put lots of options on the list so there will be choices even if some sell out quickly.

Something special for a Christmas journal as opposed to just general Christmas 12×12 scrapping: I love page numbers. If you want to document most or all of the days, then the numbers become a really useful way of telling the story while also helping you get started on each page. Simple Stories has woodgrain numbers this year so you know I am here for that! There will also be numbers in my stamp set if the woodgrain doesn’t speak to you. There weren’t as many number products this year as the last few!

The last thing I added to the list is acetate. If you like the look of pockets and pages you can see through, then this can be really fun to work with and I have to admit I use it more in my Christmas journal than at any other time of the year. If you’re working at 6×8 or smaller, one 12×12 sheet can go a long way.

As for the album itself, just be aware that if you plan to make pages for all or most days, this album will get THICK. Look for albums with nice wide spines and sturdy rings, or prepare yourself for the possibility that you might need two volumes.’s own brand 6×8 albums are nice and thick so that’s an option. I think that’s what I will be using this year but mine hasn’t arrived just yet so I reserve the right to change my mind!

Thanks so much for reading all that and I will be back on Monday to share my stamps and put them up for preorder!

Half and Half - A New Online Scrapbooking Class!

Half and Half - Online Scrapbooking Class from Shimelle

How often do you cut into a piece of patterned paper and save the rest for later, and even with the best of intentions you find you’ve saved it… indefinitely?

Would you like to feel more confident mixing patterned papers while still keeping your photos as the focus of your scrapbook pages?

Are you up for a crafting adventure that is light-hearted and fits your own schedule, but still has a very clear set of things to try and ways you can take them forward in your own crafting style?

If so, then my new class is right up your street! Half and Half is a class all about making pages that start with two 6×12 boxes of patterned paper: half the page is one pattern, and half the page is another pattern! Perfect for using your saved scraps, great for building your pattern mixing skills, and taught in a way that makes it easy to use your own stash, your own photo themes, and your own embellishing style.

Half and Half includes 12 new full length videos, and a few shorter segments:
10 12×12 single page layouts, each broken down in its own extended video plus a simple summary PDF.
2 12×12 double page layouts, again each in their own video + summary sheet.
A selection of short videos that adapt some of the ideas to 4×6 and 3×4 cards to create coordinated pocket pages.

As with all my classes, it includes permanent membership so you can come back as many times as you like or work at your own pace, plus a private class forum to chat with other participants, and you’re always welcome to email me to chat about the class materials while the class is live or long after. This class is suitable for all levels, so you’re welcome to invite a friend to sign up as well, even if they are new to the hobby.

Half and Half - Online Scrapbooking Class from Shimelle

Two of the class videos feature cut files, and both include ideas on what to use instead of a cut file if you don’t own a cutting machine!

If you’re new to my classes and know the videos I post on Facebook or YouTube, it’s worth knowing that I share three types of videos in those three places. My Facebook Live videos are the most chatty and least formal – I answer scrappy questions as we go and share why I’m making something, but we also talk about any old random rubbish! On YouTube, I don’t do off-topic chat, and you’ll find videos where I walk through a project but they are generally a single page at a time. In my classes, everything is focused on a planned curriculum – my goals I hope for you to achieve so you can leave the class being able to take what you learned and apply it on your own projects! So these videos are not only very focused, but also build on and relate to each other. While everything is on topic, I’m still open to your questions and tangents on the forum, and there is absolutely no pressure for you to finish anything by any certain time or date. You’re welcome whether you want to scrap all day or you’re watching because your supplies are packed away for a few months and you’ll get to the crafting later!

Half and Half starts Tuesday 20th April and can be purchased for $15 US Dollars or £11 British Pounds.

$15 USD
£11 GBP

Half and Half - Online Scrapbooking Class from Shimelle

For regular participants who would prefer to pay in a lump sum and not worry about signing up individually for every new class, you’re welcome to sign up for the new Class Pass. This allows you to prepay $150 or £110 in one go, and you’ll receive every class I teach until the value of the individual classes has surpassed that total. That means you’ll get a discount off that last class, but it is largely just an option for convenience, as it’s hard to keep track of everything and easy to miss something like a new class announcement! You’re also welcome to receive the prompts for Journal your Christmas and Learn Something New Every Day, should you not already have those classes on your account. They are not included in running total value, just a bonus! A while back, I called this the ‘annual pass’ but it ended up lasting… significantly longer than a year. So let’s call it the Class Pass now, and if you want to go for that option, you can sign up for a new one starting now, with Half and Half. (To give you an idea of class prices, Half and Half is the low end of my price range, with classes varying from $15/£10 to about $40/£30.)

$150 USD
£110 GBP

PLEASE NOTE: my class registration system is not automated – I am old school and add you to the class myself! You’ll receive a payment receipt email straight away, then your registration will be processed within 48 hours (usually quicker, but I don’t work Sundays). If you don’t receive a welcome email, check your spam (and your forum account, if you’re an existing student!), and if it’s not there, just send me an email so I can chase up anything that has gone astray! If you pay from a different email address than you would like to use for receiving class emails, that would also be something to let me know in an email please.

If you’d like to gift the class to a friend, use the sign up button as normal, then email me and let me know your friend’s name and email address. Thanks for being such an awesome friend!

Here’s an example of a half and half page I’ve shared in the past. Not to worry if you cringe when I cover half a sheet of background paper in this video. We’re going to cover your options for building those half and half backgrounds, including taping them together instead of layering over the top, if that’s what you prefer!

All the layouts in this post are half and half style pages I have made and shared recently. They give you an idea of my style, but everything in the class will be new and unseen.

Comments are turned off purely because they get targeted by spammers, but please do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions at all! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see you in class so soon!

The layering is strong with this one...

scrapbook page by Shimelle - Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit - January 2021

My last live video for January’s kit features a Jedi photo several of you have been challenging me to use all month. Again I needed to add a background, and I chose a neutral from my first collection with American Crafts. I also added a Heidi Swapp stencil to create the background with a Distress Oxide ink from a previous kit. I love the tiny detail that the Crafty Jen Schow stamps add to the layering as well. That’s something that obviously optional, but I think little tiny things like this make a big difference to my love of layers.

I know I say this in so many videos, but I really do believe you can layer and layer and layer as long as you keep most of your angles square. The only really angled piece here is that double frame die-cut over on the left edge. Everything else is either horizontal or vertical, and that means you don’t tilt your head as you look at different elements. If layering is something that always leaves you a bit frustrated, this is definitely something to keep in mind. Keep everything or almost everything at right angles.

I do have some leftovers from the January kit. Not a huge amount, and no big pieces of paper. A little less than half of each set of stickers and a decent number of die-cuts. More washi flower petals. More words on the Thickers sheet, and heaps more tiny gems. I’m going to roll over the gems to work with my February kit, and I know I want to work more with the rainbow die. I will keep these extras together though, and usually after I have had a little break from these supplies, I’ll have a few more ideas in how to bring them together. Lately I’ve been approaching these after-the-month-ends pages without filming them. It’s quite a therapeutic process to work on alongside homework or homeschool, where I can scrap without needing my full undivided attention like in a video!

At any rate, our next live we move to the February kit and the March kit goes live for shopping (from a shop or from your stash). I scrap live on Facebook around 1:30pm Monday and 9:30am Friday, UK time. But everything stays available for you to watch at any time that suits your schedule.

For the supplies in the January 2021 Best of Both Worlds kit, see the second half of this post. You can create a similar kit from your own stash or add things to your shopping cart – all angles welcome!

To see the current kit, whenever you see this post, you can always find it on this affiliate link.

If you create something inspired by this scrapbook page or the kit, please tag me and add the hashtag #shimellebobw. I would love to see what you make!

Washi tape flowers and so many layers

scrapbook page by Shimelle - Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit - January 2021

We’ve come to the point in my kit that I’ve run out of sheets to use as a background! Today I picked a neutral from way back in my very first collection with American Crafts, and built lots of layers on top with the remaining scraps of patterned paper and lots of die-cuts too.

Yet again, I filled a frame with something that wasn’t a photo! This time it was patterned paper. I also pulled out the rainbow stencil from a previous kit to add more of a particular colour to the mix.

For the supplies in the January 2021 Best of Both Worlds kit – including those washi tape flowers and the pack of die-cuts I layered here – see the second half of this post. You can create a similar kit from your own stash or add things to your shopping cart – it’s all good!

To see the current kit, whenever you see this post, you can always find it on this affiliate link.

If you create something inspired by this scrapbook page or the kit, please tag me and add the hashtag #shimellebobw. I would love to see what you make!

Scrapbooking with a PageMaps Sketch

scrapbook page by Shimelle - Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit - January 2021

The shortest video from January is this one – a 20 minute speed (for me!) scrapping session following one of the January PageMaps sketches. Even with the sketch, I didn’t get it nearly done in the 20 minutes, but I did get it finished off camera!

I added washi tape flowers after this video, as well as the title lettering and some of the Crate Paper stickers to embellish. This time I did use the frame die-cut for a photo!

For the supplies in the January 2021 Best of Both Worlds kit, see the second half of this post. You can create a similar kit from your own stash or add things to your shopping cart – it’s all good!

To see the current kit, whenever you see this post, you can always find it on this affiliate link.

If you create something inspired by this scrapbook page or the kit, please tag me and add the hashtag #shimellebobw. I would love to see what you make!