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Where do you find inspiration?

where do you find inspiration
where do you find inspiration
This question came up in the list earlier this week during the 10 Things Q&A, but it was too far down the list to make it into the ten answers. That’s okay, because this is a question that would benefit from all of your input too!

The question: Where do you go to find inspiration?

But we don’t mean taking classes or reading a magazine or browsing a gallery in this case. Those are great ways to find scrapbooking inspiration, but let’s focus on something bigger than that. The kind of inspiration that makes you feel right again, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. The kind of place that can be your own personal reset button, and when all of life seems to go topsy-turvy, that place will always be there for you.

Here in London, that place for me is often the V&A. There are many museums and galleries I love here, but the V&A is a vast treasure trove of amazement. I have been dozens of times and there are rooms I have not yet entered – something entirely purposeful as I like to ration them so I haven’t worn out the place. I almost always go there alone, though I have been known to meet friends there for coffee or lunch. I start with my favourite rooms and the pieces I’ve seen so many times, like paying a visit to an old friend who can’t leave her house. Then I wander without looking at the signs and just find my way to something I haven’t noticed before and get lost in all the details. I turn my phone off when I’m here. I don’t write or sketch (though I admire the work of many who do). Sometimes I feel like I don’t breathe. It is a beautiful place to be still and imagine all that has been there and what will be there in the future.

And yes, I know I am over the top and it seems cheesy to say I don’t breathe. Clearly I do. In case you haven’t noticed: I am over the top in life. It’s just who I am. Bring me the big, the crazy, the emotional, and I will say yes, yes and yes. So when it comes to finding creative inspiration, I say yes to the V&A.

(Also the Natural History Museum is on the same street and it has something even more over the top than me: DINOSAURS. I love it there. But the V&A wins out because it has never tried to become falsely modern. The Natural History Museum has swapped dioramas for computer screens and modern techno stuff and I prefer my museums to feel a bit… old.)

Other favourites: listening to anything at St Martin in the Fields, sitting at the quiet end of Brighton Beach, walking the South Bank and going into anything that seems lovely that day – like the Tate Modern, the Haywood Gallery or window shopping at the Oxo Tower, and for my little daily boosts, Greenwich Park. It’s right on my doorstep so I go there more days than not, and it’s at the top of a big hill with a view of so much of the entire city, with lots of old and new all there together. And there are deer. And I’m quite worried about what my soul will do while the park is closed to the public for six months this year (it’s hosting the Olympic equestrian events) as I really do find it a place important to my sanity.

So that’s enough of me: share your answer. Where do you find particularly inspiring?

13 April 2012

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92 Comments for Where do you find inspiration?

  1. Mary Buttons Says:

    I find my inspiration, solace from the walk down the back lane, it is the walk I take to get to ASDA but it is tree lined, hedges, wild life, birds singing squirrels leaping, everything that makes our countryside pleasant yet it is on my doorstep in the heart of a town. I never tired of it and always find more things to take a photograph of

  2. Barbara Says:

    Everywhere. Really. Colours, shapes, textures, light, inside, outside, books, newspapers, nature, animals, sounds, taste, feel,people, movement…if you keep your eyes and ears open, there’s inspiration everywhere.

  3. Helen Overton Says:

    I find my inspiration by day dreaming, by letting my mind wander where ever it wishes.

  4. dogmatix Says:

    No specific place for inspiration but I do find that when I am busy, my inspiration fights its way to the front. If I relax and try and to be inspired, then it usually hibernates in the farthest part of my brain possible!
    Listening to music on my headphones or catching up on my Sky+ programmes can help simulate that ‘busy’ feeling to trick it out lol

  5. val Says:

    emotionally going to northern Minnesota where I am from. Being in the woods and around the lakes and rivers. Seeing the birch trees and feeling the hum of nature all around me! I love it! For other things I love going into antique shops. I love the smell and the way they set everything up and it gives me so many ideas for layouts, decorating, color schemes and what not! Shimelle I am excited about the crafty weekend you have going on here!

  6. tape Says:

    The botanical garden next door to us. And yes, I’ve scrapped about it on more than one occasion. :)

  7. abbeyviolet Says:

    In Oklahoma (where I live now), I find a lot of relaxation in wandering my mother’s garden. There is lots of peace, ideas, history and color there. My second home (where my job is actually located) is DC. There, I used to love to wander the National Mall or along the Potomac and take some time to appreciate the setting, freedom, history, beauty and all the stories almost oozing from every space.

  8. Cynthia Says:

    Hiking. And camping too. When I’m alone in the woods, I find the busyness of life slides off my soul. Listening to the wind in the trees…to the birds…discovering small wonders at my feet or over my head…watching clouds…feeling the sun. That is my happy place. It recharges me. It makes me remember beauty.

  9. Chriss Says:

    Everywhere. Photos, stories, conversations, going for walks, playing with my kids, listening to podcasts, browsing magasines, travelling, meeting people, doing yoga… everything has potential for inspiration.

  10. KateT Says:

    The grounds of the local catherdral are one of my fav haunts. Getting lost amoung the tourists and soaking up the atmosphere. But, if I really want to clear my head and allow the creativity in nothing beats a good soak in the bath!!

    ** Kate **

  11. Karen Says:

    my fave place is the British Museum- mostly for the same reasons as you- every time I went to London as a teenager- and that was at least once a month- I went to the British museum- and like you I love to visit old friends there ( the artefacts) and wander willy nilly- my fave room from that time always seems to be closed now- it was downstairs from the Egyptian gallery and seemed to contain hundreds of cast of Roman heads, feet and hands from the statues

  12. Sharis Says:

    Yea, the V&A. I spent lots of time there while studying aborad when I was in college.(: I get my inspiration from people. I like to talk a lot and happy creative people inspire me. Meeting people and learning about different cultures inspires me , which is probably why I like traveling. Also, nature can calm me and re-focus me and that is often inspiring. Give me a wide Texas sky and a clear starry night anytime. Also, I agree with Cynthia camping is pretty awesome!

  13. Louise Says:

    Shimelle you have brought back so many lovely teenage memories. My nan worked at the V&A and i would jump on the tube (sometimes with my sister) to have a wander around the museum and catch up with my nan. It is such a lovely place to loose yourself for a few hours.

    These days I find inpsiration comes about when its least expected and then i have to try to remember it.

    Lovely post x

  14. Susan Says:

    I was born and raised in the states, on the border of Virginia and West Virginia and honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the mountains that surround me and that’s where I go to find insperation and solace. The colorfullness of fall, the newness of spring (especially on the farms I drive past to and from work…baby cows are te cutes), the quietness of winter, the fun of camping, rafting, and fishing in the summer. Every season brings something new.

    I also find a lot of insperiation in box, whether it’s a line that I want to use as a title or an idea for a photo.

  15. Sharon Says:

    The papers from the manufacturers, for the most part. I see something that starts my head spinning.
    Also sharing ideas, bouncing off other scrapbookers makes me more creative and inspires my layouts.

  16. So.Ceative Says:

    I get inspired everywhere and every time my eyes are watching something! So true! I just need to love something: the shape, the color, the volume, the style … and then I ‘ve got an idea! As if my mind never stops working! You know Shimelle, sometimes I wake up in the morning and say “oh yes that’s how I can make it” haha!!

  17. ScrapperCandy Says:

    I really like to take advantage of the work of graphic designers and take inspiration from ads. Any ad will do, magazines, tv ads, billboards. I really love how easy it is to translate a really cool looking ad into a scrabook page. In particular, I like to pay attention the the fonts and colors they use.

  18. Georgia Says:

    Not to sound like I’m sucking up, but MUCH of my inspiration comes from you! I enjoy your style and it works well for me. You always have something new and refreshing. The other place is, oddly, the paint section of the hardware store. I have tons of paint chips and use them for color ideas.

  19. Christa Allgood Says:

    I get inspiration from pictures!! My pictures make me happy and I can sometimes “see” a scrapbook page in my head when I take a picture!

  20. Melissa Says:

    I often find inspiration when we are browsing at flea markets & antique shops. I get ideas for layouts and find little bits & pieces that I think will be perfect for a page & I snap photos of fun craft project ideas. We have a couple of flea markets/trade days that we visit each month, which keeps the inspiration flowing.

  21. Scrapdolly Says:

    Always outside for me – usually in a natural environment but sometimes just looking at and enjoying architecture works for me too.
    However, sunshine, green grass, lofty trees and water do it for me every time.

  22. Sandra Blickett Says:

    Funnily enough my place for inspiration is another setting for an Olympic event this year, the cycling this time, and it’s Box Hill in Dorking, Surrey. I go there almost every week and always marvel at nature and the changing of the seasons that are apparent every time I go. The outstanding view from the top never fails to inspire me and fill me with wonder and happiness that I have easy access to such a very beautiful place. Not surprising that it even got a mention by Jane Austin in her novel Emma.:)

  23. lisa h Says:

    I go outside. Anywhere, really. My eyes, brain, and heart all open wide.

  24. Natalie Says:

    To be honest, I find my own back garden quite inspiring! I love watching the birds flutter about the trees as the branches sway in the wind. We have a veggie plot and a flower garden and it’s lovely to watch as things shoot up or come into flower through the seasons. We have a red robin tree that changes colour and numerous other shrubs that are evergreen so are lush green all year round. It is peaceful and allows me to be with my thoughts. What is more inspiring than nature itself?

  25. LisaE Says:

    Walking on the beach. I only get to make the trip once per year but spent as much of the week on the beach as possible. I’ve developed enough businesses and projects in my head on those sands to fill a lifetime’s work and pleasure.

  26. KimR Says:

    I don’t really have a place that I can say inspires me. However, I find that while I am driving and listening to the radio all sorts of LOS come to mind in relation to the lyrics I am hearing at the time. I also find some of my best creativity comes to me while I am out running! I have developed lesson plans, composed English papers, written letters and often have journaling or other scrap ideas come to mind or work themselves out while I am running. (Probably because I am a sloooow runner—so I am out there longer! LOL) My problem is, the ideas—at least the ones involving writing seem to escape as soon as I stop running!

  27. Cheri Says:

    Just walking through my own neighborhood. And if I have the time… the Jersey shore! or any shore! I love the ocean.

  28. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    If I’m in need of recharging my batteries I visit the local zoo – usually alone and a few hours among the animals has me calm again. Then I find that my mind is clear and inspiration flows.

    I also love occasions where I can take loads of photos, whether they are family ‘dos’ or historic ruins. I always have loads of ideas for pages then.

  29. e rainbow bee Says:

    i really like to find inspiration in the little things. like my cat’s sparkle ball or the way my xmess lights blink at work. (and of course Pinterest and Craftgawker!) i don’t get out to museums or even local places much, but there’s a store closeby called the Glitter Workshop that is as awesome as it sounds and every time i go there i get completely inspired because it’s all local-ish vendors selling their wares. :D

  30. lou Says:

    My primary inspiration comes from a love of travel. The photos I take when I am away are my attempt to hold on to that feeling of joy and freedom that I feel when I am travelling. I often find myself thinking up scrapbooking ideas mid way through composing a shot but it’s not just about the craft, I feel most comfortable in my own skin when I can marvel at the beauty of our world. My hearts desire is to capture all the landscapes I visit in a phenomenal way to help me ‘keep going’ when I am living reality (i.e. work)…I have a long way to go to be a great photographer but I learn a little bit all the time!

  31. Moira OReilly Says:

    What a fun question and I loved reading the post, as well as all the answers. London is one of my favourite cities in the world and many of the places you mentioned, in particular the V&A, and St Martin’s in the Fields brought back such lovely memories. However… I live in the lower Laurentians, about an hour north of Montreal Canada so don’t get to go as often :). My sister, BIL and I share a small country place about an hour away. We have a very large garden, apple trees and small fruit bushes. I love spending time in the garden, working but also watching the birds and butterflies. It always calms we and lets the inspiration back into my sometimes overly cluttered brain. I also love of the the local markets – Jean Talon market – the sights, sounds, smells and all sorts of products and cultures. I have a cat and in the country, the best golden retriever in the world. I love watching them. And, finally when all else fails … I put flamenco music on

  32. Megan Smith Says:

    I find inspiration in the great outdoors – whether it’s on a hike in the Columbia Gorge, a walk through the park or a trip to the Rose Test garden, anywhere outside always seems to inspire. Also, just two miles down the road is one of the best shopping streets in Portland – Mississippi Ave. It has lots of quirky boutique and vintage stores – always full of inspiration. Finally, if I can’t leave home (which happens often nowadays with an infant) then I turn to Pinterest – always brimming with inspiration!

  33. Jennifer Grace Says:

    For me the beach is always top of my list. Smelling the sea air and wriggling my toes in the sand always makes me feel alive with possibilities. I also like walking on a hill where you can see a long way. I love a far off horizon, promising adventures. I get home with a mind buzzing with ideas. X

  34. helen salthouse Says:

    I like to go anywhere that involves driving through the countryside, but my favourite place of all is somewhere I only get to go once a year, if at all. There is a certain clifftop in Cornwall where I remember lying on the grass with my brother, daring each other to peer over the edge, where beyond the beautiful wildflowers and tangled grass we could see the surf breaking on the rocks beneath. Nothing better on a sunny day, when everything is bright and the sea is a lovely dark blue! Needless to say, it takes my back to my childhood which is particularly precious since my brother hasn’t been around for a long time.

  35. Angie Says:

    I find inspiration in almost anything..Photos, magazines, the outdoors,paper and my new favorite, Pinterest…

  36. Cheryl Says:

    Um, I come here for inspiration ;) but that’s not what you’re asking so …
    I haven’t given much thought to the places that inspire me, I think it’s more about what I’m doing. As long as I am alone and things are quiet, I can see ideas wherever I am. But if the noise (around me or in my head) is too much, I can’t.

  37. Hodo Says:

    I find art shops really inspiring, as well as certain films (I’ve made some of my most favourite things while watching Lord of the Rings) and other peoples work. Sunny days help too (I live in the UK, so these can sometimes be few and far between). My most recent inspiration came from a leaflet I picked up at uni, it was about student accomadation, but the way it was designed was beautiful:)

  38. Nirupama Says:

    Lately I have been dreaming about scrapbook layouts. Is that weird?
    I don’t really do that well with scraplifting. I end up going back to the original a lot and it starts to make my head hurt. I think my best inspiration is colors and the rainbow specifically.

  39. Michelle Says:

    For me, it is heading to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. It is the place I am at peace. It is calming there. Listening to the water crash on the shoreline, the scenery, the falls. I love Gooseberry Falls. I love hiking the trails and being outdoors. The smells, sounds, wildlife you catch along the way.

  40. Madeline Says:

    A lot of times just from my flower garden, mother natures has some great ideas.

  41. Kathy Says:

    My ideas usually pop into my head when I am in bed ready to sleep and suddenly there it is. I guess clearing my mind of the day opens all of my creative channels and away I go. I often see ideas in the internet and blogs and I must store them in my subconscious realy for when my head is clear and there they are resurfacing.

  42. Kirsteen Says:

    Challenges! They force me to think out of my comfort zone and that is usually when I am most inspired.

  43. Debbie P Says:

    I find that total inspiration from being in the great outdoors. In the mountains, by the beach, etc. I also love antique stores. They always give me a flood of memories which brings on inspiration.

  44. Dawn Says:

    The place I go to find that quiet, reflective place were inspiration can grow is the library. Yes of course there are soo many design books and such to look through but that is not what I mean. I love books, I love the smell of them and the feel and the look of the bindings on shelves. I love the text on the pages and I love the hush of the library with hints of noise every once in awhile. Our local library has a river of alphabets in wood tones that hang from the ceiling – it ia an amazing sculpture and I find myself studying it often! I always feel inspired after spending time there.

  45. Debra E Says:

    Like other commenters, I find inspiration in the woods. I especially like day hikes with my camera and BFF. It centers and relaxes me. The smell of the trees and earth and water is intoxicating. It feels like my true home.

  46. marianne Says:

    I spend a lot of time at the ocean in the summer, and while there I always feel so inspired to come home and create something inspired by the beautiful shells I find scattered about.

  47. glee Says:

    noooo say it isn’t so: they got rid of the dinosaur dioramas???? CRACK (that was my heart breaking.)

  48. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    Thanks for the twist on that question because I was without a doubt going to put Youtube :) My inspiration is for sure my mom. I think about her all the time when I scrap…she is the reason that I scrap. I wish more than anything that I would have gotten her to write her stories down. She lived a normal life, but normal lives are beautiful when you love the person who lived it. I don’t have the best memory of my childhood, my teenage years, or yesterday for that matter and I know that someday someone will care about my story just as I care about my mom’s…so for me…I go to that place in my mind and in my heart and I am instantly ready to scrap. I get that feeling as Shimelle described it… “The kind of inspiration that makes you feel right again, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.”

  49. Mel Says:

    Hmmm…interesting question. I don’t have anything like the V&A, but there is the Henry Ford museum that I find inspiring. I go there and look at the exhibits and imagine what life was like in the 1800’s or 1920’s, even reminisce about life in the 1980’s as I walk through the decades exhibit. I’m also inspired by taking walks around my neighborhood on a sunny day, listening to a podcast. Victoria magazine also has always inspired me. There’s a quiet place I go internally during all of these experiences, and my creativity can frolic and play and dream.

  50. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    Wow, having spent the last year breaking up with my fiancee and separating our lives, I realise that I haven’t spent enough time in these sorts of places! I need to do more… I have chickens. Feeding them and seeing their babies make me feel somewhat ‘right’. Going to the library. I have been going since I was a child and it feels like ‘home’ it is so comfortable. Zoos, watching the animals and feeling the connection to something bigger than myself. I am into personal development and I listen to a lot of audio books to enrich my soul. At present I am immersing myself in Brene Brown’s work. Architecture is big for me. I love everything from the big old buildings in Prague to the small little box house here in NZ but what makes my heart pitter patter is the free-form curves with lots of texture, preferably mixed with nature. I used to love home decor stores but as I currently don’t have a home (and wont for a year or two) I avoid them. Photographs are big for me. Even if they’re not mine. To me there is something so beautiful about the captured moment. Oh and dance. The movement, the soul. OH MY how I feel so alive right now…! Thanks Shimelle!!!

  51. Patricia Says:

    My inspirational places are pretty much the same as yours, Shimelle – the V&A, Tate (Modern and Britain), the South Bank, Brighton. I expect some of this is just the default position for being a Londoner! I’d also spend hours in the Museum of London and St Pauls if I had the time. Long bus rides (upstairs only, never on a bendy bus) are my favourite way of just letting my mind run free – I love my Oyster card!
    Out of London, I always return refreshed and full of ideas after a trip to Rye or a long walk around Dungeness – beautiful and remote (if you ignore the power station).

  52. Donna B Says:

    I find inspiration in music, all kinds. Of course from all the people I perform for, one this week was a lively 103 years young with a ready smile and full of nice things to say. But my main inspiration comes when I read from God’s word daily and I always feel renewed and I am filled with ideas, so from a daily walk with the Lord.

  53. Violeta Says:

    Overall my city (Madrid) is very inspiring for me, especially the Gran Via street, is a place that is always alive and always where Hayn wide variety of people, cultures, shops …
    Curiously, a place that never sleeps, be one of my greatest sources of inspiration.

    En general mi ciudad (Madrid) es bastante inspiradora para mi, sobre todo la Gran Via MadrileƱa, es un lugar que siempre esta vivo y donde siempre hayn gran variedad de gente, de culturas, de comercios…
    Es curioso que un lugar que nunca duerme, resulte una de mis grandes fuentes de inspiraciĆ³n.

  54. Ruth Says:

    I find my soul-soothing and uplifting inspiration currently in my friendship with my sister. I don’t get a whole lot of easy alone time, with small kids, so visiting her house with my kids, or going to the park with her (and all our kids) is some uplifting and soothing time for me. She always gets me, when I want to whinge together or when I want to be cheerful together or anything in between, and I know in my heart of hearts that she will always be there for me. I think it is hard to talk about the big deep and meaningful stuff without sounding kinda cheesy.. anyone else finding that?

  55. Ezlie Says:

    I would say I get inspired when I clean my scrap room. I see my products and projects and it helps get the juices flowing. Sometimes by just stepping away and enjoying a nice cup of coffee is enough for me.

  56. Christina Collins Says:

    I wouldn’t say that going to a specific area helps clear my head but rather just escaping ANYWHERE with my camera. I love taking photos. If my “mojo” isn’t flowing then I know it will only take a few clicks of a button to make me feel creative again. On top of that…my husband is an artist. I love watching him paint. It amazes me how he can turn a blank canvas into something so beautiful with just a few simple strokes of a brush! It’s so peaceful to watch him. He inspires me.

  57. Deborah Clark Says:

    I find my inspiration in many ways. Usually a story I want to tell is the most common way. Being present in my days, creates my story. I love people and love to watch them. I love the colors of nature as seasons change, I love to read my childrens and friends blogs and this also inspires me. I often note when ideas come.

  58. Tammie Says:

    Georgia nailed it for me earlier… these days I can’t go out much because of illness(and even tho I live on the beach can’t go out at all once it gets hotter), so these days are filled with getting inspiration from you. I have read many blogs and watched oh so many videos and no one has ever made me want to stop everything and cut paper as much as you have. I am actually going through that paper stack I have accumulated for 13 years pretty fast these days. Thank you for so very much inspiration AND for getting my scrap room cleaned out!!!

  59. Chipper Says:

    I find walking down by the river inspiring. It is quiet and you can hear the birds singing. I couldn’t survive in an urban area that didn’t have places of quiet like this.

  60. Mary M. Says:

    I find my “big” inspiration just from all the beautiful places in my city (Seattle). There are so many gorgeous spots because we’re right on the water, but my neighborhood in particular has so many spectacular views within walking distance of my house. Seattle is so beautiful on a sunny day…out-of-towners make fun of all the rain but I really think it makes us appreciate sunny days that much more. The weather was gorgeous today and while I was walking to work, looking down on one of the better views, I was truly convinced that I live in the most beautiful part of the most beautiful city in the world! =)

  61. Sherry C Says:

    I love to just take a walk and enjoy nature. I live in a beautiful area, so it’s easy to be inspired. I truly love the beach, but only make it there a couple of times per year.

  62. Barb M Says:

    I love museums too, and living near Washington DC I have my pick of some great ones! But, I find my best inspiration from craft books, blogs and going to paper craft stores. I love watching videos on blogs (thank you Glitter Girl!) ;-) and they really get my creative juices flowing! Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s videos are great for art journaling ideas and for painty layouts.

  63. Madeleine Says:

    When I take the time to go outside and look at the trees, flowers, or just my kids playing. I don’t live near any big museums but I make the effort to go the MET in NYC—there is inspiration galore there and I’m usually floating on an artistic cloud by the time I leave. Love that feeling!

  64. Sigrun Campbell Says:

    I live in Greenwich too!!! I live towards the station. About 5 mins from the park!! It is annoying to me as well that it is all shut esp since I have NO tickets!!! SIggy

  65. Brenda B Says:

    Odd as it may sound, I always find some kind of inspiration at Target. It might be an add, a display, designs/colors on linens or dishes, but there’s always something to spark an idea.

  66. Tammy Says:

    Others have said this, but it’s so true. I get so much inspiration just walking through Target! Color combinations from gift wrap, typeface ideas, general design ideas. Everywhere I look, there is some inspiration to gain. And Pinterest is my always go-to. I am constantly referring back to pins for inspiration.

  67. Jean Marmo Says:

    Magazines have great color and design ideas. I have been learning to look at store signage as well. Inspiration is really all around us!

  68. Daphne Says:

    I like being close to nature at some point so when my head feels empty I grab my boots and have a walk along the coast, a nice garden or park or even climb up a hill! So my brain gets lots of oxygen and it’s easy to get back to my pages! (I always take my camera with me onto those walks – even better, right?)

  69. Lynda Says:

    I work in a school system out in the country. I’m often inspired by the scenery as I drive to & from work – especially when the rays of the sun break thru the early morning fog over the rolling fields – or when I see the lambs, calves, or ponies grazing in the fields with their mothers – or weathered deserted barns or buildings amongst the weeds. You know – I’m realizing that answering your questions is great inspiration too!

  70. jen Says:

    Blogs, Pinterest, Music … so many sources of inspiration!

  71. furrypig Says:

    ooh I was going to put all the usual things ie challenges, blogs, crafty friends then I realised your angle and I think I get my inspiration from nature. It could be sitting in my garden with the sun on my face, or alone in the car with the rain beating down, watching snowflakes fall or seeing the first flowers of spring bursting through the barren looking ground.

  72. Sinead Says:

    Getting out of the house and going for a walk, driving somewhere new and taking lots of photos, listening to music, taking time out with family and friends…
    Oh, and I’ve never been to the V&A but really want to go after reading this post!:) x

  73. Lorraine Says:

    I find inspiration when traveling, or when seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

  74. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I like to go for a walk in my lunchbreak during the week. It clears my head and as I let my mind wander I often come up with ideas for layouts, or am inspired by something I see or hear en route.

  75. margie visnick Says:

    I live in the country, and I love to just go for a walk, see the flowers and trees and think!

  76. Shelly Says:

    Blogs, classes and Pinterest.

  77. sonia Says:

    I look at gallerries and magazines for sketch ideas. I really enjoy seeing scrapbook videos.

  78. cjb Says:

    Everywhere! Pinerest, magazines, my kids artwork, nature, 80’s music.

  79. TrayChic Says:

    I always feel the most “creative” and inspired when searching through my closet and wearing something with bold colors or patterns. It totally transforms my mindset, and helps the right side of my brain take over.

  80. Kelly Says:

    I’m not sure that I have a place? Most of my inspiration comes from the photos themselves or as I’m reading blogs. Those things generate ideas for me. If I want to be refreshed and able to find new inspiration that happens outdoors and usually involves a garden.

  81. Heike Says:

    I love to take classes to get inspired – but right now I actually have soo many more ideas than time to turn them into pages – may be I need a way to scrapbook faster ;-)

  82. Briel Says:

    Inspiration often comes at the most surprising times. Like in the shower, or when driving. When I go looking for inspiration, it is often through a class online, or a favorite blog. But to recharge and let in new thoughts and ideas, that has to be by the ocean. The smells, sounds and beauty always inspire me to let my worries go and try to think of new things.

  83. Karen G. Says:

    I find my inspiration online. Whether at Two Peas or Pinterest or somewhere else there is always a plethora of things to inspire me.

  84. Terri Torrez Says:

    I don’t often find inspiration outside or in any place. I get my best ideas internally when I just let my mind wander- in the car, in the shower, in bed.

  85. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I definitely got a lot of inspiration from the internet/blogs, and also pinterest, but I also draw a lot of inspiration from supplies and my photos. Most often it’s the shape of a stamp, something in a picture, or a print that reminds me of something else that sends me off in a particular direction.

  86. Lauri Says:

    The beautiful Somerset magazines, Pinterest and this blog are best sources of inspiration and motivation!

  87. Stephanie B Says:

    I mostly find inspiration by watching YouTube videos of my favorite bloggers (like you). I just discovered a few new ones this week and I love having a backlog of videos to watch with my morning coffee.

  88. jan Says:

    From nature, the internet, 2peas and challenges!

  89. Jamie Hensley Says:

    I find inspiration from blogs,scrapbook gallery boards, Youtube videos, classes, and from friends’ layouts. I have gotten a ton of inspiration from Shimelle!


  90. Melissa Says:

    I love looking at magazines, blogs, or even just outside!

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