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A bargain for UK scrapbookers

a bargain for uk scrapbookers
scrapbooking supplies
So for US scrappers, there’s the free shipping offer this weekend, but I promised something for UK scrapbookers too, and that’s a different kind of bargain.

While I don’t have all the latest CHA releases like some fabulous scrapbooking stores, I can offer you a huge bargain on an assortment of past-season releases. So I’ve set aside a limited number of scrapbooking bargain boxes. Each box includes a variety of things like minibooks, cardstock, patterned paper, stamps (some clear, some wood-mounted rubber), Thickers and other stickers, embellishments and ribbon. There are no duplicates within one box (there is duplication from box to box, though they are not necessarily identical) and all supplies are brand new, they just aren’t this season’s releases. There are no split packets with the exception of ribbon cut from long reels. Almost all of these items are supplies I have used in my workshops, so they are all products I love. The sample above gives you an idea of the brands included – Bazzill cardstock, American Crafts Thickers and so on. All box contents are major brands I’ve used on my pages!

Each box is £20, which includes first class postage to a UK address. The contents of each box would retail for at least double that, sometimes more, so there’s a savings of at least £20 with each box. And no extra shipping! To keep the shipping costs down, I am recycling cardboard boxes! But everything is packed safely and prettily inside! If you would like a bargain box, click the button and do make sure you’re leaving the correct address for posting, please!

All Sold Out! Thanks so much!

Once the boxes are sold out, I’m afraid that’s it on this particular bargain. But if you fancy a bit of a surprise at a great discount, I hope you can grab one while they last!

Sorry, I cannot take non-UK orders for this offer.


14 August 2011

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19 Comments for A bargain for UK scrapbookers

  1. Sarah S Says:

    What a wonderful thing to do. I wish I could get one :( Good luck to those who do buy them though. May they have many hours of play time with them x

  2. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    Awesome deal! Jump on it UK peeps!

  3. Jenny B Says:

    I just blew my stash ban… oops!

  4. Sabine SR Says:

    Too bad, that I live in Germany :-(

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Awww… what a sweet deal! Enjoy these, UK friends!! :)

  6. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Thank you for putting the bargain box looks yummy!I hope there will be some stickers because the sticker challenge this weekend reminded me how few I have! x

  7. kaatje Says:

    pfff unlucky me, I live in The Netherlands. But enjoy to those who are lucky to join

  8. lesley oman Says:

    yeay! just ordered one. cant wait for it to arrive. nothing more awesome that a little surprise craft delivery! thanks shimelle. <3

  9. Gemma Says:

    Thanks for this offer Shimelle. I had banned myself from buying anything new until my birthday… but if I don’t open it ‘till then that still counts, yes? ;-) Looking forward to the surprise!

  10. shire Says:

    Although I live in Germany I wish everybody who will get one so much fun with it :)

  11. Alison Says:

    Just managed to grab one before they all went!!! How fortunate that I am coming back to my home in the uk in around a week!!! I have been scrapping like a mad woman all weekend and have used so much stash I must need to replace some!!! <LOL> Thanks for putting the boxes together Shimelle- they sound fab and Im so excited about mine!!!!

  12. Brenda Weschke Says:

    BUmmer I missed it! I really would have liked to get one but I guess I have to be faster next time! :)

  13. Jill Says:

    Nice! Congrats to all the lucky scrappers who got a box of goodies!!!

  14. Kim Strother Says:

    Have fun playing with your boxes to the girls lucky enough to get one!!

  15. AllisonLP Says:

    congrats to you UK scrappers that got in on this!

  16. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Oh darn! I knew I would miss something like this. I love getting a box like this, far more exciting than ordering each piece individually as its all a total surprise. I’ve had great boxes from you in the past Shimelle.

  17. Rachel Houltram Says:

    I’m disappointed to miss it too! We Brits miss out on all those free US shipping offers and it would have been good to find something here. However, I have to say I am loving the challenges – I already did four!

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