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ladies on a tube
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I love it when Americans ask me what I drive. We (as in we share) drive a car that is so small they don’t sell it in America. It’s not a Smart Car (it’s a Volkswagen) but I like its little stature because it’s efficient (which is good because I just did the maths to convert the price of petrol into American terms and well…we’re paying about $7.87 per US gallon) and equally because I am rubbish at parking and the smaller the car, the less chance I have of hitting things near a parking space.

Oh, the parking space. Our last place had allocated parking so it’s been a while since I dealt with that experience of coming home and driving v-e-r-y slowly in order to not miss any viable parking option. There are a few spaces on either side of our building that are residents only, but there are way more residents than spaces. And there are two streets with parking, but each one requires a different parking permit and is viable for different hours of the day.

So now, if we get a parking space, we don’t move the car until we absolutely must use it. Considering a day of unlimited travel on bus, train and tube costs about the same as a gallon of petrol, it seems like that parking space is pretty wonderful real estate if you can get it. And there are way more characters on public transportation.

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What is in her hand, anyway?


17 February 2008

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