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A Last Minute Easter DIY + A Special Sale

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
Two little extras today for your Easter weekend: first, it’s not too late to do a little Easter decorating, and Gina Lideros has a project that is quick and easy and perfect to do either by yourself or as a collaborative family project. Then something just for you: a sale on some classes so you can have a calorie-free Easter treat!

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
To start creating my banner I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut little bunnies out of patterned paper. This file in the Silhouette store works beautifully, but there are plenty of different Easter shapes so you can choose something to your liking.

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I thought that the little bunnies could use cute cotton tails, so I applied a small fluffy tail to each one for a quick and easy detail.

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I used old book pages for the background of each piece of the banner, sewing them together for a bit more strength and using a border punch at the bottom for a cute scalloped edge. You could easily use patterned paper for this step too – select a small pattern in a pale color or a color that gives you a good contrast with your bunnies.

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I added seam binding to the top to bind the banner together. Then I just adhered a bunny to each piece and my banner was ready to hang. I also created a small bunny framed piece by taking strips of patterned paper and adhering them behind a bunny that I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo. It’s the remaining piece from when I cut the bunnies for the banner, so it’s nice to have the potential to use both the positive and the negative when cutting the design!
- Gina

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I’m very happy to say I’m in the final stages of a new class – finally! So this weekend I’m offering a special price on some existing courses that complement the new one coming up so soon. Chief among them is Cover to Cover, the course that covers how I went from treating every page like an individual project and just stacking the pages up in endless piles of disorganised craft to putting the book back in scrapbooking and finding an album system that absolutely changed this hobby for me. This is something I also discussed in the audio course format with Noell Hyman in the Story Centred Album recordings, but Cover to Cover is a course of PDF and video content that goes into step by step detail of how I made my photo storage work, how I got all those stacks into albums that made sense to me, and how keeping things really, really simple lit a flame under my creativity to keep making pages that told my stories. This course is normally $30 USD, but over the Easter weekend, it’s just $22. You can read all about the course here, but be sure to come back to this page to pay, as the sign up button on that page will charge you the normal full price.
Sorry this offer has now expired. The class is still available at the full price on the link above.

Next up is Inspired By, a group video workshop where several of us chose something as our inspiration piece then shared how we went from that inspiration to a new finished layout in a start to finish process video. The class includes ten videos plus a reference PDF, and normally costs $15. This weekend, it’s just $10. Again, you can read about the class details here, but be sure to return to this page to purchase so you get the discount!
Sorry this offer has now expired. The class is still available at the full price on the link above.

And the third and final special offer is slightly different. Glitter Girl’s Scrapbooking Survival Guide is a course I originally taught at Two Peas in a Bucket and it hasn’t been available since their closure. This is another thing finally reaching that point where I get to cross it off the list! If you took this class at Two Peas, you do not need to purchase it. We will be adding your access here, but it takes some time as there isn’t an easy way to transfer the list from their site to mine. But those names will start to be added on Tuesday and I will post here when we are through the full list so you can get in touch then if you should have had access and aren’t seeing it in your class list. But for those who have never taken the class, it’s now available for signing up! At Two Peas, the course was broken into two purchases – the ten video Survival Guide class for $25 and an additional extended video (Glitter Girl’s Guide to Stretching your Stash) was an additional purchase. Here, it will all be together for the $25 price on an ordinary day, which is already a saving since you basically get an extra mini workshop for free. But this weekend, you can purchase the full set for $18. That’s eleven videos (including one that is significantly longer than the rest) and five accompanying PDF files to break it all down. Class access for this course will be sent on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 29th and 30th of March.

Some important things
…Class access for Cover to Cover and Inspired By can take up to 24 hours. Class access for Glitter Girl’s Scrapbooking Survival Guide will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. You should receive a welcome email in that time frame, and if it’s your first class purchase here, you’ll also be sent login details in a separate email. They can sometimes go to your spam folder, so keep an eye if you don’t see it in your inbox.
…These classes are all archived and you will access the materials online. They include permanent access and you can access them any time, at any pace, and in any order you fancy, as long as you have an internet connection. If you already have an account and want to check what classes you already have, you can find that here, but remember your classes won’t be visible until you sign in with your username and password.
…Sale prices end at 6am UK time, Tuesday 29th March 2016.
…You can always contact me at if you have any questions with your purchase.

Easter scrapbook page by Heather Leopard
That’s enough blather from me! Have a beautiful Easter weekend and do not miss the fabulous Easter crafting tutorials from Heather Leopard while you’re here!

26 March 2016

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12 Comments for A Last Minute Easter DIY + A Special Sale

  1. Dalia Says:

    Knowing there will be a new class from Shimelle is the best thing ever!!!! Especially the one to coordinate with Cover to cover! I really need some more help with my albums. Made my day!

  2. Crystal Says:

    I would love a new class to take. I have already taken (and loved) all the previous ones.
    Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Loydene Says:

    WWWHhhaaaaa HHHOOOOOO!!
    Thank you — I’ve been wanted to see the videos from Survial Guide for a while!! Thanks!

  4. Leilani Says:

    woohoo..I just purchased the survival guide.
    Would anyone know if I can still purchase the hitchhiker’s guide to scrapbooking that was offered before? I wanted to buy it even on regular price. someone please help. thanks in advanced :)

  5. Tina Campbell Says:

    Didn’t take me long to snatch up the Survival guide class :) I was late to the party when it was over at 2 peas and when I did finally discover it 2 peas closed down so this is so cool to have the chance to take the class :) Cool that a new class will be coming out soon too

  6. Marie Worthing Says:

    Thank you so much!!!! More Shimelleness is always a good thing :)

  7. Alison Day Says:

    I am so happy to hear that you have worked out the kinks for the survival guide! I look forward to revisiting the videos!! I’ve been re-reading the pdf prompts but SO wish I had access to the videos too. Yay! And I can’t wait for your new class. Consider me sold! :) Happy Easter!

  8. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I’m trying to purchase the Survival Guide but it keeps giving me an error. I think it is my end not yours and I’ll keep trying but thought I’d let you know in case you get eleventy billion receipts from me!

  9. Barb S Says:

    Just checked back through old emails and was very excited to see I had purchased the Survival Guide from Two Peas! Yay! Looking forward to revisiting this class. And to registering for Cover To Cover. I have been wanting to take that one. Thanks Shimelle!

  10. Gab Says:

    I love Gina’s project – the bunnies are adorable and it looks so great with the book paper backgrounds!

  11. LisaDV Says:

    Thanks for posting this in facebook again. I missed it the first time and haven’t been to the blog in over a week.

  12. William VRiley Says:

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