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Party challenges and prizes

If you’ve been partying with us since Friday night, you’ll know that we actually started on a challenge but the details only got so far as getting you to choose some photos and some free digital elements.

But of course, the challenge is not to create a digital page—but to use your printer to put the digital kits to work on a paper page!

Even though I like digital projects for certain things, I have absolutely no intention of giving up my paper and glue. There are times that I look at a digital element and I had it in paper form—and truly that’s just a stupid thing to be sad about, because digital elements can be printed as easy as pie! Actually, I’ve never run pie through my printer, but I hazard a guess that printing digital elements is actually easier than printing on a pie. Agreed?

So challenge one: use a free digital kit on a paper page. Just download the kit, click on the zipped folder to unzip and open it, then look inside the folder for all the pieces of the kit. Most digital elements can be opened without any special software – they can even be opened in your web browser. The two exceptions to this is a .psd file used for a layered page template – that’s a document that needs Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and an .abr which installs a brush in Photoshop/PSE. Most brush sets come with a set of regular .jpg or .png images that you can use without PS/PSE.

Print your chosen image(s) on cardstock, photo paper, patterned paper, acetate, vellum or anything else you feel like running through your printer. (I don’t suggest pie.) Then cut it out, punch it out, ink it, distress it, bling it—use it like you would any other sheet of patterned paper or page accents.

To enter to win challenge one, go to this post and leave a link in the comments to your finished project. You can upload it to your blog, a page gallery, flickr – whatever you fancy. From all the links, one will be drawn at random to win a gift certificate to shop for scrapping supplies- your choice of paper, digital or a mix.

Challenge two is an easy one you may have already been doing: answering the trivia questions about each party guest. At the end of the weekend, all the correct trivia answers will be entered into a prize drawing. All you have to do to enter is to comment on any of the posts with the correct trivia answer. You can have a maximum of one entry per guest—so your name will be in the draw more times if you answer more questions!

Challenge three is also from an early post: create something with the split-circle design inspired by Lisette’s page. You can use the free template to help or ignore the template and cut the circles using a circle cutter, a compass or trace a few plates! To enter challenge three, go to this post and leave a link in the comments. Of all the links posted, one will be chosen to win a gift certificate to spend on scrapping supplies!

And finally, challenge four is a bit more creative! Take inspiration from any of the projects posted by our special party guests—scraplift one directly or use ideas from several to make something completely different—it’s up to you, but put the inspiration to work! To enter challenge four, leave a link right here in the comments. Be sure to say which project(s) inspired yours! From all the links, one will be chosen and win a gift certificate.

All the prize drawings are open until 11:59pm MONDAY night (3rd August 2009), UK time. Because it is always better when Monday is part of the weekend, right? Winners will be posted on Tuesday.

online scrapbooking class

Of course there is something else that is happening tomorrow—it’s the first day of my new online scrapbooking class Go To Press and I really hope you’ll join us! The class is four weeks long and includes twenty pages of printables—you’ve seen just a few over the course of this weekend. The projects you’ll see in the class are not what you’ve seen here this weekend—in class we’ll be making a complete album with a Simple Pleasures theme. But the printables are yours to continue to use on other projects – just like the ideas you’ve seen all weekend long. So in four weeks you’re getting 20 prompts, 20 pages of printables and all the notes you need to complete a full-size 20 page album. What are you waiting for? Click to sign up now if you haven’t already.

Okay – back to the partying—there are more guests to come! Cheers!


02 August 2009

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14 Comments for Party challenges and prizes

  1. Scrappycarrie Says:

    Thanks for giving us until Monday as my family are getting a bit fed up of me hogging the computer at the moment.

    Challenge 4 is a bit hard as there are so many inspirational LOs to choose from. Off to have another look at the projects posted. :)

  2. Joy Says:

    Thanks for so much inspiration on one weekend. I am going to do the challenges tomorrow morning. I guess I really should do some housework now.

  3. Lou Collins Says:

    Getting right on with this now! Love Mondays, it’s part of my weekend usually anyway! Thanks for loads of inspiration this weekend, and for introducing us to a whole host of fantastic designers XX

  4. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I think I shall have to start now, Take a break and then finish tomorrow. Such a feast of inspiration. Thank you Shimelle for putting all this together.

  5. Tinkersdamn Says:

    Seriously. My black ink tank just… tanked. No printing for me. (cue Yosemite Sam-style cursing)

  6. meanmomdigitalproductions Says:

    cool. I can’t print anyting off. Can I still partake in the class.

  7. Lou Collins Says:

    Here is a LO made with inspiration from three of the designers…

    Lisa’s coffee stain idea (except I used real coffe stains and now the page smells of it!)
    Chloes theme and mixed font title
    Katherines Layout (a rough scraplift of her arrangement!)

    It is on my blog…Scrapprentice

    Thanks Shimelle. I have really enjoyed this weekend! X

  8. Alison Says:

    I used Chloes lo for my scraplift and I also used the Studio Calico tea stain stamp which Lisa used. My lo is on my blog
    Thanks for a great weekend!

  9. joyce Says:

    Here’s my entry for Challenge 4

  10. AbiB Says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful layouts published, a great source of inspiration. Here is my entry for challenge four, I took inspiration from Lisa with the machine stitching,chloe for the tree/plant shape and Audrey with stamping. I don’t have a blog but my layout is on two peas here,

  11. Beki Says:

    I got inspired by Katherines LO here’s mine

  12. Lou Collins Says:

    Ok, I couldn’t resist and did a second piece, this time using Tara’s mini album as inspiration. I loved the layers and book page base. It is also here on my blog
    Thanks Again! Been desperate to find the perfect way to use this tin and tags! X

  13. Scrappycarrie Says:

    For challenge 4 I scraplifted Molly’s fabulous LO and it can be viewed at

  14. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Loved Nina’s CD album cover… I scraplifted it but used flowers as a theme instead. You’ll find it on my blog