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Use What You Buy: Let's Scrapbook with those Stamp Sets!

Use Your Stamp Sets online scrapbooking class from

Many of you scrapbook along with me through the Best of Both Worlds project: it’s a shopping list each month to create a scrapbooking kit, either by shopping for new stash or choosing similar items from your own stash to use what you have. Then I scrapbook live on YouTube on Monday and Friday so you know you’ll always have ideas for what to make with those supplies.

The whole concept behind Best of Both Worlds is something near and dear to my crafty heart: my hope that we will all use what we buy. Years and years ago I wrote down my story of the special paper about the time I spent far too much on a paper I deemed far too special to use, continued to save, and eventually realised I didn’t like it at all. Not one bit. But when I use what I buy while I still love it, it goes into my album where I can look at it for years instead of just sitting in my stash and eventually making me feel like I made poor shopping choices. Sigh. It’s way more fun for me when I make sure to use what I buy!

Part of each Best of Both Worlds shopping list is what I call stash building items: ink pads, stamp sets, and stencils are all items I hope you will continue to use after all the paper and stickers from that month have gone from stash to finished pages. Plus I don’t know about you, but it’s not a rare occasion that I fill up my shopping cart and then add another stamp set or stencil or ink pad somehow. I always have the best of intentions but it’s easier than I care to admit to add those items to the drawer and forget to come back and use them as much as I hoped!

ENTER A NEW CLASS SERIES. Choosing one category of stash item at a time, four videos with four specific and versatile techniques you can use to put those purchases to work. To use what you buy! We’re starting with stamp sets, and the four stamp sets featured are all from previous Best of Both Worlds shopping lists, so you might already have all four sets in your stash already. But no worries if you don’t: each of the ideas is easy to use with other themes, motifs, or colours. Plus they are designed to be ideas you can use over and over again and each page will look unique when you try it with another set of stamps or another colour scheme.

Each of the videos is about 22 minutes, so you don’t need to watch for hours and hours to get started. Everything is focused instruction (as opposed to the livestream situation and our discussions of random rubbish!) and you can watch either by streaming or downloading and saving the videos. You can share what you make right there on the same forum where you watch the videos. And all four videos are right there ready and waiting for you now: it’s not the same format as a longer class where the messages are delivered by emails throughout a longer time frame. Like all my classes, your access to the materials is permanent so you can work on it this weekend and you can come back to it in a few years if you get stuck and realise it might be helpful again!

During August 2022, the stamp set edition is just $5 US dollars. Once we hit September, this will go up to $10, so if you want to sign up at the best price, that’s right now!

If US dollars isn’t the right currency for you, you can still click to sign up and the payment will be automatically converted to your currency. You can check XE for up to date exchange rates around the world.
If you’re a current pass holder, this class is already available for you – just sign into the forum and watch whenever you would like!

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST CLASS, PLEASE BE AWARE: class registrations are not automatic! I add everyone to class myself. It can take up to 48 hours but I try to be much faster than that. If you don’t receive an email within that time, please get in touch. You can also use that same email to let me know if your PayPal email address is not where you would like to receive your class info.

If you signed up as an early bird, THANK YOU! You can already access the class now when you sign in at the class forum. Scroll down and it’s under the ‘Use What You Buy’ heading. If you’re signed in and still don’t see it, again send me an email and I’ll help you out!

Thanks so much and happy stamping and scrapping! Let’s use those stamp sets we’ve purchased so we don’t have any stamps left that haven’t been inky!

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19 August 2022

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