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She made me do it

tia bennett

I just can’t get over the wonderfulness of this girl. She lives far away. But she inspires humour beyond belief. Because seriously, ask anyone else and I am not funny. I am just not. But around Tia, suddenly I am funny.

Or at least she laughs at the right time. But I’m going with I’m funny.

This is the card for her.

free write it down journalling prompt
Click for print-sized card.


{If the posting seems a little confusing…we spent a big chunk of time this weekend rebuilding and fortifying things behind the scenes so what happened a few weeks ago doesn’t happen again. Things are looking good now. But I have all the cards for twenty-nine days, gosh darn it! So I’m posting them. I just need like an extra day where I don’t have to do anything else – like laundry, eating or moving anything but my finger tips – to get them all up. And that’s clearly not gonna happen. So I’m getting there. I think we’ll be all caught up in the next 48 hours, right through to 29. Which is cool, because at the end of 29 there is SOMETHING SUPER COOL. And everyone loves super cool, right? Right.}

22 February 2008

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5 Comments for She made me do it

  1. Fay Says:

    I’m not worried about the posting as I’m way behind with the prompts anyway. Have them all printed out though and intend to do them in choronological order. Can’t wait to see what’s at the end. Thank you so much for all the time you are putting into this course, it is so appreciated.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I second that!!
    Most definately better late than never.
    Thank you.

  3. tia Says:

    two words.


    you are funny.
    and i am sitting at
    Heathrow in a suitcase
    trying to convince the
    blokes to refrain from
    blasting me to smithereens
    but that’s okay
    it’s the thought that counts.
    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Jasmine (: Says:

    hiii ,

    just wanted to let you know thaat your tiips really help me out :D

    thanks heaaaps ,

    Jasmine xo

  5. Tutuapp Says:

    Keep in mind that the handkerchief might drip down your back and get your shirt a bit wet with this method.

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