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Happy 25th!

scrap your day meets self portrait tuesday

Hey hey Scrap-your-Day fans! It is once again the 25th and we’re taking pictures for month eight of our twelve month project!

This month the 25th falls on a Tuesday, so it’s Scrap your Day meets Self Portrait Tuesday! See the Photo Fact Sheet for more details.

And the album prompt is here for you too!

Happy scrapping!

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25 November 2008

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117 Comments for Happy 25th!

  1. Hannah Brockett Says:

    Hi Shimelle

    oh no!!! I totally didn’t realise it was the 25th!! far too excited about Journal your Christmas plus my baby is due any day now… doh!! what would you suggest… take photo’s tomorrow I guess… Shame…


  2. Lauren Says:

    LOVE the pink!

  3. Sarah Says:

    please share :)

  4. Rita Says:

    Yes, do tell about the shoes! I want them!

  5. Rhian Says:

    Hannah, I forgot the 25th too, so I I’ve gone for 26th. I’m NOT going to miss a month, or give up now. (And in my case the two days were pretty much the same).

    I am loving this – although most 25ths are work days and pretty samey there’s always something different, & I’m loving the photo tips too.