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Photo challenge :: Portrait or candid?

scrapbooking photo challenge

When it comes to pictures of people, do you have a preference over posed portraits versus natural candids where the subject is unaware of the camera? Choose your favourite for the next photo challenge.

Your challenge is to take and post a photograph of a person – either a posed portrait or a candid shot. Time to coerce those nearest to you into smiling for the camera… or being sneaky and not warning them at all!

Post your image on Flickr, on your blog or in another online photo gallery. Leave a link to it in the comments on this post to be entered.

One winner will be randomly chosen to win the Scrapbook Inspirations Summer Ideas Book with a little bonus gift from me too.

Please see this post for all the deadlines and details about this weekend.

So… are you going to put on a trench coat and go under-cover with your camera? Or do you have a willing subject ready to get ready for a close-up?


15 August 2010

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37 Comments for Photo challenge :: Portrait or candid?

  1. Julie Says:

    I had a day at Warwick Castle yesterday, so just catching up and posting the photo challenges. Hopefully, by the time I get through they will be in some logical order. Two portraits here.

  2. Manda Says:

    Here is my daughter at church today.

  3. Lou Says:

    Here is a candid shot of my boy.

  4. Kirsteen Says:

    Here is a candid shot of my little man:

  5. Karen Says:

    taken while we were setting up the self portrait

  6. Lorraine Says:

    Fast Food. Lorraine

  7. abbeyviolet Says:

    I ended up with one very excited subject and one not so much, which pretty much sums them up today.

  8. NancyLee Says:

    Candid shot of the back?

  9. NancyLee Says:

    Another candid photo me and my honey today.

  10. Lisa - Funky Fairy Says:


  11. Jimjams Says:

    I much prefer candid – but my subjects are pretty wise to me now, so they are rare. Here’s one from the weekend:

    No the deckchair hasn’t collapsed – the photo will be scrapped at an angle!

  12. Anso Says:

    My challenge photo is here:

  13. Jennifer Clark Says:

    Here is a portrait of my daughter after our big hike this weekend.

  14. Michelle Says:

    Here’s mine,

  15. tape Says:

    Candid all the way!

  16. emy Says:

    Here’s a bouncy candid photo :)

  17. KateT Says:

    Candid for me here

    ** Kate **

  18. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    I take candid or at least spur of the moment shots most of the time, only use posed ones when they are needed, although my son loves posing. This is a shot of my husband playing around with his two pairs of specs.

  19. TracyW Says:

    Candid shot of dh engrossed with Brain Training on the DS while waiting for our meal at Pizza Hut on Saturday:

  20. Lorna Says:

    Quick shot from tonight, dinner date with the girls :)

  21. luluuk Says:

  22. Sinead Says:

    my sister is tired of posing for me so I caught this one while she was relaxing yesterday! you can see it in this set.

  23. Jennifer Says:

    I like both styles, but went for a portrait, as I love the variety of faces my daughter pulls when she sees the camera pointing at her! You can see it here (though you have to scroll down a bit) xx

  24. CoCo Says:

    I took a pic of my daughter helping me with the photo challenges. I think santa might need to bring a digi camera to a special 3 year old this year!

  25. cynthia_brazil Says:

    My boy!

  26. Karen Moss Says:

    This man never stops working!

  27. Hannah Says: _

  28. Bethan Says:

    I Love” catching “: when they are least expecting it

  29. Candace.M Says:

    My photo of a person is semi posed. They both ran ahead & climbed up to watch the horses. I just arranged me in this position to take the shot Find it here

  30. Kirsty Smith Says:

    Really, I land somewhere in between. I love cheerful group shots but I think that posed doesn’t have to mean unnatural. Especially if the people are relaxed and mucking about! However, as I’m not very good at candid I thought I’d get in a bit of practice with this photo, the seventh in the post.

  31. Susan Roh Says:

    trying to get dd to look straight on for a pic, but got this candid instead.

  32. Teresa Says:

    Here’s mine-

    Cupcake princess

  33. Peggy Says:

    I only take photos of people if there are also animals in the picture ;-)

  34. Emily Says:

    Here is my entry: Just look for “portrait or candid?”

  35. Rachel Says:

    Mine’s of my husband. He has little patience with my photography. Probably because I’m not very good and I take 10 photos to get one good shot!

  36. Maya Says:

    I snapped a picture of my baby napping.

  37. Alison Says:

    We were up late scrapping – my DSD sleeping it off on Sunday morning!!!

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