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Why I can't scrapbook in chronological order

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

I’ve never scrapbooked my photos in chronological order. For the most part, that is how I choose to tell my stories within my albums, but as far as creating those pages, I need the freedom to jump from one thing to the next and back again. Last week I was reminded of just one of the reasons why.

Last week marked two years since the final day of the London 2012 Olympic Games, which was a pretty monumental evening in my life story. Not the most monumental, but in the list of all the nights, it comes pretty high. I’ve scrapbooked about it a fair bit.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

Yet with that second anniversary date on the calendar, it was what I wanted to reflect on, and I do that in scrapbook form. Maybe I just need to indulge my nostalgia some times. I have always missed this group of people since the end of our crazy rehearsal schedule. I still see some of them here and there, but never as a big group, and there is no way to recreate the atmosphere of spending twelve hour days in a tent in a rainstorm, wearing a plastic bag over your costume and comparing notes on the nutritional content of our meals provided by the Olympic sponsors.

Some things really stick in my mind with dates and others don’t, so I love the Timehop app for reminding me of random things that happened on any particular day years ago. It shows me what I tweeted, Facebooked, or Instagrammed on that day going back through the years. (You can also set it up to work with your photo library if you don’t post your pictures to social media sites.) Most of the time, I just take a second to look and smile at anything that was quite sweet, but sometimes it prompts me to email an old friend or dig out a photo and scrapbook with a happy heart.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

For this page, I worked with supplies from my own line mixed with the Notes and Things collection from Crate Paper, some gold sequins and a couple stamps from Studio Calico, and some little letter stickers from Simple Stories. Since the costumes for our team were all different shades of turquoise, from the blue end to the green and light to dark, I loved going through the papers, stickers, and die-cuts to find a similar effect in paper, then throwing it all together to frame one photo.

Fellow Timehop users: what were you doing this day in history? I hope it was something that makes you smile to remember.

21 August 2014

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19 Comments for Why I can't scrapbook in chronological order

  1. Gab Says:

    Great page … and I’ll have to check out that app!

  2. Crystal Says:

    I love the colors! Teal is my favorite color, in any shade! I love the timehop app. One year ago today wasn’t such a happy day, but two years ago I was sharing that Amazon had Hunger Games for a discount and everyone should read it. :)

  3. Mel Says:

    Love this page! I’m going to check out the app, too.

  4. Mary Bainbridge Says:

    21 August 1972 I was coming home from the hospital after my final check up before my Son was born, shame I don’t have any photos of me very very pregnant

    Super page btw love the gold elements especially the alpha

  5. Nathalie Says:

    Love the feel of this page, the story behind it and the awesome layering! I’ll have to check that app too!

  6. Jean Says:

    I have just started scrapping out of order and I love it! Yes, I got burned out by working on a single album at a time, but now, I’m enjoying the freedom of letting the picture lead me to the story I want to tell. I’ve learned so much from you Shimelle! Thank you for being there for me and guiding me through my scrapbooking adventure.
    On this day for the last decade, I’ve been doing the same thing (unless it’s a weekend). Working (sad face)… always working.

  7. june2015 Says:

    Always happy to hear your ‘voice’ and so glad you are finding time to keep up this work. We’re so happy to see these glimpses into your life.

  8. maria Says:

    Beautiful layout – as always, your layering amazes me! The teals look great with the gold. And I also thank you for inviting us into your sb world. Maria

  9. Maureen Says:

    oh you changed your website layout! pretty!!

  10. Tammie Blakeman Says:

    I try to keep up with the major events of our lives, but I never call a scrapbook finished – they are each and every one perpetual. I have found that incidentally one of the things I love most about this philosophy of scrapping is that I integrate all eras of paper collections into my scrapbooks… a scrapbook that started 15 years ago may contain layouts made with AC Shimelle papers and CP Maggie Holmes bows, etc. So, while some of my layouts may look dated, my albums never do.

  11. Anna Bradshaw Says:

    Love the new look here Shimelle! I’ve embraced scrapbooking out of life’s order as well, and keep my pages as I complete them in a “working” album for a quarter of the year at a time. Then I try to transfer them into their sequential places amongst previously “completed” albums. The freedom to create pages that reflect my reminiscing mood of the day has brought out a lot more stories I didn’t know wanted telling, as well :-)

  12. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Over the years, you have really helped me embrace the out of order scrapbooking while still embracing the chronological scrapbook display! Some of my books are chronological and other are not, just a theme! A little Shimelle meets Stacy Julian, i.e. a year in the life of my boy and a separate ablum just about family memories. I will have to check out the app! Love your page!!!

  13. Julie Says:

    Shimelle, Love your page. I use the Oh Life website and I LOVE seeing what we were doing random days ago. Many times I gasped at how quickly time flies based on these emails.

    When you get a second can you give us an idea of what you do with all your albums? I’m becoming overwhelmed with how many I have and what to do with them some day. I’m not stopping of course but I like to hear about what people, who scrap ALOT, do with the books.

  14. Julia Heald Says:

    Love scrapbooking out of order :) just this week I was scrapbooking Florida pics from 5 years ago :). I love Timehop too and like you it makes me smile(or cry) most days. Beautiful page x

  15. Berta Says:

    I scrap out of order also, but like you, store them in the album in chronological order. So much more freeing to scrap what I want to scrap, not what is next! Beautiful page to add to your London 2012 series. Had you scrapped this photo right away, the story could be so different. Now 2 years later, a wonderful time to reflect. And has it really been 2 years since the 2012 games? Oh my how time flies!!!

  16. Berta Says:

    I scrap out of order also, and like you, store them in the album in chronological order. So much more freeing to scrap what I want to scrap, not what is next! Beautiful page to add to your London 2012 series. Had you scrapped this photo right away, the story could be so different. Now 2 years later, a wonderful time to reflect. And has it really been 2 years since the 2012 games? Oh my how time flies!!!

  17. michelle t Says:

    This is exactly how I feel about scrapbooking. I love to go thru my photos and just scrap whatever strikes me, and yes, it gives me joy to remember the story and ponder while I’m working on it. I love your collection, too. Thanks. Michelle t

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