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Goodbye, Two Peas

two peas is closing

Yesterday scrapbooking lost something very special: Two Peas in a Bucket announced they are closing their doors. It saddens me as their shop and community have been part of my life for fifteen years. First as a customer, shopping for the latest supplies and waiting for the clock to tick over to the first of the month when their design team projects were posted, and then eventually I joined that very team. For nearly six years, I’ve worked on something for Two Peas every week of the year, eventually letting my sparkly friend take up her weekly video series and retiring from the individual layout assignments. For me, Two Peas has been a great place to work. I’ve worked with people who made me better. I am very sad to lose this avenue of working with the team and the community from Two Peas.

Since the announcement, I’ve had many questions about my paid workshops and the Glitter Girl video series. At this point, I don’t have answers you will love. All the work I’ve done for Two Peas belongs to them – I don’t currently have the rights to those workshops or videos. The FAQ on their site says workshops will not be accessible once they close the store in mid-July. So that is the short answer. I would love to find a better answer and I will keep you informed of any changes. I really can’t say more than that right now because I just don’t know what is possible. But I am aware of your concerns and am doing whatever I can.

The other question I’ve been asked is will I go somewhere else to teach and make videos. If you’re reading this, you’re at that somewhere. existed before I became a Garden Girl, before I permanently lodged a tripod and camera over my workspace. I blogged here and taught workshops here and I will continue to do so. You can subscribe to the blog via a reader like Bloglovin if you like or scroll down the page here to request posts go direct to your inbox. If you love video, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. If you want to take a workshop, find your options here. If you want to encourage a crafty friend to watch or read, please share a link now and then. I thank you for your continued support in any way.

I thank the Garden Girls I’ve worked with over the years, and the fearless leaders who have managed the team. They have inspired me at so many levels and I’m honoured to have worked with these women. If you would like to bookmark the current team, you can find them on the following blogs:
Céline Navarro
Jen Gallacher
Jen Kinkade
Jill Sprott
Laura Craigie
Lisa Dickinson
Marcy Penner
Mel Blackburn
Nancy Damiano
Paige Evans
Stephanie Bryan
Wilna Furstenberg
Many have YouTube channels you can find through their blogs.

And I thank Kristina and Jeffrey for building something full of inspiration and community as well as the best pick of craft products fifteen years ago. It was such an innovation to our industry and so much good came of it. I am so very sorry to see it go.

Details of the closing can be found here. Thank you for keeping things positive as I work to find any solutions for those invested in my workshops. It will take time, I’m sure, but I’m hoping for the best.

26 June 2014

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60 Comments for Goodbye, Two Peas

  1. Sorken Says:

    Thanks for the update! Now it’s easier to be patient. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to see Glitter Girl soon again. And that there’ll be some way to get to the classes. Thanks again and good luck!

  2. Carol Says:

    Thanks for the update Shimelle. Will keep my eye here as I always do. I’m sad to see Two Peas close. They were the first online store I purchased from a number of years ago & have learned so much from yourself & the other garden girls with your videos, tutorials, & layouts. You will all be sadly missed. As they say when one door closes another will open. I look forward to learning more from you & Glitter Girl in the future. All the very best for whatever is through that new door :-)

  3. Lianallama Says:

    Thanks so much for everything and for keeping us posted. Look forward to more classes with you.

  4. April Lilli Says:

    I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. I’ll happily keep following your blog (I actually found you through your sketch to scrapbook series). You totally brought a whole new life to my scrapbooking/memory keeping. You’re a huge inspiration to a TON of us. Thank you for all that you do!

  5. Jean Says:

    I just recently found you and I’m so glad to hear that I haven’t lost you so soon. Yes, it’s sad that the industry is losing another company, but we will find a way through all of our pretty paper to a new destination… hopefully very soon! Until then, squeeze Wonder Boy for us, say hello to Glitter Girl and let them know that we’re thinking of you… for now, J

  6. Mel Says:

    Every Wednesday for the last 17 months I have ‘tuned’ in for Glitter Girl. And before that 4 × 6 Photo Love. I adored the free video series Two Peas had and it is such a sad time that this company is closing. Will still be here though, following along with your new adventures whatever shape they take.

  7. Says:

    Thanks Shimelle! I am so grateful to you and the other Garden Girls who have continued to inspire us week after week, year after year! My heart hurts, for all of you because I feel saddened that you all have lost a source of income as well, but, of course will follow you all on your blogs! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  8. SandraA Says:

    I echo what Margie said; there are many great people that have lost their source of income because of this closing. Much love to all the people. I will stay tuned to your blog for your next adventures. In the meantime, I’ll continue to get my Shimelle fix by going through the workshops I’ve purchased directly from you. Good luck!

  9. Kim Says:

    I will certainly miss 2 peas. I am hopeful that you will continue GG, but I know that may not be possible. I appreciate you keeping us up to date and I have taken many classes from here, as well as 2 peas, so I will continue to follow and wait for any new classes you may have! :)

  10. Bea Says:

    Thanks Shimelle for kind post. I know the closing is much harder on you than on the rest of us. I love your work and will continue to follow you. I hope you will be able to keep offering classes.

  11. 3kidmama Says:

    Shimelle, I just need to say, you are a class act!

  12. Jackie Bienemann Says:

    Thank you Shimelle for the update. It makes me very sad to see 2 peas close. They will be missed. I can’t imagine what all of you must be feeling. So glad we can still follow your blog!

  13. jane Says:

    Life will go on – maybe Glitter Girl just has to become Sparkly Mumma but no matter what, we will be here. You have been an amazing inspiration to all of us and will continue to be.

  14. Martha Strickland Says:

    It has certainly been a pleasure getting to know you Shimelle. You have taught me SO much and I look forward to new adventures dear Glitter Girl. I know everything will work out. Martha in Texas

  15. Keri-An Says:

    Well,I’m sure glad that you aren’t disappearing – but sorry to hear that two peas is. It is a truly inspirational site for all things scrapbooking,and it will be terribly missed by the community at large.

  16. Kathé in CO Says:

    Well said! So grateful for all the creative benefits I have gleaned from 2Peas! Esp connecting with your talents via videos/workshops etc. It is my hope that we all move forward with your positive outlook and continue in our future creative pursuits…though saddened by the news your outlook keeps me hopefu! Thank you and warm regards…standing by!

  17. Andrea Says:

    Thank you for all your work at 2Peas, you are a wonderful teacher. I will continue following you here and wish you the best in all your future endeavors! :)

  18. Jeannine H Says:

    Like everyone else, I am saddened to see 2 Peas closing – for us but also for the people who work for and with the company. 2 Peas was a fabulous site but I adore your classes and will certainly continue to buy them, irrespective of the site they are sold on. I want to support great designers like you, so we can keep “seeing” you!

  19. marianne Says:

    I’m sad to have lost my scrappy home too and I know that you will continue to inspire me and many others with your work

  20. Crystal Says:

    I am heart sick at the news! I love two peas and have been a member for more than 12 years. Like so many others, I found you and so many talented scrapbookers through them. I will continue following all of you on your blogs, but will miss two peas dearly.

    I know that the news must be especially hard for you, but I hope that you will be able to continue to share your wonderful classes with us for a very long time.

  21. JillC Says:

    Shimelle, thank you so much for posting this! As bad as I feel about the loss of 2peas, I can only imagine what the loss is for you and the other designers as well as the staff there. It is a very sad thing. Thank you very much for posting the links here, so very helpful! I’m still working on my challenges from last weekend. I need to figure another way to post them without my links to 2peas…such sadness. :)

  22. Staci Says:

    I have spent a little bit of time each day going to Two Peas for inspiration. It will be missed.

    I am thankful that it has led me here. Without Two Peas I would not have found Shimelle or many other incredible scrapbookers.

  23. Chelsea S Says:

    Shimelle, you are one of the main reasons I loved 2peas so much! I hope you continue to make process videos and still showcase products you love! Thanks for all the weekly inspiration you provided at 2peas.

  24. Colleen Says:

    I am so sad to hear about Two Peas. I will continue to follow you and enjoy your talent here. I wish all involved with this loss the very best.

  25. Mary Fuhlhage Says:

    I was super sad to hear about Two Peas. I have learned so much from you and the rest of the Garden Girls. It was such a fun community to be a part of. I will continue to follow you no matter what! You are a huge inspiration to so many of us. Plus you love space!!! :) :)

  26. Pam C Says:

    Most of all, my concern is for the 2Peas community. You’re a tremendous inspiration for many of us, Shimelle. That part won’t change. I hope this change somehow brings you much success.

  27. Ana Says:

    Omg, I am so sad to hear this. For the people who watch but for all of you who worked there too. I will deff keep coming to your blog, though. Thank you for everything!

  28. DeAnna Says:

    I am also very sad with this news. I don’t know any other site that offered so much free content to their community…and really had some of the THE BEST design members along with the most awesome supplies and in my opinion, great service. Shimelle, I love your work and I will always follow you…you made me the scrapper I am today. I am just so sad to see Two Peas leave us. :( I wish the best to you and everyone who was a part of the business and the community.

  29. Barbara S Says:

    I think I will be spending the next couple of weeks rewatching all the GG episodes I can squeeze in!
    Also I was able to download my GG Survival Guide class videos plus the handouts, so I will be able to watch the class again in future. It is very easy to do.
    I hope many positive things can rise from the ashes of this very sad event in the scrapbooking world.

  30. Erin Says:

    On the slight chance you haven’t already considered this, I would be more than happy to pay a $10USD monthly subscription to ‘premium content’ on your site which would include a weekly video and a few guests and sketch to scrapbook pages that are for members only. It would be my way of supporting and appreciating your work. Anyone else out there who feels the same?

  31. Debbie Piercey Says:

    I am so saddened to hear about 2 Peas. I absolutely hate losing my classes, but I understand you have nothing to do with that. I will follow wherever you are. Best of luck for your future endeavors Shimelle!

  32. kim strother Says:

    It is so sad!! I have been a part of two peas for over 12 years. But I also feel for the owners, I’m sure that was not an easy choice. I will be following you, as I already do, I am hopeful that you can obtain your work and share it here, but if you cannot we understand. I hope this does not affect you and your family too much. And I hope you are able to get a class going soon. I think lots of people will be waiting eagerly.

  33. Keri Says:

    Dear Shimelle,
    I sincerely hope that you and the other Garden Girls can get the rights to the work you have shared via two peas. The Glitter Girl series clips are my “bedtime” stories and I’ve watched them all at least twice! I’m guessing you’ll probably get a lot of Facebook friend requests in the coming days so that we can all keep in touch with you. Best wishes during this time. And “I hope to see you soon for another Glitter Girl episode”

  34. Tammy Says:

    Hey GG, this is a bummer. Guess I will be occupied with soakin up some Class vids for the next week and a half. Hope we can still access GG on YouTube. Any Idea about that?

  35. suew Says:

    thanks Shimelle…just so happy we can still find you here. I hope two peas will hand the rights to your work back to you (and to the others involved as well.) It’s too much to lose.

  36. Gab Says:

    Thanks for this great post Shimelle. I almost feel like I’m mourning a loss – not for me but for you and all the other Garden Girls and of course the owners of 2Peas. I’ve taken several classes on your site and will continue to do so

  37. SuseFish Says:

    Hugs to you Shimelle at this unsettling time x

  38. Jen Hart Says:

    I thought of you and Wilna when I heard the sad news, my heart goes out to the Whites if it was not what they wanted to happen.
    I always think of you as and not as a garden girl primarily and will continue to support you here.
    I hope a resolution can be found as to Glitter Girl and 4×6 Photo Love especially for me but of course all of your excellent resource.
    Take care.

  39. Sabine Says:

    Shimelle, I will follow your blog as always. You are a phantastic teacher and I love every bit you do!
    As for the purchased workshops an 2Peas: I used a video downloader from to download the videos I paid for. It went very well with the firefox browser. Hope, this helps .
    Wish you all the best. Keep on doing your great work!

  40. Robin Gibson Says:

    Soooo sad about 2 peas :( But I’ve always followed along here, and check in all the time. So glad you’ll still be here:) I wish Jeffrey & Kristina the best, and hope they know all they brought to the scrapbooking industry will surely be missed! Hugs to you during this time of change.

  41. Amy Says:

    Beautiful, classy, statement Shimelle.

  42. senoritascrapper Says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you for all you do. Hugs!

  43. Melissa LaFavers Says:

    Echoing what others have said, you are a class act. I was stunned to hear the news about Two Peas, and while I will miss the site, my heart goes out to you and the other Garden Girls, as well as others, who are losing their jobs. I can tell that you all put your heart into what you did for Two Peas, and your inspiration meant a lot to thousands.

    And while I have been inspired by many other scrapbookers, on Two Peas and elsewhere, you are the one, Shimelle, who taught me how to scrapbook according to my own style, to develop my own scrapbooking “voice,” and that is dear to me indeed.

    I know that loss is hard. All change makes us human beings a bit twitchy, but I have no doubt that you will thrive in whatever new adventures await. Hey, you’re a Mom! If you can o that, honey, you can do anything!

  44. Maureen Says:

    Hey Shimelle,

    I found 2 peas through your blog, and continued to come here for years because I like your style and explanations and teaching methods.

    I’m so sorry about the timing of this closing for your family. I will continue to support your endeavors and use your other affiliate links and classes.

  45. Cara Says:

    I don’t know what to say, I don’t what to think… I just know that there’s a big hole in our wonderful scrapbooking world. I love going to 2Ps and having all you wonderful Garden Girls in one place and being able to find an amazing video to watch while I do the dishes or various other boring tasks. I feel like we are all a bunch of lost sheep with no one to herd us, no one leading the pack… Sigh…
    On a lighter note, just before bed last night I was on Instagram and I saw your first 2Ps post. So of course I had a dream about you, a dragons-are-real-butterflies-can-talk kind of dream. I was a crazy lady calling late at night trying to give you parenting advice (I do have 6 kids, but I would never do that!) any way crazy-lady tangent over ;) back to being sad.

  46. Joanne Says:

    Thanks for the update Shimelle. I always tried to support the garden girls by clicking on the products they used and always buying through two peas, despite the high postage cost to the UK. Unfortunately not everyone was able to or chose to do this. I wonder if they could have a system where a shop charges for video inspiration say US$ 10 and gave you store credit for that amount to be used within a set period. I liked the variety of styles you saw on two peas even though they may not be styles I would emulate so I wouldn’t necessarily want to pay to subscribe to one scrap bookers videos, I hope that makes sense. Also I never finish courses that I start so I don’t choose to pay for them having learnt my lesson. My scrappy budget even though it isn’t huge I like to spend on stash. I wonder if part of the demise in scrapbooking is down to the arty style which doesn’t actually require much mainstream scrapbooking product

  47. caroline Says:

    Thanks for the update Shimelle. I always come here first for inspiration, that’s actually how i found 2Ps. I’ve taken classes from this site, and will take others in the future. Maybe Glitter Girl will rise from the 2Ps ashes as Sparkly Shimelle, Supermum to Wonderboy. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing next, here on

  48. june2015 Says:

    Thanks for letting us know you’re working on it. That’s the best you can do. I’ve been calculating how many times I can watch those video classes before they’re gone. Just don’t go away, Shimelle. It must surely be obvious to you that your ‘teaching’ and encouragement has truly been a gift to many of us and we would surely feel that loss if you didn’t find another avenue to help us. Keep that tripod over your workspace and keep on doing workshops and classes. We’d love to have more of them and even to hear Wonder Boy cooing and banging around in the background for years to come. You figure out a way to keep your scraping pages online and we’ll pay.

  49. Kelly Block Says:

    I had to chime in here and say I’m so so sad to see the end of two peas as it was a place I went everyday for inspiration and for supplies. But I also wanted to say to Shimelle that her blog is the first thing that pops into my browser line as this is the place I visit the most! I’ve taken every class you’ve given and I participate in both your month long workshops. You’re a wonderful teacher and just so much fun to watch and listen to! I would gladly pay for a subscription to watch a weekly video series on your blog and really really hope that you consider blessing everyone with continued classes and videos. I also love what June 2015 said about hearing Wonder Boy in the background as he just adds to the fun!

  50. Berta Says:

    Twopeas was such a constant in my life for the last 10 years. A daily fix of scrapping. It led me to some of my favorite garden girls. I am so sad for the twopeas family, they created the best scrapbook store on the web. If I bought scrappy stuff on line, it came from two peas. I am just so glad I can follow so many scrappy blogs I found from twopeas. I can’t wait until you offer your next class.

  51. JLBOhio Says:

    So sorry that Two Peas is closing!! Best wishes to you and all of the other Garden Girls! Off to bookmark some blogs! This is just so sad…

  52. Youngmi Says:

    I never thought that a store closing would affect me so much. But it was more than a store wasn’t it? Thank you for the update. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for the Garden Girls and the owners of 2Peas. My scrappy self feels a bit lost.

  53. maria Says:

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the process. I’m truly sad to see the business and community go; 2Peas was one of the few sites that I checked several times a week. Hoping that Glitter Girl can continue. Best wishes to all the talented Garden Girls from 2Peas. Maria

  54. Sharon Says:

    Thanks for the update! Knowing you will try to fill the void is comforting. Although I rarely purchase products online, I do love purchasing tutorials especially from you. I hate that I missed purchasing the last stash busting class you did for TwoPeas, but I’m looking forward to all your future classes!

  55. Beth R Says:

    Thank you for the update.
    I was heartbroken the day I heard this news. Not for the reason most people would think, shopping- gallery – forums. No, I didn’t shop there often ,looked at the gallery infrequently and some of the boards were a little too snarky for my taste. BUT, I am hooked and addicted to the videos!I watch Glitter Girl and Jen Gallacher EVERY SINGLE MORNING while getting ready for work.I also watch them if my insomnia kicks in , they have a way of lulling me back to sleep. I totally enjoy the process videos and have learned so many tidbits and design concepts from you tube. I already subscribe to your channel and Jen Gallachers. I hope and pray that you will continue making new videos, I will be patient and check in for my daily fix. P.S. I have saved all the links to the Garden Girls blogs, Thank you , please keep teaching.

  56. Liane Zamojski Says:

    Sorry to hear about Two Peas, I hope that at least the free videos will become available on each teacher’s You Tube channel. As for the paid classes and workshops, maybe you will be offered a chance to buy back the rights for your own contributions. I loved all the Glitter Girl and other videos that I watched from you and others at Two Peas and I hope everybody finds a way to keep contributing to the Scrapbooking community.

  57. GiGi813 Says:

    I am so glad my daughter turned me onto Glitter Girl and then you site. I will miss the weekly videos. They helped me so much when I was recovering from Breast Cancer this past winter/spring. I am sure you will be blessed for all you have done for the scrapbooking community. I look forward to the launch of your new line and wish you all the best in both your new beginnings of family and business venture.

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  60. Kristin Rizzo Says:


    I’m trying to access older courses that I took online from you and can’t seem to find a link. My user name is kristinolichwier – do you have a link for me to enter those courses? I’d like to retake The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

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