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Counting Down to CHA 2017: A bit of Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Leigh Ann Odynski

With True Stories in the spring, collection three arrived for the holiday season and brought a bit of nostalgia along for the fun. Christmas Magic was actually named after my childhood puppy! This is the most limited colour palette I’ve worked with in the paper collections: predominantly evergreen, brick red, and cream, but actually you’ll find some shades of blue and turquoise in there too. Plus silver and gold! I think my favourite part of this collection was two vellums – one with stars and one with snowflakes, each with a bit of special shimmer. But I also love the stories told in the ephemera and sticker motifs: the Christmas records my family would pull out year after year, the toys inspired by the look of Christmas TV specials, like Rudolph and Frosty. I also loved a product that was very different for me: a die set to cut paper chains to put on the Christmas tree. The challenge was to make a set that would have an interesting pattern even with plain cardstock (so you’d feel better about cutting plenty!) while also making them possible to assemble without any adhesive. Last Christmas, I made lots of these with crafters in pubs across London, and I got such a thrill from an email from someone who used the die with a Brownie troop to make seemingly endless paper chains to decorate their community centre.

Today contributing designer Leigh Ann Odynski has a beautiful page to share with you, featuring Christmas Magic.

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Leigh Ann Odynski

_My design for this Christmas scrapbook page was inspired by Heather and Laureen who shared their pages here at the last online crop weekend.

I love how the quilted look works with the Christmas Magic Shimelle collection. To start off, I took the 6×6 Christmas Magic paper pad and picked out patterns in my layout colors. Turquoise, red, and black and white. Try for a variety of pattern styles. All over, tone on tone, text, and scenes are some of the patterns I chose. Punch four to eight squares of each pattern and then trim them all into triangles.

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Leigh Ann Odynski

To lay them out on the page, I started at the very top left corner, by placing a triangle even with the edges of that top corner and then flipping it over. You can line up all the triangles quite easily in this way. A T-Square ruler helped me keep the horizontal line of the diamonds lined up.

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Leigh Ann Odynski

After your triangles are all glued down with a tiny dab of glue, then you can stitch as shown, through all the triangles. I chose to keep the embellishing to a minimum so that the patterned papers and the quilted design are the focal point of the page. A 3×4 photo and snowflakes cut from the patterned papers, new Go Now Go enamel dots and some die cut pieces are all you need to finish out the page. You can add a few drops of Mr Huey’s “Dewey” color to coordinate with the colors in this line if you like!

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Leigh Ann Odynski

Notice how I kept the embellishments in three small areas around the page. They form a triangle, but are kept close to the diamond shapes of patterned paper.

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Leigh Ann Odynski

I love how Leigh Ann’s tiny triangle technique could be used to make gorgeous Christmas cards out of the smallest scraps. I’m trying to tell myself to let go of some Christmas scraps I’ve kept for years, but this idea is not helping that effort, I’m afraid!

Christmas Magic scrapbook page by Shimelle Laine

Much of what I made with Christmas Magic was part of my Journal your Christmas project in 2015, but there is one very Christmassy process video should you require that sort of inspiration! Again, please feel free to link up your own Christmas Magic projects in the comments! The more the merrier.

Not long until CHA now. I’ve even started putting things in a suitcase! Tomorrow, we go to infinity and beyond in terms of paper collections. See you then!

Counting Down to CHA 2017: And then came True Stories

scrapbook with an envelope // scrapbook page by Sarah King

With that first collection meant – if only in my mind – to be called Pretty Paper, the next one had to be True Stories. There was the idea that we could just start with Pretty Paper in collection two, but I already had ideas for what True Stories would be and I was just too stubborn far down the path to go back and change my mind. True Stories it would be. This is always what I find scrapbooking to be: pretty paper and true stories.

I will never forget our original pitch meeting for designing this collection. It was on a computery-conference-call thingy with me in London and the American Crafts team in Utah, and a seven hour time difference that may have been enough to make for plenty of ‘huh?’ opportunities. But I started with one clear vision: ‘I want coffee cups and rocket ships. And now I need to find a way to bring those things together.’

The thing that brought them together – along with a few other motifs, including the pastel plastic radio I carried onto the school bus every day in the fourth grade – was ‘everyday daydreams’. A sort of place where the mundane of everyday life collided with the fantastical. Coffee cups and rocket ships. Actually, for a while this collection had the alternative name Six Impossible Things, based on the Alice in Wonderland quote that sometimes I’ve believed six impossible things before breakfast, but it was deemed a bit too confusing so we scrapped that name but did keep some text from Alice, including that line, if you look at some of the less bold patterns.

Today please welcome guest Sarah King to share a new page with the True Stories collection!

scrapbook with an envelope // scrapbook page by Sarah King

I used the Shimelle, True Stories collection to create this layout about one of the major things I craved while I was pregnant. Strawberry Shortcake!! Yum! I used a Fancy Pants, Park Bench envelope to keep my moms recipe I used to make my yummy snack, I thought this would be a good way to keep the recipe for my kids when there old enough to cook too.

scrapbook with an envelope // scrapbook page by Sarah King

I love how the little envelope here hides something practical like the recipe, but given a different story, it could just as easily be used to hold journaling you really want in your album but don’t particularly want read by every casual visitor to your home who takes a look at your pages.

online scrapbooking class from shimelle laine

Each of these is clickable for additional layouts and videos from the archive here, with those projects I made and a mini class I taught with True Stories. The next collection? It was all inspired by a scrapbooking class. I’ll share that one tomorrow!

Today’s Guest Artist: Sarah King loves scrapbooking, her family, and coffee. You can find more from Sarah on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog.

Counting down to CHA 2017: Remember this collection?

scrapbooking with a mix of die-cuts and embellishments // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

With just a week until the doors open upon Creativation, the CHA trade show for 2017, it feels like a perfect time to think about using (or at least earmarking) all the supplies we’ve gathered over the years. Every day for the next week, I’ll share ideas for scrapbooking with my previous collections with American Crafts. Today we head all the way back to that original collection, which was just called ‘Shimelle’. Trivia: I had hoped it would be called Pretty Paper, but for marketing reasons, it was name only. In my head, this is still my Pretty Paper collection! First up, here’s a beautiful project from contributing designer Meghann Andrew, mixing that original collection with paper from Starshine.

When creating a layout, I typically try to match the style of the layout with the mood in my photo. When I came across a photo of my daughter asleep on the floor after playing with her toys, I wanted to create a playful layout, almost as though toys were scattered around my photo.

scrapbooking with a mix of die-cuts and embellishments // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

As soon as I saw the Phoenix paper from the Starshine collection, I knew that it would create the perfect background for this fun, colorful page. It also helped me to dictate the design of my layout, using a circular photo to match the colorful, circular lines on the paper, and arranging my embellishments in a circular frame around the photo.

scrapbooking with a mix of die-cuts and embellishments // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

I typically use several different patterned papers on my layouts, but I didn’t want to compete with the lovely background paper. So, I decided to die-cut part of my title from Starshine patterns. This added more color and different patterns to the page. Since I also kept the title on the radial axis, it became a starting point for my embellishment cloud around the photo.

scrapbooking with a mix of die-cuts and embellishments // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

Mixing and matching several of the Shimelle collections from American Crafts was easy, and gave me so many different options to add embellishment. I’d love for you to take a look at how this layout came together, and how I mixed and matched several collections. It certainly was a fun layout to create!

Hands up if you have any of this original collection sitting in your stash to this day! If you have pages in your gallery or on your own blog that you’ve created with this collection, please share in the comments – the more the merrier!

scrapbook page with the Shimelle collection by American Crafts

Each of these is clickable for additional layouts and videos from the archive here, with those projects I made in the early days of this collection with American Crafts. And what came after this collection that was called Pretty Paper but was not called Pretty Paper? That would be something we’ll review tomorrow!

Little by Little: My New Collection with American Crafts

Little By Little scrapbooking collection by Shimelle for American Crafts

It’s nearly time for CHA, so that means plenty of new papers and embellishments! Today I’m delighted to share my newest collection with American Crafts: Little by Little!

Little By Little scrapbooking collection by Shimelle for American Crafts

My box of Little by Little literally arrived this afternoon, so I’ve just filmed a video of these products! I hope you enjoy the commentary.

Little By Little scrapbooking collection by Shimelle for American Crafts

There are plenty of papers and a lovely little collection of embellishments, including a sticker book with cardstock, clear, and washi stickers all in the same book. It includes two small alphabets as well, to make sure you have plenty to use with that big colourful set of Thickers.

Little By Little scrapbooking collection by Shimelle for American Crafts

As always, I design my collections to be equally useful for boys and girls, young and old, so you’ll find plenty of whimsy here but also the types of patterns that can just be used again and again, with geometrics and black and white patterns thrown in there too. And if you like special papers for special things, there’s a gold foil metallic printed on navy blue cardstock. I’m ridiculously excited about how pretty it is. I wish it was a dress so I could wear it, but I guess that’s going a bit far with a 12×12 sheet of paper.

Little By Little scrapbooking collection by Shimelle for American Crafts

The sticker book includes a page of stickers that let you build your own wreath, perfect for framing your journaling or the sentiment on a card.

Little By Little scrapbooking collection by Shimelle for American Crafts

I can’t wait to see what you make with Little by Little! When you share something, please tag it with #AClittlebylittle and #shimelle so we can all see your fabulous creativity! Little by Little is shipping to stores now, so you’ll see it at your favourite shops very soon.

Stop by the American Crafts Blog for a chance to win a Little by Little prize pack too!

Online Scrapbooking Classes - Sign up any time!

Welcome to the complete list of online classes available at! Please note that class registrations are processed by an actual person (me!) and you should immediately receive a payment receipt email upon making a purchase. This will be followed by your class registration email within 24 hours. If it’s your first class purchase, you’ll also receive your login details to access your classes. If you have any questions or don’t seem to have received your welcome email, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Annual Classes:
These classes run every year and once you join, you are welcome to join in as many years as you would like with no additional fees. Class materials are available year-round and emails are sent when the class is active each year.

Journal your Christmas runs from the 1st of December to the 6th of January every year. It’s something that started small. One year it was just me and my pen and my book, trying to take back Christmas and rediscover my love of the holiday after a few years when Christmas lacked a certain sparkle. The second Christmas, I shared the idea with a small group of crafty friends, just to see if this reclaiming idea was something that made sense outside of my head. It did. And from there, Journal your Christmas became an online class that I shared with the rest of the world. And by ‘rest of the world’, I mean we now have Christmas journallers from more than fifty countries. Click here for further details on keeping a Christmas journal.

Learn Something New Every Day runs from the 1st to the 30th of September every year. September is a special kind of second new year: the time of year when we head back to school, set new goals, live up to our shiny new intentions and embrace the idea of doing a little something to make ourselves a little better somehow. Around here, we do that with an online class called Learn Something New Every Day. This online class encourages you to observe the world around you and learn from your daily experiences and surroundings. We work with a small format album to make thirty daily entries, and we adopt a few short cuts and techniques to make those daily entries possible in even the busiest of weeks. Click here for more information about this one-sentence-per-day journaling class.

Archived Classes:
These classes were originally taught in a live format but can be taken in a self-paced format at any time. There is no time limit on accessing the class materials, and they can be found on a private forum once you sign up and log into the class site. The only difference to an archived and live class is that you will log in to access the class materials rather than receiving them by an email to your inbox each day.

Design Decisions includes 15 extended-length process videos and accompanying PDF guides with sketches to take you through choices you can make while creating a page: design decisions. We look at why certain choices work best in certain situations and how you can develop your own personal style through the decisions you make. Click here to read more about this series of scrapbooking design video tutorials.

The 20 Project was a scrapbooking challenge I set myself: could I create twenty pages, spurred on my twenty challenges I’d stuck in a jar, and could I finish each one in twenty minutes? The twenty process videos (around twenty minutes each) make up this class and allow you to follow along with my own challenges or to create your own list of twenty things you want to try. And of course, this class is just twenty dollars. Click here for further information about this series of scrapbooking challenges.

The Scrapbook Process includes 22 process videos as I work on three specific themed scrapbooks, and I break down the choices in style and storytelling as I scrap in that format. As a result, it goes hand in hand with Cover to Cover (below), but has a definite focus on making individual pages rather than the philosophy angle of the album course. This course can be useful if you’re working on pages for any album, but can give you ideas for organising pages to tell themed stories too. Click here for more information on this scrapbooking video series.

Ready Set Scrapbook is an online video workshop designed to help you stop staring at the paper and start your scrapping engine. In three videos, it covers three quick composition strategies that help me work quickly while making use of the supplies I love (rather than saving them for a rainy day) and still making sure my photos and writing are at the heart of my designs, even though I love my embellishment. I hope you will find it useful in creating pages that are filled with love and made with whatever time you have to scrapbook right now. The examples feature my True Stories collection from American Crafts but the principles can be used with any supplies you like. This class is a much shorter format than most of my workshops and can be a good kickstart if you’ve taken a break from scrapping or just feel you’re looking at a blank page for far too long. Click here for further details about this quick guide to scrapbook page composition.

Inspired By… came from working with some of my favourite scrapbookers to break down how we translate different sources of inspiration into unique scrapbook pages, and we share that process with you through ten videos and an accompanying PDF for reference. Across the ten videos, we take inspiration from the photos we will scrapbook, a patterned paper collection, geometric graphics, party decor, mixed media art, watercolours, commercial illustration, interior design, text art, and an existing scrapbook page. Then we walk through our individual scrapping process from taking that inspiration and turning it into something we love for our albums. It’s inspiration without sacrificing personal style, and we’d love for you to join in the fun. (Two of the ten videos are my own scrapping; the remaining eight are each from a different contributor.) Click here to read more about taking inspiration from other sources and turning it into scrapbook pages you love.

Glitter Girl’s Scrapbooking Survival Guide is taught by scrapbooking superhero alter ego, Glitter Girl, and was originally hosted by Two Peas in a bucket. This class includes 42 layouts, of which 10 are shown in process videos, and the printed content is broken into 5 PDF chapters. Glitter Girl addresses the questions that seem to come up time and time again for staying happy and creative with your scrapbooking. It also includes access to Glitter Girl’s Guide to Stash Stretching, originally an early bird bonus or a separate purchase from Two Peas. This is a separate video focusing on getting more from your papers and supplies. Click here for more details on my sparkly friend’s scrapbooking classes.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Scrapbooking was originally hosted at Two Peas in a Bucket, an online scrapbooking store that closed in 2014. This class is now accessible on my own site. If you want to scrapbook more efficiently (at home or away), use the paper and embellishments you buy (rather than just collecting them) or get a really intense dose of my scrapbooking style, then this is the workshop you’ll love. It’s a book + video format, broken into five chapters (all printable) and five accompanying videos. Each video reviews the concepts of that chapter plus shows you one layout from that chapter in a start-to-finish process. Don’t panic – just click here to read more about keeping your cool while scrapbooking, anywhere in the galaxy.

Cover to Cover is a philosophy class rather than a layout class, but many of the participants found themselves scrapping more than ever before! If you have pages in stacks or just randomly in an album but you wish you could hand a guest an album with confidence and have them understand and appreciate your work even if they don’t really know about scrapbooking, then this is the class for you. It’s all about putting the book back in scrapbooking. This course includes 25 pdfs, four exclusive video episodes and access to a few videos from other courses that are also relevant to the discussion. Click here for more details on some serious album system stuff!
Paperclipping’s Deep Dive Audio Course on Story-Centred Albums is an audio course that Noell made where the two of us talk albums for hours. It makes a good complement for Cover to Cover and can be found on the Paperclipping site here.

The Perfect Collection is all about taking one collection pack and using it until it’s all gone – and I walk you through my process for making a full album from a collection pack. This course is a single video just shy of forty minutes, plus there is a PDF with cutting guide diagrams and pictures of how those pieces of paper became the finished scrapbook pages. Click here for a bit more information on cutting up your collection packs.

Return to the Collection is a follow-up to Perfect Collection and works with a single collection pack but also far more embellishments. The videos of this course cover six layouts made from one paper collection with a focus on more detailed embellishments than the previous collection class. The idea is you would try these concepts with a collection of papers in your own stash rather than feeling tied to the set of papers shown in the examples. Click here for more information on this scrapbooking embellishment video course.

Scrapbook Remix shares the secrets to mixing patterned papers of all kinds and then creating a range of pages with this combinations. We’ll talk colour, pattern, scale, size, technique and more. The class includes both PDF and video prompts: a total of twenty full-colour PDFs and eight videos over four weeks. In each PDF prompt, we start with a different paper collection, then analyse it and remix it with other papers and embellishments to create four or more different looks. The video prompts include a mix theory discussion (showing exactly why some patterns do and do not work well together) and the step-by-step process for creating specific scrapbook pages. Click here for more details on mixing up all the patterned papers on your pages.

Pretty Paper Party is just what you want if you love paper and collect paper but want some new ideas for actually using all that paper to scrapbook and craft. You’ll get project ideas and tutorials from me and a team of special guests, including 25 pdfs and five exclusive videos. Click here for more about all that paper goodness.

True Stories is one of the projects dearest to my heart. It’s all about writing – or journaling – for scrapbookers. All different ways to approach writing, get your message written down and enjoy the creativity of words. I’m joined by guest scrappers and special guest Relly Annett-Baker, who happens to be a writing professional by day and scrapbooker by night. I love this class, and the pages I created for these prompts are still some of my very favourites in terms of both storytelling and design. Click here for more about no-fear word-smithery.

Blogging for Scrapbookers actually has two parts – the original class and the more advanced sequel. We start with the basics of getting a blog set up and making it look how you like then we move on to why blogging can be so useful for scrapbookers and how you can use the two things together. The class content covers all sorts of topics for interesting blog posts for scrapbookers to write from their own perspective, and in the advanced class we look more at growing your readership and even making some money, if that’s the sort of thing you would like to do. The class content can be used with any blog system, so you can blog on your own set-up or Blogger, Typepad, Squarespace, Wordpress or anything else. Ali Edwards featured this class on her blog – thanks Ali! Click here to read more about the original Blogging for Scrapbookers course
and here for details on the follow up class for those who already have a blog up and running.

Love your Pictures, Love your Pages is my answer to scrappers who say they are most inspired to scrapbook their best photos, but are not interested in photo courses that are intimidating, technical, or expensive. I love to scrap those winning shots but I always prefer to enjoy the experience more than think about technical stuff, so I’ve had to adopt some strategies to find a happy medium for me, and that’s what we explore in this class: how to get photos that are so much fun to scrapbook and then lots of ideas for how to scrapbook with those pictures. This is a summer favourite since it’s so much easier to get out and scrapbook when the light is there, the weather is warmer and the days are long. Click here to read more about this the camera + paper experience.

Something from Almost Nothing is all about getting more from the stash we have already acquired, no matter what your personal product of choice may be. We work through a range of products you already have on hand and put them to use in new ways. We’ll step away from just gluing or stitching on a button and build something new. Plus it’s not just buttons we’ll be moving from stash to completed pages; we’ll also put stickers, ribbons, transparencies, papers, page protectors, chipboard and other supplies to work too. You won’t need to have specific supplies to follow along: we’ll focus on what you do have and offer plenty of alternatives along the way. Click here for further details on seeing your scrapbooking stash in a whole new light.

Christmas in a Box and Christmas stamps for 2016

Christmas in a Box scrapbooking supply kit

It’s nearly time to start keeping a Christmas journal for many of us, and the annual Christmas in a Box is boxed up and ready to help you with all your December projects! After keeping a similar format for the last several years, this year’s kit is just slightly different. I’ve heard from so many of you that your box of Christmas embellishments is positively overflowing, but of course we all love a bit of new Christmas fun to make our albums an inspiring project. I’ve combined that feedback with my love of patterned paper and created a kit that will complement a running theme of Journal your Christmas this year: making the best with our old and new. Christmas in a Box (or just the stamps!) can be your ‘new’ element to mix with your existing stash of supplies as the ‘old’. It also means this year’s kit is less expensive!

Christmas in a Box includes:
18 12×12 patterned papers (all double-sided, 2016 releases)
1 12×12 metallic vellum paper
1 set of red and white Christmas striped Thickers letter stickers
1 pack of puffy heart stickers
1 pack of textured snowflake stickers
2 sets of 4×6 limited edition clear stamps: Christmas words and Christmas numbers
and a few tiny little things (just a small sampling of buttons, wood veneer, and thread) that coordinate specifically with one of the JYC videos)
PLUS a handmade gift from me made just for each of you, which is a little surprise.
Christmas in a Box (including stamps) is £32 including UK postage. Postage to other countries is available, but costs a little more.

The stamps are also available as a pair on their own, which may be helpful if you want to order from overseas but would prefer a lighter shipping bill. Stamps on their own are £18 GBP (or about $23 USD) including shipping to anywhere in the world.

Christmas in a Box scrapbooking supply kit

To order Christmas in a Box as a full kit:

If your Christmas in a Box kit should be shipped outside the UK, you will receive a second invoice for shipping and have the chance to change your mind if the shipping is prohibitive.
If you would like to order the same items from a US-based shop, you can find the papers and stickers on this shopping list. Most everything on the list is also available at Blue Moon Scrapbooking, also based in the US.

To order just the stamps:

Stamps can be shipped anywhere in the world at no extra charge.

Using diagonal lines in scrapbook page design

Using diagonal lines in scrapbook page design // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

With our big red challenge in full swing, it seems apt to have a bit of a London-scrapping week! I’m delighted to share this page and process video from contributing designer Meghann Andrew, who just might make you fall in love with those bold and graphic patterned papers in your scrapbooking stash.

Movement is a powerful tool in visual design. It directs your eye through a piece, and points you to the takeaway, or what is most important. By tapping into this technique, you can create visually stunning designs on your layouts, that still get your stories told!

When I sat down to create this layout about a long ago day trip to London, in which I introduced my parents to the amazing city, I was immediately drawn to the bold diagonal lines in the Ranger patterned paper from the Starshine collection. By placing my column of 3” x 3” photos in its center, I created a heavy diagonal line that led directly to my photos.

Using diagonal lines in scrapbook page design // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

Diagonal lines create a dramatic visual effect, and to make my design even more bold, I decided to colorblock embellishments along the red and teal stripes leading to my photos. These elements, which include quite a few arrows, create even more movement along the page.

Using diagonal lines in scrapbook page design // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

To bridge the gap between all of these embellishments and my photos, I decided to use a large transparent arrow. Not only did it house my title, London, but it also pointed directly through my photo column to my journaling tag, the stopping place when looking at this layout.

Using diagonal lines in scrapbook page design // scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew

To lead you through my design process while creating this layout, I’ve created a video! Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments about movement on your projects, and don’t be afraid to use bold lines and embellishment to create movement on your next layout.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Challenge :: Go Big with Red!

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by shimelle laine
Scrapbooking process video for this older layout can be found on YouTube if you fancy a watch.

Maybe it’s the inspiration of bonfire night just this past weekend or maybe it’s the arrival of little signs of the holidays, but the colour on my mind right now is red! Time to bring it to a scrapbook page, and this week, we challenge you to do just that. Go big with red on your next page to participate this week. You can do that through paper, embellishments, ink, paint, ribbon, or washi tape – whatever gets you excited to create something new. To get you started on this week’s challenge, take a look at these examples from contributing designer Heather Leopard and guest artist Jessica Brown.

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by Heather Leopard

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by Heather Leopard

For this week’s Go Big Red theme, I knew I wanted to document a recent trip to London and that I wanted to include two things that I’ve enjoyed seeing in abundance almost every time I’ve visited – the Union Jack and red Poppies. I had this cut file in my files so I supersized it and cut it out of some fun pattern papers in the same color scheme as the Union flag. Of course I stitched all of the different patterns together.

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by Heather Leopard

I kept the embellishments to one – fussy cut flowers to demonstrate the poppies. I layered most of them around my photo on the bottom right and a small cluster in the upper left. Then I added a journaling tag tucked behind my photo. I think this will make the perfect opening page for our London album.
- Heather

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by Jessica Brown

I found the big red challenge very challenging indeed, because I didn’t want to just go with all red and ignore all the other wonderful colours out there! I started with red and navy due with my London photos, then I added aqua and finally, to brighten it up a bit I chose yellow. For the London theme, while I considered doing something more abstract, I decided upon going with an obvious use of London motifs. I love London and I don’t often embrace theme scrapbooking. I know that a lot of scrappers make themes work beautifully, so I went with it!

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by Jessica Brown

The background paper is one that has a pre-printed design on it. These are difficult for me to use so I wanted to show one way that I use them – cover up the parts that you don’t want!

weekly challenge: go big with red // scrapbook page by Jessica Brown

Simple, but it makes you look at those papers hanging around in your stash in a different way.

- Jessica

You have a week to complete the challenge and share a link – but of course you’re welcome to set your own time schedule. Whatever keeps you happy and creative!

Today’s Guest Artist: Jessica Brown loves travel, history, and scrapbooking. You can find more from Jessica on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog.