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So they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Then what about ten pictures?

On Monday, you can sign up for a new online class for summer. You’ll need ten pictures. Not necessarily ten thousand words.

Also on Monday, you can see the first sneak peek of the actual project here.

But better yet: some lucky person who comments on this post any time between now and the sneak peek on Monday, will win five free passes on this class. You + four friends. You + your two sisters + your mum + your grandma. You + your other half + some wonderfully cool couple you both know. You + any four people you know that also have ten photos!

See you here on Monday!


12 July 2007

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320 Comments for Pssssst.

  1. beekaye Says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see what the new project is!

  2. Connie Wolff Says:

    Congrats on your career shift!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

    I can come up with ten pictures in a heartbeat!


  3. Sara Says:

    Oh how very exciting, can’t wait to find out more :)

  4. Eileen Says:

    Looking forward to your class! Congrats on being a “full-time scrapbooker”!

  5. kymmie Says:

    oooh! I have been waiting for a new Shimelle class! I went to Paris last month and wanted to make something special with the photos I took, I hope they will translate well into this class! Yay!

  6. christine Says:

    how exciting

  7. Sarah Says:

    So exciting – and 5 free places – wow!!

  8. Angie Says:

    Looking forward to Monday… (Not too often i say that…LOL…) Can’t wait to find out more.

    Love Angie..xx..

  9. Stéphanie Says:

    I can’t wait to see the new project that you have planed and I love the swan photo!

  10. Charlotte Says:

    Roll on Monday :)

  11. marsha Says:

    Can’t wait to see what the new project is!

  12. stephanie Says:

    Yeah! A new class! And congratulations on your new career. :)

  13. anna Says:

    Well, in magazine workshops I’ve attended, they say two pictures are worth 500 words, 3 worth 333, 4 worth 250. But I’m sure that’s because they’ve never taken a class with you! :)

  14. Suzanne Says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about your class!

  15. Debby Says:

    Wow, can’t wait to see what the project is! Sure you don’t want to give us a sneak peak sooner? LOL!

  16. Shelley Says:

    Ooh, I’m intrigued!! I bet I could find 10 cool photos… congratulations on your career change!

  17. ally bright Says:

    tell us more… cant wait x

  18. lilith Says:

    I have 10 pictures! I wanna play :)

  19. Nina Says:

    Ohhhhhh I have been waiting for another fab mojo boost from yourself!V excited!

  20. KB Says:

    pick me, pick me! I just finished a layout built on little squares and love how it turned out. Would love to get your take on it!

  21. Helen (PBear) Says:

    This is going to be fun – can’t wait till Monday!

  22. marianne Says:

    flower. tope left. I SO TOOK THAT.

    Wow. Me = impressed.

  23. marianne Says:

    If i comment more than once is there more chance of winning??

  24. Angela Says:

    Stash of photos waiting just for this. (Sign posted from Cheryls on line photo course).

  25. Hilary Says:

    Sounds a great way to use all the pics I’ve taken on Cheryl’s(wonderful) course

  26. Woozle Says:

    All the best with the new venture Shimelle – but don’t let the fact that scrapping is now your job make it any less fun :)

  27. Patti Says:

    How cool I have been wondering when you were going to have another class. Can’t wait to see some info and would love to share with four of my friends.

  28. Lynda Brown Says:

    This should be fun…so the next question Shimelle is when’s your own range coming out??

  29. Marie Says:

    How can we not comment with an offer like that?! LOL. I think I’d have trouble limiting myself to 10 photos, not finding them. Can’t wait for the sneak peak of the class. love M

  30. Kate Says:

    Yay for you gurl!! So brave and so pleased that you’re going to be doing a new class on Monday, just in time for my summer hols too!!

  31. Joanne Turner Says:

    ooohhhh!!!! interesting!!!!! Can I wait until Monday??

  32. Nathalie Says:

    Oooh, I have been waiting to see what you had up your sleeve for a while!!! I can’t wait to see what the project is!!!

  33. Scrappinglady Says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see what the class is! :-)

  34. frizzy Says:

    Smashing -just in time fr my break perhaps I keep up this time fingers crossed. Looking forward to monday

  35. Deanna Says:

    So excited for this new summer class!!! :)

  36. Olga Says:

    So glad to see you blogging again…missed you. Congrats on your new career move…sounds exciting. Looking forward to seeing the sneak peek on Monday.

  37. Karen Says:

    Wow! That would be a lot of fun!

  38. Karen Cole Says:

    Hey Shimelle, cant wait to do this class. It would be even better if I could ask four buds to join me free of charge! Please pop me in the draw. Well done for living the dream. I hope all goes well with your new adventures! Karenxx PS lovely scrapagogo photo of L and J and Ann!!

  39. Cheryl Says:

    Very excited to see the new project!!!

  40. Kathy Says:

    I am totally excited at the thought of another Shimelle class!!! LOVED the Christmas one. It is Winter here now so it would be nice to revisit Summer and let the memories warm me!

  41. nadine Says:

    you dream up the coolest classes shimelle. i wish you taught in canada.

  42. Steph Says:

    Yay! I’ve never taken an online class of yours and I was waiting for another one to come along! Cannot wait!

  43. Lynn Donnelly Says:

    Now how am I going to choose just 10 photo’s after all the ones I’ve been taking over the last 9 weeks!!!! But I will…looking forward to doing another of your classes

  44. Mandy R Says:

    Oh, this has me intrigued! I love the concepts of these online classes.

  45. Elizabeth Says:

    How wonderful to get to do what you love! Good luck with it. Love your classes, will definitely join up

  46. jen Says:

    Yay – can’t wait to check out the new class. :)

  47. Rosemary hughes Says:

    Shimelle Would love to do this class but on Monday I am in Donegal with no interent access for 2 weeks! Can I still join when I come back?

  48. Liz Says:

    Wow – now this sounds like a project thats down my street!

  49. Rachel Greig Says:

    I love the sound of this class! And congrats on your career move… I’m sure you will LOVE it! (I know we will!)

  50. Trish Says:

    Can’t wait for the sneak peek!


  51. Jenna Says:

    Love your classes! This one sounds fabulous too!

  52. Jamie K Says:

    oh really? you’re so nice! and I’m very proud of you for taking this courageous step in life. rock on!

  53. jills Says:

    oh i can’t wait to see the sneak peek!

    you are amazing.


  54. Jennifer in NE Florida Says:

    Hmmmm, 10 pics. I am sure I can come up with them:
    1. pic of my daughter
    2. pic of my daughter and cat
    3. pic of my daughter
    4. pic of my daughter and cat
    5 – 10 and so on, and so on

    thanks for the opportunity to take another great class from you!

  55. Megan Says:

    sounds very intriguing

  56. Kelly Says:

    Yay, this sounds great, can’t wait to join up! :)

  57. Nikki in IL Says:

    I check your blog regularly for my UK-fix… we moved back to the US almost 2 yrs ago and I still have not readjusted! Love all the little glimpses of Britain you share. sigh Looking forward to seeing the details on the new class!

  58. Jayne Says:

    Good luck Shimelle

    Class sounds really interesting can’t wait for Monday for the sneak peak.


  59. Virginia Says:

    Ooooh fun! I can’t wait to see the sneak peek!

  60. Lisa Says:

    A new class? count me in for sure – 10 photos being printed as I speak! Cannot wait!

  61. Kel Says:

    Nadine – you’ll just have to do like this Canadian and move to London!
    Shimelle – excited to be part of your first post-going-pro project!

  62. Ami D Says:

    Sounds very cool and interesting!

    Love your style!


  63. jackie harris Says:

    Good luck with your new career, you’ll be fantastic :-) I’m very much looking forward to the new class.
    Hugs. Jxx

  64. Carolyn Says:

    Congrats on the career move, am sure it will all work out well for you. Looking forward to the new class.

  65. debd94 Says:

    I love your ten photos and can’t wait to see the project with them. I also love your cupcake photos…I drool over my computer every time.

  66. Liane Says:

    I’d love to included in your draw, thanks!

  67. Gems Says:

    Ooh very interesting – look forward to checking back on Monday!

    Have a fabby weekend xxx

  68. Jenni Fairley Says:

    10 pics, no problem I have at least a hundred times that I love!!

  69. patty Says:

    I’m sooo looking forward to what you’ll be coming up with!!!


  70. elise Says:

    sounds exciting!!

  71. girlfriday Says:

    wow that sounds like fun! love the randomness of those ten pics :)

  72. Hilary Says:

    Great – just what I need – a new class!!

  73. Jennifer Says:

    Sounds like fun!! Need to scrounge up 10 photos … do they need to go together, like a theme, or is it just any 10 we like?

  74. michelleguray Says:

    i’ve always been interested in your classes. sounds fun!

  75. Kate Walsh Says:

    Congrats on your new career. SO EXCITED for you.How easy can I come up with 10 photo’s??? Quite easily, I’ve just done Cheryl’s fabby photography course and this seems like the best way to preserve the brilliant photo’s that I never thought I would be able to take. BTW LOVE your cupcakes, my mouth waters just looking at the gorgeous pics of them. Hey I must make some so I can take my own pics of them, if they last long enough for that LOL

  76. Andrea Says:

    How super-exciting … sounds like a lot of fun again – can’t wait to the Sneaky and further Details on this :)

  77. Alex Hardy Says:

    please count me in for your lovely give-away. :)
    happy summer to you!

  78. Sarah Youde Says:

    Congrats on taking the plunge and becoming a professional scrapbooker! Looking forward to seeing what your new project is :o)

  79. Annie Says:

    Taking a leap of faith is so exciting and terrifying all at the same time! Congratulations, you’ve got awesome talents and abilities, and I wish you all the luck you need!

  80. Susi Says:

    I learned about your classes on SJ. Very excited to try one out.

  81. Sarah Says:

    A new class – yay! Will have to try to make the budget stretch to it. And congrats on the big decision; you’ll do just fine!

  82. Alexandra Says:

    A new project?? Sounds exciting! xxxx

  83. Sharon Says:

    Yay!! A new class. :) Congrats on all the changes happening with you lately!

  84. Jazzica Says:

    whoooohoooo – can’t wait until monday … i’m looking forward my first shimelle class. oh, and congrats on your new carreer! i wish you all the luck & energy, you need. bye, jazzica

  85. Del Walker Says:

    I can’t wait to see the class on Monday. My hubby is off for summer and I’m hoping this a project we can do together!

  86. Jenny Says:

    You must be so excited to be going into freelance work full-time – a huge step but so much fun! Jenny

  87. yvette Says:

    Can’t wait to see about the new class!

  88. RachelG Says:

    I’m intrigued:) Can’t wait.

  89. Tam Says:

    Sounds like too much fun :) I’d love to play with you and four of my friends!

  90. Lesley Says:

    Wahoo… so excited you are back and here to stay!!!

  91. tiz Says:

    I can’t wait to see the sneak peek :))

  92. Nattie G Says:

    Congratualtions on your decision to do what you love full time :) Looking forward to finding out more about your latest class! xxx

  93. Carol Dillon Says:

    Hi Shimelle

    I am very excited about your new class. Still showing everyone my “when I grow up” mini book. Look forward to the sneak peeks.

    I admire your big career change. I did the same thing here in Australia – deciding I wanted to do more than teaching. I have never looked back (ok maybe little peaks back) and I hope you have a great experience too.

    Carol :-)

  94. Linda F. Says:

    I am so happy you’re having another class! I can’t wait. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be there!

  95. Ashley Schultz Says:

    I’m excited about the new project. How sweet of you to do this little drawing!

  96. Amy Poole Says:

    Congratulations on your awesome choice to do professional scrapbooking, Shimelle! I am 18 years old, I live in Michigan, US – and I just made the choice to study graphic design in college, with the intentions of eventaully being a professional scrapbooker! When I tell people that, they’re like – “What?!” Haha. But I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure, and I am so excited for this class!

  97. Lee Says:

    Can not wait to see the new project!

  98. Tanya Says:

    OOOOOOOOOhhhhh, this sounds so GREAT! Can’t wait to take another class from you Shimelle!

  99. karen in maine Says:

    another shimelle class – i can’t wait!

  100. Jenny S. Says:

    Oh I am very excited to see your new class! I had such fun with the mini-book you showed on the Fiskars site!! I think I have made about four of them using similar formats.

    Thanks for all you do! :)


  101. Nicole Says:

    Can’t wait to find out more about the class!!

  102. renee Says:

    sounds like fun!

  103. Rachel Kulak Says:

    I can’t wait for your next class!!

  104. Sharon Manning Says:

    Congrats on your carrer change and count me in for the new online class.
    10 photos would be very easy for me but 5 friends (should I win)? Nah just kidding.

  105. Olive Says:

    Yaaaaayh!!! can hardly wait for Monday.

  106. Pauline Clark Says:

    Finally! Another Shimelle class! Shimelle, I love your classes and I’d be oh so happy to share it with a few people! Ohhhhh…I hope I win…....

  107. Barb Says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming. I love the two photos of the coffee and the swan.

  108. joanne Says:

    can’t wait to learn more about it!

  109. Marie Noske Says:

    I’ve heard lots of good reports about your classes that I thought I might do one myself.

  110. Patty S Says:

    sounds like fun!!!!
    i think i could scrounge up 10 pictures ;-)

  111. Dennylyn Says:

    Love new classes!
    Love surprises!
    Hate waiting!

  112. SherryGrove Says:

    You are amazing! I can’t keep up with your projects when your classes and projects are the second job; now you are going to be way out in front of me. Still, I enjoy trying.

    Congrats, by the way, on your choice to make this a career. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

  113. Erin Says:

    Yeah! New class! Sounds like fun!

  114. dawn Says:

    I want five free passes! I love your classes…dawn

  115. Sue Bone Says:

    10 photos, I can find that many. Perhaps I can track down 10 photos from Matthew’s school French trip from other parents as Matthew took almost no photos.


  116. Adele Heuer Says:

    Love it, can’t wait.

  117. Louise Says:

    I never win anything so here I am with crossed fingers and toes.
    Glad to see you finally made the leap, Coffee @ Starbucks when ever you feel like it.

  118. Katy Says:

    Ooh the new project sounds exciting! Congrats on taking the plunge fulltime!

  119. DawnMcD Says:

    Wow this sounds like so much fun, I will be sure to check in on monday!

  120. Helen Says:

    Ooh… Another class, I cant wait!!! I love the fact that I will only need 10 photos :) Roll on monday and signing up!!!


  121. rachel tanner Says:

    Hiya. lovin’ ya work.
    Good Luck on your life changing, venture… you will wish you had done it earlier! I cant wait for more from you!

  122. Bee Says:

    Sounds like a great class. Can’t wait for Monday!!

  123. Lesley St Clair Says:

    Being very new to scrapbooking I took up Cheryl’s online photography course and now have dozens of photos that I haven’t a clue what to do with !! Looking forward to learning something else – and I hated school – oh and what is textile ? should I have used it…..

  124. Cath Says:

    How cool is this!!!
    The 10 pics are easy the 4 friends now that would be difficult :(

  125. fionaken Says:

    Class sounds good, but Im on hol on Monday for two weeks. When is the cut-off date for sign up?

  126. Susan Says:

    Really looking forward to finding out more about the class. Also wishing you all the best in your new career!

  127. Gemma Says:

    Oooh, why do you have to tease us like that. . . giving such a tiny hint, then making us wait for the rest!!! Looking forward to seeing what it’s all about . . .now better dig out 10 photos . . .

  128. abs Says:

    Shimelle, i am so excited! My first scrapbooking class- i cant wait to join in.


    abs x

  129. bella Says:

    superlicious! This project looks fab… I am looking forward to checking back on Monday and will have my piccies ready :)

  130. Natty Says:

    Oooh sounds totally fun! What a great start to the summer, now all we need is the the weather to kick in!

  131. LisaPink Says:

    Congrats on the change of career!! cant wait to see the sneak peek!! xx

  132. Song Says:

    Ooo tell me more! Can’t wait to find out about your new Summer class – 10 photos? no problem!

  133. alilydon Says:

    wahoo- is this your first class as a “professional scrapbooker”?? Good luck- hope is as great as the last one I did- and 10 photos- should be able to find 10- trouble will be reducing to 10!

  134. Laura Buckingham Says:

    Sounds fabby, am uber keen to get involved x x

  135. Mole Says:

    How tempting is this LOL! It could be just the project we need to turn all the photos we took in Cheryl’s Painting with Light course into a great scrapbooking keepsake. Can’t wait to see the class ….

  136. Angela Says:

    Will be signing up for this, cannot wait

  137. savvyowl Says:

    Great, another class. And congratulations on your career move!

  138. Maria Says:

    Ooh, how exciting. I’ve been stalking your site waiting for new classes.

    Wishing you all the best with your new venture xx

  139. Heather (cutnpaste) Says:

    Fab! Another class, can’t wait :D

  140. KAREN Says:


  141. Bernie Tuffs Says:

    Just completing Cheryl’s Online Photography Course…10 moudules…this will be great to create a record of how I progressed through the course and make sure my pictures are on show for everyone to see!!!
    Looking forward to the sneaky peek!!
    Good luck with everything!
    Bernie X

  142. Karen Cousins Says:

    Another one whose just completing Cheryl’s photography class and so your new class might be just what I need to showcase those photos. Can’t wait ‘til Monday for a sneak peek.

  143. Gail Says:

    Have never done one of your courses before (I’m a newbie scrapbooker) so looking forward to signing up!

  144. liz davidson Says:

    I may look at this class, looks interesting!!

  145. Cindy McDannold Says:

    Oh boy, I can use some of those photos I seem to hoard! Cant wait. Cindy

  146. Sarah Taylor Says:

    Im just finishing Cheryl’s classes too and I’ll be a bit lost, so this could be just the thing to start using up all the photos I’ve piled up.

  147. jo burton Says:

    Have sooo many photos – could I narrow them down to 10. This project sounds fab! Jo

  148. amberjane Says:

    sounds like a great class – can’t wait :)

  149. StarGazer Says:

    10 photos won’t be a problem! Can’t wait to see what the new project is

  150. Cathy K. Says:

    10 photos – not a problem here. Looking forward to the sneak peak and class.

  151. cherylp Says:

    fun, fun, fun, cant wait to see what you come up with next!!

  152. Lydia Says:

    Good Morning!!!
    I’m sure I can come up with 5 friends!!

  153. Jo Says:

    So excited about your new career prospects – why won’t someone pay me to scrap LOL!

    Good luck, and looking forward to next weeks class.

    Jo x

  154. Donna Says:

    Eeee can’t wait… just love your classes.. :D

  155. Ariel Says:

    oh! i want to play too. but fear i wouldn’t be able to attend in person (much less with 4 other friends). but interested to know what you’ll be doing nonetheless :)

  156. Barbaraj Says:

    Hi just finishing Cheryls photo class so can easily come up with 10 pics and 4 friends. All the best for your new career.

  157. Aimee POrco Says:

    I want to win five passes! Please pick me because I love cupcakes and I love your FLAIR for life!

  158. michelle r Says:

    oh this sounds fun.
    and to do it along side my friends…yipee!!

  159. Debby Says:

    I have 10 photos!

  160. Fiona Says:

    Must be about time I signed up for a Shimelle class… :D This looks fun!

  161. MistyD Says:

    Cool! Can’t wait to see your project!

  162. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    Yoohoo!!! Another Shimelle class … can’t wait!!! :D

  163. Ali W-T Says:

    Ooooh, another Shimelle class, well I have 10 (and the rest) photos waiting!

  164. Jak Says:

    omgosh! how exciting for you…class sounds fab, cant wait x

  165. Audrey Says:

    Congrats on your new career! You’ll do great ;-) The project sounds really exciting!

  166. Kirsty Says:

    This sounds exciting, can’t wait to see a sneak peek. Good luck with everything Shimelle x

  167. Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I would like to write an article that includes a feature on you & your online classes for Scrapbook Dimensions. Please contact me so we can set up an interview! Thanks!

  168. Amy Says:

    I can’t wait for this class…it will be fabulous I am sure!

  169. Kristin Says:

    Congrats on the career change! How exciting! Can’t wait to find out more about this class! :)

  170. Lori Hudson Says:

    OOHH! pick me! pick me! I love your classes.

  171. Flapsi Hapsi Says:

    Excellent news – can’t wait for new class!

  172. Nic H Says:

    Yippee – need to showcase the feelgood course pic’s – thanks Shim, i look forward to be inspired again x

  173. Jillian Guimont Paddack Says:

    Congrats on your careeer move, I wish you nothing but success! Looking forward to the upcoming class, sounds divine! :)

  174. Yasmin Says:

    Ten photos – ace!!
    Check out Ann – so she’s a cupcake angel hehe!!

  175. Lynn McGowan Says:

    Looking forward to finding out the details of the class – roll on Monday!!!

  176. Angela Says:

    I’ve never taken one of your classes before, but love your work. I’m so excited to see the new project and you’re so generous to let some take it for free!

  177. Kathy (kathyb) Says:

    Loving the sound of the new class. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with this time. I’d love to enter the draw for the free places please :)

  178. Yvonne Fay Says:

    Sounds great, I have so many photos to choose from.
    Good luck on your career change

  179. Shell Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the sneak preview of the class. Good luck on the career change!

  180. SuzyB Says:

    Ooh my likey the sounds of this one – cant wait! x

  181. Mandy Says:

    Just like Donkey says in the film Shrek “Ooooh, pick me, pick me!”

  182. Janette Says:

    Congratulations on going full time, I really enjoy your blog and work inspirationally.

  183. Rhonda Says:

    looking forward to the new class…can’t wait to see the sneak peek

  184. helen b Says:

    Congratulations on your career change, how wonderful to start something new, something that you love. Best of luck to you!

  185. Candace Says:

    Shimelle, much luck on the new career path…I wish I could be so lucky, but nothing of the sort right now.

    Can’t wait to see the new class…I’m sure I’ll be signing up, like usual!!!

  186. Nikki Says:

    Its so nice to read such possitive entries! I am so excited for you, you deserve all these wonderful oppertunities that are flying your way!
    Goodluck and I cannot wait to see more classes from you. xx

  187. Rachael E Says:

    I’m intrigued by your photos; such a fun collection of glimpses. They got my brain cells churning and excited over capturing 10 “happy thoughts” this weekend. Thanks!

  188. Elin Says:

    Can’t wait to see the project!

  189. tiffany Says:

    thanks for being so generous, shimelle. i can’t wait to see what cool little book idea you’ve came up with. i kinda miss them… haven’t seen them for a million years.

  190. Sue E Says:

    Congratulations on your fantastic news, well deserved and amazing, how exciting.

    Cant wait to see the new class. Someone is going to be soooooooooo lucky, thanks for sharing

  191. Michelle Says:

    Whoo hooo! Congrats on your new adventure!!!

  192. Scrapdolly Says:

    Posting to say I can’t wait for another Shim class and I am so excited for you leaving teaching (wish I could) in the traditional sense and that you are following your dream

    All the luck, success and happiness in the world xx

  193. Sandy Says:

    Oh, I can hardly wait until Monday(a sneak peek won’t be enough!)
    Congrats on the career change, and for having the courage to do it, you’ll never have to say “I wish I’d tried…”

  194. Bethy Says:


    I will probably have 10 photos of Monty, more like 10,000 but hey!

  195. Mandi Says:

    I would love a free class (or4);o)

  196. Beckyo Says:

    Cant wait to see the details of the new class!

  197. Lisa Says:

    Waving from across the pond on the unluckiest day…

  198. Amy Ragland Says:

    Sounds so fun!

  199. Shirley Says:

    10 photos stacked and waiting! I’ve heard wonderful things about your classes so can’t wait until Monday!

  200. Maricarmen Says:

    OMG! That beautiful gift! Difficultly the luck comes to my, but we will try! Congratulations again, from Mexico!

  201. Shaquanna Says:

    I am so glad you are back to blogging! I cannot wait to learn about your new class!

  202. lisa Says:

    I am so excited – this will be my first online class!

  203. caroline Says:

    Congrats on your new direction. You can be my new hero! Wish I had the “what it takes” to start fresh!

    Stupid “Q” of the day: You don’t have to be based in the UK to participate, do you?

  204. Jen Cozzens Says:

    Hey, I’ve never gotten to take one of your classes but I love the ones I’ve seen! Oh, and congrats on taking the leap to do what you want!!

  205. Megan Says:

    You are so brave and inspiring to be making these changes. I can’t wait to hear about your new class and the other things you’ll be doing (plus I love the cupcake pictures).

  206. Alinta Says:

    Oohhh this class sounds very intriging!!! Would love to join… cant wait to see the sneak peaks on Monday!!

  207. Sheila Says:

    I just love your creativity and your cupcake pictures. I would really like to try your recipes but don’t know how to convert the measurements to U.S. measurements – any chance you could provide both measurements in your recipes? Thanks, Sheila

  208. Rochelle Says:

    I am so excited about a summer class! I can’t wait to see what it is.

  209. sam cousins Says:

    I just discovered you a few weeks ago…so this will be my 1st class…woohoo…sooo exciting!

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    for more details


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    hope hope hope it’s me!

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    I’m so excited for you and your new adventures this upcoming year. I hope that you have fun and really gain new insights into your own processes for creating!
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    Jean W

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    Zoe x

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    thanks for the opportunity, Shimelle! :)

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    So much to look forward to , can’t wait til Monday xx

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    Keep up this good work!

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    Stephanie in Maryland

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  303. cheri Says:

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  309. Dörte Says:

    Hi … I’ve done your “I have to confess” class and it was really fun … just don’t know how to buy classes in US from Germany … but I just come and have a look at your site because its so great !!! By Dörte

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    I LOVE your website, and congrats on the “new” Job- I am so jealous! And keep those tasty cupcakes comming!

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  320. Cheap Retro Jordan Says:

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