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Scrapbooking Challenge :: Mixing Styles

scrapbooking challenge :: mixing styles
scrapbook page detail
This next challenge was so much fun for me – permission to try something new and just not worry about whether it worked or went wrong. Think you can give that a try? I promise you don’t need to be this inky necessarily – in fact what you decide to try is up to you!

scrapbooking challenge :: mixing styles
One thing I absolutely love about scrapbooking is how there is room for so very much. If you like simple, you got it. If you want to be layered, no problem. If you want to spend hours, if you want to be messy and inky, if you want to stamp or sew or write or type, if you want to use a dozen photos or just one: every single style is completely welcome here. As a result, there are plenty of scrapbookers out there with very different styles to my own, but I still love what they make.

For this challenge, it’s time to choose one of them – either a specific person or a style – and mix it with your own.

For my page, I took inspiration from Dina Wakley and mixed her inky, artsy style with my own love of layers and butterflies and such. See this post for more details on my creative process learning from Dina and applying her look while remaining true to my favourite things in my own scrapbooking routine.

Now it’s your turn! Choose a style or a scrapper you admire but with a different look to your own pages. Mix something from that with your own style to create something new. Upload it to a page gallery (like Two Peas or UKScrappers) or your own blog and link to it here to enter to win this challenge. Entries should be new projects created in response to this specific challenge and entries close at the end of next weekend!

13 April 2012

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14 Comments for Scrapbooking Challenge :: Mixing Styles

  1. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Ooh, perfect challenge to pop up now as I was just looking at this layout by Louise of ‘Boys, Bugs and Beautiful Buttons’ and commenting how much I liked the muted colours but never try that myself – I’m usually a bright scrapper. I always admire Rahel Menig’s (of Swiss Girl Designs) layouts for this reason too. So I shall have a go at using muted colours but keeping ‘my’ style. Thanks for the push to get scrapping Shimelle! (Love the inky page by the way! x

  2. brittany Says:

    i love your layout. ill have to give this challenge a try soon.

  3. Christina Collins Says:

    I love what you did with your layout. Especially the pink on purple! So very lovely.
    I imagine when I give this challenge a go – I will also be leaning towards the ‘artsy’ side. Aside from a few paint splatters here and there – I never get to messy. I’m just afraid of all the mists and sprays and such! They are very irreversible.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Another fun challenge – even though they only take up a small area, I used lots of very small embellishments as well as a handcut banner & muted (for me) background.

  5. Chipper Says:

    I know EXACTLY which style I will be trying and even the precise layout!! Can’t wait to get home to give this one a try.

  6. Louise Says:

    I have NO idea at the moment what to try as I’ve been following your monthly challenge on UKS and have done so many new things from that! Would it count if I used some new, and totally unused yet, grungy papers – very different to the papers I normally use?

  7. Heike Says:

    I wish I had more time this weekend! This is really great. I have been following your blog and am really enjoying the hitchhiker’s guide, but I still feel like your style – especially the layering and thickers – are very different from my usual style. But in my new kit there is a sheet of thickers – combined with this challenge: I guess it is time to give it a try :-)

  8. emma Says:

    love your take on this style, i will give this challange try but, to honest i always taking your style and mixing it with own. you have an easy style to scrapplift and still add your own touches.

  9. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Oh wow! Having to step out of our comfort zone! Thanks!

  10. Scrapdolly Says:

    OK so you DID say it didn’t matter if we didn’t pull it off and I didn’t

    I was trying to emulate those really lush overly contrasty black and white images where the face is very over exposed. I failed but I am pleased I tried.
    Thanks for making me think out of my box

  11. Sharon Says:

    I knew right away what I wanted to try – A “She Art” girl on my page. I never would have done it if not pushed by you, Shimelle. Thanks!

  12. So.Ceative Says:

    Thank you for this challenge! It helped me using gesso and ink like never before! So much fun^^

  13. Rachel Ward Says:

    loved this one, something different for me

  14. Mel Says:

    Thanks for the challenge Shimelle – I had a go and missed the time limit, but I had a go…

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