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Scrapbooking with a Woodgrain Embossing Folder

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

You may have noticed my sparkly friend seems to be on a bit of quest to use older supplies she loves rather than letting them collect dust. I’ve decided I need to follow her lead with something I am often guilty of ignoring: tools! This week I have used my manual die cutter every single day! There has got to be a merit badge for that. We need more merit badges in scrapbooking, I tell you. Anyway, with the die cutter, I could ease back into fancy tools without needing to dust off every single item I have neglected for a while, so I started with simple shapes and embossing folders. That woodgrain embossing folder! I had so many plans for this folder and then my mind filled up like a fog (a happy fog!) and I’ve probably only used it half a dozen times. For shame! The good news is asked for help and contributing designer Meghann Andrew came to my rescue. Her page inspired mine, and I hope between the two of us, we might encourage you to dust off an embossing folder or two in your own collection.

using the shimelle collection woodgrain embossing folder @

I don’t know about you, but I own dozens of 4×6 embossing folders, and I rarely pull them out to create something other than the background on a handmade card. Using Shimelle’s woodgrain embossing folder, I’ve come up with an easy way to put those embossing folders to use on my pages, by creating a textured tone-on-tone background for this fun layout about a recent favorite breakfast.

using the shimelle collection woodgrain embossing folder @

To show you how easy it is to put your embossing folders to use and make this background, I’ve created a video, in which I also finish off the page with embellishments from the True Stories collection.

Thanks for watching! Now I challenged Shimelle to take an idea from my page and put it to work on her own. She had three rules: she had to use the woodgrain embossing folder, she had to include a photo of herself, and she had to do something that she could link to the design of my page!

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

Challenge set. I could do this, right? Found some photos that included me that I needed to scrap (from a weekend in Edinburgh, our last travel as just two before Wonder Boy’s arrival) and dusted off my embossing folder. But I wasn’t ready to go tone-on-tone. I love colour and right now, colour is making me want to scrapbook every day. So whatever I was going to do, it needed to be colourful!

Then I decided to emboss white cardstock. Because that’s colourful. Sure.

But there was method to my madness! I want to take the inspiration from Meghann’s page in the shape – circles!

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

I embossed the white cardstock then die cut it into circles to include in some embellishment clusters. There’s a heap of colour happening here – that floral paper is from Jen Hadfield’s new Pebbles collection, and there are cut-aparts from Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine too, plus some Starshine tags. Cute puffy stickers by Lora Bailora. So much colour, so much love. But when I stared at all that on my desk, I didn’t want more colour – I wanted more texture. Perfect! The woodgrain embossed circles are a really small detail but it made it one of those pages that people touch when they turn the page in my album. I love that! Plus it’s a gateway drug technique: now that I’ve used a little embossed texture, I want to use more! (In fact I have done a few cards that are due to be delivered to recipients this weekend, so I’ll share those next week I think!) Mission accomplished; challenge met. Thanks Megan!

(One note about visiting Edinburgh when very pregnant: the hills are tall, the hills are steep. We walk a lot here and live at the top of a hill, but this is a whole other class of hill. Walking up to the castle, I was literally passed by an octogenarian with a cane. I was slow-slow-slow. But it was awesome. Of course it was awesome: there are pandas. And if you’re ever there are Christmas, the high tea at the Caledonian is basically twice as cool and a third the price of any London Christmas high tea. But don’t tell London that I just said Edinburgh was better or anything. Even if there are pandas involved. Just wear comfortable shoes, for all that is good in this world. That’s all.)

05 February 2016

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13 Comments for Scrapbooking with a Woodgrain Embossing Folder

  1. Mary Says:

    Wow I love both pages and yes I know Edinburgh well and it is steep and a lot of walking involved

  2. Sandra Says:

    Love this so much! Thanks girls. Just last week I looked at my pile of embossing folders (which include a wood grain) and thought “why haven’t I used these much?” Inspiration; found!

  3. Sarah Souza Says:

    Gorgeous layouts! I’m guilty of not using my die cutting machine enough and I have so many dies and embossing folders. Hubby and I babymoon’d in Scotland when I was 5 months pregnant with my little Aiden. I am intimately familiar with those hills. It didn’t stop me from hiking to the top of Arthur’s Seat. In fact, I saw a woman more pregnant than I coming back down from the top and I said to my hubs “Oh, hell no!” and marched my way right up to the top. It’s going to make for an excellent story for my Scotland album! (Maybe I’ll use my woodgrain embossing folder on that page…)

  4. Scrapstorian Says:

    Using the embossing folder to make circles for a background is brilliant! I love the texture it added there and in the embellishment clusters. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  5. Alison Day Says:

    I love your layout as always Shimelle but had to write to laugh at the image of you huffing and puffing up the Mile! Been there, done that! Not pregnant mind you, but very overweight with a terribly dodgy knee! Worth it at the top though, isn’t it? I lived in Edinburgh for almost 2 years – after uni and before “growing up” – call it my “finding myself” phase! It is my other home I think. I love where I live now (little town just south of Vancouver BC) but if we were given the opportunity to move to Edinburgh I’d jump at it! My husband too I think. We visited last summer (just the two of us) and he was equally enthralled. London is pretty awesome, I do admit that, but for my Scottish heart, Edinburgh’s where’s it at!!

  6. Gab Says:

    Great LOs ! I love how Meghann used the embossing folder. I need to pull out mine and use it that same way.
    And Shimelle you don’t even look pregnant in those photos! You are tiny! Love your take on Meghann’s challenge too!

  7. Cynthia Larson Says:

    Meghann – love your layout. thanks for the inspiration using the embossing folding and punches/dies. I am inspired to have a go at this. Love the new DT and all the new and colorful content. Yeah!!!

  8. Artful Leigh Says:

    Wow!!! I am so going to take this challenge!!! Wonderful pages and wonderful post Meghann and Shimelle!!

  9. Heather Gallacher Says:

    Love it! I have a couple of embossing folders (including a woodgrain one) that i’ve never used. Always thought of them as more of a card maker tool so definitely going to give this a go :-)

  10. Mary M. Says:

    Both of these pages are so beautiful and inspiring! I can’t wait to get out one of my poor, unused embossing folders now and make a page! =)

  11. Cori Says:

    Ha! I remember walking Edinburgh pregnant. My not-so-sympathetic husband got frustrated because I had to stop and rest every 6-7 storefronts climbing DOWN from the castle. We stopped in more tea shops than he cares to remember. He STILL teases me about my sssssslllllllllooooooowwwww walk in Scotland. Lol.

  12. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Yummy papers! We don’t see enough Pebbles stash here.

  13. Says:

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