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Scrapbooking the milestones of life

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
The big events in life are such an extreme subject for scrapbookers: either the fabulous memories and fancier-than-usual photos inspire us to work on some of our favourite pages, or the landmark nature of the event fills us with fear of ever starting anything, worried we might ruin something by doing a less than stellar job with those special photos. On the one hand, I’ve been remarkably casual about working on my wedding pages, and prefer to just do some now and then in my regular rotation rather than setting a deadline for a ‘complete’ album. But then again…

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
…this is what my high school graduation looks like in my album. So it’s not like I have some secret bit of fabulous advice on this subject really! It looks pretty much like I’m running 50/50, and I’m not sure how it all plays out with the other milestone moments in life.

I didn’t think of this event as a milestone straight away – after all, it’s a milestone for someone else, not any achievement of my own or someone I know personally! But after I posted it, several people got in touch and said they had been afraid to scrapbook their photos of the jubilee celebrations last summer, and that started to make sense. Although it wasn’t my own achievement, it’s something I won’t live to see again, unless medicine advances so significantly that both Prince Charles and I live a great number of years more than anyone would truly expect. I’m thinking that’s pretty unlikely. In which case, it does make sense why those photos could be nerve-wracking to scrapbook! But at least the photos are digital so it’s possible to have a do-over. That would have been a lot more complicated at the silver jubilee in 1977!

And now to guest artist Natasha Key, who advises to not treat the milestone moments special – just set yourself a quick deadline and dive right in!

Scrapbooking the milestones of life by Natasha Key @
There are a few tricks that I use when scrapping on a deadline. First, sketches can be a lifesaver. It helps to give direction and limit the number of choices that you have to make. This page was based on a sketch from an online class by Kelly Purkey. Second, I like to work with a visual triangle, and repeat products with that triangle. Not having to think of each embellishment cluster from scratch really helps speed up my process. Lastly, I type my journaling. I could hand write it but I will redo it fifteen times and still not be happy. Typing it out allows me to say what I want to say and get it on the page quickly.

Scrapbooking the milestones of life by Natasha Key @
About the Artist
Natasha lives in Arkansas with her husband, Jason, and their son, Riley. Having a niece, Becca, that is a frequent visitor allows her to play with all ranges of pretty papers. You can find her at her blog.

Your twenty-fourth challenge is to scrapbook a milestone! Entries close at the end of next Sunday, the 12th of May. Please check back on the 14th of May to see if you have won a prize.

04 May 2013

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15 Comments for Scrapbooking the milestones of life

  1. Tasha Says:

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your NSD festivities! I’m so honored!

  2. Mary M. Says:

    Oh my gosh, are we up to 24?!? Too much fun stuff! =)

  3. Linda L. Says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful day of scrapbooking. I enjoyed all the inspirational posts from you and your guests.

  4. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    24 chanllenges? Wow!!!! You r incredible!!

  5. Linda In Aus Says:

    Shimelle thank you for all of the posts and inspiration over the weekend. It must have taken you ages to prepare.

  6. mel Says:

    I echo all the comments. Thank’s so much for all the time and effort you and the lovely guests have put into these 24 posts. Great inspiration from every point of the scrappy spectrum.

  7. Julie Says:

    I was busy yesterday so today I’m so happy to come back here and have sooooo many ideas. thank you so much.

  8. Gina Says:

    Shimelle – I am amazed at all the great posts & challenges you put together for NSD. I was away Friday – Saturday night so didn’t get to participate but am working through them this week! Maybe I’ve missed it but what did you so with the “kit” you put together at Two Peas for NSD?

  9. juliee Says:

    Great challenge – I scrapped about my son’s decisions regarding life after high school

  10. Margot Says:

    Just a note to say thanks for the extensive and varied resources you share so freely. I knew it before, but this weekend of posts has just reinforced it. You are awesomely marvellous, Shimelle!

  11. sam reeve Says:

    I had to upload from my computer if that is ok as when I put in the link it said to pick the image I want to be the thumbnail and mine was there. It is uploaded here –

  12. Cynthia Says:

    This has been a blast, Shimelle!! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into such a fun NSD! And thanks to all the guest artists too!! =D

  13. Mel J Says:

    I’ve always loved this layout from your wedding. I scrapped about my husband about to become a dad – thanks for all the prompts!

  14. Olivia Says:

    Not quite at graduation yet, but completing our first 3 years at university is a milestone in itself. Scary to think we’re in our honours year now!

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    Thank you for sharing this useful article information. I am really impressed with the article you provided.

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