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A Rainbow-filled Colour Story

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

Back in the Scrapbook Inspirations days, I used to write a piece about colour stories – sometimes it was something we used just in planning and when we went to the book format, we actually developed it into an article. And I found all the inspiration for those was purely visual. In recent weeks, a specific colour story has jumped to mind and it didn’t come from the visual at all. It came from a song that has been stuck in my head for what seems like an eternity.

We very much like They Might Be Giants in this household. In fact, it is one of the reasons I went on a second date with The Boy: I met him when he was working in a record store and I figured anyone working in a record store could at least have one date of decent conversation in them by talking about music. When the two bands he name dropped first were the Pixies and They Might Be Giants, I knew there would be more than one date of decent discussion! Even my grandmother will tell you that I have loved this band since my youth, and I thank her profusely for letting me use her phone on occasion to call their Dial a Song hotline to cheer me up on rotten days. (Dial a Song is back but weekly on their YouTube channel. I rejoiced, I tell you.)

In the years since I joined an epic conga line at my first TMBG show, they added children’s albums to their repertoire and I remained aware but blissfully ignorant of most of them. Until six months ago, when Wonder Boy was giggling so much at their back catalogue that it seemed appropriate to pull out the children’s tracks, even if Meet the Elements is perhaps a little beyond his comprehension at present. That song may indeed inspire a colour story and a layout on another day, but today it is most definitely a song about a magical little elf called Roy G. Biv.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

That song plus the blanket in the background of the photo set me in a spin of finding a rainbow of colour to use on a layout. There is a bit of True Stories on this page (in stores next month!) and also some Simple Stories Daily Grind, paper from my first 6×6 tablet, and that yellow sheet is an older Studio Calico paper.

I don’t think I grabbed that particular blanket with a specific thought in mind at that moment, but once it was printed, something really came through that I wanted to tell, and that was how much Wonder Boy’s personality changed around six months. Those first six months were pretty rough some days with a boy who seemed grumpy so much of the time, but once we were to the point where he could grab things and start to sit up, he was a bundle of happiness. I am sure much of that crabby personality was simply wanting to do things and not being able to do them, or however that translates to baby logic. I still wouldn’t trade the days with him even when he was grumpy, but that colourful personality had me hook, line, and sinker. I’ll take cheeky over subdued any day.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

These days we play that incredibly catchy tune some time in the morning, with an amazing accompaniment of tambourine, maracas, and blown raspberries, so even with a quieter flat and some time to scrapbook, I found myself singing about that colourful man, proudly found at the rainbow’s end. I suppose it is nearly St. Patrick’s day, after all. Maybe that calls for a rainbow or two. I’ll let you know if I find the corresponding pot o’ gold.

11 March 2015

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28 Comments for A Rainbow-filled Colour Story

  1. Margie Visnick Says:

    Such a sweet layout!Love the joyful color!

  2. Angie challis Says:

    Lovely layout for a cheeky little guy x

  3. Kat Says:

    What a fabulous colourful layout, Shimelle! It’s quite funny, before I had the twins my layouts were muted colours, maybe jewel tones, but that’s it.

    Now my layouts have sooo much brightness in them, and I like it!!

    As for TMBG … I’m off to check their children’s tracks now .. thank you!! :D

  4. Charity Says:

    Shimelle! It’s so VERY lovely to see you scrapping again! I LOVE LOVE being inspired by your process and layouts and LOVE your photos and stories about Wonder Boy TMBG… sigh, LOVE THEM!

  5. Nikki M Says:

    We too are TMBG fans here. Birdhouse in Your Soul was the first song of theirs I ever heard and I was hooked. My girls are now 6 and 9 and they love love love the science CD. I didn’t let them watch much of anything at all that first year but can highly recommend the ABCs DVD and CD. The hippo at the end is THE BeST! Love this page and your inspiration stories. You seem to have hit the ground running after maternity leave. :)

  6. Maureen Says:

    Love the colors! and i’m floored that I’ve seen 3 new layouts and tons of inspiration already!

  7. Kelly Says:

    Awesome page and I love that huge block of pink on a page about a boy.

    My mornings are so much better with all of the brand new Simelle page inspiration.

  8. cj Brandon Says:

    Love the colors! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Julianna Says:

    lovelovelovelovelove this page! and now off to download Here Come the 123s, Here Come the ABCs, and Here Comes Science, for my little guy!

  10. Cynthia Larson Says:

    She’s baaaaack!!! You are back with a bang. 3 posts in 3 days and I am loving your work and inspiration. Welcome back from maternity leave. I hope you are enjoying your work again even while missing your little boy at the same time.

  11. Sandy Lewis Says:

    Oh – you started today off for me in a great way! What a terrific photo – and I love that song. I’m a fan, too.

  12. Laura Says:

    So glad you’re back, I have been having Shimelle withdrawals!!

  13. Dottie Pennington Says:

    So glad you are back to posting regularly. You were missed. Wonder Boy is adorable. Thanks for a great layout.

  14. Tammie Says:

    Oh Shimelle, you’ve certainly found the Pot o’ Gold…and it’s all laid out on a colorful afghan!

  15. maria s Says:

    Loved the colors and everything about this l/o – esp the photo. What a great week: 3 new posts! Thanks Shimelle. Maria

  16. Crystal Says:

    A very lovely layout indeed! All the bright colors perfectly complement such a happy subject.

  17. Nancy Jo Says:

    Thanks for starting my day off in such a fun way. Love the colors and it was our first spring-like day here in such a long time. Perfect page to help me celebrate that! Thanks Shimelle!

  18. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Okay I am listening to Roy G. Biv while I type. You have introduced me to a very catchy tune! I will have to show this to my kids! Lovely colourful page, and a very cute blanket + boy! x

  19. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Such a bright and happy layout! My boy was the same, we always say that he never wanted to be a baby and he spent his first 9 months being frustrated and not being able to get where and what he wanted. As soon as he could sit up and crawl etc and really interact with the world, there was no stopping him!

  20. Susanne Says:

    Such a happy page – glad to see you back playing with paper and blogging about it!

  21. Janet Lebeau Says:

    Oh my he looks like his daddy in that photo.
    So glad to see you back.

  22. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    I love this colorful LO! I can’t wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered new Shimelle line next weekend. I am loving all the LOs w/ wonderboy!

  23. Courtney Says:

    Is it sad that I was almost more excited to hear about the Youtube dial-a-song, than the layout? Almost. I love TMBG, and the Pixies are great. Your layout is awesome, just like your taste in music. :)
    Welcome back.

  24. smcl Says:

    I am so happy, can’t emphasize enough, how happy that you are back & doing 12×12! I was afraid we full-size scrappers lost you!

  25. Krystal Says:

    Here Come the 123s and ABCs are on regular play around our house. If you are looking for other great kids music that isn’t the same nursery rhymes or wheels on the bus over and over again(which are great but can make you loose your mind on constant repeat), then check out the blog about kindie music at Enjoy the fun music that comes with being a mom of a young child!

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  28. ausmalbilder kinder Says:

    so colorful!