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Supplies I'll be using for Journal your Christmas 2021

Journal your Christmas is a class that welcomes your creativity, so you do not need a certain set of supplies! Please use what you love, use what you have, use whatever you would like! I publish this list of what I will be using and some tips for assembling your kit, but they are just for support and are definitely not required purchases. The list is affiliate linked and I thank you for your support! This shopping list is not suggested as a buy-one-of-everything cart! Not by any means! It’s compiled by category with things to choose from each section, so the best strategy is probably to open the list here in a new tab, and then read through this post with the notes on how much you need to pick from each category of supply. This gives you choice while also not so much choice that you’re choosing from 8,000 supplies under the heading of ‘Christmas’. Yay.

After working in several different sizes each Christmas, I eventually fell in love with the size and format of a 6×8 album with a mix of different page protectors inside, so I start my kit with 6×8 paper pads. If you’re using all new stash and plan to create about a page per day, I suggest picking two of the 6×8 paper pads. You can also pick just one and then mix it with your existing stash if you prefer!

Please keep in mind if you have a snowy winter and like a cool toned colour scheme, there is a Simple Stories winter collection coming very soon with a pink and turquoise palette. It’s just not in the store just yet so I can’t link it here today, but it will arrive in October so that would still be in plenty of time. It’s a winter themed collection rather than specifically Christmas. Or if you prefer vintage-themed collections, you might like the Simple Stories Vintage Christmas collection or Bo Bunny Joyful Christmas. Both lovely if that’s your style – it’s just not mine, so it’s not on my list!

Once you’ve chosen your paper pads, I would add letter stickers, icon stickers, die cuts, and enamel dots. Again, pick and choose to make the set you love. Let’s start with lettering. If you love mixing letter styles for your titles, add more letter stickers. If you have a massive stash of letter stickers you need to use, then maybe you don’t need to order more. I’ve added six letter sticker options to the list: two are sticker books (one with a range of solid colours including a deep red and green, one in various woodgrains), two are Thickers that are narrow and small so they fit well even in small pockets, and two are nice bright red letters if you are choosing things in the brighter shades rather than a brick red.

Next we’ll pick some motif stickers! A variety of embellishment size helps, so one 6×12 sheet of stickers or a sticker book plus a set of smaller puffy stickers can be a great balance. I’ve included the sheet of Gingerbread Christmas stickers specifically for those of you who know you’ll have lots of kitchen memories to document, like baking or decorating gingerbread houses or maybe even a Christmas market. The list has three sticker books and six individual sheets of stickers to choose from.

Let’s move on to die-cuts or ephemera next. One or two packs of die cuts will make your pages come together easily, and I like to include some die cuts that have journaling space as well as Christmas motifs. I’ve included packs of ephemera as well as cut-apart papers on the list – you can choose either or mix them up. You can start to see how my album will really feature four collections: Warm Wishes, Busy Sidewalks, Make it Merry, and Holly Days. Plus a sneaky bit of Holiday Magic, as it just made it to the shop in time! (I think I’ll use more of that in 12×12 format for December Best of Both Worlds things.) You could stick to just one of those collections throughout and have a very cohesive album where you really can’t go wrong! I really enjoy mixing collections, so that’s the option I pick.

I like to have enough enamel dots to add their confetti to all my pages, so that’s two or three small packs or one really big pack to make a whole book. I put lots of options on the list so there will be choices even if some sell out quickly.

Something special for a Christmas journal as opposed to just general Christmas 12×12 scrapping: I love page numbers. If you want to document most or all of the days, then the numbers become a really useful way of telling the story while also helping you get started on each page. Simple Stories has woodgrain numbers this year so you know I am here for that! There will also be numbers in my stamp set if the woodgrain doesn’t speak to you. There weren’t as many number products this year as the last few!

The last thing I added to the list is acetate. If you like the look of pockets and pages you can see through, then this can be really fun to work with and I have to admit I use it more in my Christmas journal than at any other time of the year. If you’re working at 6×8 or smaller, one 12×12 sheet can go a long way.

As for the album itself, just be aware that if you plan to make pages for all or most days, this album will get THICK. Look for albums with nice wide spines and sturdy rings, or prepare yourself for the possibility that you might need two volumes.’s own brand 6×8 albums are nice and thick so that’s an option. I think that’s what I will be using this year but mine hasn’t arrived just yet so I reserve the right to change my mind!

Thanks so much for reading all that and I will be back on Monday to share my stamps and put them up for preorder!

01 October 2021

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