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Summer Idea Book from Scrapbook Inspirations

Summer Idea Book from Scrapbook Inspirations
Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book

The summer idea book from Scrapbook Inspirations is available now with its pretty-in-pink cover. This edition features pages about summer, the outdoors, girls, boys, pets, plus workshop articles on outdoor photography, detailed borders, interactive pages and machine sewing. There’s also our regular Sketch Collection, the scraplift feature Take it up a Step and Colour Story with lots of projects in my favourite colour combination for this summer. And more than £28 in free downloads for our readers too!

This edition is stocked at some WHSmiths stores and is available for online ordering as well. I know there were significant issues with the online order fulfilment with the last book (trust me – I was frustrated too!), so I actually held off in posting this until I could place an order and give you an honest account of the ordering process. I ordered my copy from here last Tuesday evening and I received it in the post today (Wednesday), meaning the current UK delivery time is one week. I even ordered under The Boy’s name so it wouldn’t stand out, just in case, so I do think this is an accurate measure of how long it will take you to receive your copy. Orders are being shipped by a different contractor than before: nothing to do with me, but I am thankful for it nonetheless. That same order page will let you send a copy to a friend as a gift or order a copy to an international address. The prices there include shipping: £10.99 for the UK, £11.99 for Europe and £12.99 for anywhere else in the world. Or if you happen upon a WHSmiths who is stocking it, you’ll find it on the shelf for £9.99. (For Londoners, I found it at Waterloo Station of all places! The shop that is right in the centre of the station had it on the bottom shelf behind the regular craft magazines.)

If you’re in the US, it will appear in Barnes and Noble and some Borders stores sometime in the next two weeks I believe. Unfortunately the import/export process seems to mean there isn’t an exact release date, but rather just when it arrives!

On a sad note, this is the last printed edition of Scrapbook Inspirations. It is my favourite of the books we have been working on, so I’m happy it was printed, but of course sad that the series won’t continue. I know there are things that were not ideal about this book, like the higher price when advertising was minimised or the harder-to-find distribution, but those were things that were always outside of my control. On the editorial side, it has been lovely to get to know even more scrappers and publish our favourite pages from all the submissions. And I really must thank Jane, Helen and Jenny who took a stack of layouts and pages of my crazy notes and made it into such pretty books. They are amazingly talented women and it has been a pleasure to work with them over these last six months.

If you had sent in pages for book 3, we are currently waiting on a few things to know what our options are for publishing your layouts in other titles, like our sister magazine Papercraft Inspirations. Your layouts are safe and will be returned, of course. But right now we’re waiting to see how many we can publish in another format, and when I know the result of that consultation, I’ll be in touch with all of you to let you know. Thanks for your patience.

scrapbook page

And just to show you exactly how long I could wait before scrapping at least one photo from last weekend’s tea party, I made this page this morning, with pretty papers from The Girls’ Paperie and a lovely older collection – Adele from Rouge de Garance. Now I just can’t wait for the giant stack of photos I’ve ordered to arrive!


Click here to order your copy of the new Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book!
UK delivery time of one week.

16 June 2010

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27 Comments for Summer Idea Book from Scrapbook Inspirations

  1. pauline Says:

    Oh no that is such a shame! There really are no decent Scrapbooking magazines at all now. I like the US Creating Keepsakes but their delivery service went down the pan so I stopped that and now nothing!!

  2. Jane Says:

    Oh, that just about sums up my luck :( Win the Scrap-a-Mia challenge only to have the edition that my layout is going to go into be cancelled. Great :(

  3. maja Says:

    Oh Shimelle, what sad news about the SI, its my favorite magazine. I got a copy of the Ideas Book 2 last week in Oslo, I could buy it at Narvesen. The book is so inspiring, thanks for that and for all the work. You did a great job! Your page is so nice. I love the flowers and the colors! You two are so cute.

  4. wendy Says:

    thats a shame shimelle but you tried :O(

    My tale: I ordered 1- 2 weeks ago just before 2 came out and was still waiting IN the meanwhile I FOUND 2 in Hobbycraft today and was sooo excited. To add to my excitement I got home to find a Future envelope-ohh 1 I thought – NOPE it was 2 so now I have 2 2’S and no 1. Rang future and got a freepost address tosend it back but still not sure if that means they will send me 1.

  5. glee Says:

    you two look so perfect! love the flowery background w/ the plaid accent!

  6. JO SOWERBY Says:

    more bad news, cant believe the powers that be dont feel SI is worth keeping going. seems daft to me and obviously to those of us who love it. perhaps they discuss it with the buyer.
    Jo xxx

  7. Jane Toft Says:

    Thank you so much for your comments Shimelle. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. I don’t know how you fit so much into a day! Jane x

  8. Jo Says:

    Sucj a shame that the magazine won’t contunue, I will miss having a magazine to look through. There is something about having an actual magazine rather than looking at online stuff. Thanks for all your hard work. Can’t wait for your next class i have signed up already.

  9. Liz Says:

    That is such sad news. I picked up SI2 in Sainsbury’s on Saturday, it is great and will be really missed. There really are not good Scrapbook magazines in the UK now, with Scrapbook Trends going to the wall a couple of months ago. What are we all to do now?!

  10. Lizzie Says:

    I agree that S.I. was the Best scrapbooking magazine in UK. There are none that are anywhere near as good. Sadly Papercraft Inspirations was not a good substitute.
    Very sad that the new book format doesn’t seem to have worked out either… I have Book 1 and thought it was great; looking forward to my copy of Book 2 also.
    Thanks for all the hard work you and your colleagues put into the magazine and books. What a pity Future won’t continue them…
    BRING BACK OUR S.I. is what I say!

  11. dogmatix Says:

    OMG….am really gutted SIIB not coing back..I love PI but agree with Lizzie…it not replace scrapping..however much they try (and I love Julie Kirk….)
    on a brighter note…loved the tea party layout :)

  12. Daphne Says:

    Bad news! Just can’t believe it! No SI??? What should I read now? No 3 would have been the first time I would have been published… Really really sad. I still hope there will be some new similar one – sometimes perhaps… CK doesnt work either with me – no delivery since 2 issues… Shimelle, please don’t stop with your website and your inspiration! We would be lost!!! I love your LOs!

  13. Meghann Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Love your layout. GP is one of my favs! Very sad about SI. I hope that everything works out for finding something different!

  14. Catherine13 Says:

    Oh this is such a shame. SI was by far the best magazine around and I have really missed getting my monthly copies. Book 1 was fab too (still waiting for book 2). Thanks for all your inspiring layouts!

  15. Tanja Says:

    The book looks great! Will contributors get a free copy? Shame about SI :/ Your LO is sooo pretty!

  16. Sandy Says:

    Oh, no! Now I have nothing to read at all! I still miss SI,and now there just isn’t a decent scrapbooking mag in England at all, so thank heavens for your website.

  17. Anna Sigga Says:

    Ohh no!!! This is so sad – the mag looks rally fab and I am so sorry to see another magazine go. Plus this would have been my first pub in print so I am extra sad! :(

    Luv your layout BTW! <3

  18. Kathleen Says:

    Bummer about Volume 3! :(

  19. Brenda H Says:

    sad to hear about the magazine – i got mine yesterday and LOVE LOVE it – thanks for pubbing a few of my layouts – i was proud to be a part of it!

  20. Anna Says:

    Hi Shimelle.
    I believe that one of my layouts was due to be in this magazine. People have told me it is, but I have yet to see it. Can you please let me know when I can expect my layout and copy of the magazine back please? As originally I believe it was due back in June.
    I understand that there are alot of layouts to return, but if you could just let me know what is going on i’d be really greatful. Its a fab magazine, shame its the last one.
    Anna xx

  21. Jessica Says:

    Shimelle, I’m so sorry SI2 will be the last book. Thankyou for working so hard on these and the future issues that have been stopped. Its such a shame. the idea books are beautiful and i really enjoyed reading them. You can be sure they’ll stay on my bookshelf for years to come!

    Do,do,do please publish some books of your own… I’d be first in the queue to buy any book you were to author in the future.

    Best wishes, Jessica

  22. Byron Says:

    I saw two copies at Borders in Tustin last week and thought of you.

  23. Pam French Says:

    I used to so look forward to scrapbook inspirations and was resigned to the new less frequent books but now we dont have anything.

  24. Jenny Hubbard Says:

    I have only just found these comments & I can not believe what I am reading!No wonder I couldn’t find it in WH Smiths.What no more SI What a loss.It is/was the best publication out there.Please bring it back ASAP.

  25. Jane Evans Says:

    I am absolutely gutted that there will be no more SI. It was bad enough losing the monthly mag but now to lose the ideas book aswell. What’s the matter with these publishers don’t thy realise that people in the UK like to scrap aswell as make cards. I’m sick of all the ‘making cards’ mags available. The only other scrapbook magazine (clue in the name) is so amateur in comparison.

  26. Nike shox deliver Says:

    Venture a small fish to catch a great one.

  27. timberland boots uk Says:

    to do with me, but I am thankful for it nonetheless. That same order page will let you send a copy to a friend as a gift or order a copy to an international address. The prices there include shipping: £10

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