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Who's there?

The architecture tour

This is happening more and more. People who arrive in the courtyard of our building despite not living here or knowing anyone who lives here. Sometimes they bring cameras. Having met a few more people now, I’ve learned they fit into three categories: the architecture tour, the women’s rights tour and highly annoying door-to-door sales scams.

I am hoping that all three will collide one day, and all the good people learning about the crazy contrast of architecture on our street and the good people learning about where women held secret meetings and chained themselves to train stations will turn on the scammers and tell them to go away for good. Because clearly the first two groups represent why I love this place…and the third just represents something less than humanity, especially as I am convinced that they are targeting the oldest of our neighbours and I have no patience for scams like that.

Moving on…
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I found a solution for the scammers when they ring my buzzer, anyway. I tell them I’m the cleaner and they seem to lose interest pretty quickly. Whatever works.


23 February 2008

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4 Comments for Who's there?

  1. grungedandy Says:

    Hehe this looks like spy photos!
    Just because every photo & post should have a comment & feel loved
    And your stuff just rocks! LoL Seeya hugya

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