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Photo challenge :: Reflections

scrapbooking photo challenge

How many of us have a magpie-like love for something shiny and sparkly? Whether your shiny object of choice is glitter or jewels or pretty mirrors, they all catch a reflection.

Your challenge is to take and post a photograph of a reflection! Feel free to get creative with your interpretation or to snap a quick self-portrait in the mirror.

Post your image on Flickr, on your blog or in another online photo gallery. Leave a link to it in the comments on this post to be entered.

One winner will be randomly chosen to win a selection of glittery scrapbook supplies to keep your inner magpie entranced for plenty of projects!

Please see this post for all the deadlines and details about this weekend.

A little tip if the weather at your house has been anything like it has been here today: puddles cast reflections too.


14 August 2010

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41 Comments for Photo challenge :: Reflections

  1. Mary Bainbridge Says:

    Grabbed my camera and a mirror and snapped my cat looking at herself.

  2. Scrapdolly Says:

    My reflections photo was fun – I used the TV instead of a mirror.
    It is HERE

  3. Lou Says:

    A self portrait reflection shot. Check it out here

  4. Amy Lynne Says:

    I love this wonderful garden ornament my mother bought me. It gives so many different reflections. :)

  5. Lisa Says:

    Mine is a bit grey {blame the weather!!} but here it is ………

  6. Julie Says:

    Snapped this one as we went through the tunnel into New Street Station

  7. Kirsteen Says:

    This is mine – I took this hanging out of DS’s bedroom window – you can see part of our garden and the town in the refection:

  8. Jacky Scales Says:

    A ‘reflective’ self portrait.<a href=“”>here</a>

  9. Mandy McK Says:

    At the shopping mall today I took this photo of me and dd reflected in the handrier in the ladies loo!


  10. Jenny Pitcairn Says:

    A self-portrait in the kitchen door.

  11. Jenny B Says:

    I’ve covered three/four photo challenges in one post! Yup, lazy!! Alnwick Gardens was great fun!

  12. Gemma Says:

    mine’s HERE

  13. Torry Schellhorn Says:

    Reflection of blinds in my favourite little red vase….

  14. Lorraine Says:

    Sunshine! Lorraine

  15. Maya Says:

    My reflection- waiting for my daughter to finish her ice skating lesson

  16. NancyLee Says:

    Stroll the beach before we headed home today….

  17. Leah Says:

    A reflection of my building I work in – from the one across the road!

  18. Lisa - Funky Fairy Says:

    I love reflections in the sea : )

  19. Jimjams Says:

    Nothing too awe inspiring – but I love sitting by the canal reflecting on the reflections LOL:

  20. Anne Says:

    Love the pussy cat looking at herself. Here’s mine!

  21. Anso Says:

    One from me:

  22. abbeyviolet Says:

    Here’s mine. The puddle is of particular note as it is probably the first we’ve seen in a month here!

  23. Smeepee Says:

    Here I am!! I love the cat in the mirror from the first comment!!

  24. Michelle Says:

    Here’e mine,

  25. Zoe Van-Cauter Says:

    here is mine…!/photo.php?pid=48993&id=100001410309770&ref=fbx_album&fbid=106549352735408

  26. tape Says:

    Here are my reflections.

  27. lemon Says:

    my reflections is on my blog i used some cherries out of the garden

  28. KateT Says:

    My reflection is here

    ** Kate **

  29. Natalie Says:

    there was a pretty reflection of the sky and the trees in our backyard waiting for me in the puddle on our grill cover… here’s one of the photos I snapped…

  30. Katherine Says:

    Here is the reflection on my friend’s glasses :)

  31. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    This is the wing mirror on our car, parked outside the house.

  32. Susan Roh Says:

    Took this from the reflection from our china cabinet, also practicing out my manual settings on the camera. :)

  33. Sinead Says:

    My reflection in my sister’s sunglasses yeasterday! You can see it in this set.

  34. Karen Moss Says:

    Spent too long in the car today!

  35. Katy Says:

    I love the picture in the post! Mine is an accidental one – I tried to take a picture through the glass at night…

  36. Bethan Says:

    A different point of view

  37. Marina D-K Says:

    my friend’s glasses always got such a clear reflection and this lobster and corn was so colorful in the reflection

  38. Rachel Says:

    I’m really not impressed with my reflection picture – probably my least favorite result. But I certainly enjoy the mirror that is doing the reflecting!

  39. rinda Says:

    Went for a reflection in my ipad. You can see it here:

  40. Alison Says:

    This is the tree and chair on my balcony – reflected on my living room floor!

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