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Photo challenge :: At home

scrapbooking photo challenge

If you’ve been cropping with us all weekend (or you’ve been out and about with all the other things on your schedule), it’s about time to crash and relax for the last few hours of Sunday. So this final challenge is something nice and calm.

Your challenge is to take and post a photograph from home! Absolutely anything in your home – a tiny little detail or a wider shot of everyone relaxing in the living room. As long as it’s from home, you’re all set.

Post your image on Flickr, on your blog or in another online photo gallery. Leave a link to it in the comments on this post to be entered.

One winner will be randomly chosen to win a prize pack of scrapbooking supplies with a home theme, but also great for a variety of other projects.

Please see this post for all the deadlines and details about this weekend.

You can even take this picture from right there at your computer screen if you fancy!


15 August 2010

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55 Comments for Photo challenge :: At home

  1. Jimjams Says:

    Phew – only just found time to join in, so I’ll start with this challenge … especially as I’m desperate to show photos of my new kitchen … still not 100% finished, but the gorgeous red tiles and red painted walls are done:

  2. Torry Schellhorn Says:

    Yay for an easy challenge – this lemon is just about to be cut up and popped into a G&T to be enjoyed on the couch – I’m all crafted out :)

  3. Lou Says:

    A shot from my place (in a post with some other photos too)

  4. Karen Aldrin Says:

    Sunday luch is about the whole family sitting down to dinner!!!!!

  5. Kirsteen Says:

    A shot of my one of my favourite photos of my little man which hangs next to the cutest Little Musing ever:

  6. Hazel Says:

    A photo of my bed – the place where I get to crash and relax every night – I love it!

  7. Aussie Mon Says:

    A photo of my new toy…I love my kitchen aide mixer…in hot red!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Flowers that my daughter received yesterday.

  9. maja Says:

    Here is our black diningtable with original Arne Jacobsen chairs…I love danish design!

  10. beverleynoelle Says:

    one corner of other projects waiting for my attention, now the weekend is over….????

  11. Mandy McK Says:

  12. Lizzie Says:

    Wow, JimJams’ new kitchen is fab!
    My photo is posted on my blog – in a post that has all 4 of the challenges I did!

  13. Mandy McK Says:

    “here” is the photo taken at home… table -tennis on the kitchen table, yesterday.

  14. Mandy McK Says:

    Really sorry, this is the third time I’ve tried to link my photo taken at home (of table tennis on the kitchen table taken yesterday).

  15. abbeyviolet Says:

    This is our house still celebrating the baby lady’s birthday last week.

  16. Manda Says:

    I made some delicious Swedish biscuits (mördegspinnar)at home!

  17. NancyLee Says:

    Here’s my posting for this challenge. My first flickr account for the sake of fun, fun, fun!

  18. NancyLee Says:

    At home Sunday morning…

  19. Lorna Says:

    Here’s my At Home attempt, a bit of my old room at my mums house… A little chain of cute string dolls hanging under a shelf, taken on iPhone, edited with photoshop mobile and camerabag:

    I might try and do another few challenges tonight after work… :)

  20. Lynetta Says:

    My at home picture. This is Timber my solid pine 2ft dog that I move around to different positions in the house for fun :-) Love him.


  21. kate Says:

    I just love the colours!

  22. Anne Says:

  23. Manda Says:

    I made some yummy Swedish biscuits (mördegspinnar) at home.

  24. Smeepee Says:

    I thought I’d be honest and show you my mess!

  25. Karen Says:

    my last effort for this weekend

    Thanks Shimelle

  26. Jennifer Clark Says:

    Here is a coffee sign in my kitchen.

  27. Alison M Says:

    Here’s mine – my boys made a ‘chair’ of cushions to sit on whilst playing on the PS3!!

  28. tape Says:

    Trying out a new macro lens: Painting

  29. Cate Says:

    I’m so glad that this prompt came along. I would never have thought to take a photo to remember this view in my home. You can see the picture on this post. It’s the 3rd picture down.

  30. Zoe Van-Cauter Says:

    here is mine…!/photo.php?pid=48995&id=100001410309770&ref=fbx_album&fbid=106549359402074

  31. Lorraine Says:

    At Home. Let’s go to Bed. Lorraine

  32. Daphne Says:

    Lisa chilling in our conservatory

  33. emy Says:

    Here’s a picture of our indoor picnic at home…

  34. lemon Says:

    my home one is on my blog here

  35. KateT Says:

    I’ve a home grown at home photo here

    ** Kate **

  36. Jenny B Says:

    My home… my bed!

  37. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    A photograph of my home for this challenge

  38. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    My home, at the end of the day.

  39. Julie Says:

    The hardest part of this challenge was finding somewhere tidy enough for me not to be embarrassed posting it! I finally decided on part of my salt and pepper pot collection and a hand painted vase.!/photo.php?pid=1216867&id=1612112877&ref=fbx_album

  40. Sinead Says:

    This is my house taken from a really low angle lying down in the garden so the grass looks huge!! you can see it in this set.

  41. Jennifer Says:

    I photographed my paintbrushes that sit in jars on my windowsill. You can see the pic here. xx

  42. Karen Moss Says:

    I face this when I am crafting.

  43. Olivia Says:

    Our fireplace is what I though of first when I read the home challenge. My photo is here:

  44. Hannah Says:

    ** **

  45. Kirsty Smith Says:

    My picture is of me in my new home for the first time. It’s still a building site hence the dust and reflective clothing (score!) but I can’t wait to have my own little home! It’s the second photo in this post.

  46. Susan Roh Says:

    this pic is evidence of my kids, even when they are not home, living to make our house a home. and yes, the toys are taking over.;)

  47. Peggy Says:

    Neener, neener you guys. Look what I’ve got at my house ;-)

  48. Candace.M Says:

    This what I was looking at Sunday evening

  49. Marina D-K Says:

    My 2yo DD and our little friend in our backyard…click here

  50. rinda Says:

    Just posted a nice picture of my house cat, here:

  51. Emily Says:

    Here is my entry: Just look for “at Home”

  52. Rachel Says:

    Here’s mine!

  53. Christina Clouse Says:

    my new atc holder! totally counts as home decor, right?
    link here

  54. Nikki M Says:

    Missed out on the scrap weekend…will have to put it on my calendar next time you do this!!!!! Would love to know where you got the “luscious mix” print! Adore that!

  55. hotstar app for pc Says:

    thanks for sharing it