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Scrapbooking giveaway day

win scrapbooking supplies by tim holtz
win tim holtz scrapbooking supplies

Indeed, it’s time for this week’s giveaway! This week, one commenter will win a gift pack of Tim Holtz scrapbooking and crafting supplies. (Please note, the prize is for the supplies not the finished sample in the picture. Perfect for making a masterpiece all your own!)

To enter:, leave a comment on this post describing a favourite pair of shoes. (Oh, now I’m curious as to whether we’re a bunch that are evenly split amongst those who prefer something simple to those who wish they had the shoe wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw!)

Entries close Sunday night at midnight UK time and the winner will be posted here on Monday. Don’t forget to check back to see if you’re the winner!

Have a great weekend – in your favourite shoes!


22 January 2011

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266 Comments for Scrapbooking giveaway day

  1. Kim Says:

    Love all this Tim holtz stuff.
    My fav pair of shoes are my latin dancing shoes. They are tan colored and fits perfect. I dream of winning the world cup in these shoes.

  2. BeeH Says:

    I can’t decide, I have too many favourite shoes!

    One pair is quite sophisticated office wear, a little ankle booty with laces in grey tweed with 3 inch heels.

    The other is a pair of Doc Martens’ in a lovely teal colour – it’s called moonbeam and looks just fantastic.

  3. emma clark Says:

    Loving the Tim Holtz goodies.

    my favourite shoes are more boots (hope that’s OK) they are my fit flop boots and are fluffy on the inside so keep me toasty and are soooo comfortable which is great when for me as I’m 34 weeks pregnant. Comfort is everything xxx

  4. Natasa Tsouf Says:

    Hello Shimelle and everyone! I’d love to win this prize!
    My favourite shoes are my Melissa polka dots shoes,because they remind me my favourite trip ever: Paris! and ofcourse I love polka dot pattern!

  5. Zahra Says:

    My DH bought me a pair of lovely Ugg boots for Christmas and I LOVE them, but am a bit fussy about when I wear them (must be dry not wet!) – another one for comfort during pregnancy!!!

  6. helena c Says:

    which to choose? I love my red cowboy boots I had made when I was in Calgary and I am on my 2nd pair of purple flats that are so soft and comfortable

  7. kathar Says:

    Oh, I love wearing ballerina-like-shows all year long – but in winter(due to rain & snow) I’m “forced” to wear like hiking shoes. I ALWAYS LOVE IT, when I can wear my light slippers again. I’ve got them in all kinds of colours: black, blue, green, pink, white, brown! (;

  8. Bernice Says:

    What a fabby giveaway. I love comfortable shoes but also want them to look just a bit glamorous and when I was in the States in October I discovered Aerosoles. I bought a beautiful pair of purple sandals with high heels which are really comfortable because of the padding that you stand on. I went back in January to buy another pair of shoes and actually bought 2 pairs. SHame you can’t get them in the UK.

  9. maja Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are chucks in black, but now in this winter I wear Timberlandboots and I love them!

  10. Amber Says:

    I’ve gotta be honest, my favorite shoes are flip flops! Love letting my toes enjoy the sunshine.

  11. Annie Says:

    My favourite shoes fall into two categories: those I’d wear outside the house, and those only for inside :) Outside, I love a good block wedge as I am short, something patent leather, mary jane style is my favourite. For inside, its gotta be my wool slippers.. slightly threadbare but charming all the same! I love shoes :)

  12. michelle das Says:

    Oooh I love Tim Holtz goodies so I couldn’t resist as I love shoes too. My favourite pair are my salsa dancing shoes so comfy I just dance the night away…I blinged them myself with my kandi cane. Now everyone asks where I got them from.

  13. Anne Says:

    Oh, what a question! I remember fondly my red ballet pumps covered in white stars, but alas, they are no more. My favourite pair that survive are my Dorothy shoes – very high heels, very red, lots and lots and lots of sequins. Bought and worn for World Book Day (along with a fetching blue and white gingham dress I made myself) – but I’m tempted to just start wearing them as everyday shoes, they are that gorgeous!

  14. Salamanda Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes just now are a pair of black fly wedges. I love them as the give me height, are comfortable and are just a little odd as they have very chunky soles – but I didn’t slip in the snow.

  15. Sarah Says:

    my favourite shoes, rather boring as I like my comfy ones. Though I would love to wear some sparkly heels ….. but I am likely to fall off them lol

  16. ShezB Says:

    Oh shoes! I do love shoes! I don’t think I have one favourite pair. I have some very retro pale pink platforms with a babydoll strap and peep toe and flower on the ankle (have to be seen, really) that I bought for a wedding and adore. Would wear them every day if I could, but my faves are probably my square-toe high(ish) heeled boots. I’ve worn them to death and now need new ones. Oh, and I bought an adorable pair of cork wedges with multicolour wooden beads in S.Africa last year. Can’t wait till summer so I can wear them again. <3 Shoes!!

  17. wannabe rebel Says:

    Red Suede, pointed toe, ankle strap, killer Heels. So not practical but that’s why I like them, only wear them on special occasions now, they don’t go with my tracksuit bottoms and hoodie when doing the school run !

  18. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    Despite only being 5ft2” I just don’t do heels. I’m a flat rubber-soled colourful shoe kind of gal! Like a Vans or Converse ideally.

  19. sarah Says:

    that would be my grey converse, with the turquoise double-tongue thingy…

  20. Clare Bird Says:

    My faves are my new black knee high boots, they are the hidden platform style with lovely stiletto heels, but as I have a sprained ankle at the moment it would have to be my brown suede Etnies with pink laces and a pink E that take the top spot! C x

  21. Elliefantasy Says:

    My fab shoes are my red Mary-janes from Sketchers. Really comfy and really cute. Love all Mary-Jane shoes and my fav colour is redso this was a match made in heaven

  22. Alison-lee Says:

    oh dear don’t think I’m normal, shoes arn’t my fave things I go mad about, handbags are my thing!!! But if I had to pick would pick my long purple boots!!

  23. Jenny B Says:

    Oooh!!! I adore shoes :) M favourites are my blue Irregular Choice. They are a vibrant cobalt blue with quite a chunky stiletto heel. The fabric is a snakeskin print blue suede and the heel a metallic leatherete. They have a tie around the ankle and the soles are printed. I love them so very much! Can you tell! Hope you’re enjoing your journey, can’t wait to see where you re next :) {loves}

  24. emmy Says:

    Oh my goodness I have so many pairs that it’s hard to choose!
    I love my converse…my battered and faded pink ones with red hearts that remind me of valentines in Disneyland Paris…my 50+ collection of ballet pumps/flatties that I live in daily :)
    It could also be my collection of glittery shoes like my dorothy red flats that tie around the ankle with wide red satin ribbon or my latest buy of half price black and white glitter brogues that tie with a huge satin bow (am I spotting a theme??) or maybe my Irregular Choice shoes with little applique dollies on the front?? I have some serious shoe love going on…but I think my favourite are these…

    Mine are black with pink cats, super comfy and great for making me smile with that cute face and the little tail on the back. I love them!

  25. MichelleGB Says:

    I definitely belong to the simpler group. My favorites are my black patent penny loafers that I got from Target. I’m on my second pair of them. :)

  26. Stephanie Says:

    My favorite shoes? They are red inside, outside, below … They shine and heels are 8 cm. I also have a pair in brown and when I wear them, I feel another woman!

  27. Sue Bone Says:

    Red flat pumps in true red suede from M&S. Definitely happy shoes.

  28. Joy Says:

    Comfy black ankle boots and all my summer sandals especially my lime green ones!

  29. Carolyn Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway.
    My current favourites are a pair of Lee Cooper baseball boots DH brought me for Christmas. Comfortable, look good, match all the things I wear most often…and I love them.

  30. Cathy Watson Says:

    Oh how perfect!I bought my perfect shoes the other day.Gorgeous multi pastel icing coloured Nike walking shoes…pink and lilac and teal and buttercup and soooo comfortable.

  31. Charlotte Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes I got from Topshop. They are black with pink polka dots a little peep toe and a black bow with pink dots at the front. I love them!

  32. Candace.M Says:

    Shoes!!!! Now you are talking my language lol

    Close call between scrapping, cupcakes and shoes.

    My Favourite pair have 3” heels, open toe sandles beige, black & animal print and very very strappy
    Just love them. (but only worn when no alcohol involved as way too high!)

  33. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I love my comfy, black leather hotter shoes. I can’t wear high heels, I just fall over!!

  34. Helen Overton Says:

    My favourite shoes are my Vans baseball boots. They’re black and white checks with a bright pink lining. I also have some similar slip-ons but without the pink lining. I love Vans!

  35. Kathy Says:

    Hi I loved my blue and black silk leopard print docs I had in college. But now I’d settle for anything comfy and stylish!

  36. Brenda Rozzi Says:

    Oh I have to say that having had surgery an my ankle a few years ago has left me “flat” my favorite pair of shoes nowadays aren’t shoes at all but my avia sneakers. So light & white and oh so fashionable with everything a mom would be proud of. Shoes glorious shoes are a fashion statement that I have to enjoy on others!

  37. lou jervis Says:

    I love my first adult pair of wellingtons. Or as we call them in nz gumboots! They are plain and boring but they let me be a kid in the snow. : ) I can’t remember the last time I owned a pair.

  38. Louise Says:

    Mine are a pair i picked up in a charity shop for £4 about 6 years ago. I needed a fancy pair of evening shoes to go with an outfit for a fancy dress party. It turns out these shoes are so comfy i were them on every night out and my sister kindly informed me i had a bargain as they are Kurt Geiger shoes! Who’s he i asked her! Such a simple life i lead lol!!

  39. Tina Says:

    Oh boy, I have owned so many shoes over the years—in so many stles. But these days, being a stay at home mom and living on one salery my shoe habit has slowed down substantially. I did recently buy myself a pair of boots that I do love. They are flat, black leather so perfect and practical for a mom on the go—but they also have two straps with buckles that go across them just to add enough edge to make me feel like I could jump on the back of a motorcycle and go!

  40. KikiK Says:

    My favorite shoes is a camper pair called bombay twins. they are high heels but they are the most comfy I ever had! and they are cute! love them!

  41. heather Says:

    Shoes? Pah!! take them or leave them as I need comfort not style lol. Im a handbag girl but my fave shoes if pushed for an answer would probably be my red baseball type trainers as I always wanted a pair from when I was a teenager :)))

  42. TracyW Says:

    Comfort all the way with shoes for me, and think my fave are my Karrimor walking sandals – but maybe that’s ‘cos I’m longing to be wearing them again, though not likely to happen for a few months yet.

  43. Jules Says:

    I tend to live in comfy boots and trainers, but I have a pair of Rocket Dog slip ons that are covered in black and silver sequins – I love them!

  44. Hebe Says:

    I wear the same pair of teal Doc Martens for about six months of the year. I must get another pair at least but these ones are so comfy and such a cool colour.

  45. tape Says:

    My Ecco sandals… Low-heel, great for walking but still pretty!

  46. Jacky Scales Says:

    I may love the look of high heels, but my favourite pair are actually comfortable Clarks leather clogs!!!!

  47. Amy Lynne Says:

    Oh goodness, I am so excited about this giveaway, I just adore everything made by Tim Holtz!!
    I think I’m in the simple type shoe group, as my favorite pair of shoes are chocolate brown Converse Chuck Taylor low tops.:)

  48. Karen Williams Says:

    Ha ha – too many to choose from- I have at least 1 pairs of converse and my ( some 20 years old!) and my favourite of those are my red sequinned ones but I also love my purple mary janes and my knee boots in winter I only own one pair of heels (they don’t go with three children) but I would love some more

  49. Christine Says:

    I have a pair of black wedge suede boots, I’ve worn them so much they have moulded perfectly to the shape of my feet!

  50. Karen M Says:

    Wow what awesome shoes you ladies have. My fav pair at the moment are these

  51. Sandi Robinson Says:

    Did someone say shoes?!! I am a total shoe fetishist, but if I have to pick one favourite pair, then I would have to say that currently, that would be my black suede pumps with a large suede ruffle accross the toes! They’re flats of course, I’ve reached that stage when comfort comes first!!

  52. missyb Says:

    I love my raspberry pink Chuck Taylor All Star low tops!!

  53. HazelG Says:

    shoes – my favourite part of any outfit! I’m quite plain in my dress sense but am brave enough to go with quirky shoes. My current favourite are a purple pair of heels from Hobbs – I can’t walk very well in them, but I really don’t care!

  54. Kate aka stinkydudette Says:

    I love Betty Boop, my fave color is red and I live adidas!! So this pair has been my all-time fave!!!

  55. S Says:

    Oh this is an easy call – my cutest pair of shoes ever!!! were blue denim-like flats with 3 simple silver stars across the top. Completely blinged up any jeans I paired them with. Alas, I never took a picture and they have long since worn out. Must find a similar pair!

  56. Lisa Says:

    My favourite shoes, without doubt, are Dr Marten’s. I absolutely love them, although officially I guess they are boots not shoes :)
    My favourite pair are purple and needless to say, well worn.

  57. Tina Zarlenga Says:

    My favorite shoes are my Mizuno running shoes. I just took up running over a year ago and have run 2 half marathons and plan to run my first full this year! So yep, love those shoes!

  58. Daphne Says:

    Comfy. And red. Perhaps dotted… Oh yes, I would like that!

  59. Lisa Says:

    Day to day, I’m a sensible, comfortable shoe/boot person – almost boring in fact. But when it’s time to dress up and party, well, that’s when I go to town with pretty, strappy, sparkly girlie shoes. I have a pair of oyster coloured, strappy, satin Kurt Geiger shoes with gorgeous big blingy stones across the toes that I adore. I always feel so feminine and glamorous to have the opportunity to get to wear them – a fave for sure!

  60. Rebecca Says:

    Oh wow! What a prize!! I’m not really big into shoes – I really prefer comfort and function over anything else – especially during our slippery winters! But, every once in a while I love to put on a pair of pretty shoes – I got a new pair of flats a couple of months ago – just from Target, but they are prettier than any other shoes I have!! Thanks for the chance!

  61. Tanya Says:

    I love my Crocs, mary janes, flats and Uggs! Summertime is all about the flip flops! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  62. Lainey Says:

    I’m more simple…gray converse sneakers are my favorite!

  63. Andrea Says:

    I must say that a pair of Sketchers sneakers, elastic laces, are my favorite footwear lately. They are SO comfy!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. Carol G Says:

    Love Tim Holtz products. My favorite shoes are any tennis shoes. I hate heels or any kind of dress shoes. I am a comfort girl and anything but tennis are not comfort to me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Funky Fairy - Lisa Says:

    I adore Tim Holtz, one very clever man indeed!
    Shoes are not my fave thing I’m afraid. At 35yrs and having UK 1.5, it’s not much fun : (
    I did however recently cave in and bought a pair of high heels in a 3 just so I could be taller and wore 2 insoles and stuffed the toes with tissue. They are the coolest pair of bright green shoes with a lovely strap accross. So my ideal shoes would be those in a 1.5
    : )
    Other than that,Converse All stars in aqua.

  66. Kim Says:

    I love the summer so my favourite shoes are my fit flops, so comfy and perfect for showing off those bright painted toe nails xxxx

  67. Marcy Says:

    I’m not a shoe girl. I own four pair of shoes. Two sneakers and two work boots. If you saw one of my pairs – wait, both pairs of sneakers you would think I were homeless and destitute. Both nasty, torn and grubby. I know it’s way past time to throw them out, but that means I have to buy another pair.There are so many other things I’d rather spend the money on. I’m terrified of the day my daughter gets married. Any other wedding I can wear sneakers.(albeit newer)

  68. The Sparkly Fairy Says:

    Oohmy favourite shoes are definetly my leopard print high heel ankle boots! Grrrr!!

  69. Cat G. Says:

    I have red tuc cat shoes that I bought 10 plus years ago when I was oh so much edgier and cool. That they fit my name was an added bonus. I still love them. They are super comfy and, yes, still funky and cool. :)

  70. Jenna Says:

    Mmmmm – shoes! My fave pair is a black pair of merrell boots that I picked up this year. They’re low heeled, leather and have cute velvet trim details in a few spots up the calf. the best part, however, is their waterproofness – living in Seattle and having tons of rain around, it’s wonderful to have a pair of boots that stands up to that – plus, they’re lined with polartec!

  71. Tracy Says:

    Actually I hate wearing shoes, so my favourite shoes would be none at all! I love trainers and flattish shoes if I am forced to wear them. I have tried to get them to institute a no-shoe policy at work but they keep refusing.

  72. rach Says:

    My favorite shoes are my DMs (or Dr Martins) as they are always comfy and have a large bottom so give me a couple of inches!

  73. Natalie G Says:

    Carrie Bradshaw wannabe, I’m afraid…. My favourite shoes of all time are my vintage black Mary Janes from the shoe king himself, Manolo Blahnik. I’ve had them for 7 years now and they are hands down the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. Great for work, going out and look fab with jeans. Best of all – I got them on sale at SAKS in NY!

  74. Kathryn Says:

    My current favorites are a pair of buttery soft black leather Born boots. They have low heels and lots of arch support so I can be on my feet all day & feel like I’m wearing a cozy pair of slippers! (My classic favorites are my black leather Lucchese 1883 cowboy boots.)

  75. Briana N. Says:

    I have lots of favorites but right now I’d love to slip into my pink ruffled flip-flops. It’s SO cold here!

  76. Karen Says:

    I’m a Southern California girl-flip flops are my footwear of choice :)

  77. Elaine Says:

    Favourite pair of shoes that I wear are flat comfy leather. Favourite pair I gaze at longingly are in Schuh – black pinstripes with a flower made out of tape measure. Definite scrapping shoes!!

  78. Mel Says:

    LOVE me some Tim Holtz!!

    I have two fave pairs, is that allowed?! My fave everyday pair would be my brown Roxy sneakers with turquoise embroidered flowers on them; they’re size 9 yet manage to make my feet look smaller than they really are, result! My fave ‘special’ shoes are dark red suede shoe-boots, laced up with dark red satin ribon, and with 3 inch heels. Nice :-)

  79. Laura Y Says:

    On a daily basis I’m love with my Nike running shoes: bright orange and all attitude. For the weekends, my new ALDO brown distressed boots ($170 retail, but I waited and waited and got them for $75 after the holiday!)

  80. Natalie Says:

    Two winters ago, I bought a pair of pointy-toed, snakeskin-like, GREEN flats (for about $7!!) and I just love them. They are terribly impractical for winter in Syracuse, NY, but I’m going to find a way to wear them here! I love wearing them.

  81. Erin K Says:

    My favorite comfy shoes are a pair of white fuzzy slipper that have glitter, paint, and ink! lol
    My fav everyday shoes are a pair of cheetah patent leather clogs!

  82. wendy Says:

    there are only one type of shoe that I have on my feet 90% of the time – the other 10% nothing – CROCS!! I have 15 pairs in a variety of colours and styles and I love them.

  83. Megan Says:

    I LOVE this giveaway! You always have the best giveaways – thanks for providing them!
    My favourite shoes that I actually own are a pair of black faux-suede chunky heels. They are little booties that hit just under the heel and lace up. I absolutely love them, but it is very wintery in New Hampshire so I never get to wear anything but L.L. Bean snowboots. :(

    Hope I win!!!

  84. kat Says:

    my favprote pair of shoes is a pair of tennis shoes that have paint splatters all over them…♥

  85. Louise Says:

    My favourite shoes ever are my Red sparkly heeled Mary Janes… love them but they only come out on very special occasions. Thanks for the opportunity to win the goodies. Happy Tripping…xxxx

  86. Amelia Says:

    I was JUST checking out that Tim Holtz stuff!!! Thanks for the chance! My favorite shoes are Keen Mary Janes – suits my personality of wanting to be “outdoorsy cute” and they are sooo comfy! Thanks for the chance!

  87. Melissa Says:

    my fav shoes are my faithful tennis shoes. I’d wear them everywhere if I could.

  88. Brenda Whitehead Says:

    Great timing for a Tim giveaway with CHA next weekend! My favorite shoes keep my feet happy – Clark’s mary janes. I have 4 pair! Those are my everyday shoes. Felt like magic when I put on the red pair in the store! My next favs are my ankle strap burgundy heels! Fancy with bling! Match a dress I have, too.

  89. Connie M Says:

    I am a shoe person~always have been but for comfy shoes! My fave is croc’s ~ they are sooo comfy!! I have 11 pairs!

  90. Lida Says:

    My black flipflops with white polka dots on the ribbon tops are my favorite at the moment. Love anything tim holtz.

  91. Kathy R Says:

    From Nov. 2009 thru Sept 2010 I couldn’t wear a shoe on my left foot, just an open medical boot, so I was thrilled to wear matching shoes again even if they were just comfortable mary janes.

  92. Sheryl Says:

    My favourite shoes are my “work” crocs – you wouldn’t know that’s what they are unless you look real close ….

  93. Juel Says:

    My favorite shoes are my only pair of comfy shoes I own, my Dansko’s. I have flat feet so it is hard for me to find shoes that don’t make my feet want to die ;)

  94. Melanie Kiser Says:

    Please let me win, please let me win …
    Okay my favorite shoes are Mary Jane high heels. (I guess I am channeling Carrie… lol) I happened upon them one day … and since I have tiny feet, finding shoes can be hard for me. These were MADE for me! I don’t get to wear them often (mom of three boys! with no life!)

  95. Kirsten Says:

    I adore my Converse…all of them…but the sparkly gold ones are my absolute favorite!

  96. SandyB Says:

    I am not going to lie.. my favorite shoes are my crocs. They are ugly but soooo comfortable. I think I have 5 pairs.

  97. Ruth Hill Beckett Says:

    Well, I do love Tim Holtz supplies and wow has he ever had cool new stuff.. Fav shoes are my Birkenstocks..clogs and sandals.. very comfortable and they last forever.. When younger love the high heels and bling, but now i go for comfort!

  98. KateT Says:

    I only own boots and sandals, but would love a posh occasion that would require a beautiful pair of expensive heels.
    Thanks for the chance to win. ** Kate **

  99. AnnaB Says:

    Oh, what a fun giveaway! I love my Ten Points Pandora shoes, like these but black.

    I definately prefer comfy shoes, over fancy… I wish I could walk in heals, but I guess I’ve done too little practicing. Or else I just don’t have the right talent. =)

  100. jacki l Says:

    it would have to be my dark brown suede vans trainers, i’ve worn them so much they are falling to bits. my family despair of them but i just can’t bring myself to bin them!

  101. Lindsey Says:

    My favorite shoes are ballet flats!
    I will take them in any color, any patterns. I do always have to have one brown pair and black pair, though.I love them.
    Sadly, I just gave away a bunch that had gotten too worn out, so I’m in a rebuilding phase. ;)

  102. eleanor Says:

    my favorite shoes of all time ,were some that i had in the 60s ( yes i am that old!!) they were peacock blue suede, with a fushia pink suede bow on the front, with kitten heels. i used to think that i was the bees knees in them, i wore them on my first date with my future DH, so they must have been lucky !!!!

  103. kim corona Says:

    my favs are my fit flops i would wear them all year round but i live were it snows in the winter so have to wear them inside than and they tone my but to … them

  104. Donna Says:

    I love my UGGS they are so warm and cozy but wish I could wear my FLIP FLOPS all year long :)

  105. michellejg Says:

    hands down my favorite shoes are my bright red fatbaby boots!!

  106. Marina D-K Says:

    Donna and I are on the same page. I love my Ugg sweater boots. Living in SoCal they’re not really a necessity but I love them. The rest of the time I wear flip flops. So thankful for a management job that allows me to dress casually =)

  107. Emma Louise Waites Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are are my best friends.
    They have carried me to many a festival, country and quite often, home. They are A.D.I.D.A.S but when I wear them, I call them my 3 stripe.

  108. heather Says:

    favourite shoes are probably my brown ankle boots, kind of Timberland style, but much cheaper and comfier :) altho my favourite footwear are my bedroom athletic bootie slippers, so cosy & soft! I love them :)

  109. Sam Says:

    My fave ever shoes were a pair of fuchsia pink mules with kitten heels bought in Paris, when we were celebrating my 30th!
    I would love to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s… maybe oneday!!!

  110. Heather Robertson Says:

    my fav pair of shoes are brown leather clog style, so comfortable and easy to get on and off

  111. Barbi Defazio Says:

    My fav ‘cuz it is winter and I live in Canada so a good pair of winter boots are a must – my North Face winter boots my hubby bought me a couple of winters ago. They are a beautiful winter white nubuck with fauz fur trim and some tan leather bits. I love them, feel warm but stylish in them and get frequent compliments.

  112. Jennifer Says:

    Great giveaway! I mostly own very simple, cheap shoes, as that’s all I can afford. I’d rather spend my dosh on scrapbook supplies! At the moment my favourite pair are some light brown ankle boots. They are comfy and go with everything! x

  113. Tanja Says:

    What a awesome give-away! Thanks a lot for the possibilities to get it.
    My favorite pair of shoes are some black satin high heels. They have little black daimonds at the inner border. They are nothing for every day but when something special and glamourous is asked they are perfekt!

  114. Kirsten Says:

    ha! listen, I used to sell shoes….and asking me to pick a favorite is like asking me to make Sophie’s “choice”. I guess….if pressed….I’d say my comfy leather wool-lined boots. NO. My super Nordy Rack find, my Enzo dress boots. No….my Charles David black sandals. No – it’s the Cole Haan strappy sandals I love!

  115. Jennifer L.S. Says:

    Honestly, I love fun shoes but never buy them. :( My favorite pair would have to be my Nike flip flops. I bought them almost four years ago and they’re so broken in and so comfy on my feet. :)

  116. adelina Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes is typically my MizMooz boots, but since I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant my favorite shoes right now are my UGG boots. =)

  117. Lynda B Says:

    my favourite shoes ever seen were a gorgeous royal purple suede with 3 inch heels and a fab bow on the front….sadly, I could not walk in them so didn’t even dare try them on. Favourite footwear I ever had was a pair of thigh high suede boots, which were flat, amazingly comfy and very nice, wish I could find another pair just like them :-(

  118. LauraBean Says:

    It’s winter around here, so my current favorite footwear is my Crocs Mammoth clogs: warm & ultra comfy.

  119. Jennifer Says:

    My favorite shoes are my dansko’s that I have worn almost every day for about 5 years (except in the summer, when I trade them in for flip-flops!). They still look great even after all this time!

  120. HelenaK Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are my white Converse All Stars. ♥

  121. Nicole Says:

    What a great giveaway! My favorite pair of shoes are my Asics Running sneakers, I wish I could wear sneakers every day.

  122. Cate Says:

    What a fab giveaway!
    My favourite pair of shoes are some black sequinned flip-flops. They’re supercomfy and go with everything!!

  123. tammy perkins Says:

    My favorite shoes are my Uggs boots. Love ‘em! And love the giveaway – I could so use this stuff!

  124. Shirley K Says:

    I like a pair of black pumps that I can wear to work and wear out. I’ve had one pair or another of black pumps in my wardrobe for years.

  125. Christine Says:

    I love my Dansko’s. They look like a boot, but are only ankle high. They are a soft orange/brown. So comfy and fun to wear. I don’t work outside the home or I would choose maybe a fabulous flat with flare!

  126. Olivia Says:

    I love Roxy shoes. My favourite old pink pair have sadly seen their day but my ones are brown with turquoise & go with most of my clothes :)

  127. Bethany G Says:

    Well I LOVE all my shoes and boots but if I had to pick one, my favourite pair of shoes would have to be my pair of long pink boots, they have a small heel and unfortunately now are to small or maybe my pair of high heeled suede shoes from Primark. But then again as I said I love all my shoes!! :)

  128. Angelina Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are my converse all star high tops. Comfy and dont make my feet look so big! But I guess my boots work just as well!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  129. Marie Says:

    What a fun question and I’ve loved reading everyone’s answers. As to my favorite shoe? It’s anything from Sketchers. Yep, pretty practical here, but they are super comfy and I always get compliments on how cute they are (Mary Jane type styles). Whenever I travel, Sketchers are on my feet.

  130. Elizabeth Says:

    My very favorite pair of shoes is a pair of scruffy, brown, flat clogs. Comfortable to wear and they show off the socks I knit!

  131. heathergw Says:

    my favorite shoes are my brown chucks. Thanks for the chance!

  132. Tiff jordan Says:

    Slippers!! Always leave them by the front door to put on and relax as soon as I get home. Current slippers are pink cable knit with fluffy inside from marksnsparks : ) tiff x

  133. Laura Kelly Says:

    My favorite shoes are my Avia walking shoes. They are the perfect width for my narrow foot and I love the way they support my feet. They are my constant wear around home or walking.

  134. Clare Says:

    I’m a barefoot gal but that isn’t practical in the frozen North so my fave shoes are slippers indoors and sturdy boots with pink laces for outside.

  135. Penny Says:

    OMG Tim goodies yes please. My fav shoes are not shoes but boots, Italian leather and canvas lace up to the knee have worn them to death.

  136. Sinead Says:

    Another fab giveaway Shimelle! I love shoes, but if I had to choose I’d probably pick one of my pairs of Converse:)

  137. Jen D Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes right now is my Uggs- 20” of snow!

  138. mel Says:

    A pair of Merells I bought on the spur of the moment and wore and wore for about two years. They were designated to my gardening shoes and are still there every day waiting for me to slip my feet in and head out into the garden. Wonderful givaway Shimelle, thanks.

  139. Judi Davis Says:

    Just love the giveaway; but not shoes. (Where do I fit in? :-D) Have to wear big boots for work, so like ballet flats or my grey converse on days off. Jude.x

  140. Serene Says:

    My favorite shoes would have to be my turquoise double-tongued Converse tennies.

  141. mary Says:

    My favorite shoes are a pair of black patent leather high-heeled sandals. The toe is cut into the shape of a butterfly with fluffy pink and blue feathers behind. Lovely!

  142. Becky S. Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a tweed plaid pump with a beautiful vintage rhinestone and black button in the center. Ahhhh, Heaven!

  143. Becca Says:

    I don’t actually have that many shoes… I have 2 fave everyday worn pairs of footwear – my walking boots which are just so comfortable and in the current icy weather stop me from slipping and sliding about and are waterproof – I hate wet feet!! My other pair of daily footwear is actually a pair of muck welly boots! They are made of neoprene are comfy, warm and always dry!

  144. Rinda Says:

    Right now I’m way into my vans tennis shoes.

  145. Amanda Wall Says:

    I love my floral Steve Madden flats.

  146. Carolyn Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes at the moment are my EMU boots. It’s very cold and snowy here. Yesterday morning when I left home it was 1 degree. BRRRRR

  147. dawn Says:

    my pink converse for sure – they are even more fun to wear when my 3year old boy wears his with the flames on them.

  148. Smeepee Says:

    My hubby bought me a pair of shiny red mary janes for my birhtday – I love them. I’ve even had guys comment on how cute they are!

  149. Katy Says:

    Hello! I love shoes that are Mary Jane in style, and have a cute pair of work shoes in an ostensibly sensible black but with just the right extra height of heel and quirky indie girl straps. They live in a box under my desk and cheer up my work wardrobe no end!

  150. Tinkersdamn Says:

    I have a pair of cammo ballet flats from Old Navy that are about to die, and I’ve never been so depressed about shoes. They’re so comfy… and so nearly dead. Maybe I can get 1 more summer out of them!

  151. Kathy King Says:

    Furry lined grey boots, jsut right for cold winter days!

  152. Jean Says:

    My comfy New Balance trainers.

  153. Natalie May Says:

    I tend to wear simple shoes – love my thongs {flip flops} – live in my havaianas – super comfy!

  154. Emma Says:

    my favourite pair of shoes are my black nike trainers. I’ve had for absolutely yonks and they smell a bit but they are so comfy. I love them!!! Girly girl I am not!!! My colour comes from my crafting xx

  155. Eileen Velez Says:

    Love Tim Holtz & I love my Uggs slippers – so comfy!!!

  156. Richelle H Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are my flip flops because that means it’s warm and sunny and I can show off my feet with pedicured toes. I can walk through water, sand, and even wear them with a dress. They are so versatile that one should never go without flip flops.

  157. Judy w Says:

    I love soft flat leather shoes in any colour… but my favourite shoes will always be a pair of rubber thongs. Wish I could wear them with everything.
    Jude in Oz

  158. kim Says:

    Right now, my favorite shoes are my TOMs. They are so amazingly comfortable and the company gives a pair to a child in need whenever you buy a pair. What more can you ask for from a pair of shoes!!

  159. christy sheffield Says:

    i do love shoes, but since i’m seven months pregnant i’ve been living in my brown ballet flat crocs. they are super comfy and keep my ankles and legs from swelling.

  160. Adrienne Says:

    My favourite shoes right now are my brown boots, lightly lined for the cold weather with cute side ties and bits of fake fur peaking out the tops and along the sides. They are so funky with tights and a skirt and with my skinny jeans.

  161. Susie Says:

    Honestly, I’d be happiest if I could just go barefooted all the time! That said, I guess I prefer my tennies or a simple pair of ballet slippers.

    Strange, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m really missing out on all this “shoe love”

  162. Viviane Says:

    Something confortable please! I like flat shoes
    I’d love to be able to use high heels but feet hurt :(

  163. elizaBeth B. Says:

    My most favorite pair of shoes is my brown Sketcher’s Step Up shoes. They are so comfortable, I would teach in them all day, and wear them around on the weekends!

  164. WEndy Says:

    What a great giveaway!! I love all shoes but if I had to pick a favourite pair they you have to be my brown chunky London Fog shoes! I have had them for about 15 years and they don’t look that old at all and the soles are still in great shape! Love them! THanks for the chance!

  165. Nicole K Says:

    pink sparkly flip flops…

  166. Kim Says:

    My favorite pair right now is a black pair of low top converse “tennis” shoes. Too bad I can’t wear them to work! Thanks for the offer – I love T!m

  167. nonnie Says:

    great question…fun to read all the comments….especially for a former shoe addict…i say former because i used to have tons of shoes…pinks, reds, purples, heels, flats, boots in every color, on and on and on…and now my feet are a 10.5 EEEE just to give you an idea on how poor my selection is these days, on zappos if you search for a 7B you get like 60,000 choices. if you search my size, you get 70 choices…and that counts a black pair as 1 choice and the brown pair as another. no colors but black brown and white. so my new favorite are flip flops – which i alter myself to dress up. and in the 18 below F weather we have these days – my merril pull on boots. love reading about all your favorite shoes…shoe envy here!

  168. Allie Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes has to be my gold, sparkly peep toe steve madden heels! granted, they’re five inch heels and make walking challenging, the sparkle is worth the risk!

  169. Andie Says:

    Favourite shoes? Bright red ‘Mary Jane’ Hush Puppies with wooden heels, not too high to dance all night or wear at work on the odd occasion, still high enough to make the old calves look reasonable. :)

  170. shanna Says:

    oh man, i LOVE shoes too. but i think my faves are just good old flip flops! so comfy and if i can wear them, it must be warm…

  171. durandconnie Says:

    I use to own a couple of these type of shoes. My favorites classic black, bright red, and yellow!

  172. Denise Says:

    Very favorite? None! Love going barefoot. If I have to wear shoes they’ve got to be comfy – flip flops, converse or Crocs.

  173. Holly Kean Says:

    My favorite shoes are a pair of BCBG black pumps with a silver buckle on the front and a pointy toe. I love them so much, I wore the first pair to death and then went back to the store with fingers crossed that they still had them…AND THEY DID!

  174. scrappysue Says:

    At the moment, most definitely my flat black, calf length suede boots. I love the laces on the back with a fringe dangling off them! Just perfect for the summer winters in Dubai (not!).

  175. Jennie M Says:

    Definitely my grey Uggs. Comfy and warm!!

  176. Katherine Says:

    While I’d love to be able to say my red patent-leather sling backs, I have to admit it is my rainbow flip flops with the yoga-mat soles … like walking on air and make me happy because they remind me of the beach.

  177. Danielle Says:

    Oooohhh! I have been coveting these new Tim Holtz goodies! My favorite pair of shoes? Hmmm, I’d have to say my $20 black boots that I got at a drug store here in California. They were so comfortable and went with almost everything. Sadly, they died last year and I have been on the hunt for a new pair to replace them ever since.

  178. katey Says:

    i am a slippers girl. i love my sockmonkey slipper boots! super comfy!

  179. Dyna Says:

    My fave shoes are my All Star Converse Chuck Taylors. Simple and comfy.

  180. Karalyn Says:

    Wow…how to pick ONE pair! lol I LOVE shoes…my favorite right now are my pair of pink/salmon UGG boots! I LOVE them – love that I don’t have to wear socks with them. :)

  181. Torry Schellhorn Says:

    Black knitted UGGs hands down – they are so warm and toasty, like little sweaters for my feet!

  182. Tasha Says:

    Oooo it would have to be Doc Martins. Mine are a metallic green with a skin sort of pattern embossed in them! So comfy and I always get a comment from passers-by whenever I wear them!

  183. Kerry Says:

    it has to be my slippers! They are ballet stlye in cow print, they are my fav because when i wear them i am at home with my family my fav place :)

  184. SarahLP Says:

    My fave shoes… I wish I could say my high-heeled pink Converse All-Stars style sandals.. but to be honest they are agony to wear! So I’ll settle for black knee-length boots as they are so comfy.

  185. Emy Says:

    I only have about 8 pairs of shoes, including my wellies, but they do include a pair of patent orange shoes with block heels – lovely!

  186. Shalvi Says:

    I love flats, with elastic crisscrossing over the top.

  187. Alicja Says:

    I still can’t find fav, ideal one… :( I’m still looking. Right now I prefer flats, comfortable, but I wish I love some elegant, eg red high heels…

  188. Ruthie Says:

    For me shoes have to be timeless and classic. That’s why my favourites are my brown waxed Dr Martens boots :-)

  189. Amanda Says:

    Favorite pair of shoes?
    Flip flops! Nothing like summertime comfort!

  190. Peta Says:

    My favourite shoes are simple, black, low heels with black stitching on the upper which sits where my toes meet my foot and which narrows to 3/4inch in the centre. My heart breaks knowing that my lovely shoes are likely to never be worn again as one of the heels is broken and, it seems, cannot be fixed. I cannot bear to throw them away and I live in hope…

  191. Jeannie Says:

    When I was younger it was always 3 inch heels everyday but now I’m a little older it has to be comfort but still fasionable and I love my Sketchers – wearing them right now!

  192. sarah slade Says:

    I love me slipper’s i have 4 pair’s, does that count?? if not then i live in my skater type trainner shoe’s, lol.
    Thanks for this x x

  193. Sandy G Says:

    Tim+shoes!! Irrestistable!
    My favourites are boots – claret & teal leather: stout, comfy boots lined with claret-dyed sheepskin. They are older than my youngest child, but sooo comfortable, and I know I will mourn them when they eventually wear out.

  194. Kristine S Says:

    I am pretty boring girl when it comes to shoes-comfort all the way. My favorites—My Basic Merrill Comfort Clogs.

  195. Abi Says:

    Hi Shimelle

    My favourite pair of shoes at the moment are my ankle boots from zara. They have turn up tops and laces. They are also very comfy and keep my toes nice and toasty!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  196. Carolin Says:

    Hi Shimelle…I’m a great fan of shoes…I love love love chucks and vans…And in the moment my favourite shoes are these ones:

    Thanks for your awsome giveaway!

  197. Sandy Says:

    My favorites are a pair of red heels, they are totally fun and make me feel flirty and silly

  198. Melissa Says:

    My absolute favorite shoes are a pair heels I bought about seven or eight years ago. I would wear heels every day if I could. But since I’m usually just hanging around the house in sweats, I forgo the heels. But not always.

  199. Lizzie Says:

    Lovely stash there, Shimelle – would love some of that!
    My favourite shoes? Hmmm… well I loved my pair of flat pumps, from Rocket Dog, with cross-over elastic ankles, like Jane Austen C18 shoes. I also love my brown suede lacing shoes – they have heavy soles, but the toes are slightly pointy and they’re quite elegant. They are French (!) and I’ve worn them lots.

  200. Gayle Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes at the moment are the red satin peeptoe heels I bought for my wedding in September :) I haven’t got a dress yet but I just love the idea of these fab red shoes peeping out from underneath it – love them! :)

  201. GeneB Says:

    Hi Shimelle…I loves my shoes, simple, over the top, trendy or not. The number one criteria is comfortable in any occasion (climbing a mountain or going to a corporate meeting)Today faded converse…or my tuck’s

  202. Jen Says:

    My green converse are my most long term shoe love but I recently got some tall leather boots that are simply amazing to wear. They make me feel all rawr! :)

  203. Emma Hicks Says:

    I have to admit my favorite shoes are not much to look at but my feet are sure happy when I have them on. They are a basic pair of Dr Schools sneakers that should of been thrown away years ago…but I love them down to the small hole in the side I hide them in my closet so my hubby does not throw them away..I wear them in the yard in the summer, and they make my feet happy.

  204. Pam Says:

    Oh, how I love all things Tim Holtz! This would be sooooo awesome! My favorite shoes are Clarks. I have evry clog in every style & every color. So comfy!

  205. JenB Says:

    My favorite shoes are my turquoise beach sandals because if it’s warm enough to wear them, it’s warm enough to go to the beach☺:-)

  206. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    My favourite shoes are an Elite pair of comfortable walking shoes … I’m a teacher so I’m on my feet all day, so comfort is a must for me ….Thanks for doing this give away .. I love Tim Holtz!!!

  207. LisaE Says:

    My fav shoes are now my Mephisto sandals because they feel so good! I was never a big shoe fanatic which is probably good since my feet are so picky these days.

  208. Nancy C Says:

    My favorite shoes are no shoes – I love going barefoot! BUT, I do love shoes, especially Bruno Magli heels. sigh I’ve been addicted to them for a long time, thanks to my aunt who shared her love of them with me.
    Thank you for this giveaway – and thank all who’ve commented – I see shoes listed I’m going to have to check out! lol

  209. Sue Says:

    My fav current pair are black patent with black satin ribbon ties. They remind me of tap shoes and 1920’s flapper shoes rolled into one and I often feel like dancing my way round work. Ahhh! Love the giveaway.

  210. Sharyn Says:

    Very practical, easy to slip on, good for my back – the Dansko clog. In a matte brown. Perfect for every standing scrapbooker. :)

  211. kymmie Says:

    I adore mary janes. Ninety percent of my shoes are mary janes. My favorites are a grey pair with little rosettes on the front.

  212. Jingle Says:

    I have an amazing pair of Nine West red pumps that I absolutely LOVE! I am a shoe girl, so mind you I do have over 100 pairs, but those are my single favorite pair. I love the way I feel in them! Sometimes I put them on with a cute apron just to vacuum my house because it makes it more fun!

  213. Caroline Says:

    My favorite shoes are my dansko black patent leather clogs!!! So cute and comfy!!!

  214. kirsteen Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are my pink Cat boots. I am on my second pair and I’m devastated that they have stopped making them.

  215. Barbara Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are a pair of KG my husband bought me, which ended up being my wedding shoes.
    The crazy thing is that he got them for me even before we got engaged, saying that they were perfect for our wedding day!

  216. Angela Pruitt Says:

    I wish I could say I have all sorts of lovely and fancy shoes that I wear, but alas, I cannot. I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so I am a bit limited as to the type and style of shoes I can wear (and still be able to walk without pain). Luckily, however, I do have a pair of shoes that I LOVE, and they are my Saucony athletic shoes. They are comfortable, allow me to get around quite well, and I am happy to report that they are even cute! :)

  217. susan Says:

    when its below zero outside here in MI its a easy choice, I love my uggs, warm and cute

  218. margaret Says:

    Okay, so I guess I have to admit to all the world (or at least that portion that reads your blog) that I’m a “sensible shoe” kind of girl. That said: my current favorites: Aerosoles Black Huraches. In one’s middle age: remember good support is muy importante!!!

  219. Emily H. Says:

    My favorite shoes have always been my brown Doc Martens. They are stylish, comfortable and tough. I can not live without them. I have had my current pair for almost three years and they look like they are only about six months old!

  220. PattiM Says:

    Do slippers count?? Cause those are my favorite shoes.. Mine are suede, opened back, lambs wool inside and added as decoration along the top with rubber soles.

  221. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    I have tons of shoes in my closet but usually only wear tennis shoes or Yellow Box Flip Flops because I have had some recent problems with my nail of my big toe. . . so I don’t want anything touch it so my New Balance or Yellow Box are my favorites!

  222. Cal Says:

    Oooo, my favourite shoes are a beautiful pair of Irregular Choice shoes I bought last January. They are sooooo pretty and completely impractical!!

  223. SmilynStef Says:

    I wear Danskos every day … these new red patent are my current favorite.

  224. Jennifer Says:

    I’m not a big shoe girl, so my favorite ones are those that make me feel barefoot. I love wearing flip-flops. My favorite pair is a pink pair with thick soles and a fuzzy lining. Now, provided there is no snow on the ground, I can wear flip-flops in the winter! :)

  225. claireliz Says:

    It has to be my Ted Baker Martha 4in heels, black patent with an open toe & a cream strap with a buckle running across the front & a gold Ted Baker stud in the back, they’re the most expensive shoes I own but when I saw them I just had to have them, that’s the only time I’ve felt like that about a pair of shoes, comfy too, I once walked around Manchester for 4 hours whilst I was on crutches in these shoes, women everywhere were limping & carrying their heels & I was just happily wandering along.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  226. Alison Says:

    Great giveaway! I’m afraid I’m a flipflop girl..tho’ even here in Spain it’s too cold today for them!

  227. tencraftyfingers Says:

    While I’m not a girly girl, I’m not necessarily all boy either. I’m somewhere in between I suppose so therefore, a pair of semi-shiny step in tennis shoes are my favorite pair. Did I mention that I’ve had them for years and they’re terribly beat up? :)

  228. HannahBanana Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are a reproduction of Clarks Originals Desert Boots celebrating the 60 anniversary of the creation of the first ever desert boot design. They are made with a Liberty’s of London floral/paisley design and came with a matching shoe box and tags. They truly are shoes of creative delight!

  229. Sandy Says:

    I’ve been a “shoe person” for years and always had many pairs of shoes. However, the years have not been kind to my feet and lots of shoes make my feet hurt. Therefore, my favorite shoes these days are flip-flops and I wear them in all but the coldest weather. I have many pairs but my favorites may be my Yellow Box paisleys with sequins. Sound awful, don’t they? But they’re really cute – and very comfy!

  230. rita Says:

    I love shoes!! My favorite in this moment my new UGG :)
    thanks for the chance

  231. Donna Says:

    Do slippers count?! I’m not really a high heeled Gucci wearing girl! Infact I have very few shoes… But at the end of the day there’s nothing I like to do then put on my fleeced boot slippers…they comfy and cosey… I’d rather have my slippers then a four inch heel anyday!!!!

  232. Laura Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of Steve Madden leather toe sandals that remind me
    of the ones I always wore as a little girl. Thanks!

  233. Erin Whelan Says:

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway! My favorite shoes are actually boots I bought when I was living in Ireland. They are a tan knee height Doc Martins knock off. Love them, they seem to get better with age!

  234. victoria Says:

    Has to be my first pair of babyshams. shaped a little like a bowling shoe black and they have little rainbows over them and tiny stars. And of course the babysham deer! I love them as i work in the rainbow room@ and some children call me the rainbow lady oh and they make me feel about 15 again-I’m 38!

  235. Dawn Says:

    My favourite shoes have got to be those I wore for my sisters wedding where I was a bridemaid. I wore them loads afterwards too and even bought a second pair which I wore to my own wedding 5 years later.
    The are covered in beads and have a lovely heal height on them especially important when your 5’10.

  236. Lola Says:

    My absolute favorite shoes…my slippers! I wear a size 10 or 11 (U.S). Whatever looks cute in a size 6 looks like an aircraft carrier in my size and they are always displayed in the shops in a size 6!

  237. Melissa Miller Says:

    My favorite shoes are Adidas Sambas. I don’t play soccer anymore but nothing spells comfy like my sambas!

  238. Beccy Says:

    I love my pink DM Mary Janes.

  239. lorena b. Says:

    A definate shoe lover here! I’m currently wearing some comfy black suede faux fur lined mocasin slippers from Target. So toasty warm, wished I had bought a cute tan pair!

  240. Amy Melniczenko Says:

    My black leather boots are without a doubt my favorite shoes!!! LOVE them!

  241. Debbie H Says:

    I’m afraid to say it’s my croc flip flops! I know crocs are so last season, but they are sooooooo comfy. Generally I’m in the from Feb til November. Then I have a brief stint of filled in shoes!!! Comfort is a winner for me.

  242. furrypig Says:

    ooh I have shoes but none that Carrie would wear ie no heels and no designer! I love flat comfy shoes (as I am conscious of my height) and my fave pair at the moment are really scrufy but soooo comfy pale brown/dark cream leather slip ons that I can just pop on when I need to pop out! DD hates them and calls them my ‘granny shoes’ always makes me laugh!

  243. LucyF Says:

    I think I need some lessons on how to be “girly” – my favourite shoes currnetly are my walking boots – girly shoes scare me!

  244. Mrs_Dunga Says:

    My Fav shoes of all time are my converse….even though they are battered and have holes in them, I cant bare to throw them away!! (Partly because I designed some then realised they don’t deliver to the UK – Not Cool)

  245. scrapper Says:

    My favourite pair of shoes would be my slinky shiny blue ones – that have a small heel, covered in & lace toes closed in slightly – love how they are a shiny material & comfortable!

  246. Emilie Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are these Kenneth Cole heels.. They are strappy with purple and pink flowers… I LOVE them… Wish i could wear them, but i’m OVER 9 months pregnant and my feet have retained about 2 gallons of water… Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway!

  247. anna Says:

    blue and brown polka dotted chucks!

  248. Pam C Says:

    My favorite shoes are my nine west high boots. Love them.

  249. lindsey Says:

    my duck shoes!

  250. karennarelle Says:

    My favourite shoes are my joggers. Comfortable and affordable. As for going out i love my knee high boots i have 3 pairs!

  251. Kelsie Says:

    Simple, & without a doubt – my slippers. Fluffy and yummy:)

    Thanks for the chance to win such a fab prize!

  252. Lorna Says:

    I’m not shoe person like my mom. I had to wear birkenstocks for quite a few years because some problems and just now trying some different brands. Thanks,

  253. Manda Says:

    My boring black Ecco sandals – they’re comfortable and stop my feet from aching (yes, I’m old enough to have feet problems. Sigh)

  254. Laura Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful prize! My fav shoes right now are my Clarks clogs in soft brown suede—so comfy yet cute.

  255. Regina Says:

    Some of these shoes are fabulous but my every day go to shoe are my CROCS. Couldn’t walk without them. They’re like old friends.

  256. Terri-Ann M Says:

    My fav shoes are some simple but elegant black stilettos which go with any outfit. I love wearing them with my fancy dresses but also just with my jeans. Good Luck everyone!

  257. christine h Says:

    I am so boring when it comes to shoes. I own two pair….one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of black Dansko clogs. As you can tell, I am all about comfort. Awesome giveaway!

  258. kathy northup Says:

    thanks for this opportunity….my favorites….yep, two are Carlos Santana pumps and my hula rocket dogs!!!!

  259. Adrienne Says:

    My favorite shoes are my green Saucony tennis shoes. Thanks to Zappos for carrying so many types to choose from.

  260. Monica Gunn Says:

    What a super fun way to give a prize! I love love love shoes! And I am such a girly girl… I only wear tennis shoes when I’m exercising. Or I do have a pair of plaid Converse. I live in flats, but they cannot have too wide a toe box. Only girly… I truly love heels. I have black ones, red ones, brown with pink polka dot ones, cream ones, and on and on. My fave black heels are Accenti with an ankle strap. They have 3 small pink leather flowers with stems on the outside. Love love love them!!!!!

  261. Dedra Says:

    I love (now don’t laugh) my Sketchers Shape ups…I have in the last three years of teaching started to pay for the years standing on my feet. They are comfortable, effective and attractive…and yes high schooler approved. That and my worn pair of Birkenstocks..get me through the whole year.

  262. ClubNika Says:

    nice blog, love it. :-)
    fav of mine :

  263. Emily Says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are an adorable pair of sperry boaters. They are canvas, two shades of blue, and have anchors embroidered all over them. They are so comfy and cute!

  264. Iara Says:

    I am loving my new camper boots that I bought on a recent trip to Spain. they are awesome!

  265. jennifer flett Says:

    my favourite shoes are a pair fushia pink skyscapper heels with a big bow on the back they dont fit me never have but i love taking them out and just looking at them

  266. cheap Dsquared2 Sweatshirts Says:

    wow, I’m impressed! really. it’s a great project that will help people in many ways.

    I wish we could have used such technologies when I was getting education… everything would have been much easier:)

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