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Welcome to the {Scrapbooking} Party!

online scrapbooking challenges open until 14 march 2016

Good morning and welcome to an entire weekend of scrapbooking fun! From 8am to 4pm UK time, both today and tomorrow, you’ll find a new scrapbooking challenge here every two hours. But don’t worry if that time zone doesn’t work for you – all the challenges stay open until the end of next weekend and you don’t need to be here at any specific time. I hope your schedule finds a match sometime between now and then!

Now throughout the weekend, you’ll see a variety of challenges plus some videos, special guests, plenty of new projects, and a surprise or two! But all the challenges are quite open for interpretation so you can make new pages that will feel right at home in your albums, no matter your style. The only guideline for all the fun is that the challenges are for new pages created from now on, not for existing layouts made before now. Easy enough!

I always believe in starting with a warm-up, so challenge one is the easiest of the ten – or is it? You’ll have to make a decision! Since we started the recent weekly challenges here every Monday, we’ve had selfies, hearts, mixing old with new, monochromatic colour schemes, and the current challenge of maps and globes. To start, choose one or more (or all?) of those challenges to create your next page! Simple… once you’ve made your decision, anyway!

See you in two hours with your next challenge… and enjoy the warm up until then! So happy to see you here this weekend.

05 March 2016

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18 Comments for Welcome to the {Scrapbooking} Party!

  1. Sunies Scrapbooking Says:

    Wee this will be so much fun. Ill check in now and then but wont ve able to make anything until later tonight when my 2 kids are in bed.
    This is Such a fun idée

  2. Linda Says:

    heading to the park with my son so hopefully will get some pics there to start off with. Thanks For the fun!

  3. Lis Garrett Says:

    Got to make a Mother’s Day card first then have a look through the challenges and pick one!! So excited to be taking part this weekend! First time I’ve done any scrapbooking for a long time. Happy to be back.

  4. Heike Says:

    Good morning! I’m already excited and started with my first layout!! I’m not sure how my timing will be either, so it is great to have until next weekend to finish :-)

  5. Denise Fleming Says:

    I’m really looking forward to joining in and trying some of the challenges. Great weekend everyone.

  6. Marie Worthing Says:

    I’m so sad…being in Oz, I am just about to go to bed on Saturday night. Guess I will be running behind and catching up while you are all asleep :)

  7. Vucki Says:

    Looks like so much fun! It’s been too long since I’ve scrapped!

  8. LisaDV Says:

    Love this especially since I’ e not gotten to do the weekly challenges. Hope there is a challenge for the return of glitter girl videos too as I’m behind on thoe as well

  9. Joanne Says:

    Maps, selfies, new and old are my normal scrapping so I decided to try to do them all! Fail I couldn’t work the monochromatic. I think it may stil need tweaking but have put on Facebook as I can’t work out how to upload on my phone

  10. Lisa Zepponi Says:

    oh yahoo!! Woke up early (for me) on Sat. am to participate! It’s like Christmas am!! Thanks for having this on-line crop and I am pumped about the warm up challenge! I have not had time to complete the weekly challenges; so here is my chance!

  11. Wendy Says:

    I’m so confused. I thought there were going to be new challenges every 2 hours. Am I missing something?

  12. Sue G Says:

    Wendy – there are new challenges going up every 2 hours. Each one is a separate post. SO far, there are 4 challenges listed.

  13. Kyle Says:

    Thanks for putting this together, Shimelle! So excited for the challenges, and thankful for a day off this week as I’m not sure I’ll get much scrapping in this weekend.

  14. Christi Says:

    I also seem to be missing the additional 2 hour posts. Could someone help us out?

  15. Lesley Says:

    Me too! I can only see one posting

  16. Nina Says:

    I loooove your online crops! Hope that I get some time to participate to all of the challenges.

  17. Virginia Says:

    Great scraping party! I made my first challenge , I posted it on fb ‘cause I couldn’t manage to uploaded here. Now to the next

  18. Gab Says:

    So fun! Love to see so many creations!