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It's Party Time! And there are cupcakes!

scrapbook page

It’s 6pm here so it’s time to get the party started! Shall we put on a little party music? That’s better!

The party schedule is pretty simple: even numbered hours have challenges and themes and the chance to win prizes. Some odd numbered hours have a little post about something I find inspiring — no challenges for those, just something to keep you creative! Those inspiration posts start tomorrow though! Tonight there are challenges at 6, 8 and 10 — so I’m devoting this Friday night to three of my very favourite motifs! Starting with…cupcakes!

birthday card

I love to bake cupcakes even though I don’t get to make them quite as often lately. Turns out it helps to have a captive audience when you bake something that often has two dozen servings!

Plus I do tend to like going overboard. Like how we had more than three cupcakes per guest at our wedding. That was just a perfect amount in my mind! My friend Jackie makes amazing cakes (and teaches cake workshops here) and she made every single cupcake and even made them with our favourite recipes to make them extra perfect. Perhaps I shall tell you more cupcake stories over the weekend!

scrapbook page

So your very first challenge is to create something – anything – cupcake related! Make a card, a layout, go bake a dozen cute cakes! Then take a picture, post it online in a gallery or on your blog and leave a comment here with a link.

One project will be randomly chosen to win a prize package filled with cupcake themed scrapbook supplies.

You can enter until 6am UK time on Monday 19th April.

And if you’re a member (you’ve taken a class!) then hop over to the forum for a place to chat!


16 April 2010

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62 Comments for It's Party Time! And there are cupcakes!

  1. Neasa Says:

    Whoo hoo, let the party begin! So looking forward to this.

  2. Anso Says:

    Loved this challenge and just finished my layout. It’s here:

  3. AOK Says:

    Love cupcakes. Off now to pull out cupcake stash and make a big mess.

  4. lisa Says:

    I absolutely adore that cupcake paper ~ so so pretty!!

  5. Alix Says:

    i’ve done mine…but i’ll photograph in the morning…i’ve actually made a cupcake…out of felt!!

  6. Pamela J Elliott Says:

    I don’t know what I have dealing with “cupcakes” but I’m about to find out.

  7. beverleyeames Says:

    This is a divider for an altered lunch tin I am making for my sister as a recipe box …. I wonder how many other dividers I can make this weekend!

  8. Scrapdolly Says:

    I have made my cupcake page – it is HERE

    at the end of the post

  9. Meghann Says:

    Yay Shimelle! So glad it is finally here. Here is a link to the cupcake card I made. I’d love to win this prize!

  10. beverleyeames Says:

    ok I am trying this again :) ……. this is my divider ….. all cupcake ish!!

  11. katharina Says:

    Here – we go:
    a cupcake-birthday card!

  12. glee Says:

    3 cupcakes p/p is exactly perfect!

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Hey, I’m loving the inspiration, think I will get more crafting done this weekend than in the last month :-)

    I’ve made a cupcake card, here it is:

  14. Ines Says:

    I’ve made cupcakes but I’m not pro at it ^^
    ( it’s one for my sister :—D )

  15. Peggy Says:

    Just a little cupcake gift card.

  16. Melissa Says:

    Here is my cupcake recipe!

  17. QSOgirl Says:

    some cupcake birthday cards (boy, I’m hungry for some cupcakes now!)

  18. wendy Says:

    well lets see its 3.30am and I finally did the 1st page! Looks like I won’t get much done this weekend :O)

  19. Linda Beeson Says:

    I love Crumbs, just wish it was closer to me. CUTE layout, I love everything cupcakes.

  20. CoCo Says:

    Hiya – I uploaded to forum last night at midnight but forgot here…anyway here’s my blog link:

  21. Tracy Fox Says:

    Better late than never. Heres my cupcake challenge.

  22. Debra Says:

    I absolutely love the cup cake LO.

  23. Claire Viney Says:

    I am on Weight Watchers so as much as I would love to eat cup cakes, I MUST NOT!!! Here is my layout:

  24. Fay Says:

    Here’s my cupcake LO – thanks for the challenge

  25. beverleynoelle Says:

    hopefully this will load :),my cupcake LO

  26. Mel Says:

    This was such fun! :-) I’ve made a cupcake layout which you can see here:

  27. beverleynoelle Says:

    Oops loaded the wrong link :$,
    this time??

  28. nan.sinclair Says:

    Have completed my first LO of the weekend the wonderful cupcake challenge.

  29. emy Says:

    We love baking in our house, so a page about cakes was no problem at all!…

  30. Kirsty.a Says:

    Here is my cupcake card

  31. Candace.M Says:

    This is my cupcake challenge entry.

    With a twist – cupcake range of papers from Basic Grey!

    There are some pictures of previous cupcake bakes and hoping to make some tomorrow if I have time, so maybe a 2nd entry!

  32. scarymary555 Says:

    Hope this works! Here’s my cupcake card.

  33. lynmcf Says:

    I dont like cupcakes, but I do like ginger cake!

  34. Annie M Says:

    My first entry for the weekend’s challenges. Had fun with this one!

  35. Daphne Says:

    Finally, here is mine! Yesterday the light was too bad to take some pics of it:

  36. lisa Says:

    Here’s mine, pretty simple I’m afraid.

  37. Candace.M Says:

    My Daughter Freya who is 6 has made a cupcake card. she would like to enter if she can

    Find her card on my blog

  38. Fiona Says:

    The boys thought I really needed to actually bake cakes for this one, so I did. They are here

  39. Judi Says:

    I made a cupcake card for my granddaughters birthday using very old scraps and twistel from years ago.

  40. Rebekah Says:

    I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have any cupcake paper when I looked! But here’s my LO using cupcake fabric.

  41. cherry Says:

    Well its only taken me 24 hours to upload this card – though to be fair i didnt finish it till lunchtime lol! I love the cupcake layouts you’ve shown us shimelle.

  42. cherry Says:

    and perhaps you would like the link too lol!

  43. lynmcf Says:

    It might help if I put a clickable link to my ginger cake “:”

  44. ann Says:

    I took these photos this week and it appears I was just in time!

  45. Hazel Says:

    Just a quick little card from me:

  46. Alaina Says:

    Cupcakes! Here you go with a cupcake shaped layout!

  47. jane Says:

    have made a card here

  48. Christine Crowson Says:

    Here is my cupcake LO.

  49. RACHEL Says:

    hey hun, here is my first page for the cupcakes, cute idea hun, here is my first page for the cupcakes, cute idea

  50. Sian Says:

    I’ve done a cupcake page here:

  51. Natalie E Says:

    I haven’t scrapped cupcakes before. But this was so much fun (and quite cute) I’m sure I will be doing more of it in the future.

  52. Alison Says:

    Here is my cupcake keyring!

  53. Ruth Says:

    My cupcake challenge is a bday card for my 93 yr old friend and it is posted in the gallery

  54. Alix Says:

    oooh yes…i love a cupcake too…but i’m on a diet…so here is a version i can still have! lol

  55. Nelle Says:

    Here’s mine:

  56. Abbey Says:

    Great encouragement to use this paper I love, but have been waiting to find a place for:

  57. maja Says:

    My cupcakes-page is here

  58. Madeline Says:

    Here is mine, a little hard to find some pictures

  59. Deborah M Says:

    Here’s mine – thanks for the challenge.

  60. Nicole Says:

    Here is my take on this challenge:
    You are my special cupcake

  61. Diane Says:

    Dear me… My first real attempt at baking cupcakes... They don’t look too nice but they taste good :)

  62. Suzanne Armstrong Says:

    I’ve made 3 cupcake cards :)!/photo.php?pid=30624122&id=1362819422&fbid=1259599814434!/photo.php?pid=30624123&id=1362819422&fbid=1259599854435!/photo.php?pid=30624124&id=1362819422&fbid=1259599894436

    Hope you like :)

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