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Scrapbooking with your handwriting

scrapbook page

I am so glad that a few years ago I made the decision to switch from printed journaling to handwritten journaling on almost all my pages. It was hard at first — no one instantly likes the way their writing looks and I found the search for the perfect pen to be more frustrating than I imagined, but eventually I got there and embraced it. Now I love that it’s so much quicker than fiddling with margins and fonts and printer cartridges plus it makes my pages more handmade. I love seeing scrappers use their own writing on a variety of projects and I think it gives you a bit of an idea about each crafter’s personality!

digital scrapbook page with handwriting

I like to include handwriting on digital pages too so they don’t seem overly mechanical. There’s a step-by-step tutorial for this page, including the handwriting element which just requires a piece of paper, a pen and your camera, right here.

Your next challenge is to create a scrapbook page or other project with your own handwriting! It can be about anything you would like.

Make something, take a picture and upload it to your blog or a page gallery. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your project to enter.

One randomly selected entry will win a class pass good for a class of your choice – take a class from the past or save it for something new in the future!

If you stress about your handwriting, maybe some tunes will help you chill and find your inner best penmanship? (But seriously – just start writing and it will get easier, I promise.)


17 April 2010

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43 Comments for Scrapbooking with your handwriting

  1. Lisa O Says:

    i use my handwriting all the time, but especially when it comes to pages like this where i document thing i want to remember right now.

  2. Anso Says:

    I’ve used handwriting on every challenge so far already LOL! But I made yet another layout anyway :) Here:


  3. Tracy Fox Says:

    I usually use handwriting on most of my LOs too.

    Heres mine

  4. Lisa O Says:

    i like this one too :) where i state things if they were up to me!

  5. Claire Viney Says:

    A quickie from me.

  6. Scrapdolly Says:

    Never done that before – but I wrote the birthday boy in the circle here

    Birthday Boy

  7. Mel Says:

    Well, I hope this is OK – I used my own handwriting on two of today’s layouts already, you can see them here:

  8. nan.sinclair Says:

    I have got a bit out of sync with the challenges, but this challenge prompted me to finish off my divider page for March’s Document:2010.

    I am not a fan of my own writting really, but am getting used to using it.

  9. Katharina Says:

    Quite crazy what evolved in this layout! (;
    But BEELITZ is an abandoned Hospital complex near Berlin and soooooo impressive!
    And the journaling HAD to be overwhelming,too!
    AND another one – quite “boring” if you compare, but I love to pieces! (;

  10. Katie Says:

    I’m not sure if this counts as I actually made it yesterday before this challenge was listed but I made a little minibook and ended up handwriting the journalling on each page. Here is an example of one page:
    and the rest of the pages can be found here:

  11. Peggy Says:

    This is this week’s scrapbooking journal page. These pages are mostly journaling, but every week, I try to include photos of projects or events, like this one.

  12. choon bin wee Says:

    This is my entry for the challenge :) I use my handwriting all the time….too lazy to switch on the computer for journalling…

  13. Cathy Green Says:

    Here’s LO for this challenge.

  14. Cathy Green Says:

    Try again:

  15. emy Says:

    I’ve been plying with my pens…

  16. lynmcf Says:

    Here is my grandpa!

  17. lisa Says:

    I always try to do some handwriting on all my layouts, I think it’s great for prosperity!

  18. Kirsteen Says:

    Here is my entry:

  19. CoCo Says:

    Here’s my link. My printer isn’t working, so I handwrite a lot out of necessity at the moment!

  20. Rebekah Says:

    Thanks for the challenge :) Here my LO.

  21. Lara Says:

    Shimelle – do you mind telling me what pens you use? I’m always dissappointed with mine – especially the white ones :(

  22. Ruth Says:

    My handwriting layout is posted in the gallery since i have no blog

  23. Roo Says:

    You can see a sample of my handwriting here:

  24. EllenC Says:

    Here’s mine:

  25. Hazel Says:

    You can see my entry here:

  26. Wendy Says:

    Here is my entry:

  27. Jacky Scales Says:

    Itry and use my own handwriting as much as possible now.<a href=“”>here’s mine</a>

  28. beverleynoelle Says:

    My handwritting LO

  29. Christine Crowson Says:

    Here’s my LO

  30. Fay Says:

    I always handwrite on my LOs, not not too difficukt for me!!

  31. Carolyn Says:

    I like to use my handwriting on LOs, especially on the notebook type journalling spots. My LO for this challenge can be found at 2Peas :

  32. Alaina Says:

    Here’s some handwriting on the 3rd layout in the post.

  33. RACHEL Says:

    one of my favourite pages of the day my page is about the corn exchange

  34. luluuk Says:”

  35. Abbey Says:

    Here is my submission:

  36. Annie M Says:

    This was an easy challenge because even though I don’t love my handwriting, I’m typically too lazy to type up my journaling!

  37. Kirsty Smith Says:

    This is my page. I love handwriting on pages so it was nice to let go for this one and really stretch my pen!

  38. furrypig Says:

    This was one of my favourite LO’s of the weekend.

  39. Tinkersdamn Says:

    Here we go!

  40. Diane Says:

    I never minded using my own handwriting on my pages; in fact, I hardly ever use printed journalling. I think it’s just part of me and it’s nice to see how it changes over time.
    Christmas Markets in Town

  41. Candace.M Says:

    Final entry for this Crop Party is here Really must do no more now as 1am and need to get up in 4hr time for a 7 1/2 hr day! Loved evry bit of the weekend. Thanks Shimelle for all the great challenges

  42. Shannon Hager Says:

    Another great challenge! I only use my handwriting for journaling. For me, its faster and I love including that piece of me in all of my layouts. My layout can be seen HERE and is titled “Happy Hunting.” It is the last layout.

  43. Ruth Says:

    ok, i found this lo i forgot to post on the gallery, now it is there.

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