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Things stuck in my head

scrapbook page: cars

Somewhere along the lines of teaching the stick-and-go philosophy, I have managed to rewrite Will Smith into ‘getting sticky with it’, and let me tell you that is just plain wrong. But as those annoying refrains do, it is stuck in my head now. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na. (If you do not know this song, don’t feel out of touch. Feel grateful. The rest of you: you now feel my pain.)

If you can manage to put that aside, you might be interested in this, which takes a step-by-step look at stick-and-go scrapbooking.

Things that are inspiring me right now:
...this quilt in progress
...this project between two friends
...this artist’s process
...this girl’s style
...this chair.

The last one being one of those long-running obsessions that sits at the back of your brain saying ‘you really love this’ for a long time until you can’t stand it anymore and everything you see reminds you of it. So now I am contemplating how to put that chair on our wedding list. In blue, perhaps. But maybe that’s a crazy idea.

Much creative energy to you and yours.


30 January 2008

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5 Comments for Things stuck in my head

  1. alissa Says:

    love that layout, shim. :) it’s my town! love that we don’t have to feed the meters on the weekends! :)


  2. Barb N. Says:

    So fun to see the things that are inspiring other people. . .

  3. Marie Says:

    The quilts have reminded me of the one I have half finished and the one I have yet to begin. SIGH I love that chair though :) Off to read the stick and go now…...

  4. Jantyannie Says:

    Thanks so much for explaining your stick and go process. I always love your layouts and stress way to much over mine :)

  5. Leah Says:

    Thanks so much for the insight into your process! It has helped me focus on creating and letting go of trying to make “perfect” pages. I’m a mother of little ones with only snatches of time to work – now I’m actually getting stuff done!

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