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This is just the beginning

This is Why I Scrapbook
this is why i scrapbook

So it’s been cold for too long and I’m getting a bit twitchy for some sunshine and green grass and fresh air that does not freeze the lungs. Since the pavement seems to be getting ore dangerous instead of less, I think it’s about time to get settled at my crafting table and work on something a little bit special. And I’d love it if you would join me.

This little adventure starts today and will continue through the end of the month, right here on It’s not just free — you may end up with money to go shopping by the time this adventure comes to a close.

Today, I just want to introduce you to my perspective on this adventure. Your perspective may be different. That’s fabulous — it’s what will make this entire idea work. A few years ago I taught a workshop called The Reasons Why, with a quick presentation about why we scrapbook before we made a 6×6 minibook together. At that point, I was excited that scrapbooking was turning a corner. And now, there are changes again. So I think it’s time to return to this idea, but bring it up to today’s perspective.

This is the very first time I’ve uploaded a video to youtube. Please be kind. Yes, my accent is completely weird and neither here nor there. The sound is pretty wonky at the beginning. And yes, there are a million other little things that want to drive me crazy about this little movie, but I am embracing a sense of adventure and sharing it with you.

Music from Amiina and presentation inspiration from Lawrence Lessig and Dick Hardt. Cheers.

This is just the beginning of the adventure. This time tomorrow, stop by to see the crafty project that takes the next step. It starts like this:

scrapbook supplies

and tomorrow I’ll show you what it has become. And by the time the week is out, you’ll find details of how you can get involved with this creative adventure and even how you can win prizes.

For now…get thinking: I’ve told you a bit about why I scrapbook. What are your reasons?


This is Why I Scrapbook is a creative adventure for January. One participant will win a $100 shopping spree. Find the contest details here and enter to win here.

08 January 2010

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158 Comments for This is just the beginning

  1. Anthea Goodman Says:

    Oooh I like the little video! And I love your accent. Mine is somewhat messed up too. As a South African who has lived in various parts of the UK including Yorkshire and Glasgow my accent doesn’t really know where it belongs!

  2. SallyB Says:

    It’s a GREAT video Shimelle! Why do I scrapbook Could be something to do with the MOUNTAIN of stash I’ve bought over the years! LOL! Nope, because it’s a creative release for me and I suspect many others. It brings me a sense of achievement and fits completely with my other hobby of photography! Am looking forward to the journey
    Sally x

  3. cate brickell Says:

    thank you for the reminder! love the video, and the accent, thinking cap is on!

  4. Marianne :) Says:

    Hmm. Your voice still half makes me expect you to start talking about Wuthering Heights – but I think that’s a good thing.
    Luvly video – pleasant distraction from Politics revision :).
    On the very rare occasion I sit down and glue a photograph to pretty paper with little skill, I figure that nobody tends to stick the ugly or sad parts of life to pretty paper – it’s reserved for the nice things. So it’s a cool way to focus on the nice and beautiful and often little things that can otherwise be forgotten in other mediums like writing or drawing where things can be sad and still be right. Scrapbooks always tend to be happy or at least optimistic.
    (That and you were my teacher so I was subject to hefty scrapbook-indoctrination from an early age :) )

  5. Iara Says:

    thank you for sharing this Shimelle. your video makes my heart sing after a quite hard day, I’ll be back tomorrow :)

  6. Lynn Says:

    Great video! I scrapbook because I enjoy it. I always like to have something creative to plan or do. The journaling is important to me also though. Recording my feelings & memories is what makes my scrapbooks special to me. Pretty papers & embellishments are nice too ;) But they aren’t the most important thing.

  7. Conny Says:

    How inspiring!! I can see myself in that, I have no kids, no grandchildren, not even pets… and sometimes ask myself why and for whom I am doing it – the answer : for myself, to think about my life and what’s important to me, to have a creative outlet, to not forget so many of the small things and events, and yes, also because I love papers and colour. And being a German girl living in London my accent doesn’t tell much about me, Dutch or Scandinavian are the most frequent guesses…

  8. Amy Says:

    Wow! I just did a blog about why I scrapbook earlier today. Well it is ONE reason. I cannot wait to hear more about your project. Love the video by the way.

  9. Avital Says:

    This is one of the most inspiring “scrapbooking” videos I’ve seen. I’m eager to see and experience more :)

    I scrapbook because I cannot bring back time and write down the forgotten stories my grandmother told me as we went through her yellowing pictures, but I can make sure other stories won’t be forgotten!

    I am scrapbooking to tell stories – both visually and in writing.

  10. ladkyis Says:

    I scrapbook because when my daughter was born my Dad told me to always remember that you have to make memories for children. My daughter is 44 and I have been making memories, happy and sad for all her life

  11. Cal Says:

    WOW!! I’m excited already! A wonderful video and I can’t wait to get started!!

  12. Paula Says:

    Hi Shimelle

    Your film totally rocks. I hope you do more.

    Paula x

  13. Deborah Says:

    Love the video, and love your accent! You sound like you’ve always seemed – a really nice and inspirational person.

  14. tammy Says:

    Love the video and your accent and am ready to join in!!!

  15. Allycat Says:

    FAB Video Shimelle! Whole-heartedly agree with you, I don’t like being a stereotype, never have, never want to be! I scrapbook because I can, because I want to tell people about the things that interest me albeit children, dogs, cats, hubby, even my obsession with crafting! I look forward to my older years (not too soon I hope) when I can look back at my scrapbooks and enjoy the memories all over again!
    Looking forward to this adventure! Thanks! Ally

  16. Erin Says:

    Wow! I am super excited to see what is coming tommorow! I sent this vid to my scrappy and some of my not scrappy friends! I scrapbook to remember, to capture my memories and stories. I scrapbook to clear my head and to recharge myself.

  17. Mariangeles Says:

    Great video!! It’s so inspiring and I’ve understand it so good :)

    I scrapbook because I have things to tell with my hands and pretty paper :)

    I scrapbook because I need to tell my stories.

    I scrapbook because it makes me feel great :)

  18. Roo Says:

    Great video! I scrapbook for my son and as a way of recording everyday history.

  19. Kathy Says:

    Wow! this has struck a chord!I’m intrigued.

  20. JO SOWERBY Says:

    i scrapbook to remind myself of my family and personal history, to look at the life i have led and will lead and to explore, in some way, my mental illness. i do it to develop skills in craft and art and to deal with stresses mental illness can bring. i do it to make friends and meet likeminded people.
    Jo xxx

  21. Megan Powell Says:

    that was really good! i really enjoyed that! and i cant wait to see what you have planned for this project, i am definitely following along.
    I am 17, soon to be 18 year old canadian. and i scrapbook because i want my children to know who i was at every point in my life, and i want to remember the little things about my life right now. And i scrapbook so that if i die tomorrow, then maybe my friends and family will know a little bit more about me.

  22. Tinkersdamn Says:

    So, I watched this, filed it away in my head, yup, all good. Went to clean off my desk and found the bulletin from my grandparents’ funeral last month… on the back is the last line of the little book Grandpa wrote “So life goes on and stories get told”.
    That. That right there. That’s why we do this.

  23. Donna B Says:

    I scrap to leave stories and pictures of my life and the lives of my family and friends. To be near to my beautiful Granddaughter that is so far away. Also to tell my family how lucky I have been to be blessed with the most wonderful husband, children, grandchildren and friends. I like to scrap when I feel especially close to God, then on days that aren’t quite so great I remember God is always there for me with His Love. I also scrap because it’s a lot of fun.

  24. Lizzie Says:

    But that video was great, Shimelle! I so liked your presentation style – clear and easy to follow – not too many distracting images that were not needed! And I thought your accent was just fine.
    Why I scrapbook? You are right, it is complex. But, mainly, it is for enjoyment, to be creative, to record special events or important ideas, feelings or thoughts.
    I’m glad that “the rules” are changing and becoming more flexible – I was never very good at keeping to “the rules” – now I can make my own!

  25. hannah Says:

    what a great question ‘Why?’ is.

    well I’ve been giving this some thought and in the beginning I started so I could record my inspirations and capture the thoughts in my head ~ the untold stories and ideas. But your comment about ‘taking stock’ has really clicked ~ because that is exactly what happens when I start to record the inner voice. rather than a passing thought that evaporates, it has a louder voice and I get it down and it leads to more reflection and deeper thoughts.

  26. Jacky Scales Says:

    The video was great…made me really think about why I scrapbook….so many reasons…and it will take a lot more thinking….before I can put it into words.

  27. Dana Says:

    oh my word, Shimelle. You sound as adorable as you look. The video was wonderful. It really made me think and I can’t wait to play along!

  28. Kirsti Says:

    Well wow Shimelle, what can I say except I think you pretty much covered it….

    Your video was fabulous and very thought provoking…x

  29. alexandra s.m. Says:

    Oh Shimelle, this video is simply BRILLANT! Thank You so much!
    I scrapbook to communicate what’s important to me, to leave a trace of times gone by, to have a voice, to be more aware of each moment.


  30. Cindy McDannold Says:

    I scrapbook because I must. I have the need to scribble my thoughts on pieces of paper and use colors and ephemera and oh my…I can’t stop. Others enjoy them, but it wouldn’t make any difference. I would do it regardless. My soul likes it. Your video came from the heart and struck all of ours too.

  31. MarieP Says:

    I loooooved your little movie! I thought it was a gem. And, even though I don’t have children or grandchildren, I scrapbook because, well, it’s fun! And I want to. And I matter. Yes, I’m speaking to you, lady who sat across from me at a scrapbooking class and said, “You don’t have kids? Why do you bother scrapbooking?”

  32. kate Says:

    When I started scrapbooking I had no job, no qualifications, no children, no grandchildren, no partner, no house and no pets (because I was 16 not because I was a delinquent!). The one thing I did have? I had memories and like my parents and grandparents I wanted to tell those stories, but I was afraid they would wander from my mind, or that one day in the future, someone like me might LOVE to find a book of memories about how things used to be. The world changes every day and I want to remember how it was, how it is and how it will be. That is why I scrapbook.

    {plus I adore patterns and designs}.

    Lovely accent darling you speak better Queen’s English than I do…and cute video!

  33. Madeline Says:

    Bravo!! You sound just like I imagines you would. Great video.
    I scrapbook to preserve memories for my children and grandchildren, and to tell my story about who I am and why I feel what I feel.

  34. Cindy Says:

    I think the video about covers it, yup. So, what you said. =]

    I thought that was wonderful, thank you. I also still LOVE your explanation that scrapbooking is blogging on paper. Classic.

    To be slightly more serious, I scrapbook because it helps me concentrate on what is good in my life and get through what isn’t. I also scrapbook to preserve a time that won’t exist for me and for my family down the road when I know we all will wish we were better at remembering how things were.

    Hopefully we will be able to look back on it and laugh. Well, you know, and marvel, and reminisce and whatnot.

    Plus I love the colors and textures. It’s fun!

  35. lisa Says:

    I loved the video and Im so excited to take this journey with you. Take my hand please :), I tend to get lost easily,lol.

  36. jen Says:

    oh. my. goodness. i love this!!!though it did make me miss you a lot. seriously.

  37. Lola Says:

    Wonderful video! I love your explanation! Why do I scrapbook…well, since I’ve only just begun (with your JYC class) it isn’t because I have a ton of pretty paper—although I do so love pretty paper! I do have the children—5 to be exact—and I do take MANY photos of them but that isn’t it. I just have a huge need to create. And I want to leave my children something I don’t have…a sense of where they came from; who their parents really are; what their family is all about. Why I believe what I do and why I try to live it out authentically. That’s it. Plain and simple.

  38. Kelly Xenos Says:

    I love your video. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I was also told at my first job at 31 Flavors that I would eventually hate ice cream and yep, they were wrong. I also have no children and scrapbook a lot about a boy, my husband, who I adore. I do it because it makes me happy. I do it because I like paper and I like to be creative. But mostly I scrapbook because I don’t want to forget all those little moments in my life.

  39. Leslie Says:

    Why do I scrapbook? That is such a great question. I am thinking how to put the answer into words. While I’m thinking, let me tell you how much I loved your video…I loved it TONS. So well thought out. Just terrific.

  40. scrappysue Says:

    Hi Shimelle, LOVED the video! And you have a really nice voice actually! Looking forward to seeing how your project progresses.

  41. Nancy L Says:

    I scrapbook because it lets me record the silly little things that are my life now and yes, that includes a scrapbooking obsession

  42. Leanne Says:

    Why do I scrapbook? For me, it’s all about the story. The nuances, the detail, the journey. Sometimes it’s about the photo…but more often that not, it comes back to being the story behind the photo. I love being my family’s historian. I am a story teller… who loves the pretty paper too!

  43. Melanie K Says:

    Oh my …. now this was powerful, funny and … all so true! And to be honest, I can’t define every reason I scrapbook… but if I could not do it anymore? I would not be ME.

  44. Rachel Says:

    Shimelle, it’s so nice to see others in our little world who share our vision of scrapbooking as self-discovery, the whole purpose of my website. I scrapbook to explore my inner world. It has changed my life…and I scrapbook to encourage others to do the same.

  45. Lisa O Says:

    oh, shimelle, that was perfect!

  46. Julie K Says:

    Bravo. You’ve said it all. x

  47. Lis Lambertsen Says:

    wow – got tears in my eyes now – that was amazing. soooo powerful. I scrapbook for me. I scrapbook because I’m a frustrated writer who can’t seem to get that novel down on paper that I know is in there… so it comes out in photographs and pretty paper.

  48. Annette Says:

    Absolutly love your video! I got to ask myself your questions. I totally agree with U.

  49. Mel Says:

    I think you’re very brave to put up a vid at all, and I love your accent! x

    I started to type out my answer to Why and How I scrapbook and it was getting so long that I’ve deleted it and I shall blog about this tomorrow once I’ve given it a bit more thought :-) I shall post a link once I’ve blogged!

  50. sarah Says:

    thank you Shimelle, a fantastic video and really does explain why and what and whatever :)

  51. Katy Says:

    I scrapbook to tell stories. I’ve kept a journal of some sort for as long as I can remember and now it has photos and pretty paper. too! And I love seeing other pages that are a window into another world. This is why I spend very much time online doing just that.

  52. scarymary555 Says:

    As usual Shim… totally rock! What a great video and what a brilliant inspiration you are. Will ask myself why I scrapbook and blog about it later!

  53. Natalie Says:

    I LOVE the video Shimelle – very inspiring and a great explanation of what Scrapbooking really is.

    I scrapbook because I need a creative outlet as I work in a really non-creative job. I scrapbook because I love photography and its a great way to do something more with pictures and memories. And I scrapbook because its fun and I love the sense of achievement of finishing a project (when I actually do).

  54. Mel Says:

    Blogged already lol – this is my answer… x

  55. Jimjams Says:

    Great video Shimelle – full of all the good reasons to scrap with or without children, grandchildren or pets.

    I scrap therefore I am!

    It’s fun; it’s creative; it’s made me friends; it’s improved my photography; it helps me remember stuff that’s just happened; it’s helped me remember stuff that happened a long time ago; it helps me think about what might happen in the future.

  56. Sarah Says:

    Loved your video, made me laugh, made me smile.

    I love scrapbooking because it’s creative, it’s like cutting and sticking for grown ups! I love the photos, the stories, and of course the pretties.

  57. DawnH Says:

    Great Video Shimelle, as alsways very inspiring, have always wanted to know what you sound like as i’ve seen pictures of you but will probably never get to meet you, so thank you!

    For me scrapbooking is a creative outlet, a chance for me to play, a chance for me to record precious memories so generations down the line can read about our lives back then and learn from it, it’s a chance to design pages about my son and remind me of the small things he did growing up and will continue to do as he’s not even a year yet!

    I’m so grateful to have found scrapbooking before he was born so i get to scrapbook right from the beginning, I only wish there were more hours in a day so i could scrapbook every little moment.
    Can’t wait to see what’s to come
    Thanks Shimelle for the inspiration

  58. S Says:

    Yes, it’s so much MORE than pretty paper – but we still love our pretty paper!

  59. Beth Ann Says:

    Your voice is as lovely as you are, my girl. Wonderful video and has me thinking. I look forward to the next post!

  60. Nelle Says:

    I love telling the stories behind the photos I take, and I really enjoy ‘stash shopping’ and thinking about how I’m going to use it!

  61. Rosslyn Weigelt Says:

    LOVE, love, love the video. ANd the thought provoking question….and the accent (have one of those confused ones myself)! I scrapbook to see the delight in my daughters eyes as she retells the stories she has heard over and over while turning the pages of her scrapbook…she is proud to re-tell the treasures contained there…makes a difference when we tell our stories…ALL OF THEM..not just the healthy, happy ones, or the kiddy, puppy ones, ALL of THEM. I am looking forward to spending time at your virtual “coffee table”…thanks so much.

  62. Renette Gebele Says:

    Couldn’t have said that better myself…..great little video.Look forward to tomorrow and what you got in store for us.Why do I scrapbook?Because I love the creative process and of course love to tell the little stories of our life,and of course to get it all done before we forget!

  63. sara lambert Says:

    Because it is the most fantastic way to craft and it is telling stories about our life for the future generations – how I would have loved something like a scrapbook made by my Nana to look through now!

  64. Nancy Says:

    Wow I love your video, it is very though provoking. I am looking forward to more about your projects this month.x

  65. Ames Says:

    I’m in the no-kids-boat as well. Why do I scrapbook? Because when we do have kids, I want to remember how our lives were before we had kids! And scrapbooking is one of the best stress relievers I’ve found. Love the vid!

  66. Scrappi Sandi Says:

    Ooooh! I love your video…it held my…& my ten year old sons…attention all the way to the end! I scrapbook to preserve memories for future generations & I LOVE the whole process & that there is no right or wrong way to do it. I have also made some amazing friends through scrapbooking that I would never otherwise have met! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!!

  67. Sharmaine Kruijver Says:

    I scrap because if I don’t noone will. I am the only one that can tell my story my way.
    I love your video, I sometimes want to shout that message from the roof tops. I wish I had more time to sit and scrap so I could get more stories out of my head and onto paper. I want to funnel my thoughts onto paper, that’s what scrapbooking is to me… it’s the coffee filter paper for my brain…
    I wish my name was more made up…

  68. Kris in Rochester, NY Says:

    I scrapbook because it makes me happy…I love playing with paper and in doing so, it allows me to record memories for my family and friends. It gives me a creative outlet to do things with art supplies and photographs and stories that can be enjoyed by everyone.

  69. Michelle Alynn Clement Says:

    Oh my. How inspiring and super-cute are you? I love your video – it has me wanting to reflect on why I do, myself. :) Soul-searching, go!

  70. NancyLee Says:

    Hi Shimelle, love the accent and thank you for making that video. Now I can put a voice and an accent to the beautiful face and a beautiful name. Why do I scrapbook? Guess that should be one of the topics I will be covering on my blog. For now, I still hoard on pretty papers and hope to use my collection this year before I hoard for more….

  71. Tracy Says:

    Love the video! :) It made me feel less guilty about loving pretty paper!

    Why do I scrapbook? To remember who I am and what’s important to me. And NO that doesn’t always include my child or holidays or vacations. Sometimes it’s just about what’s going on in my messed up head!

  72. Jane Says:

    Great video – you explained the “why” of scrapbooking brilliantly. Love the accent and I’m intrigued by the project.

  73. anna Says:

    love the video Shim!

  74. Becky Says:

    What a fantastic video – really thought provoking and just wonderful really :)

  75. Barbara Says:

    Loved the video and has made me think about why I do it. I love that it can include a lot of hobbies that I have dabbled in in my life eg knitting , sewing, photography, painting, glueing and sticking and I can now do them all together.

  76. Cate Says:

    What a cool video! I love the style you chose. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project unfold.

  77. Annette W. Says:

    Interesting topic,yes. Your accent probably is a great conversation starter with new people, trying to guess your “origin.” The video was fine — I liked the text overlay. And the page with your wedding photo was wonderful. So like the you that I have come to know through your blog and pages. I’m going to blog about this question after I give it some thought.

  78. Karen Says:

    This is a fabulous video; you should make no disclaimers! You summarized it so well. I responded to someone who had already seen this blog entry, but now I want to think about this more. Can’t wait to follow along.

  79. Cheryl Johnson Says:

    Love it !!!

    I don’t much but after listening to you I might just dust off some supplies (that is after I’ve finished my tax return of course !)

  80. katharina Says:


    Besides – WHO CARES ABOUT ACCENTS!? Me as a foreigner to whom English is NOT the mother-tongue – I don’t even hear an accent!
    I only can say that I really like about your speaking is, that you don’t speak in that pitching high female sound many american women talk… (;
    Lovely greetings
    Katharina (;

  81. Catherine13 Says:

    WOW! Just fab…and so thought provoking …time to go and get some pretty paper out:)

  82. Nicky Hurt Says:

    That is so awesome, Shimelle! I love it!

  83. Meg Says:

    WOW! That was an amazing video! I am not a scrapbooker, but that makes me want to become one! Thanks for sharing that!

  84. Scrapdolly Says:

    What a great video – but then I have always said I could listen to you talk for hours and be rivited!
    Why do I scrapbook? Like you I have no children so it is certainly not for posterity. I scrap because it is more fun than therapy. I scrap because at the end of a stressful day it is a creative outlet and pure fun. I scrap because I love to be creative and I can’t draw and paint. I scrap because I love recording tiny details and memories and it is more fun to do it on pretty paper than just notes in a diary. I scrap because I think i was born with an inate need to cut and stick. I scrap because it is very rewarding to look at a photo and remember. I scrap because the things you use are so darned pretty. I scrap – ultimately – because I NEED to … it is an utter compulsion and my life would be less complete without it.

  85. shannon stout Says:

    I can’t watch the video b/c the laptop I use doesn’t like videos…very frustrating but your blog is very inspiring and I am eager to follow along. I have been looking for that little spark of inspiration to get me going again and I think this is it! I scrapbook to record our family memories and to remember those precious times that I don’t want to forget!

  86. ellen Says:

    I love life, my children and my husbond, my friends, other peoples children, people I have never met, and I love to keep and tell stories. That is why I scrap!

  87. Zeffy Says:

    Thanks nicely put,,,in a nutshell! how is that for a theme?

  88. jacquisj Says:

    havent watched video yet as our speakers are out but shall come back to it.
    why do i scrap – it helps me record our lives and memories with photos and words, but it also gives me a space in our busy house to find ‘me’ and get messy and creative

  89. Sara Says:

    Why do I scrapbook?
    I scrapbook to remember the moments and events.
    I scrapbook to remember the two that are gone.
    I scrapbook to celebrate the five that are here.
    I scrapbook to remember the good times.
    I scrapbook so I won’t forget the bad.
    I scrapbook because I love my pets.
    I scrapbook to express myself.
    I scrapbook to share.
    I scrapbook because I’ve meet some great friends through this hobby.
    But most of all I scrapbook because it makes me happy.
    And there is a lot of pretty paper involved.

  90. Trish Says:

    I want my thoughts to be heard. I want to be remembered, as much as to remember. I want to be known to my children and grandchildren—imperfections and all…

    Thanks so much for doing this. Love the concept!

  91. Carol Gomes Says:

    I love your video! I scrap because it is my therapy. I feel good when I can create something that makes me feel good inside. Yes, I scrap the children, the grandchildren, not so much me, but that is changing too, I may not like the pictures, but I am here and don’t want to not be represented…

  92. Emma Says:

    Love that video!
    I scrapbook for many reasons, but mainly to record the details for my children and grandchildren (and anyone else who might be interested!) to know.

  93. joyce Says:

    kudos. love your voice.

  94. Ladkyis Says:

    Here is my linky thing _ I hope. I have never been able to get these things reason

  95. Paula Stapleton Says:

    Why do I scrapbook? I scrapbook so that my childrem, grandchildren and greatgranchildren can know of my and my husbands life and how much we love our family and we am not just names of a piece of paper in history,and that we live life to the full. I want to show them what we achieved in life and of our faith in God and how we value the beauty of the world around us.

  96. Jo Says:

    Just landed here by way of UKS home page. I loved the video – all of it!
    I can’t wait to see the rest of this project & play along.
    Why do I scrapbook? Because I’ve always loved paper & pretty stationery; because I suck at keeping a daily journal, but I don’t want to forget how my life was; because I want to share my photos and my experiences; and because I can’t imagine a life without creativity.
    Jo x

  97. Judith Says:

    Fabulous video. I can see that being the start of a blockbuster film all about the lives of a group of Scrapbookers.
    I scrap for many reasons.
    For me because I love to create, remember, meet wonderful people and play with pretty paper.
    For my family so they can remember and in years to come see the things and moments that meant so very much to me.
    To escape.
    Oh and did I mention to play with Pretty paper x

    I will be back to see what you create with all those pretty things x

  98. Glynis Says:

    Great video! Very inspiring, bravo on taking this leap :O)

  99. Nora Says:

    Really enjoyed your video. I think you should do books on tape-your voice is very pleasant and you enunciate your words so nicly!! Love what you had to say as well. Just a technical question-what font did you use? I love it!!

  100. lucy edson Says:

    Thank you for posting your wonderful video. It certainly made me think and I am intrested in seeing where this leads. :)

  101. Daisyfrog Says:

    What a fab, inspirational video! I loved it

  102. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Wow, pass me a tissue! So much of what others have said has struck a chord. I started as a way of recording my first baby’s life but it never happened due to post natal depression. Now, 3 years later having come out the other side and with 2 children, I am starting again. My son’s early years are / were a blur and scrapbooking his photos makes me understand the reality – not the sea of sadness I remember but some really wonderful times.

    Yes I need to craft and yes its all the reasons of posterity and “when we are gone” too but right now its about a bond with a little boy who didnt deserve to have a mummy so sad. It makes me fall in love with him again.

    Oh, and yes yes yes to the pretty paper!

    See you in May! x

  103. Zahra Says:

    Shimelle, I love it! And I NEVER think your accent sounds bad, or weird or your voice is squeaky but I’ve heard you apologise many times – please don’t!

    Love your book, only found this today and will get my thinking cap on!


  104. LaVon Says:

    OMGosh!! That video was AWESOME!!! I cant wait to post it EVERYWEHERE to explain WHY we scrapbook! Thx so much!

  105. Heather P. Says:

    YOU are my new scrapbook shaman. :) I just had the chance to watch the video and now I’m off to send every scrapper I know to your site. ..because you are absolutely clever and absolutely hilarious and you deserve to be heard…absolutely. :) Thank you for the inspiration! (and your ‘accent’ is charming! What are you talking about?)

  106. Heather P. Says:

    Ah yes…why do I scrapbook? Because I HAVE to. :) I’ve made little books of paper ever since I was little. Now the profusion of tools and PAPER and embellishments is too much to deny! I’d like to think I scrapbook for my kids’ sake/to record their memories…but it really is the pretty paper…. :)

  107. Brenda O'Donohue Says:

    Loved your video. Made me stop and think. I have the studio and all the stash, but my reason for NOT scrapbooking is…. I AM TOO SCARED!I feel vulerable and exposed, I just keep putting it off :(

  108. Kat Says:

    So…really enjoyed your video. Why? Faced with a possibly life threatening illness, and told that I may not have a long time left on this side of the grass, I took what was once a simple, occasional hobby, and got busy! I am blessed and grateful to tell you that I am a healthy, happy, grateful scrapbooker, and I believe that my determination to get alot of memories and thoughts in books for my children has actually turned out to be a truely “healing” process. I believe with all my heart that my time spent RE-LIVING special moments, and relaxing while creating beautiful, fun books has made me healthier and more appreciative of my life. AND, I’m having a blast! Keep up the videos!

  109. Colleen Says:

    I scrap to record some of the times that my children weren’t aware of or won’t remember when they are grown. There will also be brief books about their parents and grandparents.

    We all need connections in our lives.

  110. Rhonda Says:

    omgosh…your video definitely made be we think why i scrapbook…i know i scrapbook for perserve the memories of my kids/family and family…i want them all to be able to recapture anytime in their life…but what i’m noticiing is…that i do not scrapbook myself and i want especially my kids to see a scrapbook/layout of me…me and them…or just me :)

  111. elisa Says:

    love your video, very inspiring.
    I scrapbook because:
    -i can create
    -i can relax
    -i can mess with papers, inks…my desk
    -i can keep my memories, forever and share with my people

  112. Sally Says:

    The video and comments, with links to all the fascinating blogs has inspired me to try this. I have created front page and begun to journal and can’t seem to stop writing. Want to start a blog but think am too late for blogging class.

  113. Brittney Aldous Says:

    I loved this idea, and here’s my entry:

  114. Lis Lambertsen Says:

    I had a lot of fun with this…. here is why I scrapbook…

  115. Lis Lambertsen Says:

    Oh – my link is wrong – it should be here.

  116. Lynn Says:

    Back to leave the link to my blog post:

  117. gscrapbooks Says:

    I scrapbook for me, for the kids, for a creative outlet. I scrapbook because my almost 92 year old Grandma has always saved photos and kept them in order along with fabulous stories because she thinks they are important to pass on to future generations and so do I. :-)

  118. Donna C Says:

    for now and for later! me and anyone who is interested in my life….they don’t even have to know me. maybe they just like stories!
    love the video and love that you are a young woman spreading the love for our passion/hobby/obsession! BRILLIANT I tell you!

  119. Pam L. Says:

    What a POWERFUL video, Shimelle! You did a remarkable job of explaining why you do (and should) scrapbook – things I never even thought of.
    Even though I am too late to submit, I am still going to do this project for ME.
    I hope you will consider doing more videos in the future. This was delightful to watch.

  120. lori p Says:

    loved this video!!so very true and very inspiring!! and i LOVE your ‘wonky accent’!! thank you!!

  121. Denise Says:

    I scrapbook so that my DD will be able to relive a ton of her childhood memories and I won’t forget them either! :)

  122. Karyn S Says:

    Thanks Shimelle. I loved your video!! Thanks mostly for re-affirming to me that my scrapbooking is a worthwhile & worthy endeavour. Although it is a passion I have never really contemplated giving up, I do find it de-motivating when no-one around me understands firstly what it is that I’m doing and secondly why I would bother going to all that effort….and not getting my obsession with pretty paper!!

  123. Sally Says:

    Lovely contest Shimelle. I thought I had entered but must have posted entry in wrong place… Story of my life at present. Think the pain killers turned my brain to mush. Looking at the fabulous entries I am impressed with all the entries.. I had posted pages as I went along and then did one post with all together.

  124. Gez Says:

    Wow…fantastic video. Thought provoking. Well Done & Thanks..xx

  125. Pamela J Elliott Says:

    I just discovered you today. Enjoyed your video. I scrapbook because I need a creative outlet while I’m at home taking care of my mother. It’s fun and productive at the same time.

  126. Terrie Says:

    I scrapbook as a means to remember all of the fun, special and sometimes sad (memorable) moments. It is a creative outlet and I share it with family and friends and the wide world of the internet. A sincere thank you for a wonderful video from one of those without children or grandchildren, lots of pretty paper and ribbons and buttons, and two dogs and a sweet man companion.

  127. carolyn Says:

    I signed up for the latest class but havent received any emails,

  128. Barb T Says:

    I came across your blog by accident while hopping around. What a delight. Your video is so true and so real. I started scrapbooking about two years ago because I loved the papers and embellishments, and then I saw how creative one could be in putting it all together. Now I scrap because it is important to tell the stories of family and friends. Sometimes we scrap the little things like a silly joke or a special moment shared. Other times we scrap the big things like a wedding or the birth of a baby or a new pet. All of these events and feelings and our thoughts are important and need to be documented. I also still scrap because I love being creative and there are so many great scrapbooking products.

    It made me feel really good to write this —— another reason to scrap.

    I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

  129. Emma Says:

    I scrapbook book to keep my memories in a safe place for me to look back on in years to come! And because I love playing with all the pretty papers, buttons, flowers and little bits and bobs I can collect and horde! x x x

  130. Kathy Says:

    I scrapbook because I love the creative output along with remembering all the good things in my life. It makes me happy.

  131. cheryl Says:

    Wow Shimelle I love your videa and your accent is amazing. You have given me yet another idea to scrap. So thanks again Shimelle and keep up the good work and we will all still follow you loyaly x

  132. Solenn Says:

    Chere Shimelle, This video is absolutly fantastic and I totally agree with you. Wish all the best. Encore merci :)

  133. Julie Williams Says:

    I have just discovered your website!!! You are simply darling,and have me thinking about why I scrapbook. I have always loved creating gifts for others, in fact,that is what I do most of the time. HOwever, I am discovering that I NEED to record my life, etc along with making gifts for others. I look forward to following your blog, and maybe someday I will feel like I need to blog and tell my story. Thanks for being so inspirational. My husband and I went to England last year and stayed in London, did the touristy things. But oh how I long to return to the english countryside, it was simply beautiful!!!

  134. Alessandra Says:

    Very very nice your blog! and your scrapbook pages! I like your style! Bye!

  135. Eileen Stepien Says:

    Photographs and journaling capture moments for all time… scrapbooking, to me, is about remembering the little things long after they may have been forgotten.

  136. Keri-An Richards Says:

    I think I’ve found this about a year too late!! I’m not really sure how I landed on your blog today to be honest – I think from following a facebook link – but I’ve flicked around so much that it could have been from anywhere!
    I too have no children – my sister has a daughter that was the focus of a lot of my early ‘proper’ scrapbooking, but I’ve always collected ephemera and photos and stuck things in books – the last 10 years or so, it’s been scrapbooking…
    Why? It’s an interesting question – and probably includes everything everyone’s already said… I love to be creative, I like to be able to look back on things and remember in more detail than just what I get from the photos, I love taking photos, I love the camaraderie, that it gives me with other scrappers and I love the friendships I’ve made and the ones that have been enhanced by this shared interest. I love sharing stories, and I love the process, so I do it because it makes me happy!

  137. Teri Hartman Says:

    Wow! You expressed so simply, convincingly and beautifully why I scrapbook. I have just discovered scrapbooking this past year and it has opened so many new ways to express myself. Sure, I fit the stereotype and am making albums for my children, but you just inspired me to scrapbook myself – something I had been thinking about for awhile. Thank you SO much for this inspiration. You’ve got a new fan!

  138. Fritzi Says:

    LOLLL, Even though I do fit the old stereotype with 3 kids and 2 dogs, I LOOOVE the thoughts you put out there and the way you do it just makes me crack up!!

  139. Nike shox deliver Says:

    Unpleasant advice is a good medicine.

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  141. Jenn Serrano Says:

    Just discovered this video, LOVE it,thanks for sharing.

  142. Nike dunks low Says:

    i really enjoy reading your article,please keep on writing,thank you for your sharing

  143. Stacy Says:

    I scrap for the moments when my friends and family are looking at my completed books, laughing and smiling, saying, “Oh my gawd!! Do you remember when THAT happened? I totally forgot all about that”. I scrap for the smile on the face of a close friend who just opened the handmade mini-album I made for her baby shower. I scrap because it makes me and the people I love happy!! Thanks for reminding us all why we’re broke and still smiling!!

  144. Jessica Says:

    Thank you for this video. I haven’t scrapbooked in years because I felt it was pointless- who really cares about the pages I make? I don’t have kids, I don’t have a super-interesting life…so why scrapbook? This video really helped me see the reason again, and I thank you for that.

  145. Bonnie Says:

    This video is amazing! I just want to keep watching it. You did such a good job and it is so moving and inspirational. Thank you!

  146. Julie Says:

    Shimelle, Interesting video and yes ‘- luckily times have changed. I often wondered why do I scrap when I don’t have kids?
    I need to have something to do with the loads of pictures I take.
    I enjoy being creative (and thanks to you – I’ve been doing it differently than 1 month ago).
    I guess I do have a story or two to tell.
    And quite frankly it’s fun!


  147. Karla Says:

    Thank you! You did a great job explaining it. I agree…so much more complex from the inside and a balance of fun and important!

  148. nfl jerseys Says:

    important to me, to have a creative outlet, to not forget so many of the small things and events, and yes, also because I love papers and colour. And being a German girl living in London my accent doesn’t tell much

  149. jordan 11 Says:

    Thank you for sharing

  150. Bonnie Says:

    I love your video. I am also not a stereotype scrap booker. I don’t have kids but love children and am 19.
    I scrapbook to preserve memories.
    I scrapbook to be creative and express myself.
    I scrapbook because I love photos.
    I scrapbook because I love pretty flowers.
    I scrapbook to meet people.
    I scrapbook to remember people who I have lost.
    This video also made me think why but I scrap for ME because I love it.

  151. ARC Says:

    Thanks for this! I just posted a question on 2Peas today about feeling wasteful about making a bunch of albums and this was really helpful to watch.

  152. margie hood Says:

    Scrapbooking is special to me just for the memories all in themselves, but scrapping can take any memory and multiply it x’s 1000. It makes everyones day more special and detailed in so many beautiful ways, plus we can combine everyones wonderful ideas together no matter how small or big..xoxo love

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    I’m coming back to scrapbooking having stepped back for a couple of years. It’s lovely to read why you started scrapbooking

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