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Parts of speech

banana frog clear scrapbooking stamps

You know how I kept saying there was news about CHA (the big trade show for the craft industry, which is just a week away) but I couldn’t explain just yet? I think this might just explain it. This weekend I got to hold these in my actual hands and get all giddy because I designed them. Yep—that little set of five stamps is my own little collection from Banana Frog, and those five will be joined by a bunch more stamps plus Bev and I in booth 324 at CHA. That’s the new exhibitors section because it’s the big American launch for Banana Frog, and I must admit I am quite excited. I know it’s just five little sets but it’s a big deal for me and I hope someone out there likes them. So that’s the explaining, pretty much.

scrapbook page with wood grain stamp

And since this is the week before CHA, you should now go to your favourite scrapbook store and tell them you want to buy these stamps! Well…it can’t hurt to ask, right? I’ll see if I can show you a few little peeks at the actual designs as we go this week…I’m sure you’ll be sick of me using them soon enough!

stamp and journalling detail

Never fear, we’ll get back to the journaling now. This exercise is short enough that it can fit in a little journaling box or you can extend it for lines and lines. It’s one that works well with a photo in mind, so it’s quick from rough draft in your notebook to final copy in your scrapbook. And give you a chance at winning one of those kid versus adult game shows too.

stamp and journalling detail

When I drafted out my ideas for twenty-nine journaling prompts, I didn’t intend to make them into an English lesson. Really I didn’t. I promise. But sometimes I found it just happened that way. So today we’re writing with prepositions. But it’s so much easier than that sounds, okay? It’s all just words. And in fact, prepositions are some of the easiest words to use—it’s just that sometime after the seventh grade we forget that they have a special name. That’s all.

free write it down journalling prompt
Click for print-sized card.

scrapbooking a birthday

Oh come on, you knew there would be at least one cupcake. There just might be several.


03 February 2008

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20 Comments for Parts of speech

  1. Marie Says:

    Well, that confused my already addled brain! Took me a while to work out that this post was there twice. I guess the automatic posting needs some tweaking. Damn technology. It never does exactly what it’s supposed to do, does it?

    Looking forward to your Banana Frogs (now there’s a sentance you don’t hear very often!! LOL).

    The prompts are great so far, and I don’t even mind the English lessons ;) I have a LO made from the This, but prompt… I just need to get round to blogging it!

    Off to have a good long think about squirrels :)

  2. Carrie Says:

    Congrats! Very cool! Will for sure beg my LSS to get these, but no matter what these are on my wishlist! :)

  3. grungedandy Says:

    Oh how exciting, your own designs on stamps & banana frog stamps too great make! And banana frog going to CHA wow big steps good luck (not that you guys will need it they should snap them up) can’t wait to see them!
    Loving the journal prompts just having a dry spell at the moment got way too many cards to make once I get those out of the way I will sit down & do some pages so at the moment I’m just writing ideas down that you’re inspiring in a book. Seeya hugya G

  4. Fay Says:

    Shim, how exciting about your stamps, well done you! Will defintitely get my mitts on some (I presume they’ll be on the Banana Frog website when they get back???) Off to look at the prompt

  5. Melissa Says:

    YOU’RE KILLING ME!!! I e-mailed BF for the “Teen LG” set even tho with shipping & conversion to USD it would cost me a FORTUNE!! They said, “Eh, you’ll see ‘em at CHA.” NO I WON’T!! I HAVE NO PATIENCE!! IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION IS KEY!! *must*have*stamps*

  6. Lorna Says:

    Congratulations on the Banana Frog stamps, may it be the first of many Shimelle inspired products!!

    Heres my efforts for todays prompt, though I’m not entirely happy. It will most likely be tweaked within an inch of its life LOL

  7. Mave Says:

    congrats on the stamps and thanks for the teaching tip! i’ll be talking squirrels with my class thisweek!

  8. lindschick Says:

    Wow, congrats on the stamps, how exciting. I must get some. Hope you don’t mind being tagged I’m guessing it must happen often so don’t feel obliged!!!!

  9. Annette Says:

    Wow Shimelle, congradulations on your new line. I am telling some shop owners, who are going to CHA-CA, to stop at your booth. How exciting.

  10. Amy Says:

    Shimelle, I’m so excited for you! Congratulations on your stamp designs…I’m guessing that one of those cupcakes is the stamp we didn’t get in Bellevue. Too bad! But it is good to know that I will be able to purchase it soon!

  11. Colleen F. Says:

    I love your journaling exercise. I may have to try that with my Language Arts classes to get them to understand prepositions better. Thanks

  12. Suzanne Earley Says:

    I’m not much of a stamper, but these might be too tempting…

    I really liked this prompt. Can’t wait for tomorrows…:)

    Thanks so much for the hard work that has gone into these great prompts!

    My prepositions

  13. Barb N. Says:

    Congrats on your stamps, Shimelle!

  14. Sara R. Says:

    Oh! LOVE your stamps! They look so very perfect for everything…will we be able to find them in the US?

  15. Lisa Says:

    Many congratulations on your stamps!!! Can’t wait to get some.
    Really enjoying the prompts, can’t wait to log on every day.

  16. Judi Says:

    Shimelle I Love These Journaling Prompts!!! How very generous you are!!!!
    I’m going to make a booklet of your journaling prompts and wonder if you could provide us with a blank Write it Down page with just the lines. I’d like to alternate the journaling prompts you provide with the blank lined page to do the exercises. I think it would make a nice reference/workbook booklet.
    Thanks So Much

  17. Marie Says:

    I finally got around to blogging my LO from the “let me tell you about” prompt. It’s on my blog, along with a page I made inspired by the Stick and go scrapping article (which was great btw). It’s here. xMx

  18. jen Says:

    Can you see me jumping up and down… either way- you will be able to see me soon- which provokes another fit of jumping. Lovely stamps and a very nice prompt too.
    My response can be found here.

  19. Maria Says:

    Thank you for your “English lessons”! I love what you´re doing, it really works, journaling has always been my biggest challenge and you make it much more easy. THANK YOU!

  20. Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    Congrats on your stamps. Will you have any with you at Scrapbowl? Here is my layout/journaling

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