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Scrapbooking tutorial :: Bingo Cards and Butterflies

scrapbooking tutorial :: bingo cards and butterflies
scrapbooking tutorial
As promised, a little something special to continue throughout this week, and I hope the video fans will enjoy! Each day this week, stop by to see a new video with a layout tutorial, then enter for a chance to win a prize pack of goodies from some of your favourite manufacturers. Today’s video features products by Jenni Bowlin Studio and I have a JBS prize pack to send to one lovely scrapbooker!

To enter the challenge, all you have to do is create something inspired by the video. It can be very similar to the page if you like, or you can take inspiration from any element you like – the colours, the photo placement, any technique – whatever takes your fancy. Then upload your project to your blog or a page gallery like Two Peas or UKScrappers and leave a link to the post (not your blog’s main page) in the box below.

Deadline is next Sunday (21st August 2011) at midnight UK time!

15 August 2011

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79 Comments for Scrapbooking tutorial :: Bingo Cards and Butterflies

  1. EllieA Says:

    Today is Shimelle day a my house Ha.. I LLLLOOOVE all these challenges they are making my mojo just pour out. If I could I’d give you one Big hug so how about a Cyber hug (non stalker Ha)

  2. kim strother Says:

    Love the yellow. Wish I had the week off work to keep playing all day. Oh well, who needs to sleep, I’ll play at night.

  3. Revlie Says:

    Congrats on the AC Team!

  4. Mandy McK Says:

    Great video as always. Inspiring and educational.
    Mandy McK

  5. Penny Says:

    Thanks for another great video. I love the polka dot butterfly will be giving that a try.

  6. Sharon K Says:

    Sure, I’ll play – gotta watch the video at home – work says “NO NO NO!”

  7. AllisonLP Says:

    Done! I love Jenni Bowlin products!

  8. Mel Says:

    Now you’re just spoiling us! Love the video and I actually have that big hero arts stamp, lovin the polka dots.

  9. Pam Says:

    I am so very excited to be working with you, I am a big fan! Congrats!!!

  10. Paige Evans Says:

    Just wanted to say I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing all your creations through AC!

  11. Lilith Eeckels Says:

    Big congrats on making the AC team. Can’t wait to see your work!

  12. Jackie H Says:

    Great video. I really want to try this challenge and can’t wait until tomorrow evening when I’ll have a bit more time. I wish I didn’t have to go to work this week!

  13. marianne Says:

    Be still my heart! Butterflies and bingo cards? What more could a girl want? Love the video, natch!

  14. Kristin Says:

    LOVE this layout and was totally mesmerized watching the video. You used some great techniques that I want to try.

  15. Jill Says:

    Fun! Love the colors and I love JB!!!

  16. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Thanks for the video!! Love it! Great job! Love the polka dotted butterfly! so many choices in this challenges!!! hmmm…which to chose? on a hunt to see if i used all my JB bingo cards….

  17. Cindy Says:

    Love your work, Shimelle and I’m looking forward to getting o know you!

  18. Adel Says:

    Of all the challenges this was the first I completed, as I had all the products just handy and ready to go. I even went for the painted frame.

  19. abbeyviolet Says:

    Congrats on the AC Design team! Great video and more packed into the page than I noticed at first blush!

  20. Peggy Says:

    You had me from “Jenni Bowlin.” Thanks for the inspiration Shimelle; that bingo card on my LO has been kickin’ around since — well — June!

  21. Sarah S Says:

    What an amazing LO and video to match. I loved everything you did and have used all your ideas minus the title for my LO as I didn’t think mine needed one. Thank you for getting me to spend a lovely evening doing just the one LO. Hoping to do this as a paper and glue LO sometime soon too x

  22. ConnieC Says:

    I thought I was done scrapping for the week. Then I see I get to look forward to scrapping the rest of the week.

  23. nitasha Says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I couldn’t wait to get home and dig into my JB stash to play along with this challenge!

  24. Karen R Says:

    Hi, I’m new to blogs and posting in challenges and posted my sketch LO in the wrong challenge.

  25. Lizzie Says:

    I really like the muted colour palette you have here. The butterfly paper is so pretty, yet quite understated and the monochrome, with just those splashes of lemon, really works well. Love this page!

  26. Melissa Mann Says:

    Congrats on AC!! Excited to be working with ya the next year!

  27. monica Says:

    I´m all exited about all the videos to come this week!! I was very much inspired by the wonderful yellow, I think I will have a go on that.

  28. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Wow, I love this so much. Its you and yet a little different too but I can’t quite put my finger on why. Its all my fave things in one place. I love seeing your range of nail polishes too (I’m intrigued about your ring finger….) LOVE that polka dot stamp on the butterfly.

  29. Sinead Says:

    A great video Shimelle, I love how you stamped on the butterfly with the polka dots. Lovely layout! Makes me want to scrap right now:) xx

  30. Elena Stefanidou Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful layout.So simple and lovely.I’ve recently discovered scrapbooking(yes,I am a greek alien)and can’t get enough of it.

  31. Lori Stokes Wright Says:

    Great video tutorial! Just found your site through Jenni Bowlin. Can’t wait to learn more!!!

  32. cinback Says:

    Wow! There was so much to be inspired by in this LO! I hope I did it justice.

  33. Maria Bush (CinniBinni) Says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I love watching you put pages together. Your talent just give me that push to create more pages. Thanks again.

  34. Zahra Says:

    LOVE the LO and great tutorial!! Love the way you’ve done the butterfly – you always have such great butterflies! What make is the chipboard one?! Fabulous! (and thank you for my birthday message on facebook x)

  35. Abbey Says:

    Glad to do the page – I really liked how it turned out and only used maybe 1/2 of the tips so many more to use in the future. Thanks!

  36. Jasmine Says:

    Loveeee the page and the video (like always).. thank you so much for sharing.. I will start working on my page, just recently got a photo booth pics strip and this challenge is soo perfect for me..

  37. Kate Says:

    Hello :0)
    Ive just linked up my take on this layout, was fun to do. Paint and stamping on a page is just not me haha.
    Kate x

  38. Georgia Says:

    Love the look of this layout, but it did take me a couple of days to get mine completed. There was a lot of painting and waiting, spraying and waiting, well you get the picture.

  39. kim Says:

    I just loved this challenge. I made my layout using yellow and that’s a color i usely don’t use!

  40. So.Creative Says:

    I loved doing this layout!! I’ve linked mine above, thanx for your great video!!

  41. rockchickhelen Says:

    Great fun!

  42. Renee H Says:

    I had fun doing this challenge, but totally went off in another direction…including turning the yellow to gold and not using either the butterflies or bingo cards.

  43. Karen R Says:

    I posted the right LO this time. Having fun!

  44. Mary Buttons Says:

    Thanks Shimelle I really loved this one and my challenge was to scraplift it digitally.

  45. Alison Says:

    Thanks Shimelle, so many options to choose from in this challenge,beautiful work and a great video as always!

    I dont often scrap with yellow – so I tried that and really surprised myself! Also liked playing with the bingo card and butterflies idea! I also posted the wrong LO first time round and cant work out how to delete the wrong one! Feeling a bit technically challenged!

  46. Sarah H Says:

    Had a go at this last night, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  47. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    There was so much I wanted to use here! Perfect colours for my DH’s driving experience photos so I went with that. LOVE Jenni Bowlin.

  48. Jenny A Says:

    I love JBS and this was a perfect challenge because I’ve been hoarding my JBS bingo cards and butterflies for awhile now :)

  49. Scrapdolly Says:

    I think I may have mentioned before that I hold you totally responsible for my butterfly addiction. This is a perfect example of what I blame you for!
    I LOVED your butterfly and had to try and mimic it, making my own bingo card, own butterfly (no dotted stamp so embossed and inked) and I loved copying your page!

  50. Kristin Says:

    Just posted a link to my layout! I had several of your challenges on my mind as I completed this layout (grid it up, 3 is the magic number, chop your paper (I cut out my hearts from a piece of patterned paper), and pink hoopla), but ultimately felt the most inspiration coming from your idea of using multiple letter sticker fonts/packs and used three on this layout. Thanks for the inspiration and the challenge. Even though I am sure I won’t have a submission for each challenge, I am definitely drawing on them and your great ideas as I complete my layouts.

  51. Sabine Says:

    I liked the butterflies and bingo cards-theme! I converted it more into a travel/adventure-style theme with lots of glimmer mist and like the result! :-))

  52. Donna L Says:

    Loved this video! I pretty much scraplifted your whole page. I took the bingo card idea, the painting the frame (which I’ve never done before), the butterfly and extending the title on to the rest of the bingo card. I let the title/subtitle speak for itself, so no journaling. I am loving these challenges as it’s getting me to actually sit down and scrap!Thank you!

  53. wendy Says:

    my page has a butterfly and yellow but sadly no bingo card as I don’t have any. Hopefully I might win and then I will be able to play

  54. Jackie H Says:

    I enjoyed this challenge although it’s taken me a few days to complete. I’ve just posted a link to my layout.

  55. Marie Says:

    Just entered!!!

  56. Mary M. Says:

    That painted butterfly is amazing! =) I must make one of these…. ::putters off to craft room::

  57. Michelle Easters Says:

    Loved this LO and enjoyed making my own version. Thanks for all the inspiration Shimelle x

  58. Kathy Morgan Says:

    I loved your layout and I had a blast making mine! You got me to play again and try some different things. Thanks Shimelle!

  59. rt in GA Says:

    I linked my project to the wrong challenge. I don’t know how to delete it.

  60. emma clark Says:

    lovin the Jenni Bowlin stuff!!! I would have loved to have used the bingo card but dont have one so had to settle for this spinner instead, i think it works nearly as well. xxxx

  61. Jenny Says:

    I do like Jenni Bowlin stash too. I loved the photo size and colour on this this challenge – I forgot how much I like yellow! Thanks

  62. Linda M. Says:

    Loved your layout. I used the colors and tried to create a card, did not turn out as lovely as yours! Take care.

  63. Bethan Says:

    Had to think out of the boc for this. So another great challenge to get the brain working.

  64. georgina Says:

    ooh my this was difficult – and messy! LOL

  65. ninarsku Says:

    thank you for this challenge and video, I love them!

  66. Chipper Says:

    Had lots of fun doing this one. It is my fav so far and the first time I used a bingo card.

  67. Jane Says:

    Loved it – thanks Shimelle.

  68. pegg Says:

    I’ve been so enjoying your challenges and especially watching your videos. So inspiring and making me very productive!

  69. PJ Says:

    Great challenge! Loved it to join in!

  70. Gemma Says:

    lots of ideas from this one, watch out for lots of bingo card pages coming up :)

  71. Natalie G Says:

    I’ve uploaded my LO for this one under my tag name Little Nat!

  72. Ann Says:

    love your layout and haven’t done it justice but I did use a BINGO card!
    It can be found here on my blog and also meets the stickery challenge too!

  73. Amanda Says:

    Thanks for all the challenges. I’ve got loads done this week and scrapped outside my comfort zone a couple of times thanks to your inspiration.

  74. NancyLee Says:

    A thank you card for everyone. That was such a fun, fun week of scrapping….

  75. Daphne Says:

    Here is the post with the layout!

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