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Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with old supply favourites (scrapbooking video)

Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with old supply favourites - scrapbooking video
Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with old supply favourites - scrapbooking video Class content ©

This week Glitter Girl is on a mission to help you get more pages from the older supplies you’ve saved for a rainy day, by finding current collections that complement some of your old favourites. This all started with this message board thread about Love, Elsie papers, but Glitter Girl threw in a few other favourites too, like Narratives and Scenic Route.

In this adventure, Glitter Girl put together several page kits mixing old and new supplies, but she only made one layout in the video. Don’t worry: she let me take the page kits when she was done, and those layouts will all be shown as part of this weekend’s online crop! Plus you can view all the product selections mentioned in the video here – just scroll down below the video. (You can also find the video she mentioned on creating a loose line of embellishments on that page.)

scrapbook page with amy tangerine and love elsie papers

For this page, I mixed older papers from two different Love, Elsie collections with brand new collections like Amy Tangerine Sketchbook, the latest Studio Calico stamps and some new Heidi Swapp letter stickers. The layout itself is an idea that has been brewing in my mind for a few weeks – the idea that someday people will see photos from this era and see certain things that just suddenly were normal in pictures – like holding your phone in front of a mirror. In this case it was to share a sewing project I’d just made, although the writing on this page is about how that will seem a bit funny that all of the sudden pictures taken in mirrors with a visible phone or camera would be quite normal, it was the link between the project in the photo (this tutorial featured on Elsie Larson’s blog) that made me think of the Elsie shelf on my paper rack. Of course, no one other than scrappers themselves could ever make that connection, but that’s okay: it’s just how I got from A to B.

(For the record, that sewing project is even easier than it looks. I ended up using a fine-gauge, light-weight knit sweater, so I couldn’t leave the neckline as unstructured as the tutorial. I cut off the neckline then stitched it back on, with some pink satin piping between the two. I just used one doily – I stitched it once while whole, trimmed of the third that was over the edge and stitched that piece into place, then reattached the collar with the piping in between. The starting and ending spot for the piping wasn’t completely tidy, so I stitched a button over the top to hide it. And people always comment on the button being so cute, which cracks me up. It is only there because I messed up, really. Please keep my secret.)

Looking for more examples of pages that mix old and new collections? You can find a list of links here.

Now it’s your turn! What older collections have you been keeping for something special? This week Glitter Girl challenges you to mix your older supplies with something more current. Take a photo of your project and upload it to Two Peas and check the box for the Glitter Girl challenge in step four of the upload process to share it with us all – and you’re also welcome to share a link in the comments here if you fancy!

Onward, covered in glitter, my dear scrapbookers!

adventures of glitter girl

The Adventures of Glitter Girl is a weekly series on Two Peas in a Bucket, and goes live every Wednesday. I’ll share each adventure here shortly after that. I hope you enjoy her quests for crafting happiness, and if you ever have a scrapbooking dilemma yourself, you can always call her to action on the message board.

11 April 2012

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13 Comments for Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with old supply favourites (scrapbooking video)

  1. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    Great video, thanks Shimelle. I so rarely have ‘new’ that I am very comfortable mixing product from different time periods. It made me realise though that I have very few embellishments (chipboard pieces etc) I need to think about whether they would add to my art or not :D Looking forward to this weekend!

  2. lizziejohns Says:

    Great video on using old supplies. You always come up with ways to help us use our stash. That is really appreciated.

  3. Jeannie Says:

    I really love your way of incorporating different papers be it from the same or different companies. You sure have helped me to know better how to choose papers for my LOs. Thanks for the great video.

  4. amy tangerine Says:

    this is rad. will have to watch the video later but am loving all these goodies together. you are genius, woman!

  5. annmarie bellamy Says:

    LOVE this page! I still have some of that Love, elsie camera paper and other bits and pieces that I use on occasion. Still a favourite!

  6. Kim L. Says:

    Thanks so much for this episode. I have hundreds (not kidding) of sheets of paper from Scenic Route. When they closed down I began buying everything I could including many “scrap packs” directly from their online store. About that same time I had a life change and I stopped scrapping for several years. Now I have discovered other companies that I love and have began buying their product but feel guilty because I have so much of the Scenic Route paper that I need to use as well. This really inspires me to get into my stash and mix it up a bit. Thanks!

  7. Dawn Says:

    My daughter (she is 4) and I love the Glitter Girl videos. She hears the theme music and comes running, “Is it Glitter Girl?”. She cracks me up – the bits and pieces she sees is helping to build a love of crafting that I hope will follow her throughtout life. Thank you for your generous sharing of the videos. I know it must take alot of time to do everything you put out on the web.

  8. Maxi Says:

    Great video. Really informative and enjoyable. Your vids have really helped me in putting my supplies to good use. Thanks! :)

  9. Victoria Says:

    Hi Shimelle, Hope your w/e goes well. Mixing up old and new reminded me of a LO -maybe starting point – you shared with us of one of those papers which has a border (often a primary colour, extending about an inch) and the rest of the page is white. They were made by Me and My Big Ideas. Any chance you could give us a quick link to it please?
    Many thanks, indeed.

  10. Krisje Says:

    I have a scrappin’ weekend ahead too, and me and my crafty friends are sure to put your advice to work! You mention in the vid that there is a ‘first’ series on 4×6 photo love, are there more than one??? I have recently dived into the video’s thru your link here on the blog, and made some new plunches into divided page protectors, that I wouldn’t have tried without you! A really big thanks for giving me that nudge. I would love to see the other series if there is a second one.

  11. Tracey Says:

    I loved the Love, Elsie stuff so much! Some of the pages I’ve used that camera paper on are still my favorites. I think this is a great “older” collection to work with, since it was sort of ahead of its time with all of the cameras and cute icons everywhere. It pairs really naturally with Amy Tangerine.

    I might have to “kit” some of my older products together now. What a great way to use them up!

  12. Armani Poker Says:

    OVE this page! I still have some of that Love, elsie camera paper and other bits and pieces that I use on occasion. Still a favourite!

  13. shell shockers Says:

    Thank you for providing this interesting and fascinating information. You can experience many interesting games here.

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