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International Day of the Girl

international day of the girl
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The twenty-four hours (and a bit!) is now up and this offer has closed. Thank you all for your tremendous support! If you missed this chance but would still like to support The Girls’ Fund, you can donate directly through Plan here. And any time of year, one pound from each class registration goes to the fund as well.

A little over a year ago, I wrote a little something about scrapbooking with girl power – how a combination of teaching and travel and a few other things from my own meandering experience in life led me to support something called The Girls’ Fund from the international charity Plan. It was an amazing day of dialogue with scrapbookers – both new friends and old – about what we all had in common and things we take for granted and the celebration of just how much life has changed for women in this world. And much has changed since that day in May last year.
✂ Rona Ambrose, the Canadian minister for the Status of Women, sponsored a resolution to back Plan International making education and rights for girls a global priority. (Rona, if you are ever in London, you have an open invitation to a lifetime of cupcakes from me. True story.)
✂ The UN formally declared today (the 11th of October 2012) as International Day of the Girl.
This petition continues to gain voices to show world leaders they must make the rights and education of girls a priority. (Click that link to sign it – it will take you seconds.)
✂ Every person who has taken a class at since then has helped raise funds to go directly to this cause. Together we have supported hundreds of girls who could not attend school without help for supplies, tuition or transportation.

Today, I want to do more.

I could talk all day about why I believe in this cause. I am grateful to have lived in an age when girls and women can and do accomplish so much. As a girl who was in full-time education continuously from childhood to grad school, I know I would not be the same person given another set of circumstances. As a woman who runs her own business and has been able to see that through from a tiny idea to a part-time thing to a real job that encourages my crazy ideas while letting me pay my rent in my favourite city in the world, I thank my lucky stars. And I want more than anything for more and more girls in this world to have those choices to make on their own. I’m pretty sure as scrapbookers who read this blog, you’re pretty lucky girls too. (And I’ll wave to the approximately four male readers I have in the entire world. You’re cool, don’t worry.) I would love for you to support this cause today with any of three easy steps.

Just to clarify: all these options are still available! I will update this post when the offer ends, so as long as you’re still seeing all this, your purchase will go forward as outlined here. Thanks!
ETA: This offer has now closed and the response has been AMAZING. Thank you so much – I’m tallying up the total and will post that as soon as I’m sure my sums are correct! It’s a very exciting total!

Number one
I have a few things to share throughout the day, but here is your first chance to help: sign up for a class. Take your pick of Pretty Paper Party, The Perfect Collection (when purchased from only), Cover to Cover, True Stories, Explore, Learn Something New, Love your Pictures, Love your Pages, Blogging for Scrapbookers, Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, Something from Almost Nothing, You Think You Know Me, No Place Like Home, When I Grow Up, Worth a Thousand Words or My Freedom. (Wow. I’m not quite sure I ever realised just how many classes there were until I typed that list!) For the next twenty-four hours, I will donate 100% of the registrations for all those classes to Plan’s Girls’ Fund, to support girls who don’t have access to so very much that many of us take for granted. You get the full class and permanent access – but the entire class fee will go to an amazing cause. So if you’ve been sitting on the fence, today is the day!

You can also gift any class to a friend. Just leave her email address in the ‘notes to seller’ box or send me an email if you miss it. If you want to set up a birthday or Christmas gift of any of those classes, let me know the date you want it delivered and I can do that too!

Number two
Tell a friend. If there is one post from this blog that you share all year, let it be this one please. We are stronger when we work together; these girls will be stronger for that too. If you know someone crafty, fabulous. If you know someone who you keep meaning to talk to about scrapbooking, this is your way in! If you know someone who wouldn’t be the slightest bit interested in scrapbooking but could get behind Day of the Girl, at the very least point her in the direction of Plan and the petition for girls’ education. Tweet your thoughts with the #dayofthegirl hashtag today. Show your support on Facebook. If you have a girl power-themed scrapbook page, blog it with your own thoughts about Day of the Girl. Whatever works best for you, please tell a friend.

supporting international day of the girl
Number three
I have a little mystery project for you too. It’s something only available to purchase here for the next 24 hours. I will not be including it in any other class materials and there will be no other day to purchase it. It’s over an hour of scrapbooking process including multiple scrapbook pages and plenty of discussion as we go. It’s for sale just for the next 24 hours and will be delivered to you via an email link on Tuesday, and from then on you will have permanent access to the video to watch it whenever you like. And… you pay what you want. 100% of the payments for this video will go to The Girls’ Fund. You decide how much you want to give, knowing that in addition to feeling awesome about helping those girls, you also get over an hour of scrapbooking video goodness that you can’t get anywhere else. That might be worth £2 or £20 to you – you decide.

This offer is now closed. Thank you SO much for your support!

Last year we raised £1200 in a single day, and every class purchase since then has raised a £1 for Plan. Today I would love to top our previous efforts! I’ll keep you updated… and thank you so much for supporting a cause so very dear to my heart.

You are awesome.

11 October 2012

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51 Comments for International Day of the Girl

  1. Mariangeles Says:

    I’ve just made my donation :)

  2. Anne E Says:

    What a lovely idea and so much more useful ‘sponsorship’ than a walk round the local park. x

  3. Mel Says:

    Wow, Shimelle – this is an amazing thing you’re doing. You totally rock xx

  4. Moira OReilly Says:

    Done! what a fantastic and amazing thing you are doing. Thanks so much xx

  5. Joy Says:

    This is fabulous! and thank you for sharing it. I had not heard of International Day of the Girl until today. You are awesome :)

  6. Lauren Says:

    I think you are an amazing scrapbooker and love your work, but the fact that you do this, and you support it so wholeheartedly reminds me that you are also a caring, and inspiring human being as well. Thank you for all that you do and thanks for the reminder about today. I’ll be perusing classes and making my choice later this afternoon.

  7. Melinda Says:

    We have sponsored 2 children through Plan for years now, but since reading your support of Girl’s Fund, we have taken it on as a monthly donation as well. But this, what you are doing, how can anyone say no. My donation is made. You go girl!

  8. Cathy G Says:

    Yay have signed up for LSNED which I have been wanting to do for years! Great cause Shimelle and good luck today.

    And if you’re wondering which class to pick, try ‘Cover to Cover’ it was fab and changed how I scrapbook.

  9. Charissa M Says:

    What an amazing cause. I sent my donation and as I’m sitting her holding my 4 month old princess and thinking about my 3 yr old princess I am so grateful for the opportunities they will have and want to do what I can to help all girls have those opportunities. Shimelle you are amazing for your support of these charities and for getting the word out there.

  10. christina rayevich Says:

    what a wonderful cause!! i just donated & i blogged about this as well.

  11. Maureen Says:

    okay, you’ve convinced me! :) I donated and signed up for a class.

  12. margie visnick Says:

    What a wonderful cause, and so lovely of you to do this! I made a donation, small though it may be, I hope it helps!

  13. Louise Says:

    What a lovely thing to do, I’ve made a small donation. Xxx

  14. SandraA Says:

    Great cause! I have made my donation and will take a look at the classes you listed. No 4×6 Photo Love? Wasn’t that a class? Would love to sign up for that one.

  15. Catherine C R Says:

    Wish I could have given more, but what a wonderful campaign- thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  16. laura Says:

    Thank you so much Shimelle..I signed up for Pretty Papers (which I was going to ask for as a Christmas Present) and your new video. What a great thing to do.

  17. Danielle Says:

    I just added my donation.

  18. Janette Says:

    You are awesome too Shimelle! Thanks for all that you do. As the mother of 3 girls, I was happy to donate to this amazingly worthwhile cause.

  19. Malin/malwa Says:

    Shared on FB, signed up for the blogging class and donated. Hope I got the mail address added as intended… :)

  20. Sabrina Hoglen Says:

    Thank you for sharing this Shimelle and for getting the word out there. I shared this via FB and am glad that you are raising money for these girls. You go gal pal!

  21. Jen Hart Says:

    Great to see you continuing to support this cause Shimelle. I’ll go and donate.

  22. Sinead Says:

    How brilliant is this – Shimelle, you are so amazing to work for this fantastic cause. I have just donated (also looking forward to that exclusive scrapbooking video!). Well done again, happy to be part of this brilliant campaign for the welfare of girls everywhere, and I can’t wait to hear how much we raise :D x

  23. Donna B. Says:

    Lovely thing for you to do! On to donate, excited to get a new Shimelle video!

  24. De Says:

    Option 3 – Done!
    Thank you so much Shimelle – this is a fantastic cause!

  25. Margareta from Paper Pile Kitten's Blog Says:

    I’m a little embarrassed as I would love to give hundreds and hundreds of pounds to this project, but I have no income of my own at the moment. But I guess giving something is still better than nothing. :)

  26. Thea Says:

    Just donated under my husband’s name. We are in Australia and sponsor 3 sisters in Ecuador to go to school, organized by our German exchange host daughter. It is an international effort. My heart goes out to the young girl in Pakistan who was shot in the head for daring to want to go to go to school. We are so lucky in the west to be able to take education for granted. Too often, we don’t value it enough for ourselves, let alone for others. Thanks, Shimelle, for bringing it to the forefront of our minds, and supporting such a great campaign.

  27. Laura Says:

    love that you’re doing this, Shimelle! can’t wait to see the special video

  28. Kristin Says:

    You are so lovely, Shimelle! I just made a small donation and remind myself that all those small donations add up to make a big difference. Thanks for the opportunity to be a (small) part of something really wonderful.

  29. Madeline St Onge Says:

    done wish it could have been more Shimelle

  30. Debbie Says:

    You are a beautiful person Shimelle. Thanks for the opportunity to help the lovely young women of the world.

  31. shari Says:

    Thanks for supporting such a great cause!! I just made my donation – hope you raise lots of $$$.

  32. Diana Says:

    This is fantastic. I have made a donation and purchased a class……

  33. KateT Says:

    Go Shimelle!

    I’m in, a little late, but I’ve blogged about the fundraiser and made a donation.

    ** Kate **

  34. Jo Says:

    I just made a donation for the video, hope I’m not too late. The payment went through but when I clicked back onto your site it said “nice try” so I hope you have recieved my donation for a very worthy cause.

  35. Deborah Says:

    I just realised that I am a day late! But have purchased a class in any case – hope it still counts?

  36. kim Jones Says:

    Let me start by saying how much I HAVE MISSED YOU! My husbaned had some serious medical issues and now his mom is in the hospital so I’m behind on my classes and email/blogs w/ you. Thanks for doing this – its amazing. My brother is an international attorney and he does a ton to help support education in other countries. In once instance raising enough money to have a school built. I’ve shared the link on my fb and will be ordering my classes today. Keep smiling. xo

  37. lizzle Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    What a great idea. Donation and class duly sorted. This is such a wonderful cause, I can’t wasit to hear how much you manage to raise.

  38. Zahra Says:

    Fabulous, Shimelle! Also, like others, am late, but have donated and shared the petition link! Thank you!

  39. Beth Ann Says:

    Thank you so much for making it so easy to donate to such an awesome cause. And to get your scrapping wisdom too? That is icing on the cupcake. Love you Shimelle.

  40. Jan Says:

    donation made!

  41. Lynsey Says:

    Made my donation this morning Jose I was in time!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  42. Erin Says:

    Wow- justgot tis in my email and came straightaway, just a bit too late! Thanks for making me aware, I’ll just go ahead and sign up for one of your classes anyway :) and thanks for sharing the link to donate directly so I can still be part of this. You’re really fantastic in uncountable ways!

  43. scrappysue Says:

    This is so awesome Shimelle, and such a worthwhile cause. Thank you so much for your generosity and for allowing us to all participate too! x

  44. Alison Day Says:

    Wow Shimelle! So bummed I missed out on this. You are amazing!! Way to go – I’ve already added it to my calendar to get in on the fun next year!!

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