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Photo challenge :: Get in the picture

scrapbooking photo challenge

Have you learned to use your camera’s timer function yet or are you still taking group shots that don’t include the person behind the camera? The timer (or a remote, if you prefer) can make for some great shots since you’ll be limited by your surroundings. The shot above isn’t the most excellently composed picture by a long shot, but give that I could balance my camera on a road sign and I didn’t have a zoom lens with me, I think this is particularly lovely for a set-the-timer-and-run picture! This photo was a similar situation, but I actually rested my camera on the ground and aimed it up by balancing the lens on my handbag.

Your challenge is to take and post a photograph that includes you! I encourage you to have some fun with the timer, but you could also go with other self-portrait techniques. Check out this article for some great suggestions.

Post your image on Flickr, on your blog or in another online photo gallery. Leave a link to it in the comments on this post to be entered.

One winner will be randomly chosen to win this adorable handmade owl in navy AND this supercute one in red from etsy seller Vivikas. Vivian makes seriously cute and original plush toys — definitely check out her shop full of fabulousness.

Please see this post for all the deadlines and details about this weekend.

And of course, you have some time to work on this, so don’t feel pressured to take a self-portrait just as you get out bed, for those who are just waking up and joining us!


15 August 2010

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25 Comments for Photo challenge :: Get in the picture

  1. Gemma Says:

    This was a tough challenge, here’s mine!

  2. Daphne Says:

    My husband is working today so I tried to get my cat on the photo…. wasn’t that easy: Lisa and me

  3. Jenny Pitcairn Says:

    Unlike Daphne’s my cat stayed well out of the picture – but he was there, just out of shot!

  4. Lou Says:

    Here is a blog post with a shot of me and my boyfriend.

  5. Kirsteen Says:

    Hre’s a ‘bit’ of me:

  6. Lorraine Says:

    My own photo shoot. Lorraine

  7. Karen Says:

    used the self timer and took the whole family

  8. beverleynoelle Says:

    two of me in the picture

  9. abbeyviolet Says:

    I couldn’t find the remote, but baby lady and I enjoyed the timer.

  10. NancyLee Says:

    Finally remembered to take the tripod. So here’s me with my honey…

  11. Anso Says:

    Mine’s here:

  12. KateT Says:

    I’ve a silly bit of a timer shot here

    ** Kate **

  13. Katherine Says:

    Here is my attempt at a self portrait. I’m not very good at staying still. :D

  14. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    A dreadful photo of me taken using the self timer.

  15. Julie Says:

    This challenge is so cruel. I hate photos of me!

  16. Jimjams Says:

    Got the timer and tripod going for this:

  17. tape Says:

    I always seem to have a camera glued to my face...

  18. Susan Roh Says:

    self timered and clearly not properly focused, but there you go!

  19. CoCo Says:

    Self Timed with my little ladies…and we’re all looking at the camera. In fact, much better than when I’m behind the camera…hmmmnnn

  20. Karen Moss Says:

    Self portrait with my lovely girl.

  21. Hannah Says:

    **_ ** **

  22. Bethan Says:

    Not a favourite activity used the self time button.

  23. Teresa Says:

    Here’s mine- the old “hold out the camera and pray shot”. :)


  24. Marina D-K Says:

    my shadow is in the picture =)

  25. Rachel Says:

    I used a mirror for this shot. The blurry-ness was completely unintended, but I like how it turned out!

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