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It's not too late to Learn Something New!

Learn Something New Every Day - online scrapbooking class @

With just the last tiny bit of August remaining, I’m breathing deeply and looking forward to September, a month filled with reflective tradition. While the resolution-crafting, be-your-best-self energy of the new year hits in January, I also feel that same hope at back to school time, even though I probably won’t find myself inside a traditional school in the month ahead.

That reflective tradition is an online class now in its ninth year: Learn Something New Every Day. It is something I started as a scrapbooking class, but it works well for a variety of memory-keeping formats, be that a mini book, a Project Life or pocket style scrapbook, a full-size scrapbook, a journal, a diary, a planner, a social media account, or a blackboard. Essentially, you need your pen and a few moments to reflect on the day. That’s it. If you want to add photos, then include some kind of camera. Everything can be as simple or as creative as you desire.

The entire idea of Learn Something New is to open your eyes, your ears, and possibly even your heart to the world around you and record one thing you learn from that world each day for a month. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we learn from watching others. Sometimes we learn from things that seem more like school, from a training session or reading an article. Live the day, then take a moment to sum up something you have learned in a single sentence. Leave it at that, or complement it with photography, art, or more writing if you wish. That’s why it’s so easy to adapt to a variety of formats.

You can read more about the course here, including a bit about how I’ve used a few different formats for this project over the years.

Each day in September, class participants receive a PDF prompt by email with something to read and set you on the way to various ways you might learn from your environment, plus visual inspiration from a variety of crafters. There’s also a class forum to chat and share in a members-only environment, or hashtags to share your thoughts and images in a more open format. This annual class has a great wealth of materials from previous years, including video, galleries, digital templates, and printables, all of which you can access when you join.

This year, I will be adding a new video series to the class materials. It was developed from working through my lessons from September 2014 and how September was unfolding differently for me with a baby than in all those earlier years, but it’s not a parenting video series in the slightest and my hope is that it’s useful for a variety of life circumstances. I simply had a different perspective in that particular September and wanted to share how that made a difference to my process with this annual project.

Learn Something New has a one-time registration fee of £10 GBP or $15 USD, and then you can participate as many years as you would like at no further cost. I’d love for you to join us!

These buttons will allow you to pay by your choice of credit/debit card or Paypal account – your choice. Please make sure you are using a valid email address. Registrations can take up to twenty-four hours to process. If you do not receive an email in that time, please check your spam folder, then email me at If the email address on your paypal account is not where you would like to receive class materials, please let me know that too. You can leave a note on your payment, or send an email if you miss that bit. (If you would like to gift the class to a friend, just sign up as normal and in the comments or an email, let me know her email address. Simple as that.)

Previous class participants, the first message goes out on the first of September, and includes an easy way to opt out of mailings if you prefer not to have emails this year. If your email address has changed in the past year, drop me an email and let me know so I can update that for you.

May back to school be wonderful for you in whatever form it takes!

Explore - the new online scrapbooking class - starts tomorrow. Win a free place today!

online scrapbooking class :: explore
online scrapbooking class
Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new online class – Explore! To celebrate, today I’m giving away a class pass for one winner and a friend to enjoy the class for free. Plus it’s not too late to sign up and join in the fun of twenty prompts, four videos and more to keep you inspired, documenting and creating!

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post. Easy! (If you’re new, it’s worth knowing you need to click the preview button when you post your comment.)

I’ll pick a winner bright and early tomorrow so you can start with everyone and not miss any of the fun. So be sure to leave a valid email address on your comment so there’s no delay if you win! If the winner has already registered for the class, that’s okay too – I will send a full refund of the class fee and you’ll still get the extra pass for a friend to join you.

Throughout this four week course, we’ll be exploring the world, even if you’re not going anywhere. Each prompt covers a different aspect, from days when we’ll focus on photography to videos that cover crafting techniques to do something new with your existing supplies. We’ll be taking pictures, making journaling easy and stretching ideas so you’ll keep creating long after the final prompt appears in your inbox. If you’re worried about being too busy for the next four weeks, then the workbook is your answer! You can print it from day one and follow along in a quick format then come back to the full prompts when you have a bit more time to explore those ideas.

Ready to sign up? Click one of these!

Registrations are processed individually, within 24 hours of a completed payment (though usually faster). A welcome message will be sent to the email address on your payment — if your paypal address is not where you would like your prompts to be sent, please leave a note on your payment or email me. If you have not received a welcome email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please email me at shimelle at gmail dot com so the information can be resent.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the comments or by email. I’m so excited to teach this class and I very much hope you’ll join me for the fun!

Right – time to leave a comment if you’d like to enter for a free place for you and a friend and spend the next four weeks taking part in a brand new scrapbooking class from the comfort of our own home!


Explore :: A new online scrapbooking class

online scrapbooking class :: explore
online scrapbooking class :: explore
More and more I’m learning that travel is all about perspective for me. I love to go somewhere new because I love to be surrounded by something that will inspire me in a new way. But when I return home, that feeling of awe and awareness continues as I try to look at my own surroundings as an explorer. Whether you love to travel or prefer to stay close to home, I would love to share that process with you. And that’s the basis behind a brand new online scrapbooking class starting here soon. It’s called Explore.

Explore starts Monday, 18th July 2011 and runs for four weeks with prompts Monday through Friday. These prompts take you through an adventure from your perspective. Everything is written in a way that you can participate from home – this is not a travel album. Instead there are prompts on using your camera, your pen and your crafting supplies to look at your surroundings and your memories in a new way. There’s a new adventure in every prompt.

Many of you have said your favourite classes here at are those that result in a completed book that you make day by day, so a mini album with daily entries is one way you can participate in this class. The day by day entries can be small and not take too much time, so I think this will be a popular option! But there are additional ideas included if this isn’t right for you. You can follow along by filling in a printable workbook or by writing blog posts or by writing in a journal or by creating fewer pages in a larger format so you can add them to your 12×12 albums. There are even ways you could explore the class prompts through other kinds of creativity if you prefer to paint, stitch or otherwise make beautiful things. Everybody is welcome.

Explore includes…
…twenty full-colour PDF prompts, which can be read on your screen or printed onto paper.
…four tutorial videos to expand on the printed materials.
…a printable workbook to follow along by filling in the blanks.
…a bonus printable minibook to continue your exploration after the class has finished.
…a private message board for participants to chat and share their work.
…full, permanent access to all the class materials so you can participate on your schedule, even if that means this live run doesn’t suit your calendar.

Some special guests will stop by during the class to share their perspective with inspiring stories and projects. A few surprise opportunities will present themselves throughout the course. And if you join us on the message board, you will find so much support from others working right alongside you. By the end of the class, you’ll not only have the experience of this specific project, but also photography, journaling and crafting ideas you can take forward into your own future projects.

You can sign up any time and in your choice of currency: 10 UK pounds or 16 US dollars. If neither of those is your native currency, you can check exchange rates here then click whichever currency you prefer. You can pay by credit/debit card or from your Paypal account – click the currency button of your choice then follow the prompts on the next screen for your payment method.

Ready to sign up? Click one of these!

Registrations are processed individually, within 24 hours of a completed payment. A welcome message will be sent to the email address on your payment — if your paypal address is not where you would like your prompts to be sent, please leave a note on your payment or email me. If you have not received a welcome email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please email me at shimelle at gmail dot com so the information can be resent.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the comments or by email. I’m so excited to teach this class and I very much hope you’ll join me for the fun!


Scrapbooking Day Special Offer on Online Scrapbooking Classes

scrapbooking day special offer on online scrapbooking classes
scrapbook pages
Something a little special, just for today.

Sign up for any online class at today, and you can invite a friend for free. That’s Buy-One-Get-One-Free on online classes!

To take part in this offer, sign up for any class as usual. Click the buttons in the sidebar there —-> to find a class! During the checkout process, there’s a ‘message to seller’ box, and you can leave the email address of your friend there. If you miss this step, you can also email me (shimelle at gmail dot com) with your friend’s email address.

All classes include permanent access to all the materials, and classes that run annually (like Journal your Christmas and Learn Something New) include participation every year at no extra cost – so you could do some early Christmas shopping or treat a friend to a back-to-school class and get the ‘live’ experience at the Buy One Get One price.

This offer is valid today only and orders will be processed within 24 hours. There is no limit on how many times you can use the offer today, so you can sign up for as many classes as you would like, but you’re getting two places on each class – not one place on two different classes. You can pay by credit/debit card or from your Paypal account. Please make sure your Paypal account has a valid email address or I can’t get in touch with you!

Of course, you could also plot this out with a friend and pay half the price each… so feel free to ask around, but don’t wait as it’s a special for Scrapbooking Day only!

…and for those of you who celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow, you could always choose a class to do together!

Happy Scrapbooking Day!


Online Scrapbooking Class :: Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers

online scrapbooking class :: beyond blogging for scrapbookers
online scrapbooking class :: beyond blogging for scrapbookers
I started blogging a bit after I started scrapbooking, and for quite a while the two things lived quite separate lives. Blogs very rarely had pictures back then, and perhaps that was why the leap to the visual took a while for me to grasp. Of course, my scrapbooking style has certainly evolved and likewise, the blogging changed too. Eventually I left that exceedingly random and picture-free blog behind and started things with a bit more thought here at… and now a thousand posts later I still find I have ideas I want to convert from head to notebook to blog to scrapbook (sometimes missing out any of those steps) and I think I’m far more in love with blogging now ever. Part of that is from Blogging for Scrapbookers, a project that originally started in late 2009, but revisited over the past month. Scrapbookers getting together to blog about what they love. I love it when things come together like that – it’s simply electric. And so, it’s time to push all that to the next level of inspiration. With a new class: Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers. It starts Monday.

online scrapbooking class :: beyond blogging for scrapbookers
Over three weeks, we’ll cover:

Getting to know your readers: who is reading and who do you want to be reading? We’ll make stats and analytics easy to use and understand, we’ll work with concrete ways to start conversations on your blog that get your readers talking in the comments and we’ll define exactly what’s best for how you want to blog, whatever that angle may be. Using videos, series posts and other ideas, we’ll make sure blogging is fun for you and your readers.

Simple ways to serious storytelling: how to eliminate boring blogposts forever. You are worth more than that! Taking your blog posts to the next level makes a direct impact on your scrapbooking, as it becomes second-nature to tell stories in meaningful ways. We’ll even cover a list of things never to write so you’ll have a warning system in place to prevent blog post boredom! Photos also come into play in your storytelling, both on your blog and your scrapbook pages. We’ll look at ways to take engaging photos (no matter what your camera) and how to best display them on your blog so they grab everyone’s attention and develop your style.

The blogosphere: blogging is very much a community and the more you contribute to that, the more the community gives back to you in comments, links, praise and support. In recent years, this has developed its own little world that includes social networking and sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, just to start. Some bloggers can get great benefit from these tools – but they are no means a requirement of having a great blog. We’ll work together to find the right balance for you and make sure you’re sharing just what you want to share with the audience you want. If you want more readers for your blog, this will include how to find them while always staying within the happy lines of internet etiquette!

Of course, blogging takes time and sometimes blog posts come easier than others. We’ll look at forward planning, brainstorming and how and when to take a break from your blog – without losing your readership! If you’re interested in making a bit of spare cash from your blog, we’ll cover that too – just at an introductory level so you can be aware of your options and choose what’s best for you. (If you really want to focus on earning from your blog, you can also join us in May for a special online business workshop.)

And we’ll always keep the focus on scrapbooking, so you’ll get scrapbook pages as inspiration in the daily prompts, we’ll cover many topics that will apply both to the way you blog and the way you scrapbook and we will continue to make the two work together, just like we started in Blogging for Scrapbookers.

online scrapbooking class :: beyond blogging for scrapbookers
A note about that actually: do you have to take Blogging for Scrapbookers in order to join us for Beyond Blogging? I’m not going to enforce this as a strict prerequisite. If you want to jump in now, go for it! However, we aren’t going to go back to the basics that are covered in the first Blogging for Scrapbookers class. If you’re new to blogging or you find the technical side of changing your template or formatting a post difficult, then I would highly suggest you sign up for Blogging for Scrapbookers as well, so you can download the Blogging Blueprints workbook as a manual and have a look at the prompts so you know where we’re coming from. You can sign up for Blogging for Scrapbookers at any time and have full, permanent access to the class materials and the message board. A quick review of the first class will also help you embrace the ‘assignment’ format for the classes. At the end of each prompt, there are suggestions of how to put that day’s topic into action. But we are all busy people with varied amounts of time to apply to different things! So each prompt has three options for how to apply what you’ve just read and watched. The first is a quick option for just five to ten minutes! The second option has a bit more detail for someone who wants to spend thirty minutes to an hour on a fun project, and the third option requires more time but is meant for a longer-term project, like planning future posts and developing your style over time. There is absolutely no pressure to keep up with any sort of daily assignment on a deadline and the schedule is entirely up to you – just know there are options for improving your blog just five or ten minutes at a time when you can’t devote hours!

In Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, I’m excited to share two new elements with you: a series of videos that cover additional material and profiles of fifteen different scrapbooking bloggers, who share their perspective on blogging and how it works hand in hand with their scrapbooking. There are also more options for customising your blog design covered in this workshop, in case you fancy giving things a bit of a visual shake up! But mostly, I hope you’ll join me to create some amazing blog posts over the next three weeks.

Class includes:
…15 full-colour PDF prompts delivered to your inbox, Monday to Friday
…Series of videos with further instruction
…A special series of profiles of a variety of scrapbooking bloggers, discussing why they blog, their creative process and other insights.
…Blog graphics in a choice of themes that you can customise to create your own blog design
…Private message board for class members
…Permanent access to all class materials

Class starts Monday, the 18th of April, but you can join at any time and have full access to all the materials. If you would like your class materials sent to a different email address than that of your paypal account, please be sure to leave that information in the notes to seller box or email me to let me know. Class registrations can take up to 24 hours to process. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’m happy to help you decide if this is the course for you!

Hope to see you in class on Monday morning!


Blogging for Scrapbookers :: 10 Reasons to join us!

online scrapbooking class :: blogging for scrapbookers
online scrapbooking class :: blogging for scrapbookers
This Monday, the 21st, marks the first day of a new run of Blogging for Scrapbookers, an online class all about how blogs and scrapbooks are not all that different. It’s not to late to join us! If you’re thinking about it, here are ten reasons to jump on board!

Write with meaning.
There are blog posts that say a little and there are blog posts that say a lot. You know the posts you have read that made you really sit back and rethink something or even physically nod in agreement? The sort of reading material that captures your emotions? We’ll break down just how easy it can be to move your blog from a list of things that have happened to something that captures your true feelings and captivates your readers.

Keep in touch.
Have friends and family far away and wish you could keep them up to date with what’s been going on, but find it hard to find the time to write or phone everybody? Use your blog to write everything once, and in class we’ll discuss how to get your family involved so they communicate with you too, even if blogging isn’t for them.

Scrapbook with your blog.
Blogs are words and photos. Scrapbooks are words and photos. So really, they have the very same starting point, which means you can use your blog to gather your thoughts and words together and craft this part of your scrapbook page, even when you can’t get to your scrapbooking supplies. When you do have time to get crafty, you’ll have a bank of posts ready to help you. And if you’ve never approached a layout with the words written first, you’re in for something that can totally change the way you feel about the most important memories in your albums.

Make new friends.
Our class is filled with people who love the exact same thing you do: scrapbooking! And they all blog too. On our private message board, you can chat and get to know your fellow classmates and follow their blogs. Leave a comment for them and they might leave a comment for you and suddenly, new friends! There are several bloggers who met in our original class run in 2009 who are now the closest of friends. Love it!

Pretty up your corner of the internet.
Sold on the idea of having a blog but want to make it look great too? We’ll cover all the technical stuff (in an easy-to-follow way) for giving your blog a make-over, customising the look and making sure everything is exactly your style.

Remember little moments you might forget.
Scrapbooking is all about preserving our memories, right? We’ll talk specifically about ways you can use your blog to get the littlest of things you want to remember committed to words as soon as possible so you don’t lose the details between the time something happens and you get around to scrapbooking it. Whether you share your blog with the world, with a group of trusted friends or just keep it to yourself, this is something that makes blogging a fab journal to day to day life.

Something for everyone.
Whether you’re just thinking of starting a blog or you’ve been blogging for a long while, if you love scrapbooking there is something for you in this class. In our first run, some of the most amazing blog posts came from participants who hadn’t written a composition since school and some experienced bloggers pushed their blogs to the next level and even started their own blog-based businesses.

Discuss everything with like-minded bloggers.
When you read a book, it’s been edited by someone other than just the author. But blogging eliminates that step and lets us publish anything we want, whenever we want and from wherever we want. But sometimes a little direction and editing is just what we need to make things have that lovely polish. No scary editors here, but a members-only message board where you can discuss your goals or get opinions on a post from others in exactly the same boat.

Participate in multi-blog events.
One way to bring new readers to your blog is to participate in blog parties or events that jump from blog to blog. Throughout the class you’ll have the opportunity to participate in events like this and even step up and host one of your own. Jump in and have some fun when you see a topic that inspires you!

Continue your learning.
In addition to fifteen detailed prompts (delivered to your inbox, Monday to Friday for three weeks) you can also download two workbooks to continue your Blogging for Scrapbookers experience: Blogging Blueprints is a step-by-step technical guide for making things work on your chosen blogging platform and A Year of Blogging includes a blog post idea for every single day of the year, all written specifically for scrapbookers! Follow along daily or just refer to the workbook when you need some ideas to get your blogging thoughts going again.

And reason number eleven? All that is just £9 or $15! Click to sign up and join us now!


Online scrapbooking classes :: Blogging for Scrapbookers 1 & 2

online scrapbooking classes :: blogging for scrapbookers
online scrapbooking class :: blogging for scrapbookers
In the autumn of 2009, I taught a funny little class here at That class was Blogging for Scrapbookers. I call it funny because when I was working on that class, the first few people to discuss it with me responded along the lines of That sounds cool, but do you think it will be very popular? Guessing that scrapbookers just wouldn’t really be thinking all that much about blogging. I call it funny because actually it is one of my most popular classes ever. Apparently plenty of scrapbookers were thinking about blogging!

Of course, times change and technology moves quickly! So much has progressed since that original class – different blogging options have become popular, existing blog platforms have upgraded or changed their interface, social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook changed how we interact online. And things have been changing in the scrapbooking world too: we have fewer print publications, more online opportunities and crafters around the globe are still discovering this hobby for the first time. What does all that mean? It means it’s time for something new.

This spring, I’ll be teaching a sequel class to Blogging for Scrapbookers called… well, Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers. Because we’re going to start right where the original class finished and move beyond that into a whole new realm wherein blogging and scrapbooking are the best of friends at every level.

So yes, there’s a new class. But it also seems like it would be ideal to have a refresher of the original class, either as a brush up or as a prep course if you didn’t take it the first time. If you haven’t taken Blogging for Scrapbookers, sign up now and participate in the class from the 21st of March to 10th of April. If you have taken Blogging for Scrapbookers, you can join in again at no extra cost (and you should have an email in your inbox that has instructions on opting out if you prefer).

Blogging for Scrapbookers includes 15 PDF prompts and 2 workbooks: one that covers all the technical stuff for getting your blog up and running and customising the design and another with a full year of blogging topics specially designed for scrapbookers. You can read more about Blogging for Scrapbookers here.

Click here to sign up for the first class, Blogging for Scrapbookers:

Then there’s a one week gap to gather your thoughts, tie up loose ends and get excited for the new class, Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers. That class starts on the 18th of April and runs until the 8th of May.

Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers is a completely new three week journey through the blogworld, with each prompt designed to help you get the most meaning out of what you post, how you post it and how you share those posts with others. We’ll look at what makes some of the most successful blogs so amazing and how you can set and achieve goals that are just right for you, whether that is to write more meaningful content, get more readers for your blog or increase the conversation that goes on in the comments of your blog posts. Since this class doesn’t start until the 18th of April, I’ll expand more on the specifics as we get closer to that day, but if this sounds like it’s right for you, you can go ahead and sign up and just wait for class to start!

And actually, there’s one more thing that some of you may want to add beyond that. From the 16th of May to the 16th of June, I’ll be leading a very special month-long extension of these classes that is just for crafty entrepreneurs. This isn’t about scrapbooking, but rather about how you can use a blog, social networking, online classes and more to develop your crafty business. It’s perfect for etsy shop owners, bricks and mortar store owners, crop organisers — anyone who wants to focus on bringing in more customers and increasing the participation of their existing customers in the world of crafty small business. Numbers will be limited for this group to keep it small, helpful and friendly. If you’re interested in this option, email me (shimelle at gmail dot com) and I’ll send you all the details!

I know this was a class that made lots of friendships — can’t wait to see some of those familiar faces along with new bloggers too! If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help!


Please note: Class registrations may take up to 24 hours to process, though they are usually processed much faster! If you do not receive a welcome email within 24 hours, please email me and I’ll be happy to help! If your paypal account does not match the email address you would like to use for prompts, you can leave a note with your preferred email – that’s no problem! Otherwise, your prompts will be sent to the email address indicated on your paypal account.

An Online Scrapbooking Class for the Holidays :: Journal your Christmas

Journal your Christmas online scrapbooking class
Journal your Christmas online scrapbooking class

Today, the first of November, is the first day of the year that I allow myself to jump into the Christmas season. And that’s because it’s the day every year when I get out all my Christmas journals and finish my masterplan for this year’s book. A book that starts one month from today, on the first of December. Not just any book: a Christmas journal.

Journal your Christmas was a little something I started many Christmases ago. The first year it was just something I did on my own as I used my notebook and pen to get through the end of a rough year, determined to take back my Christmas and enjoy the holiday magic once more. And you know what? It worked. It worked so well that others asked what I had done to make the holidays so happy and I told them. They asked to be part of it. The next Christmas, a small group of us completed the very first Journal your Christmas online class. Every year since, Journal your Christmas has grown and I’ve loved meeting so many new friends and learning about Christmas traditions around the world as a result.

This year, consider yourself invited to join the fun.

Journal your Christmas online scrapbooking class

Every year, Journal your Christmas includes daily prompts from the 1st of December to the 6th of January, the twelfth day of Christmas. The 37 illustrated PDF files are delivered straight to your inbox so you can read them over your first cup of coffee and mull over each topic for a full day. There’s also an archive of the class materials online in case you can’t get to your email or in case something dreadful happens to your computer. And like every year, you can go it alone or be as social as you like, with a private discussion forum where you’ll find other Christmas journallers who will cheer you on and share your excitement, but if you prefer to stick to the prompts only, that’s completely fine too. And like every year, if you’re participated once, you can join us every Christmas for as long as you like at no extra cost.

In addition to ideas for writing topics and styles and notes on photos not to miss, the 37 prompts include more than 300 scrapbook pages to inspire your crafting creativity.

Every year, I change it up a little to make sure there is something new for those of you who keep coming back. This year, those goodies include:
…By request, the return of the photography focus. 37 talented photographers share their tips and examples for taking your best photos throughout the holiday season.
…A brand new digital kit, including 50 papers, 5 full alphabets, 20 square and 20 rectangular page templates, 20 square and 20 rectangular quick pages and more than 100 embellishments. We’re talking crazy amounts of stuff to download from the forum. If you’re a paper scrapbooker, much of this kit is suitable for printing out and adding to your book.
…A selection of step-by-step crafting tutorials for Christmas projects and journal embellishments.
…An online chat party to get things started at the beginning of December.

For those who are joining us again, the class outline remains the same but the prompts are refreshed with new examples and additional content, including tips for how to revisit a prompt you have written about in a previous year.

Like all online scrapbooking classes at, Journal your Christmas includes
…permanent access to all class materials
…private forum for discussion and sharing your work
…prompts delivered straight to your inbox
…ongoing membership — pay just once and participate as many years as you would like at no additional cost.

Because membership is permanent, that means if you sign up this year, you also get access to everything from years past, which includes last year’s digital kits, printable accents and workbook, along with last year’s prompts. All of those things are ready and waiting for you on the forum when you sign up, so if you want to get started before the first of December, all you have to do is click to download and you’ll have everything at your fingertips!

Journal your Christmas online scrapbooking class

Journal your Christmas is suitable for daily creativity if you like or it can be followed on your own schedule. Originally, the idea was to create as many journal entries as you liked in the first year, then come back the next Christmas and add a few more, and on and on for as long as you wished. Many have opted for daily entries as a way of keeping track during a busy season and maintaining just enough time for reflection and creativity even when there’s plenty to do. Everyone is equally welcome, whether you plan to make one page or thirty-seven. Or somewhere in between!

You don’t need any special supplies to participate in Journal your Christmas. You’ll be encouraged to use what you have and love – there is no set style you ‘must’ follow, and in fact you’ll see a wide variety of styles represented in each day’s prompts. There are guidelines included to help you gather what you will need so you can have your supplies together throughout the project, even if you need to pack up your crafting gear to make way for holiday guests or Christmas decorations. But you certainly don’t need to use a certain album, papers or anything else. New or old or a mix – whatever supplies you would like to use, they are perfect.

You can pay by credit/debit card or Paypal account. If you would like your prompts to come to a different email address than the one on your Paypal account, please be sure to leave a note in the message to seller section with the email address you would like to use. Orders can take up to 24 hours to process, though we are usually quicker. If you haven’t received your class registration after 24 hours, just email me and we’ll make sure your registration is completed and ready for you to get started!

If you participated last year, you don’t need to do anything to join us again. In about a week you will receive an email with some updated info and reminders for you.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share a few more sneaky looks at what you can expect this year, so keep your eyes open throughout November. You can also see some examples from past participants here. I really did pull out all my supplies and complete my masterplan today, and that means tomorrow I have a special post with notes on the supplies I am using for my album this year. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I’ll get right back to you with an answer! I can’t wait to get into the holiday spirit with new faces and alumni in this year’s class!