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Mapped disagreement

trees and snow

Right about now I should be heading home again. It’s a good place to go.

But there are so many good places to go that sometimes it’s a little unfair, you know? I understand that attitude that you shouldn’t visit a place twice when there are still places you would like to go for the first time. And yet I fail miserably at it, as I like the mix of familiar and new you get when you visit a place you like two or three times…you’re not a local but you don’t feel like a completely lost tourist.

Wait. In all reality it’s probably way simpler than I want to make it in my head. I am geographically challenged. I read maps and tell drivers to turn right when there is a large body of water to the right. SatNav was invented for people like me. So although I was just going to wax lyrical about all my theories about why there are places I like to revisit when there are still so many places to go, I’ve realised it all comes down to this:

If I visit two or three times, I just might make it through a day without getting lost.

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Hopefully the cab driver can get me and all my luggage to my flat without getting lost.


18 February 2008

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2 Comments for Mapped disagreement

  1. margie Says:

    hope you are home safe and sound with the “boy”
    LOVED meeting you…
    send me the instructions to your class! I am dying to do it! Please! Thank you!
    kiss kiss

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