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Putting Pen To Paper (True Stories online scrapbooking class)

true stories online scrapbooking class :: putting pen to paper

Here’s another little glimpse at True Stories, the online class that starts on Monday. The supply list for this class is just paper and pen. You are welcome to type instead, but for various reasons, I encourage you to pick up a pen for your notes as we spend three weeks telling stories in dozens of different ways.

I love what technology has done to benefit out society, but I think we have to make sure that happens on our terms. For me, those terms include days where I’m allowed to step away from the internet and switch off my phone. Knowing when news needs to get somewhere quickly, by phone or email, or whether it can wait a bit longer for something with a tiny bit of handcrafting, like a letter. And having my own personal guidelines for things I do and do not share online with a world filled with people I do and do not know. I love that technology means I can do my grocery shopping on a website and it’s delivered to my kitchen (which is extra helpful in life without a car) but at the same time I go to our local farmers’ market every week on my own two feet. We all need a balance, right?

In the True Stories workshop, we will be picking up a pen and restoring some balance. Writing about things we want to remember and telling them in ways that make writing creative and fun and simple.

I would love for you to join us.


24 October 2010

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21 Comments for Putting Pen To Paper (True Stories online scrapbooking class)

  1. Mariangeles Says:

    Just LOVE the video :)

  2. pjbear Says:

    I have no idea why, when I watched the video I cried, I think the words said something to me, touched a nerve perhaps about “True Stories” getting told!

  3. F. Says:

    What a great video! I love how you are able to express yourself so well.

    I really enjoyed watching it and I can’t wait ‘till tomorrow!

  4. scrappysue Says:

    What a totally cool video Shimelle, loved it! I spent an hour in Starbucks yesterday writing a letter to my Mother in Law, so I’m totally in with the handwriting part. Making it all sound good, not so great. Looking forward to class starting, yay!

  5. Madeline Says:

    Love the video, went great with my morning coffee. I really need this class, can’t wait

  6. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    I am looking forward to this class but also very nervous as I dont think of myself as a good writer.

    Waiting for it’s start with apprehension.

  7. Evelin Says:

    I haven’t really written something substantial with a pen for quite a while. Seriously, I think my writing has gone down the drain. We type so often now that we seem to drift away from writing (with a pen). Looking forward to starting the class and writing more :)

    Love your video! :)

  8. Bonnie Says:

    I love the video you made. I’m going to sign up right now!

  9. pauline Says:

    Just watched the video – LOVE it!! Really looking forward to class tomorrow!
    Pauline xx

  10. Beth Ann Says:

    A great video Shimelle. I am really looking forward to class starting tomorrow! Hugs!!

  11. NancyLee Says:

    So cute Shimelle and original—LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gemma Says:

    Cute video shimelle . . . i really didn’t like english at school (sorry!) but i did enjoy the creative writing bit, and i do have a weakness for pretty stationery and new pens, so maybe you’ve just convinced me to take the class ;)

  13. Donna B Says:

    I loved the video, you beautiful girl. can’t wait until tomorrow. I think this class will be perfect for me. On my way to buy new gel pens.

  14. linda Says:

    love you video and totally excited for the class…i blogged about it too… that is such a beautiful park you are at…or is it your house!?

  15. Lara Says:

    Love this so much Shimelle – so important to get that balance. Really excited to start the class.

  16. Gayla Says:

    Hello. I just paid for the True Stories class and I don’t know what to do now. I paid by paypal…thanks.

  17. Selina Says:

    Have just signed up! Shimelle, did you know this class overlaps with National Novel Writing Month in November? It will be a very writerly autumn for me!

  18. oliver Says:

    Definitely technology have created a lot of opportunity for many people.

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  20. gnosisholisticinstitute Says:

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  21. exach1951 Says:

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