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Scrapbooking challenges :: The List

list of scrapbooking challenges
scrapbook page detail
And with that, Sunday is quickly drawing to a close on this side of the world, so I want to pause and draw up a handy list of links to all the challenges so far, but also tell you a bit about what to expect in the week ahead.

These challenges are open now until the end of next Sunday, the 21st of August:
Sketch of the Week
Printable Challenge
Stickery Challenge
Starting Point Challenge
Chop your Paper Challenge
Add to the Story Challenge
Grid it Up Challenge
Colour Story Challenge
From the Heart Challenge
Go Retro Challenge
3 is a Magic Number Challenge
Half Page Challenge
Signature Accent Challenge
PLUS these challenges added throughout the week:
Butterflies & Bingo Cards
Hot Pink Hoopla
Scrapbooking Sketch of the Week (This one is open until Tuesday.)

So there is certainly plenty to create and many chances to win! But wait – there’s more to come. There always needs to be a surprise, right?

This week on the blog, you’ll find four scrapbooking tutorial posts, with videos and a chance to win prizes from Jenni Bowlin Studio, Cosmo Cricket, Simple Stories and Little Musings. And the details (and a kit option) for the 2011 run of Learn Something New. So while I promise not to stand here issuing you challenges every few hours for the entire week, I do promise to keep the creative fun rolling with some very special things in store. I really hope you’ll stop by each day to see what’s new!

Thank you very much for all your fabulous creativity and I am so very happy to have met so many lovely ladies who are proud to scrapbook! While the crop was going on this weekend, I ended up in a conversation with one of those people who dismisses scrapbooking as less than cool, and it was pretty fabulous to know there are plenty of us who are happy to set her straight!

US readers, you have a few hours left to use the code SHIPSL for free shipping on a $35 order at Two Peas so go get some goodies in your bucket as a special treat!

Okay happy, scrappy friends — I’ll catch you tomorrow!


14 August 2011

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54 Comments for Scrapbooking challenges :: The List

  1. EllieA Says:

    Thank you so much again for putting this online crop as its been so much to see and even more happy I have a challenge to get more done as I was away this weekend and couldn’t play like I wanted! (((HUGS)) and thank you again.

  2. marianne Says:

    Thanks for the creative push this weekend, Shimelle. It was just what the doctor ordered!

  3. Peggy Says:

    There’s MORE! That’s so excellent. Thanks for the weekend, and for the week to come, Shimelle. We’re still havin’ fun & you’re still the one — when it comes to scrapbooking divas, that is :-)

  4. Shannon H. Says:

    Thank you for an amazing weekend! You are so inspirational. I love your scrapbooking style as well as your writing style. I have finished so many layouts and I love how they turned out. What a fun weekend!!!Thank you so much!

  5. Kim Strother Says:

    I’d like to thank you for a great weekend full of fun. I really felt that all your challenges were inspirational and they pushed me out of my confort zone and helped me create more layouts in one weekend that I have every done before. I didn’t get to finish them all, but that’s a treat for me to look forward to for the rest of the week. Thanks again!! I hope you do this again in the near future!

  6. Jimjams Says:

    I’ve been ultra busy this weekend but thanks to you (and your lovely loonnngggg deadline), I’ll have plenty to keep me going this week! Great CC Thank you!

  7. Anne Lord Says:

    Thank you so much for finding so many ways to be creative this weekend and thanks too, for the past four weeks, that we’ve spent exploring this happy pastime we all love.

  8. Kristin Says:

    I am joining the chorus of THANK YOU for an incredible weekend. I saw you had this on-line crop in the pipeline and wanted to check it out, but really didn’t anticipate participating. From the very first posts this weekend there was no way I couldn’t participate. Your posts and challenges are so inspiring and your enthusiasm is contagious. I am super excited to see what this next week has in store and look forward to completing more of the challenges as the week progresses. A BIG, BIG thank you from across the pond! :)

  9. Kirsty Riach Says:

    Thank you for so much wonderful inspiration! You have kept me thoroughly entertained this weekend and I have created some lovely LOs are a result of your challenges! I hope to create more this week, although back to school week is always busy!

    Thanks again for everything you do- lots of people out there think very highly of you :) x

  10. Rebecca Says:

    This is going to be so much fun yet! I sure wish I had found more time to scrap and comment this weekend, but I had too many other important priorities. I’m so glad we still have a week to finish the challenges! Thank you so much for all this! I am so proud to be a member of such a wonderful community of scrapbooks, a wonderful community of women (and men, I suppose.) I have loved every minute of this!! Thank you, Shimelle!

  11. kate bucci Says:

    Thanks for a brilliant weekend :) I am still working through the early challenges but I’ll keep going all week. I’ve done more scrapbooking this last week/weekend than I have done in a long time. Smooches xx

  12. Sarah S Says:

    Thank you so much for putting this week-end together for us as I’ve had a blast and made 13 more LOs. Thanks also to all the generous people who have donated prizes. Good luck to everyone who’s taking part. Last thank you goes to everyone for the lovely comments on my work. I’ve tried to keep up with visiting you to see your latest work too. Feel free to give me a nudge if I’ve missed anything you’ve done xxx

  13. Sinead Says:

    Thanks Shimelle, for such an inspirational weekend of scrapbooking goodness! I was working Friday and Saturday so didn’t get started on the challenges until today, but have now done two and looking forward to many more in the week ahead. I would love to show this blog to anyone who disegards scrapbooking and challenge their opinion – because I have never been happier to be a scrapbooker! Love xx

  14. anneberit Says:

    This has been one fun weekend! Even with being at work most of Sunday I have already made 5 (more or less finished) layouts and I’m still inspired to scrap more during the week to come. Thank you for bringing the crop online, making it possible to participate where ever we live. :D Looking forward to see what you have in store for Learn Something New this year.

  15. Jennifer grace Says:

    Ooh, yay, more to come! So exciting! And I can’t wait for LSNED, I just had a look at the forum to see if any discussions were happening yet!

    Thanks shimelle for being so inspiring! X

  16. Janelle Says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration this weekend! I came home last weekend from being at my folks’ while my dad was (and still is) dealing with a very serious health problem…I have felt so run down and couldn’t even imagine trying to scrapbook, but the challenges have really gotten me going this weekend. I’m so delighted with the pages I’ve done so far and am looking forward to doing more this week! Love ya, Shimelle!

  17. Madeline Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend Shimelle. I am working away on the challenges

  18. Chipper Says:

    Can’t believe there is more! I am going to be inspired for weeks to come. The list of challenges is handy, thanks. I have spent the spare minutes of my weekend pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and it was GREAT! There have even been some very lovely comments on my blog which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. The ladies who frequent this site are lovely :-)

  19. Kimberly K. Says:

    Thank you for all the great challenges and inspiration. I plan on working through them all this week!

  20. Alison Says:

    Thank you so much Shimelle for all your hard work and inspiration!

    What a brilliant weekend I have had and I have loved ‘Exploring’ with you too! I always enjoy your classes and have lots to post on UKS and on your forum once I stop scrapping long enough to take / resize and upload my photos!

    So looking forward to LSNED again too!!!

  21. Alison Says:

    Thank you so much Shimelle for all your hard work and inspiration!

    What a brilliant weekend I have had and I have loved ‘Exploring’ with you too! I always enjoy your classes and have lots to post on UKS and on your forum once I stop scrapping long enough to take / resize and upload my photos!

    So looking forward to LSNED again too!!!

  22. AllisonLP Says:

    I had a BLAST Shimelle! Thanks so much for doing this. I would love to do all the challenges, so I’m going to have a busy week!

  23. Jill Says:

    Thank you so much Shimelle! I have never participated in anything but 2Peas events and this was really awesome! I am pumped to do some more challenges during the week and look forward to whatever you throw at us!! Goodnight!!

  24. ruth Says:

    Thanks so much for these fabo challenges, I am working on them, it has been such a rough time lately, this has been beautifully timed to pick me up and get me scrapping! Thanks Shimelle, you’re a star.

  25. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    I plan to keep working on the challenges this week as I start back to school as well as continue to look at the other layouts that others have created.

    Thank you so much Shimelle for all the great inspiration to get started on some layouts this weekend! Also, thanks for the chatter over on Twitter (@liveteachcreate) as it helped me keep going as well! :)

  26. Trisha H Says:

    Thank you for putting together such a great weekend for us. I know I will be referring back to all the cool ideas! You rock!

  27. ConnieC Says:

    Thank you! I completed 13 different layouts. Most are single pages, and I’m fine with that. I haven’t made this many pages in a long time. I can’t wait until your new scrappy weekend.

  28. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Thanks for hosting such a fabulous scrapping weekend! Since I was away, I REALLY appreciate the opportunity to participate over the next week! PLUS you added some fun extras this next week! It can’t get any better! Many thanks!

  29. Kim Strother Says:

    I just spent a few hours going to all the links to see every ones take on all the challenges. It was fun to see all the different and creative ways everyone used on their layouts. I look forward to the rest of the week!

  30. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    I do love your online crops and all the fun challenges you’ve issued. I really hope to find some time to play along this week.

  31. Fay Says:

    Fab weekend full of challenges, thanks for stimulating my creativity and to your wonderful sponsors for offering some prizes.

  32. Rachel Says:

    Shimelle, thankyou for all your time and inspiration. I’ve made 6 pages this weekend and I sm so happy and relaxed.

  33. Jacky S Says:

    Have really enjoyed it…and have plenty more challenges still to do!!

  34. Donna Says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to pick up my paper and scissors again Shimelle – I’ve had a great time and still have more to do. I’m looking forward to this week!

  35. helen Says:

    Can’t wait to have a go at these later in the week when I have time to play – I’ve loved the inspiration – thanks!

  36. Etha Says:

    Thank you very much for all your fabulous creativity and I am so very happy to have met so many lovely ladies who are proud to scrapbook! While the crop was going on this weekend, I ended up in a conversation with one of those people who dismisses scrapbooking as less than cool, and it was pretty fabulous to know there are plenty of us who are happy to set her straight!

  37. kaatje Says:

    thans for a faboulous weekend. Had a lot of fun to be able to join. Don’t think my fysiotherapist agree, se wasn’t happy with me this morning. But who cares. I didn’t have that much fun for a long time. Will do a lot of finshing this week and a lot of peaking with the orthers. So thank thanks thanks

  38. ninarsku. Says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for this weekend! It was the best way to end my summer holiday! Can’t wait for the next one :)

  39. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I’m about to start doing some of the challenges today but I so wanted to do them on the hop with you this weekend. I’ve just been to the post office to collect my 2 Peas shipment so it seems a good time to get started. I shall be watching closely for the LSNED kit announcement ;-) Thank you for your inspiration, I truly wouldn’t be scrapping without you. x

  40. shire Says:

    Thank you so much, Shimelle, for this weekend and for all those fabulous challenges…during this week I will try to get more done :)

  41. Angie Gutshall Says:

    Yay! Thank you for a list! And I was wondering if there would be more during the week!

  42. helen Says:

    a simple thanks for this we crop, I plan to do these challenges thru the upcoming week. I don’t have a blg to link to for the entries, so I’m following along for the fun, no prize entries for me; and I’m looking forward doing LSNED again!

  43. carol finlay Says:

    Muchas Gracias,
    A Fantastic weekend loved every minute of it,
    there have been some fab classes of which I am still doing, so plenty to keep me busy this week.
    Thanks once again for all your effort and time and well done to everyone who has been playing this weekend, some great layouts ladies.

  44. Jackie Says:

    Thanks for the weekend it really got me back into scrapping and I had some lovely feedback on my blog for the LOs. Let’s do it again soon!

  45. Denise Says:

    I was away at my hockey tourney, so I missed all the fun, but I’ll be playing catch-up with all the cool projects when I get the time. Thank you, Shimelle for all the great ideas and projects!

  46. Sabine Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful weekend! I had so much fun with all the challenges and I tried many new things, that was really inspiring!

  47. Mel Says:

    A late but heartfelt thanks from me too. Wonderful inspiration.

  48. So.Creative Says:

    Thank you Shimelle for inspiring me a lot these days :) I’m spending good times doing your challenges, I’m trying to do them all, because I’m just unable to only choose some of them. Love them ALL!!!

  49. EllieA Says:

    Finally was able to post! I used a picture of my oldest when he was 6 he’s about to turn 13 OPPS. Better late then never right? Thanks for all the inspiration and fun!

  50. Diane Says:

    A big thank you from me for all the challenges and fun! I had a fab 9 days of scrapping and seem to have found my mojo again :)

  51. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I have had such a great 9 days of scrapping, thank you so much! I completed 11 challenges in the end and my room is a tip, my children are starving and there is a mountain of washing to do but heck I had fun! I hope I haven’t missed the LSNED kit? Thank you again xx

  52. AndreaHB Says:

    I think I have no signature accent by now but I wanted to thank you for all the great challenges!

  53. Cheryl T Says:

    I LOVE your videos. Please keep them coming. Thanks for always inspiring me!

  54. fnaf Says:

    The article gave me many good and useful tips. I have gained a lot of experience from your article.

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