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A picture is worth a thousand words...

Here’s what you need to know:
If you have ten photos, you can make this book.

It will be a book that will live on your coffee table, a book you’ll be pleased to share with friends, family and visitors. A book that will say a lot about you, your family or your neighbourhood. A book that won’t be hard to make.

A picture is worth a thousand words… asks what if we could tell a story in ten pictures? The story you choose to tell is up to you: it could be the story of your life, the story of a certain romance or the story of a journey you wish you could live over and over again. It could be the story of who you were before, who you are now or who you are becoming each day. It could be the story of you but it could be the story of someone else. The story is in the ten pictures…and when you choose them, you choose the story.

A picture is worth a thousand words…
…starts Monday, the 30th of July, with an audio prompt.
…Eight downloadable PDF prompts take you through the process of making the book and telling your story.
…The prompts include sketches and photos of several finished examples so you can adapt the ideas to your own style and supplies.
…You can choose to follow along in real time and finish your book before the end of August or save all the materials for a rainy weekend and make the project over a few days later in the year.
…You can choose to join in email chat with other participants or just receive the class materials.
…You can keep your project to yourself, or post your work at our community blog, written down.
…You can make this album with the supplies you already own, but if you want to go shopping for supplies, I promise not to tell.
…And just to be extra special, you’ll receive a little care package in the post, with limited edition embellishments designed just for this project.

You may join in at any time, but be sure to join by July 28 in order to receive your care package promptly. You can join us no matter what country you’re in, though all the materials and the embellishments are in English.

A picture is worth a thousand words…
Sign up now:

USD $15.00


PS: Thank you all SO MUCH for your excitement in the last post’s comments!! So, so psyched! The random number generator gave me number 185. That means AngelNikki_UK you are the winner! Email me the names and email addresses of four friends to join you! Congrats!

16 July 2007

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41 Comments for A picture is worth a thousand words...

  1. Pauline Says:

    Fab! Have signed up and now will need to go and have a think! Looking forward to this.

  2. Nic H Says:

    Count me in – ready and waiting x

  3. LJK Says:

    I’m excited about this project, usually I just stare longingly at the cupcakes!

  4. Gemma Says:

    Hmmm, may need to think about a story to tell…

    and really I’m gonna be mega busy with my new job in August and should not be thinking of any more scrapping projects…

    but i think I’m gonna have to sign up anyway!!!

  5. Jennifer in NE Florida Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful class & I will be joining after payday! LOL

  6. Sandra Low Says:

    A little dense here. Do we randomly pick 10 photos and somehow through this workshop come up with a story, or we have in mind already a story to tell, and then find 10 photos to “support” it?? I’d like to participate, but need help understanding first!


  7. Annie Says:

    Hey, Shimelle-

    Did I see your name as an instructor for CKC in Kansas City this fall? So cool! That’s my dream job.

  8. Claudine Says:

    “just signed up, can’t wait”

  9. Megan Says:

    I just signed up. :) This is perfect for starting on scrapping my year studying abroad. It’s been three years and I’ve only scrapped a little because it’s been too overwhelming. I can’t wait to start sharing my stories.

  10. Carol Dillon Says:

    Yay!! All signed up and ready to go!

  11. Paula Says:

    I’m all signed up. I enjoyed the “I confess” class so much & your projects are always easy to complete. Looking forward to it.

  12. Heather (cutnpaste) Says:

    Ready to roll and looking forward to this, always great classes :D

  13. leigh Says:

    Congratulations on winning the draw Nikki – and i’m not biased cos i get one of the free passes honestly!! Very excited now!!

  14. Nikki Says:

    Gosh I cannot believe I won! I cannot wait to get stuck into this project!

  15. jane Says:

    sounds like fun, off to sign up!

  16. alissa Says:

    sounds fabulous! i’m signed up and ready to go! :)

  17. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    Wrote a note yesterday, but guess I didn’t upload it … LOL I’ve already signed on, so looking forward to another class Shimelle!!! :D

  18. lisa Says:

    This is fabulous! I’ve just signed up and I am so looking forward to this class.

  19. Lynne Walters Says:

    just signing up for my first class! really looking forward to it, although no idea at all what photos to use! Any ideas anyone??

  20. ally bright Says:

    just signed up too! cant wait for it to start :)

  21. Sandy Says:

    I’ve just signed up – my first-ever on-line class, I’m sooo excited!
    Now all I have to do is decide which pics to use.

  22. Vee Says:

    very cool!

  23. Lindsay Says:

    All signed up and ready to go, looking forward to it.

  24. Liz Counsell Says:

    Signed up last night – can’t wait.

  25. grungedandy Says:

    Hi i think i managed to email you a request but i’m having problems with my work computer so i’m not sure if you got it my question was can you buy this for other people as a gift? if so i need to buy it for 2 people & myself on the same card can i do this?



  26. Silvita Says:

    Yes, count me in!

  27. Alexa Says:

    So excited about the new class. Did you see Elsie has previewed some of her new lines and one of them features embossed cardstock of CUPCAKES!

  28. Bees Says:

    Hi :) I am in too. I need a new challenge and I hope this will help. Plus, time to play with my camera more…wheeeeee!!

  29. Donna Says:

    All signed up, Eeee can’t wait, I def’ need a mojo boost :)
    Donna x

  30. Reva Says:

    I’ve signed up, and I am quite excited. My first online class, my first time scrapping in six months, and I am so ready!

  31. Sarah B. Says:

    We just moved, and I’ve been without computer access, so I’m squeaking in before the deadline – whew.

  32. Del Walker Says:

    My hubby and scramping friend have both signed up for this with me! We can’t wait to get started. When can we expect the prompts? I get confused because we are in the US on the West Coast.

  33. Alinta Says:

    Im signed up too!! How do we go about starting the class… anyone??? Are we sent an email or just check back here on Monday???

  34. Rosemary hughes Says:

    Been away for 2 weeks so worried in case I missed this but just signed up

  35. Cathy Says:

    Were we supposed to get our packages yet? I have not received anything yet….
    p.s. I signed up under James F.

  36. chris Says:

    i am signed up and excited!

  37. LouiseC Says:

    I have just signed up. What do we do now? Wait for an email?

  38. Jennie Says:

    Just signed up – do hope I am not too late and have missed anything?Had no proper internet for weeks!!

  39. Sue Says:

    Am I too late to sign up now? I’d love to order and do this class if still available.

  40. Stephanie Peachey Says:

    my album, with envelopes as pages!

  41. Judy Says:

    Are you going to offer this class again? I would love to take it!!