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With any luck, I’ll be up in the sky right about now, on my way to sunny California. It’s a place of many good cupcake bakeries and many excellent scrapbooking stores. And also many overpriced hotels. Although our winters are technically pretty mild (what is that white stuff you people speak of? The only white stuff we have here is called ‘fog’.) I am really relishing the opportunity for a few days without needing a wool coat. Not a lot of days. Just one or two will do me fine.

Also, I am hoping some lovely people will come order stamps, of course!

But enough blathering from me! Here’s something for you to blather about instead.

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If you can squint to see that photo, I am the S with 103. I have broken 100 three times in my life. Despite once playing in a league (okay, I was filling in because someone cancelled and my friends didn’t want to forfeit the rest of the season, but still! it was a league!) I am not at all good at bowling. Plus I am severely inconsistent. Like if I bowl two games in a row, one will be a 42 and the other will be 101. True story.

Mostly I like bowling because there are usually dance machines in the same place.


07 February 2008

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6 Comments for Overhead

  1. Stacy Says:

    I’ve bowled in Ireland… at a bowling alley where the pins were on strings, like puppets! Please tell me your bowling alley in the UK is a bit more sophisticated?

  2. kymmie Says:

    I took Bowling in college for Phys Ed credits. I could NEVER break one hundred either. To get an “A” you had to break one hundred. I haven’t thought about that in YEARS! Thanks for bringing back the memory of Dr. Thomas standing behind me showing me how to throw a bowling ball. He did that every week. Ahh..Dr. Thomas and his Banana Republic khakis and chambray button downs!

  3. Says:

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  4. Says:

    It is good No you are not good… but you are great and this post is all about your greatness.

  5. Says:

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  6. Says:

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