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Weekly Challenge :: Mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites

weekly challenge: Mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites @

It’s nearly four years since my sparkly friend shared a video adventure of this page, mixing all her old supplies with new and coming up with kits to make them work. Which means everything highlighted as the ‘new’ then is basically the ‘old’ now. But I still have a few select bits of the ‘old’ from then… which means the old piles up. I cannot be the only one to experience this phenomenon.

And so, on to the challenge! This week, take that pile of old down a notch. I challenge you this week to mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites. All you have to do is create a new scrapbook page, choosing supplies that are a mix of newer purchases and older items in your collection. Everything else is completely up to you, so you can take your inspiration in any direction you like! Don’t worry about how new or how old something is in the bigger scheme of things – everyone’s stash is a little different, so just go with your definition of what feels old and new to you when you look at what you have. To get you started on this week’s challenge, take a look at these examples from contributing designer May Flaum and guest artist Aimee Madden.

weekly challenge: mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites @ // layout by May Flaum

weekly challenge: mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites @ // layout by May Flaum

When mixing old and new product, I focus on what I’m trying to create instead of the product. What am I making? What colors do I need? Sizes? Textures? Patterns? By making the focus on what I’m making, it makes the use of various brands and older with newer product seamless. Instead of worrying if things go together, I focus on the project and enjoy the process.

weekly challenge: mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites @ // layout by May Flaum {full page by contributing designer}

Nothing brings out my inner child faster than time at a Disney Park – and adding dressing up to the equation is just loads of fun! Luckily, I’ve got a daughter that is just as fun loving as I am that decided it’d be a great idea for us to get in the Star Wars spirit together. What could top all of this off? Having some navy and star covered papers from Shimelle’s new Starshine line to bring everything together.
- May

weekly challenge: mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites @ // layout by Aimee Maddern

I have always loved to mix and matching product, but just recently have I been able to use up my stash! I normally am a white space scrapper using very little product. Lately seeing a little bit of everything on a page makes me really happy.

weekly challenge: mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites @ // layout by Aimee Maddern

With that happiness in mind, I used lots of different product for this layout that represents/reminds me of my childhood. I used Shimelle’s True Stories Collection as my main product focus, but I love how it mixes with so many other products and collections. The white background allowed me to determine exactly what I would add as I went along, and I was particularly happy with how this strategy let me include plenty of textures and dimensions without any stressful or super messy techniques.
- Aimee

You have a week to complete the challenge and share a link – but of course you’re welcome to set your own time schedule. Whatever keeps you happy and creative!

I’ll see you tomorrow to share how I took on this challenge! Now go, go, go find the old stash you know you love and want to get into your albums!

Today’s Guest Artist: Aimee Maddern loves non-fat lattes, traveling and the beach. You can find more from Aimee on Instagram, Studio Calico, and her blog.

14 February 2016

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10 Comments for Weekly Challenge :: Mix old scrapbooking stash with new favourites

  1. Scrapstorian Says:

    I love these pages! Aimee did an amazing job mixing all of those fabulous bits and pieces.

  2. Tina Campbell Says:

    Fantastic inspiration pieces :) I love mixing old and new stash :)

  3. Jodi Says:

    May your Star Wars outfits are so cute! Great page to show that fun day :)

  4. Gab Says:

    Another fun challenge! Love both May and Aimee’s pages – thanks for the inspiration! I’ll be taking a leaf out of GG’s book and pulling out one-two things I want to use (and it could even be chipboard and paint!)

  5. Sue Jones Says:

    What fab pages- thanks for such a fun challenge :)

  6. Karla Yungwirth Says:

    Beautiful layouts from everyone!! Love all the different styles!

  7. Deborah Rikard Says:

    I’m so happy that Glitter Girl is back!

  8. maria Says:

    Thank you both for showing us your l/o’s. I’m amazed that you got all of those elements on your l/o and everything looks so great together, Aimee! And May, I love the tearing on your l/o and the blues look perfect. And what a beautiful smile on your little girl! Maria

  9. Mollie Dirig Says:

    Greetings! Fabulous layouts, crafters!

    Shimelle- I was wondering, did you come back with your layout and I missed it? Thank you for all you do. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  10. shell shockers Says:

    Your post is great and engaging, the content is very practical, and gets people’s attention. Thank you for sharing.