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A weekend of sketches and scrapbooking

scrapbook page detail by shimelle laine @
I’m back on my feet and in for a major session (or rather several major sessions!) of catching up – with work, with life, with the world it seems! And one of those major sessions was devoted to scrapbook pages and sketches and indeed, the February product picks for Best of Both Worlds, which I’ve now turned from a kit into a stack of pages. And this weekend I’m going to transfer that big catch up session from my desk to the blog, editing and uploading and posting those videos and projects for you!

I’m in class through the middle of today and need to focus, so I wanted to gather the last several sketches here for you if you want to make a start and have missed any of these… then new sketches will start later today once I’m out of class and back and ye olde computer! Sound like a plan? I’ve really enjoyed working with the products this month – I hope you enjoy the process too, whether you’re working with the same supplies or choosing items from your own stash. The 2013 sketches so far then, in review! Each with a link to take you to page examples and videos and assorted other details.

scrapbooking sketch by shimelle laine @
A sketch for a scrapbook page with one large and two small photos

scrapbooking sketch by shimelle laine @
A sketch for a scrapbook page with two portrait 4×6 photos

scrapbooking sketch by shimelle laine @
A sketch for two photos and quadrants of patterned paper

scrapbooking sketch by shimelle laine @
A sketch for square photo prints – perfect for scrapbooking Instagram or other phone photos

Each post has a spot for you to share a link to your project, but I do have to put a closing date on these otherwise they get filled with random spam links to things that are definitely not scrapbooking material! If you ever complete a sketch and want to share but the end date has passed, you can always leave a link in the comments. If these sketches aren’t quite right for your needs, you can always search through the older archive of page sketches – there’s a link at the bottom of the page that takes you to all those posts.

I hope that gives you a little starting place if you’re an earlybird to your crafting desk today, and I’ll be back later with new sketches, videos, and examples from some of my favourite scrapbookers too! Have a fabulous weekend, wherever you may be!


23 February 2013

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11 Comments for A weekend of sketches and scrapbooking

  1. mel Says:

    Not so much an early bird it’s lunchtime on the Uk but I am here and ready for a weekend of fun.

  2. Anne-Liesse Says:

    So glad to hear that you’re up and about again. I can’t wait for all of the creative inspiration!

  3. Donelda Says:

    I am glad you are feeling better! Crafting life has been rather dull without you around. Looking forward to your post!

  4. Kirby Says:

    yes, you’ve been missed! s’glad you are back! Hope class was fun & looking forward to later today!
    Oh, & thank you for the art class rec on PRT! I was trying to resist (my thinking was ‘I’ll just wait & see how Shimelle applies the techniques to her pages!’ -is that awful?!) but you pushed me over the edge & I’m loving it!

  5. Karen Says:

    Love these sketches, Shimelle. I’ve promised myself to find an hour or two tonight to scrapbook – I have the photos ready and the stories in my head so this lovely inspiration is all I still needed to get started, thanks!

  6. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Great sketches and your latest Glitter girl LO is extremely inspiring! putting up all my birthday goodies from 2peas & Elle’s Studio! Can’t wait to get started and see all your creations!

  7. Ellen Says:

    I look out for it!

  8. Hokiecoyote Says:

    I posted all of my pages and have been anxiously awaiting new sketches.

  9. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    Good to have you back! Can’t wait to see more video goodness!

  10. senoritascrapper Says:

    Glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to your inspiration.

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