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Introducing Starshine, my new collection with American Crafts

Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @
It’s just a few hours now until I pack my last few things into my bag and head to the airport, bound for CHA – the annual Craft and Hobby Association trade show in California. CHA is a convention floor filled with the newest releases across a variety of crafts, ready for store owners to order for the year ahead. I’m very excited to be there to debut my fourth scrapbooking collection with American Crafts, Starshine.

scrapbook page made with the Starshine collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

Inspired by starry nights and big dreams, Starshine brings together many shades of blue with pink, green, yellow, and red – something for any fanciful adventure you might encounter. My hope is that you’ll find things here for scrapping boys and girls, recent and retro, and that there might also be one or two things that suit your aspirations for the year ahead while we’re in this mindset of new beginnings – because Starshine will be on its way to stores straight away.

birthday card made with the Starshine collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

clear stamps - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

For Starshine, we’ve filled globes with a variety of different images, and with the clear stamp set, you can fill a globe with just what you fancy. Plenty of word stamps that you can use on journaling cards, on your calendar, or to add a little detail to embellishment clusters, plus a big sentiment and the empty globe to fill with stars, cameras, flowers, or hot air balloons.

mini flair badges - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

These flair badges are tiny in size, and balance beautifully with a label or two.

epoxy paperclips - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

In the last two collections, we topped wooden buttons with epoxy designs. This time we’ve moved over to paperclips, and they are flat enough to use in the embellishment of a layout but also strong enough to actually hold some paper and keep your desk beautiful.

marquee thickers - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

turquoise glitter thickers - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

There are two sets of Thickers: a multicoloured Marquee style, and my favourite Fitzgerald font now in turquoise glitter.

small sticker sheet - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

The small sticker sheet includes phrases, a teensy tiny alphabet, and a few strips of stars for your pages’ finishing touch.

larger sticker sheet - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

The large sticker sheet has larger sentiments, icons, and border strips.

chipboard stickers - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

And the chipboard sticker set has so many stickers in this not-too-thick chipboard that makes it a perfect balance for adding some dimension without creating some towering stack that will never fit in a page protector. Includes a floral boot for all your adventures, of course.

ephemera - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

The ephemera set is a mix of designs on white cardstock and printed on clear acetate, for lovely layering options.

shaped washi tape - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

Oh this. This might be my favourite. It’s washi tape, but it’s die cut into shapes more like a border sticker. These two designs come in one box so you don’t have to pick.

acrylic shapes - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

These are something new for us too – acrylic shapes with lofty motifs for all your dream documenting.

roller stamp with notepad - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

You can never have too many roller stamps, right? This one has a variety of phrases and comes with a notepad for journaling or notes.

rub-on pens - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

These little gadgets are rub-on pens. I used so many of these when we travelled to Japan years ago, and I’m happy to see them hit the scrapbooking world. Just roll on the design like an adhesive roller, but it’s a picture instead of glue.

12x12 papers - Starshine Scrapbooking Collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

And of course, there is paper! This is just a sample of the full paper range, and the papers are available by the double-sided sheet or single sided in 12×12 and 6×6 paper pads.

graduation card made with the Starshine collection from Shimelle & American Crafts @

I’ll be sharing more projects and videos with Starshine soon, including coverage from the show floor at CHA. The best place to catch what I’m seeing at CHA is on Instagram, but I’ll post the most important bits here too whenever I have time.

American Crafts are blogging about Starshine today as well, and they have a Starshine prize pack to send to one of you! Leave a comment on this post to enter, and let us know which piece of Starshine you’d most like on your desk! Entries close this Sunday, the 10th of January, at 11:59pm GMT (UK time). One entry per person and you can live absolutely anywhere. (Now if only someone on the ISS would enter!)

Thanks so much for taking a look at Starshine!

05 January 2016

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209 Comments for Introducing Starshine, my new collection with American Crafts

  1. Lauren Hall-Barrett Says:

    I love EVERYTHING and hope to eventually purchase it all, but I especially love the chipboard sticker set. With my first baby due this March, I’m looking to get back into scrapbooking to preserve these extra special memories forever!

  2. Kate Bucci Says:

    What a fab collection! I love the colours and it’s great to see some new product types. Particularly love those washi tapes and the acrylic shapes.

  3. Lisa H Says:

    This is a great collection! Wow! Love it all but anything with stars or constellations are huge hits for me! love it. Congrats!!!

  4. Joy Says:

    Wow! How to choose just one thing. I love it all. I do love the little rub-on pens. They look so easy to use. Enjoy CHA.

  5. tanja Says:

    I need those acrylic shapes. kthxbai!

  6. Julianna Says:

    Yay! Yayayayay!!! I love it all! What a great collection. Can’t wait for the constellation and space bits, one of my favorite motifs of all time :)

  7. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Tim Peake commented on your blog!! I love it all, seriously, and I think it will go well with offcuts of your previous collections too. I am loving your use of proper blues! If I had to pick one thing it would be the washi – us planner girls love your style and anything you’ve got (like those glue tape pens and the gorgeous paperclips) that we can use in our planners is right up our street! Have fun at CHA x

  8. Darlene East Says:

    I am so excited for another Shimelle collection. It is wonderful and I am looking forward to using it soon. I really like the papers.

  9. Jennifer Chiernyk Says:

    What a fantastic new collection Shimelle! I love how versatile it is and can see myself using it for so many things!

  10. jengd Says:

    Congrats on the great new line! I love that ticket washi and the fun tin pins

  11. Anne-Marie Marcoux Says:

    Everything is so lovely!!! Love the pinks and blues, a much softer coloured collection. I am in love with the new washi tape, and those rub-on pens are pretty cool too!

  12. Roma Says:

    I need this collection!! Love it all!!!

  13. Samantha Says:

    Oh my gosh. What a gorgeous line! I’m excited for the flair. And the love you to the moon and back!

  14. Dara Cohen Says:

    Shimelle, wonderful line as always! I particularly love the rub on pens, the ticket washington tape, and the large sticker sheet. Have fun at CHA!

  15. Emma Says:

    Oh wow, this is pretty much my dream collection! I’m an astrophysicist so the stars, moon, constellations and anything space related make me swoon! It’s so hard to choose a favourite piece. I’m sure I’ll be getting it all but probably the ephemera pack or chipboard stickers will be the first on my list!

  16. Cheryl Says:

    Love the colours of this collection! Everything is beautiful but the paper, oh my, gorgeous!

  17. Dawn Winslow Says:

    Oh those tiny flair and stamp set. LOVE. I’ve never seen the pens before that is fun!

  18. abbeyviolet Says:

    I really do love the constellation paper, and, well, anything constellation patterned.

  19. theCook Says:

    Love the paperclips and acrylic shapes!

  20. Susannah Says:

    Love the new collection, every bit of it. Pack your umbrella if you’re coming to Southern California this week – it’s raining!

  21. Claire Crompton Says:

    Beautiful line with gorgeous colours. I love it all, but especially the acrylic shapes they look awesome! X

  22. Jeannine H Says:

    It’s hard to choose. I love everything but my choice would be the scalloped washi with the flowers. So gorgeous. Your collections are all so fabulous and just when I think you have created the best one, you come out with another super one. Can’t wait for these to go to market!

  23. Jill S. Says:

    I cannot pick just one thing I love ! I love it all especially the washi tape set, large sticker and chipboard shapes. The stamp set with the little words and globe are so versatile. If I don’t win this collection it will be on my shopping list ! Thanks for such a gorgeous line Shimelle.

  24. Diane jordan Says:

    The washi tape and rub on pens! How cute!

  25. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I love the ephemera set, great images of rockets etc for scrapping my now 3 boys :)

  26. KateT Says:

    I like the washi and there are lots of great sentiments that look like things I would say and use.

  27. Beth Says:

    LOVE the floral washi tape! Congrats on another great collection. Hope it’s very successful for you.

  28. Jacqui D Says:

    I love the paper clips and the papers.

  29. Leslie Says:

    Would love to use this collection!

  30. Yeva Says:

    Another beautiful collection! Love the color combination and how you mixed floral and rockets, I can easily see myself use this for my boys layouts and be able to scrap about myself. It’s lovely!

  31. Laura R Says:

    I’m excited by the acrylic shapes and the star tape pen!

  32. Gabrielle Watson Says:

    Oh my goodness! That is such a sweet line :) I love the colors in this collection so much, and those patterned Thickers!! jawdrop This is perfect for scrapping pictures of my kiddos. Love it!
    Gabrielle from Denton, TX

  33. Kat Says:

    Yay, another Shimelle Collection! Loving the colours, and just about everything! But the papers, chipboard stickers and the roller stamp are just fab! :)

  34. Joanne Says:

    Love this collection disappointed there aren’t any epoxy word buttons but the paper clips look super cute too. A very flexible collection and can be Used well with your previous collections

  35. Karen Says:

    Well done on another fantastic collection Shimelle. I love the chipboard stickers and the washi tapes are amazing!

  36. Karen Beldon Says:

    I’ve loved all your craft lines so far, but this one is out of this world fabulous! :) Hard to pick favorites, but I LOVE that shaped washi, and the roller stamp, and those roller rub-ons. Super lovely! Have a great time at CHA, and thanks for the chance to win. :)

  37. Roseann Hoyle Says:

    Love everything! Especially the textured looking papers. So pretty.

  38. Mary M. Says:

    Oh. My. Word. I need every single piece. If I have to pick one, I’d say the die-cut washi. Everything is so beautiful! Have fun at CHA! =)

  39. Hannah Brown Says:

    Oh my goodness I’m so excited!!! I love so much of this…the thickers, the acrylic shapes, the shaped washi, and those rub on pens look super cool!

  40. Cassandra Duchaine Says:

    Absolutely love this collection! I can’t wait to try the roll on pen!

  41. Rachel Says:

    I love it all but mostly the stardust sticker. Stardust is my daughters cheer team name.

  42. Dottie Pennington Says:

    My favorite product is the glitter thickers. I love the red ones and know I will love these as well. Also love the open globe stamp. Looking forward to buying your new collection. Thanks

  43. Kim Says:

    Love the washi tape!!

  44. BunnyD Says:

    Oh my goodness all the yumminess Shimelle! Silly me, I was about to turn over my iPad to try to read the phrases on the roller stamp. Duh! Love the shaped washi tape and the flair and and and…!!! Love that you put camera images in the line, I love them too. Oh and I so want a pair of those floral boots in real life! Congrats on the darling new collection and Happy New Year!

  45. Raquel Says:

    I am a lover of paper and thickers and this collection has me swooning! Love the Fitzgerald thickers!!! Be still my heart!

  46. Mariangeles Says:

    Love the paperclips!

  47. Mandi Holmes Says:

    I love it all but I am a sucker for the ephemera.

  48. SuzannaL Says:

    Love the acrylic shapes, the stickers, all of it!! LOVE that it’s a bright yet generic collection good for all facets of life! Swoon!

  49. Berta Says:

    I wAnt it all

  50. aj_scrap Says:

    Congratulations on Starshine. Love the name. I love the dark navy blue in the papers and the embellishments, but I think my favourite part of the collection is the rub on pens. So easy and the patterns are so useable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Pam C Says:

    Oh my Shimelle! I love every bit of this collection and can hardly wait to get my hands on it! Have a wonderful time at CHA!

  52. Janet Says:

    The Fitzgerald glitter alphabet. The exact color for my granddaughter’s birthday tag album. And the Washi!

  53. Kelly O Says:

    Oh, so gorgeous!!!! I love the flair badges and the blue floral paper. I will be ordering multiples of that one!

  54. Stokely Says:

    Very nice color scheme. Congrats on new line.
    Such a lovely picture too)

  55. Denise Parcells Says:

    I think this might be my fave release, yet, Shimelle! You did an absolutely beautiful job. Those acrylic stickers might have won my heart over!!

  56. Wendy N Says:

    Love the washi tape, was getting bored with it, but this new take is great inspiration.

  57. Carolyn Johnson Says:

    I love the whimsical feel to the embellishments. This would be great for scrapping pics of my daughter.

  58. Lois Says:

    I love love love this collection. Perfect to scrapbook my children.

  59. Sara M. Says:

    Love,love, love all of this line but I think my favorite would have to be those acrylic shapes…or those fun rub-on pens!

  60. Catherine Aguilera Says:

    Amazing! Love, love, love. The Thickers, small stickers and the papers. Wonderful

  61. Traci Severson Says:

    Love the rub on pens!!!! How fun!

  62. Margot Says:

    Gorgeous! Well done Shimelle, I didn’t think it was possible to top that yummy Christmas collection, but you’ve done it! Hope it’s soon available because I want it all!

  63. rosa m. neno Says:

    the rub on pens, how cool they are!!

  64. Sarah Toward Says:

    Only one thing I’d love to see on my desk, ONLY ONE! Well I adore the tiny flairs and especially the one with the rocket and explore on, I bloomin’ love it! Another fabulous collection Shimelle, nice one!

  65. Margie Visnick Says:

    The paper and acrylic shapes—swoon!! Love it all!

  66. Jane Alvey Says:

    Fabulous collection. Can’t wait to use it.

  67. Beckygotch Says:

    Great collection and I just love that washi tape! Fantastic!

  68. Erica Hettwer Says:

    I adore this entire line, Shimelle! It’s perfect!!! I’m super loving the new color of Fitzgerald Thickers, that’s my favorite font, too! I’m excited to try the new acrylic shapes. They seem like they’ll be fun!

  69. 3kidmama Says:

    What a fun collection, Shimelle! I think all of it needs to live on my desk, but if it can only be one choice, I think that wash will be my first purchase!

  70. Kate Says:

    Love the dark blue! The sticker sheet is my favourite.

  71. SharonS Says:

    Great new range, I’ve got to have the multi coloured thickers, fab!! Good luck at CHA!

  72. JulieFrog Says:

    This collection looks fab! Love the colours, especially those glitter thickers.

  73. Robin W. Says:

    Lots of things have captured my imagination with this collection, but my favorite, I think, is the globe stamp that you can fill with your own image—it’s perfect!

  74. Julie Says:

    Another beautiful collection Shimelle. My favourite is the stamp set, but the flair and the washi tape are gorgeous too. In fact, it’s all gorgeous. xx

  75. Michelle t Says:

    Wow, love it! Love the tape, stickers, and acrylic pieces, but love most the paper. Thanks for the chance. Michelle t

  76. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful collection, Shimelle!

  77. Anne-Liesse Says:

    I love the collection!! One of my favorites is the Constellation paper. I can think of oh so many things to do with that one.
    Best wishes on your new collection!!

  78. Leah Burgett Says:

    I love this collection! Lots of things to do with it! I would love to see the paper collection on my desk and of course both sets of thickers!!

  79. Kelli Lindley Says:

    Love this! The colors and icons are, as always, just perfect for this time in my life

  80. Lisa W Says:

    The Marquee alphas! Well, everything really, but those especially. Those run-on pens are pretty awesome too!

  81. Robin G Says:

    Everything! It’s all so amazing! Every piece, for sure:D But if I was forced to pick a standout, for me it’s the stamp set!! My mind’s abuzz with ideas on how to use that globe stamp! Holy Cow!!
    Thanks Shimelle & AC for all you bring to the world!!

  82. Kelly Says:

    Love! Love! Love everything about this collection! If I had to choose one favorite, it would be the stickers!

  83. Melinda Sweetman Says:

    This is my most favourite of all of your ranges Shimelle

  84. Annette Says:

    Those paper colors are dreamy. Buzz Lightyear would be excited to see them! I particularly like the stamp set. The combinations set my mind a-whirring! Wonderful work, indeed.

  85. Kyle Says:

    Beautiful as always, Shimelle! The rub on pen might be my favorite, though.

  86. maria Says:

    Another great collection Shimelle! Thank you for the peek at your new line. I love the washi tapes and the cut-apart sheets look versatile. And what a great photo of Wonder Boy – those teeth! Maria

  87. Kim Thomas Says:

    I love the colors in this collection. The navy blue really pops. I love the paper clips, washi tape and rub ons. They’re so trendy! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Take care, Kim :)

  88. Tracey mcintyre Says:

    Hi I liked it all I could not pick a favourite I think the colour combination is lovely

  89. Angela Says:

    Love, love this collection! My favorite yet..but I’m most excited about those lovely glitter Thickers!

  90. Amy Myers Says:

    I just…wow. I am in love. I think I want just about every piece of this collection!! The flair and turquoise Thickers are at the top of my list. I can’t wait for it to come out!!

  91. Sara Says:

    I love this collection. Can’t wait to get it in Australia. Thanks for the give away. :)

  92. Tracey H Says:

    I love all of it. most of all I love the roll on pens & the shadow effect on the numbers paper.

  93. Gina Ames Says:

    I really love the color combination! Those papers are fabulous, I can’t wait to see everything in person.

  94. Ann in PA Says:

    My favorites are the turquoise Thickers, the stamp set and the little flair buttons.

  95. Dona Says:

    super cute! Rub-On Pens—they look so fun.

  96. Jo Says:

    Oh my gosh, I love it all! Especially the non-gendered retro-modern look. The navy blue paper with the stars on it caught my eye first, and the stickers are wonderful, but the roller stamp with the little notepad would be terribly useful in my journal right now.

  97. Kathy H Says:

    Oh Shimelle, I love it all and I really want the little paper clips and badges and stickers and….well, all of it. Happy New Year from California, Kathy

  98. Melissa Says:

    Wow what a beautiful collection!! I love the floral! That being said I think the piece I love best is the floral washi!!

  99. Moira OReilly Says:

    What a gorgeous collection Shimelle. You keep on getting it just perfectly. I love everything about this collection but the new rub-ons are awesome (rub-ons without rubbing – genius). Love the flair as well :)

  100. Zsoka Marko Says:

    Well I’d like every piece on my desk, is that asking for much?! :) If I have to choose I’d like several packs of the pins definitely!!! And the washi. And and and… X

  101. Dawn F. Says:

    I love the roller stamp. Thanks for the chance and looking forward scrapping with Starshine!

  102. Brenna Says:

    The colours in this collection are gorgeous! I also love the acrylic pieces!

  103. Ruth Tacoma Says:

    I love the little sticker sheet of phrases, the acrylics and all the globes!!!

  104. Jen M. Says:

    Another great collection! The ephemera always catches my eye and the die cut washi tape is fab too.

  105. rita ramirez Says:

    Shimelle you have hit the nail on the head with this collection. May I say Thank You for using Navy blue in your collection. My favorite color. Your collection has so many options and I love them all.

  106. Laura Says:

    Yay!!!!!!!! I love this line so much! The floral washi tape is to die for and I love the colors and the icons and the stickers. Total yum. Can’t wait to see the whole thing. Congratulations!

  107. Julia Says:

    Your collections just keep getting better and better Shimelle! I love all the navy blue in this one.

  108. Gale Says:

    What a wonderful collection. I’m especially excited to try the rub-on pens.

  109. Lisa Says:

    I like the flair. It looks really versatile.

  110. Marie Says:

    Beautiful collection! Love the papers and chipboard stickers!

  111. Debra kinder Says:

    Love it all but the heart constellation is my favorite. I need this collection!!!!! I’m yearning for it. Baaaaaad!

  112. Monmarie Says:

    The paper. Omg, the paper! Loooove the color palette!

  113. Alison Says:

    Gorgeous as always Shimelle! Congratulations!! Oh, and Wonder Boy is so cute with those two wee teeth on the bottom!
    I’m saving up for those flair badges. Yummy! Oh wait, no, the washi. Definitely the washi. Or maybe the rub on applicator. Yeah, that!
    Nope, the flair. Final answer!!

  114. Beth Says:

    I love, love the flair badges, they make my heart swoon. The entire collection is gorgeous though!

  115. Elizabeth Says:

    Love this collection to the stars and back! Way to go, Shimelle. If I have to choose, then the die cut wash tape is great.

  116. Cynthia Baldwin Says:

    Congrats on another fun collection, Shimelle! My must-buys include the acrylic shapes and those awesome turquoise Thickers…but gosh, so much goodness here! Can’t wait to see it all in the stores!

  117. Mandy s Says:

    Loving it! You always inspire me to scrapbook more.

  118. Kathy W Says:

    A whole new Shimelle collection! I love that flowered boot. And those acrylic shapes are interesting. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  119. Megan Says:

    This might be my favourite collection of yours yet, Shimelle!

  120. Kim Says:

    amazing! washi please!

  121. Tanya Says:

    What a beautiful collection!

  122. Cynthia Larson Says:

    Of course I love everything, but I am loving the beautiful papers you are showing and that teal glitter alphabet is to die for! Cant wait for it to hit the stores!

  123. Barb Stevens Says:

    I love love the whole beautiful line, but if I absolutely had to choose my favourite, it’s the paper. I just want to hug it. Love blues, love florals, love stars. It’s all there. Also interested in trying the rub-ons. That looks like fun.

  124. Heike Says:

    I love this collection – all of it! If I had to pick, I would get the paper clips first (and then all of the rest)

  125. smcl Says:

    I really like it all! I love the washi! Love the turquoise Thickers & I am a big fan of the stamp set as well. Hard to pick a favorite.

  126. Jennifer Says:

    Lovely colour combinations – would all fit vey nicely in my stash. Favourite? The washi tape.

  127. Simone Says:

    If I can only choose one, then it would be the Paperclips. But the flair badges, the stamp set and the sticker sheet are also really lovely! Thank you for the chance to win!

  128. Debbie Wilby Says:

    Well Shimelle you’ve done it again. What a wonderful collection you and American Crafts have come up with! I love the rub-on pens and the wonderful washi tapes. Good luck at CHA, x

  129. Glenda Says:

    Nice collection! Hard to choose between the flair buttons, rub on pens, metal clips and acrylic shapes! Thanks

  130. Kirsty Smith Says:

    Oh, I think this is my favourite collection yet! I LOVE the space and stars theme and the colours are wonderful. But as always, paper wins my heart. I’m excited to get my hands on these patterned lovlies!

  131. Claire Says:

    I love it. Now the only problem will be deciding what to buy. Top of my list so far are both sets of thickers and the roller stamp. And please please please keep bringing out new colours of the Fitzgerald thickers, they are my favourite thickers of all time.

  132. Becky Says:

    It’s just about impossible to choose just one favorite! I’d love to see the flair badges on my desk first then go from there to include it all. Beautiful collection. I love how you always change up your designs and motifs and even your product just a little with each release.

  133. Madeline St Onge Says:

    I love it all but the paper clips and badges are my favorites

  134. Gina Says:

    Beautiful new collection Shimelle! I loved hearing about how you come up with the new collections on th Roundtable a couple of month ago and again you’ve got a beauty. I love those little roller rub ons. So cute!

  135. Kathy P. Says:

    Love the color mix, Shimelle! My faves are the ephemera and stickers—-always make my pages pop!

  136. jean marmo Says:

    Another wonderful collection. The colors are gorgeous! Such a fun read. I love all the extras – stickers, emphera, etc.

  137. Sandy Green Says:

    Oh, it’s all looking lovely! I especially like the papers – and the shaped washi tape – I have an idea already for that constellation paper!

  138. Kim Micham Says:

    Oh My! it is so lovely! I can’t wait to get, well, probably all of it!! I looks just wonderful for scrapping new year goal setting.

  139. Liz Says:

    Love the navy blue paper with dots of colour. Gender neutral.

  140. Lisa Says:

    Oh my goodness that pink paper with star trails is just so gorgeous. I’ll certainly will get many sheets of that one. Of course everything else is oh, so lovely too and I want it all. I love stars and space and pretty paper with stars is dream come true. Thanks Shimelle.

  141. Karen Lai Says:

    What a lovely collection! Totally in love with the emphera and the little cute stamp set

  142. Laura Parsons Says:

    Love the washi tape! Actually it is all very wonderful!

  143. Lauren Elliott Says:

    Well, this collection is gong to make me break my spending freeze before it even starts! Love it, I am especially intrigued by those tiny flair and the shaped washi! Great job Shimelle!

  144. Jennifer D Says:

    Love this collection! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I think it would be the large sticker sheet. :)

  145. Julie Rosenberg Says:

    The washi has caught my eye!

  146. Tina M Says:

    I especially love the color combinations. Yay! They are beautiful. I also love the roller stamp (no you can not ever have too many) and the stickers. Love!Love!Love! Great job….

  147. Queen Mary Says:

    Shimelle, I love this new line! I too am a fan of all things Shimelle, but I love the stars and space and “proper blues,” and my son is getting married and that’s quite an adventure and if I had to choose one thing I’d have to choose the stamps because I can use them over and over and over again! I guess I’ll have to well and truly figure out Instagram now. Poo!

  148. Nancy Says:

    It all looks wonderful but I’m especially excited by the Marquee Thickers. They look like so much fun!

  149. Kim Jackson Says:

    Oh Shimelle!!! this collection is adorable! I cannot wait to have it all!! thanks for sharing

  150. Jackie Says:

    I love and want all of it, but if I had to choose, the glitter thickers and chipboard are great! Love the navy colors too!

  151. Gracie Williams Says:

    What an adorable little collection. I love the Washi tapes and paper clips, very cute!

  152. Victoria Says:

    I’m new to scrap booking (only 5 pages so far) so I want everything but the rub on pens are very cool and would impress the lovely lady who got me hooked in the first place.

  153. Joanne Says:

    If I could only choose one piece it would be the globe die cut that says the world is open and limitless. Thanks for the chance to win

  154. Lesley Says:

    Love the turquoise Fitzgerald thickers, the cool washi and the even more cool rub on pens! Can’t wait for it to reach stores!

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  195. patricia baker Says:


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