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Finding inspiration by heading north

boats in husavik, iceland

Oh goodness, the next thing I was planning to post as an inspiration piece may not make me too popular if you’re currently wishing you were able to travel and instead are stuck either at home or somewhere else. Because giant clouds of ash aside, Iceland is a fabulous place.

iceland 2006

We traveled the ring road around the island in the summer of 2006 (including following part of the tour that became this film) and I remember sitting on the plane home thinking I couldn’t wait to go back. We were meant to go back last September but a work obligation meant we had to reschedule for this spring, so we’re currently just waiting to see when it will be possible to get there. Seems that volcano has other ideas.

asbyrgi, iceland

That trip was the first time I had ever seen a volcano up close and now I am quite obsessed with them. One of the fabulous things about touring outside Reykjavik is provided you aren’t harming the landscape, you are allowed to walk wherever you like. So you can walk right up to the strongest waterfall in all of Europe (I still have the odd nightmare about how we close we were!) and you can walk right up to steam vents and see inside the volcano. No guardrails, no signs to announce tourist attractions — just things as they are.

Jónsi – Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

Plus, I have rather a major obsession with Icelandic music, so I should share at least one song, right?

As we’ve already talked about places we find inspiring, care to share what music you find inspiring in the comments? Or you can discuss the big cloud over Europe if we must but as I live under a flight path I actually think a tiny break has been most amazing! I know that is sadly no solace if you or someone you know is trying to fly right now though. Sorry!


18 April 2010

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20 Comments for Finding inspiration by heading north

  1. lisa Says:

    I love all kinds of music, lots of 80’s stuff but at the moment I’m listening to Florence and the Machines and Paloma Faith. I have to admit though that I’ve been playing Avril Lavigne’s Alice song over and over thanks to Shimelle!!
    As for the volcano ~ I personally think it was mother earth sighing a huge sigh and deciding to slow the whole world down for a while. Good for her!!

  2. katrina thomas Says:

    I love Sigur Ros, I’ve never seen that video before it makes Iceland look stunning.
    The amount of natural disasters and occurances at the moment seems incredibly high, at least with this one nothing is hurt except the economy and a few people being stranded places

  3. Karen Williams Says:

    i haven’t been to Iceland for 11 yaers, we stopped off on our way to New York for our Honeymoon, quite a magical place, thanks for reminding me

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I love all sorts of music and usually have something playing on the computer whilst scrapbooking. We have planes constantly flying high over us and it is surprising how much you miss the vapour trails in the sky.

  5. Scrapdolly Says:

    We visited Iceland in 1998 and although we were only there for a short time – it was a short stop over en route to USA – it was a beautiful country. I must dig out my Iceland pictures and scrap them. The Rekyavik ones were so colourful

  6. Lizzie Says:

    Ah, Iceland is one of the places my DH dearly wishes to go – we have been discussing a family trip there next year – though currently, he’s stuck in Stockholm because of the Iceland volcano problems…
    I would love to see the amazing scenery in real life. It looks wonderful on film and in photos… it must be a zillion times more spectacular up close!

  7. Leslie Says:

    these pictures are great!

  8. Sandra Says:

    seeing that you’ve visited iceland just makes me happy :) i’m an icelandic “lurker” on your blog and this is the first time i actually comment (shame on me). I hope you get to reschedule your trip here… the volcano isn’t really having much of an affect on the daily life in Reykjavik or places other than the southern part where it’s loceted. maybe you could see the west fjords, that’s what i plan on doing this summer :)

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  14. Cipto Junaedy Says:

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  17. dewa poker Says:

    So you can walk right up to the strongest waterfall in all of Europe

  18. Agen Bola Says:

    I personally think it was mother earth sighing a huge sigh and deciding to slow the whole world down for a while. Good for her!!

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