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Journal your Christmas 2010 Giveaway

Journal your Christmas giveaway
Journal your Christmas online scrapbooking class

Journal your Christmas is nearly here, and you can still sign up or you can win a place! How about winning a free place for you and a friend?
TO ENTER leave a comment on this blog post telling me one thing you enjoy during the Christmas season! Easy, right? (And if you have any trouble leaving a comment, click the preview button as that usually does the trick!)

And lest you think this is your only chance to win, a few lovely friends are gifting places to Journal your Christmas too, so check out the blogs of Nichol, Jennifer, Doris, Caroline, Liz, Alissa, Wilna and Shannon, plus Jen, Laura and SJ have giveaways that start Monday. So go enter, of course! (Also, it’s worth knowing that if you ever win a giveaway and have just signed up for the class, I will happily let you gift it to a friend OR have a refund if you signed up this year. If you signed up last year or earlier, you can gift it or have a class pass for a future class!)

Want to check out more albums from previous years to get in gear to start your journal? Check out this post and this post, both from last Christmas!

Christmas scrapbooking supplies

These Christmas kits have started to arrive and today a few people sent me some cute phone snaps of opening their parcels like it was Christmas morning! New crafty potential is always a happy time. For those who ordered a kit last Thursday, they all shipped at midday Friday, so if yours didn’t arrive on Saturday I would look for it on Monday!

Right: ready, steady, leave a comment with something you enjoy about the holidays and one lucky person will win Journal your Christmas plus a place to gift to a friend!

Entries close at the end of Monday and I’ll post the winner on Tuesday!


28 November 2010

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164 Comments for Journal your Christmas 2010 Giveaway

  1. caroline Says:

    becaousr of work commitments xmas day is the only day off my family share,and all can gather together

  2. Helen Murphy Says:

    I just love the fact that my husband does not have to go to work, the shops are shut and we can all be together just our own little family unit, enjoying the joy of Christmas together. I love getting the tree out and doing all the preparations together as well but nothing beats Christmas Day and Boxing Day shut off from the hussle and bustle of everyday life for just a short time.

  3. Suzanne Armstrong Says:

    Hi Shimelle, the thing I love most about Christmas is that we all spend the whole day together as a family, no one is rushing off for one thing or another so we can all relax and stuff our faces together :D xx

  4. Gayle Says:

    Yes please please please! What I really enjoy about the holidays is that my nan comes to stay with us and the whole time she’s here we all make a real effort for the whole family to spend time together doing fun things, much more so than any other time of year – I love it! :)

  5. Dawn-Marie Says:

    The thing I love most about Christmas is that I get to spend the whole day with my family and we can all play with presents all day. I also love having family dinner together!

  6. Channyn Says:

    My favorite part of Christmas is getting to go back home once a year. It forces me to slow down and take time to appreciate the limited days I get to spend with my family. The plastic santa watching over the nativity scene at a house down the block also makes me smile.

  7. Jamie Bird Says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas….my mom cooks! It’s the only time of the year that she makes food at our house and it’s always really yummy!

  8. Carrie Says:

    I have always enjoyed the planning to get just the right gift for my kids and watching them open them on Christmas morning. Now that the oldest is married, it is fun to watch him and his wife as the open their gifts, along with my 20 year old. Kids never outgrow that excitement it seems.

  9. linda Says:

    I just love the quiet downtime after the major Xmas festivities and dinner, etc… everyone is calm and happy…satisfied…hehe…love it!

  10. dawn tavela Says:

    I love Christmas! I would have to say one of my favorite things is donating to the Salvtion Army. Everytime I pass one of those red kettles, I make sure to reach into my pocket and donate whatever I can. Sometimes it is a few cents, sometimes it is a few dollars. I even worked as a bell ringer myself in the past. So I have a bit of behind the scenes knowledge. Every cent really does count. You never know when you may need assistance. It is just important to me and I try to let my son know how important it is too.

  11. Jillian Says:

    What I love about Christmas is getting together with my whole family for dinner at my parent’s house. It’s usually the only time of year that all my brothers and sisters and their spouses and children are together at the same time.

  12. Anastasia Says:

    Christmas – I usually enjoy snow and all the food – so nice, warm and spicy:-)

    So hope I will be lucky for once… Will help me a lot with my December Daily project!

  13. Colleen F Says:

    What I love the most is having time off from work and being able to spend it with my girls and hubby, watching movies, playing, baking et.

  14. DonnaG Says:

    Things I love about Christmas are the foods we eat and the people we spend extra time with. (I probably should have put people first. Ü)

  15. Danielle Says:

    My favorite part of Christmas is seeing all the lights! I love driving around to all the neighborhoods that go all out with the family all pilled in the car.

  16. Sharon W. Says:

    Love Christmas songs, old new, I love pretty much all of them. Husband has put a ban on playing them in the house till after Thanksgiving because I would start singing and playing them early October!

  17. Lisa Says:

    I love making christmas magical for my children with lots of sparkle and elf dust ;) Its going to be extra special this year as the best gift santa is going to bring is my husband home safe and well from a 7 month deployment!

  18. Elizabeth Says:

    I love buying a new Christmas decoration each year and remembering getting each old one as I unwrap it.

  19. Candace Says:

    Just like to say I love those albums & only hope mine turns out half as good

    Best part about Christmas is seeing the smile on my children’s faces when they realise Santa has been. Sadly I think this maybe our last year for visits from Santa

  20. Lori Newton Says:

    I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. Our families and friends are spread all over the country, and I enjoy seeing photos and reading letters about their lives.

  21. Olivia Says:

    I enjoy the familiarity of all our traditions & recalling happy Christmas memories when we bring out all our old decorations :)

  22. Candy Says:

    My favorite part of Christmas is making gifts (usually edible) for all of our friends and teachers.

  23. Heather Hannant Says:

    I am an only child with no children either but I still love Christmas. The smell of Christmas tree pine needles when I lovingly hang each old glass bauble as I savour my mum’s best in the world mince pies

  24. Natalie Says:

    I just love the decorations that make everything so warm and cozy. My husband and I love sitting in a dark room with the Christmas tree lights on. So beautiful!

  25. Sinead Says:

    Family is definitely the best part of Christmas! I love going to mass, all the family get-togethers, the presents, the food, the fire…Everything really! The most wonderful time of the year for sure:) Thanks for the opportunity to win Shimelle:) xx

  26. Jen D Says:

    I enjoy creating new family traditions with my little girls and spending time focused on family and celebrating the season!

  27. Rach Says:

    I love everything! decorating the house, the kids excitement building and giving lots of presents to everyone I love.

  28. Catherine C R Says:

    Watching my neice get so excited over the lights, the music, gifts and family. Three is an amazing age. Thank you for this great opportunity!! Woot.

  29. amanda Says:

    The thing i love about christmas is having the whole family together playing games and havin fun watching my kids open their presents i wasnt in much of the christmas spirit last year cos my dad died and wasnt the same without him but am gettin the spirit back for this year and gonna make sure we have a good time

  30. Daniela Says:

    I love making new traditions with my son. This will be his third Christmas.

  31. Jane Says:

    I just love sharing traditions from my childhood with my 5 children. We even have an old sixpence from my childhood in England that we put in the Christmas pudding.

  32. lynne Says:

    One thing I enjoy during the Christmas season is getting into a new pair of flannel PJs and watching “Its a Wonderful Life” on TV. This year I have a sparking Blu-Ray colourised version to watch, I couldnt be more excited!!!!

  33. Carolyn Says:

    I love the excitement of the little ones.

  34. Kerstin Says:

    It’s a tie. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the positive feeling that seems to be all around… perhaps we are kinder when we remember we have been given a gift we don’t deserve? And second, I love the memories of Christmas, and how they often come full circle… looking at lights with Grandpa as a kid, has now become looking at lights with neices and nephews. I wonder if Grandma and Grandpa secretly shared hot toddies afterword like we do now? Thanks for the reminder Shimelle, and the chance to win!

  35. Cheri Says:

    One of my favorite things is cozy new pajamas on Christmas Eve! And I love watching holiday movies with the family – our favorite is “Elf”.

  36. kari Says:

    One of my favorite things is decorating the Christmas tree. I look forward to it all year.

  37. tanja Says:

    Snow! :) I love it when I wake up in a winter wonderland.

  38. Diana Says:

    Our trip to the tree farm for a hayride and enjoying being together, no running around.

  39. Kristy Says:

    Jesus was born.

  40. Jo Lys Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    my christmas’ are always slightly different! with being a midwife i’m usually working at some point christmas day helping to make our lovely couples into new little families. Christmas day for them will always be special and its an extra present for me to share their special moment. I then celebrate christmas day with my family when we can all be together Joxx

  41. Lola Says:

    I love driving around looking at Christmas lights! Oh, and all the baking my children and I do in order to give away what we’ve made to our friends and loved ones!

  42. Sandy B Says:

    I enjoy all the holiday traditions we have created with our family the past 25 years!

  43. Tessa Buys Says:

    I love the family time, the hot chocolate, the lights, the smells, and the music :).

  44. Alexis Says:

    What don’t I love about Christmas. This time of year is always my favourite. So many traditions and so much family fun. Some of my faves are Christmas light looking, decorating the tree, leaving milk and cookies for Santa and my husband and daughter always finishing off the tree with our traditional Santa tree topper. I love it all!!

  45. Heather Grimsley Says:

    I enjoy sharing the traditions I had growing up with my 2 boys. It is such fun to see the holidays through their eyes!

  46. SandyB Says:

    I love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

  47. Erin K Says:

    I love being able to see friends and family that life has gotten in the way of me seeing! It is always nice to catch up and recharge!

  48. Rene Lewis Says:

    I love snuggling under my heated throw with my dog at my feet and my two adult sons chatting away on the sofa. There’s nothing quite as exciting to me as being a proverbial fly on the wall when they get to talking.

  49. Juel Says:

    My most favorite thing about Christmas is just having my children home from school.

  50. Shannon Hager Says:

    I love spending time with my kids creating fun Christmas crafts and yummy treats!!!!

  51. Sharon ML Schutt Says:

    After attending the Christmas Eve service at our church, our family drives around neighborhoods to look at the Christmas decorations. It is just a nice time with all of us together in the car.

    I just found your blog today! And would love to win a spot for myself and a friend!

  52. christy sheffield Says:

    I really love the Christmas season, but it can get hectic. My favorite times are sitting by the decorated tree, watching a Christmas movie. Just hanging out with the family. That’s what I love the most.

  53. valerie myers Says:

    I love to hear the Christmas carols playing everywhere. I especially love to hear them in the car as I see families out shopping or bringing a tree home atop their car.

  54. Steph Says:

    Doing the Christmas Journal is one of my new favorite traditions. I love making time to reflect on the season and create a decorative journal. I’d love to give one of my dear friends this class!

  55. Jennifer L.S. Says:

    I enjoy my mom’s cut-out cookies. She only makes them at Christmas! :)

  56. Kathy C Says:

    Christmas means permission to slow down, visit more, eat more and enjoy more. We play games, enjoy Christmas movies and look at old albums.

  57. kim smart Says:

    i most enjoy spending time with my family and getting to see my nieces play with their toys!

  58. shani Says:

    my favorite thing about Christmas is the quiet and the calm and the chaos. And the knowing that this is a special time for all!

  59. abbeyviolet Says:

    I enjoy making memories of all kinds with family and friends.

  60. lynda paredes Says:

    now that my kids are a bit older and i don’t need to do all the “secret santa” stuff…i can enjoy other things with them. seeing xmas lights in the neighborhood, sitting by the fire with hot coco, tree decorating…and just visiting with family…and snapping silly photos. thanx for the chance to win. i would love it so

  61. Melissa Says:

    I enjoy so many things about the holidays – get-togethers with family & friends, the decorations, Christmas carols, and most of all celebrating the birth of our Savior.

  62. pauline Says:

    My favourite Christmas thing — JYC of course!

  63. Lisa Says:

    I love picking out our Christmas tree— it’s a highlight!

  64. Rebecca S Says:

    My favorite thing to do during the holiday time is to load the kids in the car and drive around looking at holiday lights and decorations then come home to hot chocolate.They have a blast and it is a great bonding time with Mom and Dad…
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season..

  65. Grace Says:

    I love turning my ceiling into a wonderland of paper snowflakes!

  66. Lori Passey Says:

    One of my favorites is our traditional jigsaw puzzle. It is so relaxing to just hang out with my husband, working on the puzzle! (When I’m not studying, that is!)

  67. rkokes Says:

    hanging out with my family!

  68. Hannah Says:

    Christmas music! Finally a time of year when people won’t make fun of me for listening to it constantly!

  69. Susy Says:

    8 years ago my husband and I and our four boys moved to another state so my favourite thing about Christmas is going back home and catching up with family and friends.

  70. Alma Says:

    Favourite thing about Christmas is watching a Christmas story with my family. It’s been a tradition for years and it seriously never gets old!

  71. Denise Says:

    I enjoy our annual family Christmas party. There’s nothing like 50 or so people packed in a house having fun being with one another. I’m already in JYC, so if I won, I’d gift both subscriptions. I LOVE JYC!

  72. Peta Says:

    I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year as my one and only (18 month old) nephew is going to have a ball – it’s going to be so much fun!!!

  73. tynan Says:

    I am looking forward to sharing Christmas with my new son-7 months old!

  74. Antoaneta Says:

    I really love the whole Christmas spirit – snow, beautiful streets, presents, parties, music, smiles… Love it!

  75. heidi y Says:

    It’s great spending time with family and friends for the Holidays!

  76. Jamie Leija Says:

    thanks for the chance to win shimelle!!

  77. Linda Cummings Says:

    My very favorite part of Christmas is that our grown son comes home for the holiday. It is so good to have him sleeping under the roof where he grew up. Warms a mother’s heart. LC

  78. monica Says:

    I love singing all the wonderful Christmas hymns at church each sunday in december and am always sad if I miss one.

  79. Nely Barger Says:

    My most favorite thing about Christmas is driving around at night and seeing all the homes decorated with bright Christmas lights!!

  80. Carrie Says:

    I’m already in but would love to give a chance for Mom to take the class! Thanks!

  81. ally bright Says:

    I love watching my children’s faces light up when they realise santa has been.

  82. Katie @ Says:

    I love the smells of Christmas. thanks for a shot at this!

  83. Faith Withington Says:

    I’m just a big kid…I love snuggling up with my kids, hot chocolates with the works!, fire on, watching Christmas films..our favourite one is
    muppets Christmas Carol!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  84. Torry Schellhorn Says:

    Drinking eggnog while decorating the tree – bring on December!

  85. Tagyn Says:

    Oh, I would love to be able to give this to my scrapping buddy!
    I love Christmas carols and listening to them starting in mid-November gets me in the mood for the season!

  86. Anne Says:

    Finding the perfect tree and decorating it, then watching the lights shine in the darkness of the evening, LOVE it!

  87. Lisa Chilton Says:

    My favourite thing about Christmas, is being able to forget all the bad things in the world. Just lock yourself away with your family, and for that one day the world is perfect.

  88. Tyra Says:

    I like trying a cookie or cake recipe and I like the TV Christmas movies (e.g. from the Hallmark Channel)

  89. ana manzana Says:

    I love seeing the face of my kid when he finds the presents under the tree!

  90. Emma Says:

    One of the things I most love about Christmas is the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with family and friends.
    By the way, were you at the Jonsi gig at the Apollo on Friday? I’m sure I saw you there!

  91. Sarah Says:

    Love it when we are not working the shifts and can be together with the family and watching the children with their gifts

  92. Amy N Says:

    I love the look on my daughter’s face when she sees Santa, counts down with the advent calendar and her emotions when she wakes up to see the tree Christmas morning. She knows the real meaning of Christmas and I think this makes it that much more special for all of us.

  93. Kate D. Says:

    I love the process of picking out and giving people gifts. I started super early picking stuff out this year and can’t wait to play santa!

  94. Juliab Says:

    Mulled wine and mince pies – especially after a walk on a crisp frosty day (preferably Boxing Day!)

  95. Susan T Says:

    I just LOVE Christmas, being cosy and warm with my family, decorating the tree and twinkling fairy lights – it is without a doubt my favourite time of year!

  96. susan Says:

    I love the music of the season! It reminds me of my Grandma love when I was little

  97. RellyAB Says:

    Christmas is a little bit magic isn’t it?
    Now I’ve moved back to my hometown, I can take my kids to all the things I used to do as a kid at Christmas and know they will share the same happy memories. Pretty special.

  98. Tracy Says:

    I just love Christmas and the best part is JYC! I would love to give a gift of JYC to a very special friend.

  99. Louise M Says:

    My fav part about Christmas is our Christmas eve ritual. We have hotdogs and milkshake for dinner and then curl up on the couch in our pjs and watch the Muppets Christmas Carol. Awesome!

  100. lou jervis Says:

    I have two things, for Xmas at home in nz I love that even though us kids are 21, 23 & 25 mum still makes us stockings and we still pile onto the bed-yep, all 5 on one double bed! I will miss that over here in London. What I am loving here is the excitement of the build up, coldness, lights, amazing decorations, mulled wine…its all so exciting!

  101. Carol G Says:

    I just love looking at all the special displays around New Orleans. Even though it is sometimes hot, it makes it feel like winter.

  102. Sarah C. Says:

    So many things I enjoy about Christmas. To name just one – time with family. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  103. Dayna Says:

    This is my third Christmas away from my family – I’m in the military – and my boyfriend & I have started a new tradition that we go to a small town with a ‘niche’ to visit and see it while picking up an ornament for our little tree. It makes me smile to make a road trip just him & I with no distractions. :)

  104. jamie long Says:

    My favorite thing about christmas is driving around looking at all the decorations.

  105. Marcy Says:

    Can I say…ALL of it?! I love the weather (especially since we live in Florida!) I love the music, the lights, hot chocolate, the Christmas story from Luke, The Grinch, It’s a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, the giving, the baking, the time with family and friends, reflection, and a new start in a new year!

  106. choon bin wee Says:

    Christmas marks the end of the year, everyone gather together, exchange presents, share the love and joy, that’s what I love most about christmas.

    happy holidays:)

  107. Dawn W. Says:

    Having more family time with the kids having days off from school and listening to Christmas music top my list for Christmas favorites!

  108. Simone O'Sullivan Says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is observing the innocence and excitement of my children. The faces… priceless!

  109. Jennifer Snellings Says:

    One of my favorite things about Christmas is our tradition of adopting an “Angel Family” (family in need) for the holidays. Our small group at church provides Christmas gifts, decorations and food for the family. We then have the privilege of delivering Christmas to them! It is always a special, sweet time and a wonderful gift to see their faces!

  110. NancyLee Says:

    I love the fact that it’s Christmas. People seem to be warm and merrier and the bonding between families is more genuine. This year bec of work commitments, our little family get to enjoy just the weekend of Christmas so we’ll make sure to make the most of it.

  111. Sandy Says:

    I really enjoy baking cookies and wrapping up the presents. That’s the best part.

  112. Robyn Houston Says:

    Christmas is all about doing memorable things together as a family. With 4 kids, the oldest married and deployed to Iraq it wont be quite the same this year. We will still continue with the traditions of baking cookies constantly and taking photos for me to scrapbook, looking at lights and reminiscing over ornaments and the reason we got them. Christmas is about family memories for me first and foremost.

  113. Amanda Says:

    My favorite part of the holidays is the many celebrations. I have at least 5 Christmases to go to and I couldn’t be more excited. Celebrating with all of the people I hold dear make this my favorite time of year/ (Look! A rhyme! :D)

  114. Emily Ralph Says:

    I love spending time with my family and all the lights everywhere you look. :)

  115. Anso Says:

    My favourite thing about Christmas is definitely being with family & having a great time together :)

  116. Lizzet Says:

    Christmas to me is sparkle, warm yummy scents, family and magic. I love the fact these things come together and is something we can enjoy all month long.

  117. Sasha Jardine Says:

    Reflections in time, I like to reflect back on old memories I have of Christmas’ past.

  118. Karen Williams Says:

    I love the whole season, the music, the lights in the dark (don’t you love putting the tree lights on on a dark morning), a visit to the pantomime, the crackers, the sprouts everything (and for me it is a chance to get home to the UK and feel home)

  119. Lynetta Says:

    I love the whole scenario of being a child again and the magic of make believe. Waiting for Santa to arrive and deciding if I’ve been naught or nice :-)

  120. Gill K Says:

    I love EVERYTHING about Christmas! It’s all so exciting and fun! Happy Christmas everyone!! :)

  121. Antonia S-H Says:

    I like having a houseful of relatives on the big day and then enjoying the peace and quiet when they’ve gone home again!

  122. Treasa C Says:

    I love everything about Christmas..the decorations, the music, and feeling the Christmas spirit.

  123. Lyn Meadows Says:

    I love the whole Christmas season from December 1st with the excitement building up to the 25th right through to January 6th with winding down when we have to pack it all up again.

  124. Nicky Says:

    I love making lots of Chrismassy things, cards, gifts, decorations.. And sharing all the makes on my blog for others to make too. Personalised, handmade presents & cards that suit the receipient are a million times better than anything you can find in the shops.

  125. Melissa Says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is doing some kind of holiday activity with my family every day. Even if it’s looking at holiday lights, we get to spend time together during the busiest time of year.

  126. karin c Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity – I love coming in late at night and seeing the lights on the tree and feeling peace…

  127. Amy Lynne Lassiter Says:

    My favorite part of Christmas is the warm feelings I receive from seeing the beautiful lights, the time spent with friends and family, and the delighted faces of my children as the wake up on Christmas morning. What a lovely time of year. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  128. Signe Says:

    Christmas is all about the snow for me which means cozying up inside, watching quietly while the snowflakes covers the outside and feeling that inner peace on the inside that always reminds me of the most important things in life.

  129. Jacky Scales Says:

    I love the fact that the whole family is together.

  130. Carol Says:

    I love this time of year, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Our favorite think to do the first weekend in December is to clean out our closets and toys to take to our local shelter. Not only do we get rid of excess stuff but I hope to teach my child the gift of giving.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Journaling for Christmas 2010!

  131. Shani Kowalczyk Says:

    Merry Christmas…..My family and I LOVE LOVE OK yes we LOVE the decoration side of things. We get our tree on the 1st and then its all on. We get a real tree in the lounge and then in each of the kids rooms they have a fake tree with some of their fav decorations. ahhhhhh nothing better. Have a wonderful Christmas :-)

  132. cindy b Says:

    having the week off after christmas to hang with my kiddos is the best part – just chillin’

  133. Natalie G Says:

    Eating chocolate for breakfast!

  134. Tara Says:

    Ahhhh…there are so many things I enjoy about the Holiday season. I enjoy the food and festivities, but also the laid-back quiet moments with friends and family.

  135. Lesley Says:

    I love the Red Christmas Starbucks Mugs. My husband and I started a tradition when we met that we would collect the Christmas Mugs- on our Fourth year now.
    I also love Carol of the Belles, It’s a Wonderful Life and Yankee Candles Christmas fragrances.

    Love your interview with Elsie on her blog by the way

  136. Caroline Says:

    The best thing about Christmas (apart from the christmas kitten who who celebrates her birthday on the day) is knowing that my OH who is self-employed and always working can relax for a few days and we can spend time together, decorating, making stuff, cooking and having fun.

  137. Angi in CO Says:

    I love the generosity the holiday season brings and most of all the time with friends and family!

  138. Clair Says:

    I’ve been meaning to JYC for several years now but never have! Maybe this could be my year and I would look forward to the class each holiday…?

    At the moment, my current winter love is the cool, crisp and sunny days and walks with my family in the local park. Quality time that costs nothing. Pure genius!

  139. Cari T. Says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating the birth of our Savior as a family. We read scripture every day during advent, bake together, share His joy with others, then have donuts with candles in them (a birthday tradition in my family)for breakfast on Christmas Day.

  140. Jessica Griffin Says:

    Hands down, absolutely love the smell. Love the change in season and weather. Always love when we get snow here in Texas. I love Christmas movies, and hot chocolate with candy canes or cinnamon sticks! Have I mentioned… I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! It’s hands down, my MOST favorite time of the year! :)

  141. Kathy t Says:

    I would love to win -Our favorite tradition isto bake cookies together -esp eat the dough ( I know it isn’t good for you !)

  142. Stephanie O. Says:

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the time spent with family. We gather and rejoice in each other and it is just a great time to be together. I would love the opportunity to win this class!

  143. Julie Jeavons Says:

    I love picking and wrapping presents for everyone and the fact that people are nicer this time of year. Or have my glasses just taken on a rose tint?

  144. amyellen Says:

    i love so many things about christmas including family time, yummy food, snow days, time off from work, no school, and simple traditions.

  145. Tea Kristin Says:

    The thing I’ll love the most this christmas is celebrating it with my 2 month old daughter and my amazing boyfriend as a family for the first time! Can’t wait!!

  146. Ami Says:

    I love wrapping the gifts. Since I was a kid the best part of the holiday prep for me was all of the papers and ribbons that were available for wrapping. I still love to wrap and see the amazing array of gifts under the tree.

  147. Christina A. Says:

    One thing I like about the Christmas season is all the cheesy (and not cheesy) Christmas songs they play on the radio. That has been something magical for me since I was little, and it still is…for some reason :-)

  148. Lynda B Says:

    I love Starbucks gingerbread latte, loads of fairy lights, the coca cola advert, preparing lots of food and time with my husband, who gave me back my love of Christmas

  149. kirsteen Says:

    What I love about christmas is seeing it through my two year olds eyes. And I cannot wait to take him to see santa for the first time x

  150. dianne Says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog from elsiecake’s. Very excited about this xmas journal. I think what I like best is being able to just chill. You’re at home with family and you can just take everything slowly. I don’t live in the States anymore so xmas is kind of bittersweet for me now. I used to go to the movies, often to see It’s a Wonderful Life. Although, the Thin Man is my favorite for this time of year!

  151. Amanda Wall Says:

    I love Christmas Carrols the most and watching my kids open their gifts on Christmas morning.

  152. Cheryl T. Says:

    I love holiday lattes (Peppermint Mocha)…ok really I love spending time with my family.

  153. hannahk Says:

    I love putting up the mistletoe and making my front porch all festive

  154. Christine Says:

    I love the smell of evergreen in my house. And I also am so excited to see all 3 of my little boys be excited on Christmas morning. Soooo love this time of year.

  155. Mari Says:

    I love all the sparkle and lights, the food and getting to share it all with family.

  156. Caroline Says:

    Some of the things I love: Christmas caroling to the neighbors on Christmas eve, cookie decorating contest with siblings, and collapsing after eating too much at my gram and gramps house!

  157. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is the music. I am a big music lover and singer so Christmas music has a special place in my heart. Both of my parents sang Christmas carols all the time so I guess it is just a part of me.

  158. Stefanie Says:

    My favorite thing about the holidays? The way it hits all of my senses. Twinkle lights, the smell of pine trees, the taste of sugar cookies, christmas song, the first snowfall hitting my nose. All wrapped up it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

  159. Deana Says:

    I love to decorate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. I can’t believe it’s almost December!

  160. o-girl Says:

    One thing? Oh, that’s tough. But…I guess if I only get to pick one…the lights. They’re magical!

  161. Lorraine Says:

    I love Christmas mostly because we turn the TV off and play games as a family, we have a wonderful Disney Monopoly game, the draughts/checkers come out and we have an amazingly funny game called ‘The Really Wicked Horse Race Game’. Together with New Years day it a time when we all get together and just laugh our socks off!

  162. Miriam Says:

    The tree, real, fresh and just perfect. Chosen as ‘the’ one from hundreds that my husband has to twirl for me xxx

  163. Drema Says:

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love it all from putting up a fresh cut tree that all my family go and pick out of the field to spending time with extended family. I love the sparkle and glimmer. It’s not about gifts, but about spending time with the ones we love.

  164. click here Says:

    I love it all from putting up a fresh cut tree that all my family go and pick out of the field to spending time with extended family. I love the sparkle and glimmer. It’s not about gifts, but about spending time with the ones we love.

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