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Scrapbooking challenge :: Half Page Designs

scrapbooking challenge :: half page designs
scrapbook page
This idea of how individual pages make a full album is something that’s on my mind so much recently. It applies to that idea of adding in more photos or writing to help things make sense, but it also applies to the design. We can create pages with so very much in that 12×12 space – plenty of photos and patterned papers and accents. As we turn the pages in our albums, those sorts of pages become less appreciated when our eyes get a bit tired from taking in all the details.

Every once in while, I love the break from a really detailed page to go with something simple that leaves plenty of room for your eyes to relax. It helps if you really love the patterned paper, like this lovely and simple floral from the Ever After collection by Pebbles. That helps a minimal design not look too stark, but still less overwhelming than some more crowded pages. So this page will work like that – with the design kept to just two colours and half the page space!

One other product I love from Pebbles that is easy to miss – Candy Dots. They are simple little dots in pearls, jewels or buttons, with a glue dot there on the back so you can just add them without any messing about with the adhesive. This pink and green wedding was accented with grey, so I used grey Candy Dots in the middle of each butterfly. They are such a simply way to dress up a layout with that special something!

How about a challenge? Create a layout that only uses half the page. It can be whatever half you would like, but somewhere around half the page space needs to be breathing room!

Many thanks to Pebbles for sponsoring this challenge! You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow them!

One entry will be selected to win a prize pack of scrapbooking supplies from Pebbles. Entries close at midnight next Sunday (21st August 2011).

Feel free to use the comment section to chat about this challenge, as the entries should go in the linky widget!

14 August 2011

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96 Comments for Scrapbooking challenge :: Half Page Designs

  1. Trisha H Says:

    This is a tough one! “Half-naked” layouts scare me:)!

  2. shire Says:

    A perfect challenge for me :) Your layout is so beautiful..I like how the colours “fits” with the photo.

  3. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Arrghh! I’m going to find this one so difficult, I tend to use almost all the 12×12 space that I can! That’s the reason they’re called ‘challenges’ though I suppose!
    Love the colour combo. X

  4. Tam2 Says:

    Adorable page with a great idea of blank space without being…well, blank.

    BTW, how many more wedding pages do you have to do? Maybe you can have another weekend crop to help you finish up that big stack of pictures! : )

  5. Mel Says:

    Another great challenge although I’m a minimalist usually almost Cathy Z minimalist. It’s only your beautiful pages Shimelle that get me to push those boundaries.

  6. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    White space scares me so this shall be interesting!

  7. Chipper Says:

    I have been trying to implement a few of these in my pages and really struggle with them. My husband doesn’t help when he peers over my shoulder and wants to know what I am putting in the empty space! LOL

    As it is now the wee hours of Monday morning where I am I shall have to save this challenge and any more that pop up in your day and finish them during the week.

    I have had a great time squeezing in as many as possible over the weekend. Thank you Shimelle for organising this fabulous three days of challenges! Now to try and finish them all. This is a great way to keep me motivated.

  8. Fay Says:

    I like white space on a LO, very much my style. Your page challenge yesterday that covered most of the LO in pp was out of my comfort zone!

    Love the design of your LO.

  9. Kristin Says:

    Beautiful layout! Love the color combination. I used the same pink/green combo last night when I did my Stickery Challenge layout. What a great challenge.

  10. Sarah S Says:

    This was so my bag. I’m all for clean LOs with space. Your LO is amazing. Love your colour combination x

  11. RellyAB Says:

    I had fun with this and created something a bit different – almost minimalist, for me at least XD

  12. Major Says:

    I’m proud to be a scrapbooker because I have a hobby which is fun to do and teach my GodDaughter too.

  13. marianne Says:

    So pretty, sweet and simple. Love pink+green. It’s one of my fave color combos.

  14. Sabine Says:

    Done! That was a quick challenge! Although my page is nothing where the eye can relax… but I have used only the half page, so I think it counts!

  15. Jill Says:

    Fun challenge! Not sure I have ever done that before!! I have some of those candy dots, thanks for mentioning them…i’m not quite sure where mine are!! Time to go looking through my stash!

  16. sarah slade Says:

    I have only just did 2 pages like this they are up on my blog if you wanna take a look?

  17. Kim Strother Says:

    I love this layout, the soft pink is so pretty. I learned about “white space” I think it was called in a design class I took. It really lets you focus on the photo.

  18. ConnieC Says:

    I saw someone say that they were scared of white space. I’m the complete opposite. I love it. It pairs well with my graphic, linear style.

  19. Penny Says:

    I often leave white space on my layouts but the really are white space so using a whole sheet of patterned paper will be the challenge for me. Thanks for another push to try something new.

  20. Trish Says:

    Wow! Love the colours in this layout!

  21. Jenny A Says:

    Simple and beautiful layout! This will be a challenge for me :)

  22. AllisonLP Says:

    Half page, ok! I’ll give it a shot!! Some awesome entries already..

  23. Natalie Says:

    I’ve done, and love the result. Thanks for the inspiration, as always :) x

  24. Brenda B Says:

    This helped me scrap the single photo I had of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse from our vacation. Thanks for the challenge!

  25. Linda S Says:

    Oh no not white space!LOL I will really try hard on this one. The examples are beautiful. I can do it!

  26. Kate Says:

    Great challenge, Ive already linked mine up…think that must be something of a record for me to be so quick :0)
    Kate x

  27. kaatje Says:

    I stop now, for today. I am half way all the challenges. But my arm and neck says it’s enough. So the rest will be for the rest of this week. I really loved the weekend. Looking forward to the next. Big hugs from the Netherlands

  28. Kirsty Says:

    Looking forward to trying this out sometime this week…I hardly ever create LO with this much white space so it will certainly be a challenge. I love looking at your LOs for inspiration and you seem to cover ever angle available, hehe!

  29. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for a great challenge! I love the pink and green layout- so soft and pretty!

  30. Mary Buttons Says:

    Although I often do layouts with plenty of ‘white space’ and often in just one half of the page I don’t think I have ever done one with such a busy bkgd so that for me was the real challenge.

  31. Shannon H. Says:

    Simple, yet beautiful. This might be my favorite challenge so far!

  32. Caroline Says:

    Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thank you Shimelle x

  33. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    Love this idea, and I try it often. But usually I can’t help but keep adding more to my white space!! I’ll try much harder this time :-)

  34. Katja Says:

    …ah wonderfull idea…many thanks.

  35. Jimjams Says:

    I’ve used my Counterfeit Kit to do this challenge – perfect for a busy, dark photo as it let’s you focus on it rather than a load of other bits and bobs!

  36. Jackie Ashton Says:

    Love the idea of ‘white space’ but do find it hard to achieve, but have done my best!

  37. ifa Says:

    Perfect opportunity to use some pretty papers.

  38. Nienke Says:

    I loved this challenge so much it finally convinced me to partcipate for the first time! Very pretty layout with all that pink.

  39. carol finlay Says:

    Great challenge, simple but beautiful.

  40. kelly Says:

    I had already created a page that fits this before i read your post!! so thought I may as well link it! Thanks for the inspiration as always

  41. Cynthia Says:

    I thought I would have a hard time with this one—I’m not used to leaving so much space. But I found it very freeing. I love the look of it, the simplicity of it.

  42. Kimberly K. Says:

    This is another one I love … I am a huge fan of “white” space.

  43. Emma Says:

    Loved this challenge & I was able to use a previous weekly sketch from Shimelle as the starting point – double whammy!!
    Emma x

  44. Daphne Says:

    Just my LO, blog post will be done later!

  45. Yolanda Says:

    Loved the simplicity of doing this LO :)

  46. Ali Says:

    I’m going to be able to use this again and again – love it.

  47. So.Creative Says:

    I LOVED doing this layout of my sweet little son!! Thanx for this challenge Shimelle!

  48. Jen M Says:

    Combined this with the retro photo challenge, but it was really hard to resist putting more on the page!

  49. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Fun Challenge! This is the first challenge, after the sketch of the week, I have tackled! I am happy with how it turned out! It actually started the theme for 2 additional pages. Thanks!

  50. Cindy Says:

    These challenges are great for my Albums! I am never able to do the “white space” pages although I love them and so jelous that I am not able to hold back! I am pleased with my LO this time though.

  51. Jenny McGee Says:

    I usually like filling my page, so this was tough one. Fun though. Thanks.

  52. rockchickhelen Says:

    Done, kept it easy by using scraps.

  53. Lois M Says:

    Hooray I can at last leave a message here! Been trying for 2 days! Loved the challenge of leaving blank space although I cheated a little as my PP was a picture background!

  54. Scrapdolly Says:

    I don’t know how you make white space look so good. My page just looks empty.
    But I did the challenge and have learnt some things to avoid LOL.

  55. Rachel Houltram Says:

    I enjoyed the half page challenge – I sort of found myself still working on the ‘threes’ challenge, even though I’d submitted that, but this could go in either! A pretty background is great to show off, and this is an idea I’ll try again, for sure!

  56. carrie Says:

    Scary – blank space always looks half finished for me but I managed a layout using some gorgeous patterned paper and I am really pleased with the result – thank you for helping me to work outside my comfort zone on this one!

  57. Chipper Says:

    I finally managed to complete this challenge. And I surprised myself, I really liked the finished product! So much so, that the page I completed after this one had more white space on it than normal LOL

  58. Jo Says:

    I loved this challenge because I love to see lots of space on a page or to put it another way, a concentrated area of scrapping :)

  59. Alison Says:

    Very challenging this one – half the size of a normal LO and it seemed to take me twice as long!!!! I had the final bit of black cardstock on and off about 10 times – it just was too bare for me without it – and about 3 feet outside of my comfort zone!!!!
    Thanks Shimelle, I was really pushing my boundaries here

  60. Jenny A Says:

    Loved this challenge! I uploaded my layout :)

  61. Immi Says:

    Just uploaded my layout. Love the way this puts the focus squarely on my photo!

  62. j.leija Says:

    Linky, linky :)

  63. Angie Says:

    This one was quite tricky for me as my I do my layouts on 8×8 and although I picked my picture quite quickly there wasn’t that much room to play with. I’ve loved challenging myself with all of these projects and thinking outside my usual box.

  64. emma clark Says:

    loved this one…and did a simple page so you could see the lovely tim holtz paper like you said!!! yum xxx

  65. Jenny Says:

    lots of empty space..I have the urge to stick something in it! Mines uploaded

  66. Sabine Says:

    Love this empty space layout! I will certainly do this more often.

  67. Steffi Says:

    This wasn’t so easy for me. I like to full my pages. But I did it!

  68. cinback Says:

    Love the ‘white space’ on this LO. Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. Gina Says:

    I was able to complete a few layouts this week thanks to all your great challenges, Shimelle. I enjoyed the simplicity of this one, being limited to only using half the page.

  70. Jenny B Says:

    The page I did for this drove me mad, but I really love the finished LO. Thanks so much.

  71. Bethan Says:

    Don’t usually like using ‘white space’ But this didn’t look to empty.

  72. Ann Says:

    A tough one for me as I scrapped my dad for the first time since he passed last year xx

  73. Peggy Says:

    I don’t usually do this kind of LO, but I have a cool Project 365 digital template that Shimelle made a couple of years ago, which I use a lot. I don’t trust myself to get this kind of page right, but I trust her.

  74. Nancylee Says:

    This was the simplest layout I ever made! Thanks for the inspiration…..

  75. Rachel H Says:

    I did not expect to do this one – but I was carried away by inspiration! Love it!!

  76. Alyssa Says:

    I LOVED this challenge. I’m going to have to do it again sometime.

  77. luluuk Says:

    A good challenge for as I rarely use patterned paper as a background,but I love the result. x

  78. georgina Says:

    This was a great challenge – I always usually feel the need to spread out on a page – it was good to limit it to half the page!

  79. Nikki Says:

    I really enjoyed doing this, keeping it minimal yet using 6 photos, great challenge thanks :-)

  80. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Struggled with this one but really liked it in the end. How many more can I fit in?!

  81. Jane Says:

    I use a lot of white space on my layouts so this one was easy!

  82. Karen Says:

    Hi – this is my 2nd attempt at this challenge. I couldn’t get the right combo of photo and pp so I started over and I’m much happier now. I actually really enjoyed it once I got going and will definitely use the half page idea again. :-)

  83. Wrightboysmum Says:

    This is so much my stlye I had to do this challenge even though it’s almost a last gasp. Thanks for a great weekend of challenges.

  84. Janice D-P Says:

    I just love the simplicity of this half-page style of layout. The white space really creates impact for the whole.

  85. Jacky S Says:

    This one was quite a challenge for me….as my pages are usually very full….but love the result.

  86. Gemma Says:

    gotta love white space :)

  87. CoCo Says:

    Love your example LO more than my own, but definitely a technique I need to try more. Thanks a million Shimelle!

  88. Natalie G Says:

    Another great challenge! And another wedding photo scrapped!

  89. Tríona Says:

    Creeping a litte into the top half, but I think I get away with it! :)

  90. Patty Says:

    I always love a little breathing room:)

  91. Jen Clark Says:

    I found this one daunting… until I found the right paper for the background!!! :D ~Jen

  92. Lucy Says:

    I’ve had the background paper in my layout for years… it’s finally got used thanks to this challenge. Thank you!

  93. AndreaHB Says:

    Thanks for a great challenge!

  94. Tara Says:

    Wonderful challenge. I love the simplicity of the half page layout and don’t make myself do the often enough :)

  95. Daphne Says:

    Here is the post with a the layout!

  96. Mel Says:

    So I know I am too late, but I loved this layout and couldn’t wait to have fun with it. Thanks!

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