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Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair @

Today we’re staying on this side of the Atlantic with our guest! Please welcome Sian Fair, who inspires me with her love of writing in her scrapbooks (pages with storytelling make my heart flutter!) and her design style with a lovely lightness and freedom to the look. I hope Sian helps you get more from your mists today!

I’m Sian and I love to scrapbook. But, you know, sometimes I look at all the amazing, talented scrapbookers out there, all posting beautiful pages, and I feel a little..well, unworthy. Especially on a day when I’ve tried something which hasn’t quite worked, or when I think I’m right out of ideas. And it’s on a day like that I’m especially grateful for the generosity of everyone who shares projects for us all to enjoy, for the treasure trove of inspiration, right here, with Shimelle. Be inspired by anyone you like! she said. Pick a post! So I looked, I browsed, I was spoilt for choice; but eventually I settled on Five ways to Use Mists on a Scrapbook Layout by Corrie Jones

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair @

I own a collection of mists. Sometimes I even use them: a little, not a lot, just a few drips here and there. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one. It’s easy to think mists: out of control, spoilt pages, carpets which never look the same again. But Corrie gets such beautiful results..well, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair @

So what I decided to do was to use my mists, but to keep them away from my layout. No splats on carefully placed embellishments here, please. I decided to use my mists “off the page” to create some of the brightly patterned alphas we’re seeing at the minute.

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair @

First I had to choose which of my mists to use together and because this sheet of patterned paper was on my desk I used it as a colour combination inspiration.

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair@

Now it gets messy. I opened up a pizza box to use as a carpet saving tray, propped it against my shelves and, yes, took the lids right off the bottles so that I could dribble the ink down the page. The only tricky part came when I realised that if my alphas were to be small I would need the ink runs to be close together, so that each of the letters would pick up some of the stripe. I told myself that if it all went wrong I could start again with a fresh sheet of cardstock, and still no layout would have been harmed in the making of this project.

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair @

Once my cardstock was dry I used my Slice machine to cut alphas for a title. And because I had a whole sheet to cut from, I wasn’t afraid to experiment. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to outline my letters here, for example, but I had enough ink dribbled paper to quickly cut again if I didn’t like the hand drawn outlines.

Now, with some mist usage safely achieved I was encouraged to try another lovely Corrie trick and use a paintbrush to paint ink straight out of the bottle onto white cardstock to create a background for a layout which finished up looking like this.

Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair @

I’m a dreamer: but it’s when I let my mind wander that I get an idea, or maybe two. When I’m taking a bath, when I look like I’m reading, but especially when I’m staring into space, leave me be, please. I’m planning, not dreaming.

Sian Fair lives with her family in the UK and takes her daily exercise by climbing the four flights of stairs to her desk at the top of the house. She loves to scrapbook the life and times of her friends and family and she has been known to follow them round, as she carries a notebook and waits for something scrapworthy to occur. She is currently designing for scrapbook kit club Gossamer Blue and for Get It Scrapped. She has also written for scrapbook magazines and contributed projects to classes at Craft With May and Masterful Scrapbook Design. You can find Sian on her blog at From High in the Sky Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

06 October 2015

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17 Comments for Inspired to Scrapbook with Mists by Sian Fair

  1. Julie Kirk Says:

    Such pretty colours, and I love the lettering. And if dreaming’s another form of planning then I must do a lot of planning!

  2. Ruth Says:

    So great to see my super talented friend featured on your blog!

  3. Susanne Brauer Says:

    Shimelle, you are absolutely right about Sian’s style, a lovely lightness and freedom to the look of her storytelling pages. This is a perfect case in point.

  4. Lizzy Hill Says:

    Love the way Sian has used the mists….slightly different & the title looks fabulous :)

  5. Melissa Gross Says:

    Great tip Sian – I think I can even get on board with using my mists more in this way!

  6. alexa Says:

    The vintage-y look of your artful row of mists won me over before I got any further :). And such a clever way to colour the card – I love your doodley outlining. And the delicate colourway. And the white space. And everything, really! Shimelle got it just right :).

  7. MonicaB Says:

    Love how you used the misters Sian. Your pages are always a joy to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Maria Says:

    Your misting is so pretty. The “dripped” lines are really artistic. And I wish OA still made those Sprinklers. Thank you for showing us your l/o. Maria

  9. Monique Liedtke Says:

    Awesome page Sian!! and yes, I mostly use only a couple of drips of my mists :) . Especially love the trick with the letters!! Going to give it a try!

  10. Jennifer Shaw Says:

    A wonderful page and very inspiring technique. I hate the random mess of mists too!

  11. Sandra Says:

    Truly the most inspiring crafter I know. Sian I can’t wait to try these techniques

  12. Linda Says:

    What a lovely page! I love the idea of creating letters like this, and I have a cricut sitting on my shelf, very unused!

  13. Jacky S Says:

    I always love Sian’s pages…and there’s some great ideas here.

  14. Gab Says:

    What a fantastic use for mists and beautiful page! Thanks!

  15. Pam Says:

    Fun! I also enjoy using mists. Will have to give your idea for letters a try!

  16. sandie Says:

    I have followed Sian a long time and love her unique style and storytelling. I love this way of using mists and creating letters – something I must try for myself. A great post and page as always from Sian!

  17. Missus Wookie Says:

    What a great reminder to pull my mists out and try them in different ways.

    Daydreaming as planning is a favourite pastime here too.

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