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Getting Personal:: A Scrapbook Page by Kirsty Smith

Getting Personal:: A Scrapbook Page by Kirsty Smith @

One of my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions was to find Mr Second Date (Mr Right was looking like a long shot) and so it was with no small amount of trepidation that I signed up to online dating. And therein lay the first hurdle: I had to describe myself in detail so that people would, y’know, fall in love with me and whisk me off on that second date.
I’m nothing if not methodical, and not content with blurting out random information in haphazard order, I spent some time writing my profile on my computer and editing it to my satisfaction before I launched it on an unsuspecting internet. A year later looking back on that written profile, it is fascinating to see how I described myself: what was important to me, my tastes and interests and what I thought would make me sound like a good date.

Getting Personal:: A scrapbook page by kirsty smith @

And so in true scrapbooker style, I decided to scrapbook it. I jotted out my profile on little slips of paper and arranged them on a page. Although that journaling was online for all the world to see, to me it’s personal and something I feel a little self-conscious about. I wanted the handwritten journaling to be a clear design element, but I didn’t really want it all to be read quite that easily. The truly interested reader of my scrapbook album is going to have to delve deeper to get to the full details.
To achieve the slightly-hidden journaling look, I organised the journaling blocks to overlap; once happy with their placement, I added a little clothes peg to the corner of each one and glued just the peg into place. The pegs will hold the journaling fast, but the paper can be unclipped to read more easily as it’s not adhered to the page. I’ve always been a prolific (or should that be excessive?) journaling-writer, but if the quantity seems overwhelming or you’re simply not as self-involved as I am, then you can create the same effect with typed journaling, book-pages or patterned paper.

Getting Personal:: A Scrapbook Page by Kirsty Smith @

I constructed the rest of the design around those journaling blocks. Some elements went underneath and some were layered on top, but the most important thing when structuring a page like this is that if you have paper, photos or embellishments that will sit on top of the journaling, don’t adhere them fully to the page. Make sure you leave enough of those elements unstuck so that the journaling can slide in behind them. A few pencil marks outlining where the journaling is going to go can really help with this process.

Getting Personal::  A Scrapbook Page by Kirsty Smith @

I used the idea of letter-writing to inspire the rest of the design, using an envelope to slide one of the journaling cards into, and another to dress up with some pretty writing and a couple of stamps. I finished the page with my photo, a hand-cut title, a camera snipped from a sheet of patterned paper and some of those wonderful and universally popular enamel dots.

Getting Personal:: A scrapbook page by kirsty smith @

The finished page gives an appearance of a letter just opened with the contents tumbling out, and this is an idea I’ve been playing with a lot lately. But this layout can be deconstructed and you can read about me in (slightly excruciating) detail.

Getting Personal:: a scrapbook page by kirsty smith @

P.S. In case you’re curious, I lined up three dates with three different guys in January 2013. The first two were both disappointing. And the third guy? Well we just celebrated our first year together as a couple.

Kirsty is a maths teacher by day and many other things by night. After several years, she is still wildly excited about living in London mainly because there’s so much to do and see and visit and experience. She takes her camera with her so that she can scrap about her adventures, and then she drinks tea and blogs about it all over at

10 February 2014

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9 Comments for Getting Personal:: A Scrapbook Page by Kirsty Smith

  1. melania Says:

    I loved this page since first sight. Wonderful!I love it because i still write by hand and i love keeping diaries, writing letters….It’s so difficult to find people who makes this now. Of course i appreciate and love my pc, tablet and all technological stuff, but the fascination of hand writing remains alive. I love UK and London…i went there 4 times. I love….all english rock music (led zeppelin, beatles, bowie, stones)….and i am very happy for your date. :) A great hug from italy

  2. kitscard Says:

    I love letters and this page is a treat! Thanks for sharing. It can be so hard to reveal so much about yourself.

  3. Gab Says:

    What a fantastic page! And congrats on finding someone!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Another wonderful layout from Kirsty! Love how she has created the layered effect.

  5. Sharon Says:

    Another great layout, Kristy! I’m a big fan of your scrapbooking and journaling style.

  6. Lisa-Jane Says:

    Wonderful page and I’m so pleased number 3 worked out for you Kirsty!

  7. Sinead Says:

    Gorgeous page Kirsty – really super little details and I love how you’ve included so much journalling on the page :) Plus, a great end to your online dating adventure xx

  8. Carol Says:

    I love Kirsty’s style, her pages are lovely, and how can you not love the way she fits so much journaling in!

  9. tank trouble Says:

    The article is really nice and interesting. I have searched for this type of information and would love to read this information. I hope you will share more useful articles like that. Thanks for sharing!

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